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Steven M Brunelli, David B Van Wyck, Levi Njord, Robert J Ziebol, Laurie E Lynch, Douglas P Killion
Central venous catheters (CVCs) contribute disproportionately to bloodstream infection (BSI) and, by extension, to infection-related hospitalization, mortality, and health care costs in patients undergoing dialysis. Recent product advancements may reduce BSIs, but a sufficiently powered comparative-effectiveness study is needed to facilitate evidence-based patient care decisions. In a 13-month, prospective, cluster-randomized, open-label trial, we compared BSI rates in facilities using ClearGuard HD antimicrobial barrier caps (ClearGuard group) with those in facilities using Tego hemodialysis connectors plus Curos disinfecting caps (Tego+Curos group)...
April 2018: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: JASN
Hammad Cheema, Adithya Peddapuram, Rebecca E Adams, Louis McNamara, Leigh Anna Hunt, Ngoc Le, Davita L Watkins, Nathan I Hammer, Russell H Schmehl, Jared H Delcamp
The thienopyrazine (TPz) building block allows for NIR photon absorption in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) when used as a π-bridge. We synthesized and characterized 7 organic sensitizers employing thienopyrazine (TPz) as a π-bridge in a double donor, double acceptor organic dye design. Donor groups are varied based on electron donating strength and sterics at the donor-π bridge bond with the acceptor groups varied as either carboxylic acids or benzoic acids on the π-bridge. This dye design was found to be remarkably tunable with solution absorption onsets ranging from 750 to near 1000 nm...
December 1, 2017: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Yanbing Zhang, Shane A Autry, Louis E McNamara, Suong T Nguyen, Ngoc Le, Phillip Brogdon, Davita L Watkins, Nathan I Hammer, Jared H Delcamp
A series of near-infrared (NIR) organic emissive materials were synthesized and the photophysical properties analyzed. The donor-acceptor-donor materials were designed with thienopyrazine and thienothiadiazole acceptor groups with thiophene-, furan-, and triphenylamine-based donor groups. The absorption and emission spectra were found to be widely tunable on the basis of the