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Decontamination of probes

Faustino Mercado, Stephen Hamlet, Saso Ivanovski
OBJECTIVES: There is limited evidence regarding the long-term efficacy of regenerative treatment for peri-implantitis. The aim of this study was to evaluate a combination therapy of deproteinized bovine bone mineral with 10% collagen (DBBMC), enamel matrix derivative (EMD) and Doxycycline in the regeneration of bone defects associated with peri-implantitis. METHODS: Thirty patients diagnosed with peri-implantitis (BoP/suppuration, probing depth greater than 4 mm, minimum radiographic bone loss of 20%, at least 2 years in function) were enrolled in the study...
May 16, 2018: Clinical Oral Implants Research
Emilie Lang, Stéphane Guyot, Caroline Peltier, Pablo Alvarez-Martin, Jean-Marie Perrier-Cornet, Patrick Gervais
Because of the ability of foodborne pathogens to survive in low-moisture foods, their decontamination is an important issue in food protection. This study aimed to clarify some of the cellular mechanisms involved in inactivation of foodborne pathogens after drying and subsequent heating. Individual strains of Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Senftenberg, and Cronobacter sakazakii were mixed into whole milk powder and dried to different water activity levels (0.25 and 0.58); the number of surviving cells was determined after drying and subsequent thermal treatments in closed vessels at 90 and 100°C, for 30 and 120 s...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Agata Los, Dana Ziuzina, Simen Akkermans, Daniela Boehm, Patrick J Cullen, Jan Van Impe, Paula Bourke
Contamination of cereal grains as a key global food resource with insects or microorganisms is a persistent concern for the grain industry due to irreversible damage to quality and safety characteristics and economic losses. Atmospheric cold plasma presents an alternative to conventional grain decontamination methods owing to the high antimicrobial potential of reactive species generated during the treatment, but effects against product specific microflora are required to understand how to optimally develop this approach for grains...
April 2018: Food Research International
Shariq Ahmed, Indu Shukla, Nazish Fatima, Sumit K Varshney, Mohammad Shameem
BACKGROUND: Isoniazid (INH) and rifampicin (Rif) are the key first-line antituberculosis drugs, and resistance to these drugs i.e., multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), is likely to result in treatment failure and poor clinical outcomes. India has the highest burden of TB and MDR-TB in the world, disproportionately high even for India's population. The GenoType® MTBDRplus molecular method allows rapid detection of Rif and INH resistance. AIM: The present study was done to compare the performance of line probe assay test (GenoType® MTBDRplus) with solid culture method for an early diagnosis of MDR-TB...
October 2017: Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology
Carolina Abdala, Yeini C Guardia, Christopher A Shera
Stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions (SFOAEs) are reflection-source emissions, and are the least familiar and perhaps most underutilized otoacoustic emission. Here, normative SFOAE data are presented from a large group of 48 young adults at probe levels from 20 to 60 dB sound pressure level (SPL) across a four-octave frequency range to characterize the typical SFOAE and describe recent methodological advances that have made its measurement more efficient. In young-adult ears, SFOAE levels peaked in the low-to-mid frequencies at mean levels of ∼6-7 dB SPL while signal-to-noise ranged from 23 to 34 dB SPL and test-retest reliability was ±4 dB for 90% of the SFOAE data...
January 2018: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Jamal M Stein, Christian Hammächer, Sareh Said-Yekta Michael
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to evaluate clinical outcomes of a concept for non-surgical peri-implantitis combining stepwise mechanical debridement measures with adjuvant povidone-iodine application with and without systemic antibiotics. METHODS: Forty-five patients with chronic periodontitis and a total of 164 screw-typed implants with peri-implantitis were included. Peri-implantitis was defined as radiographic bone loss of > 2 mm, probing depth (PD) ≥5 mm with bleeding on probing (BOP)...
December 5, 2017: Journal of Periodontology
Jing Yan, Jie Zhang, Qian Zhang, Xinlu Zhang, Kui Ji
Various flap graft techniques in the treatment of gingival recession have already been reported in the literatures for root coverage. Laser therapy has effects of ablative, hemostatic, and decontamination. Therefore, we performed a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to compare the efficacy of flap surgery combined with laser with surgery alone for treating gingival recession. The studies were searched from PubMed, Embase, Web of science, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials by two reviewers up to August 2017...
May 2018: Lasers in Medical Science
José Nart, Beatriz de Tapia, Àngels Pujol, Andrés Pascual, Cristina Valles
OBJECTIVES: To assess the clinical and radiographic outcomes of the regenerative treatment of peri-implantitis using a vancomycin and tobramycin impregnated allograft (VTA) after a 12-month period. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Thirteen consecutive patients who required a regenerative treatment of peri-implantitis were recruited. For the 17 implant sites, a flap was raised, and after mechanical and chemical implant decontamination, a vancomycin and tobramycin impregnated allograft was placed in the defect and then covered with a collagen membrane...
December 24, 2017: Clinical Oral Investigations
Derrick Ampadu Boateng, Gennady L Gutsev, Puru Jena, Katharine Moore Tibbetts
Femtosecond pump-probe measurements of the nerve agent simulant dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) demonstrate the preparation of a robust coherent vibrational state in the corresponding radical cation. The oscillations in the transient ion yields have a period of 45 fs (750 cm-1 ), which is at least 3 times faster than any previously observed oscillations in polyatomic radical cations. Use of 1200-1600 nm, as opposed to 800 nm, wavelengths for ionization increases the oscillation amplitude by a factor of 5 and doubles the number of visible oscillation periods from 6 to 12, indicating that an adiabatic ionization mechanism significantly enhances preparation of the coherent state...
February 14, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Zu-Jin Lin, He-Qi Zheng, Huan-Yu Zheng, Li-Ping Lin, Qin Xin, Rong Cao
Highly efficient decontamination of heavily toxic Cr2 O7 2- from water remains a serious task for public health and ecosystem protection. An easily regenerative and reused sorbent with suitable porosity may address this task. Herein, a series of water-stable and ecofriendly metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with large surface areas were assessed for their ability to adsorb and separate Cr2 O7 2- from aqueous solutions. Among these tested MOFs, NU-1000 shows an extraordinary capability to efficiently capture (within 3 min) Cr2 O7 2- with a sorption capacity of up to 76...
November 20, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Magda Mensi, Eleonora Scotti, Stefano Calza, Andrea Pilloni, Maria G Grusovin, Claudio Mongardini
BACKGROUND: Peri-implantitis is a frequent disease that may lead to implant loss. The aim of this case series was to evaluate the clinical results of a new non-surgical treatment protocol. METHODS: Fifteen patients with dental implants affected by peri-implantitis were treated with a multiple anti-infective non-surgical treatment (MAINST) which included two steps: 1) supra-gingival decontamination of the lesion and sub-gingival treatment with a controlled-release topical doxycycline; 2) after one week, a session of supra and sub gingival air polishing with Erythritol powder and ultrasonic debridement (where calculus was present) of the whole oral cavity was performed along with a second application of topical doxycycline around the infected implant...
December 2017: Minerva Stomatologica
Laetitia Bullot, Ludivine Vieira-Sellaï, Gérald Chaplais, Angélique Simon-Masseron, Toufic Jean Daou, Joël Patarin, Emmanuel Fiani
This work aims to highlight the promising adsorption capacity and kinetic of (poly)chlorobenzene pollutants in the hybrid MIL-101(Cr) type material for technological uses in industrial waste exhaust decontamination. The influence of the MIL-101(Cr) crystal size (nano- and microcrystals) on the adsorption behavior was studied in static and dynamic modes. For this purpose, crystals of MIL-101(Cr) in nano- and micrometric sizes were synthesized and fully characterized. Their sorption properties regarding 1,2-dichlorobenzene were examined using gravimetric method in dynamic (p/p° = 0...
December 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jamal M Stein, Christian Hammächer, Sareh Said-Yekta Michael
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcomes of a concept for non-surgical peri-implantitis combining stepwise mechanical debridement measures with adjuvant Povidone-iodine application with and without systemic antibiotics. METHODS: 45 patients with chronic periodontitis comprising 164 screw-typed implants with peri-implantitis were included. Peri-implantitis was defined as radiographic bone loss of >2 mm, probing pocket depth (PD) ≥5 mm with bleeding on probing (BOP)...
September 15, 2017: Journal of Periodontology
Olivier Carcuac, Jan Derks, Ingemar Abrahamsson, Jan L Wennström, Max Petzold, Tord Berglundh
OBJECTIVES: This study reports on the 3-year follow-up of patients enrolled in a randomized controlled clinical trial on surgical treatment of advanced peri-implantitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 100 patients with advanced peri-implantitis were randomly assigned to one of four treatment groups. Surgical therapy aiming at pocket elimination was performed and, in three test groups, supplemented by either systemic antibiotics, use of an antiseptic agent for implant surface decontamination or both...
December 2017: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Himanshu Vashistha, M Hanif, K K Chopra, Ashwani Khanna, Divya Shrivastava
BACKGROUND: The GenoType MTBDRplus, a commercial Line Probe Assay (LPA) kit from Hain Lifescience, Germany, is endorsed by India's RNTCP Program for diagnosis of DRTB cases among smear-positive sputum samples. Although the LPA has been studied in several laboratories, there is a wide variation in existing M. tuberculosis strains across the globe, and false results can occur due to the presence of unique genetic mutations in different settings. AIM AND OBJECTIVE: An attempt was made to carry out band pattern analysis using LPA and also to observe uncommon mutations in MDR strains...
July 2017: Indian Journal of Tuberculosis
Yi-Nan Liu, Feng Zhang, Jie Li, Dao-Bo Li, Dong-Feng Liu, Wen-Wei Li, Han-Qing Yu
Azo dyes are a class of recalcitrant organic pollutants causing severe environmental pollution. For their biodecolorization, the azo reductase system was considered as the major molecular basis in bacteria. However, the intracellular localization of azo reductase limits their function for efficient azo dye decolorization. This limitation may be circumvented by electrochemically active bacteria (EAB) which is capable of extracellular respiration. To verify the essential role of extracellular respiration in azo dye decolorization, Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA, a model EAB, was used for the bioreduction of methyl orange (MO), a typical azo dye...
August 1, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Joseph D Everett, Jeffrey A Rossmann, David G Kerns, Ibtisam Al-Hashimi
The objective of this study was to examine potential benefits of using laser therapy for secular decontamination in conjunction with scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. The study was performed on 173 teeth in 14 patients in a split-mouth design, one side received scaling and root planing followed by laser therapy using a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser with an ablative handpiece (test group); the contralateral side received scaling and root planing without laser (control group). Clinical and laboratory parameters were evaluated prior to treatment and at 3 and 6 months following therapy; clinical measurements were performed by two blinded examiners...
2017: Open Dentistry Journal
S Rupert, A Vassall, N Raizada, S D Khaparde, C Boehme, V S Salhotra, K S Sachdeva, S A Nair, A H Van't Hoog
SETTING: Of 18 sites that participated in an implementation study of the Xpert® MTB/RIF assay in India, we selected five microscopy centres and two reference laboratories. OBJECTIVE: To obtain unit costs of diagnostic tests for tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant TB. DESIGN: Laboratories were purposely selected to capture regional variations and different laboratory types. Both bottom-up and the top-down methods were used to estimate unit costs...
April 1, 2017: International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
Frank Schwarz, Gordon John, Andrea Schmucker, Narja Sahm, Jürgen Becker
OBJECTIVES: To assess the long-term outcomes (>4 years) following combined surgical resective/regenerative therapy of advanced peri-implantitis lesions using two surface decontamination methods. MATERIAL & METHODS: Fifteen patients (n = 15 combined supra- and intrabony defects) completed a follow-up observation period of 7 years. The treatment procedure included access flap surgery, granulation tissue removal and implantoplasty at buccally and supracrestally exposed implant parts, and a randomly assigned decontamination of the unmodified intrabony implant surface areas using either (i) an Er:YAG laser (ERL) or (ii) plastic curettes + cotton pellets + sterile saline (CPS)...
March 2017: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Anna M Plonka, Qi Wang, Wesley O Gordon, Alex Balboa, Diego Troya, Weiwei Guo, Conor H Sharp, Sanjaya D Senanayake, John R Morris, Craig L Hill, Anatoly I Frenkel
Zr-based metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have been recently shown to be among the fastest catalysts of nerve-agent hydrolysis in solution. We report a detailed study of the adsorption and decomposition of a nerve-agent simulant, dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP), on UiO-66, UiO-67, MOF-808, and NU-1000 using synchrotron-based X-ray powder diffraction, X-ray absorption, and infrared spectroscopy, which reveals key aspects of the reaction mechanism. The diffraction measurements indicate that all four MOFs adsorb DMMP (introduced at atmospheric pressures through a flow of helium or air) within the pore space...
January 18, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
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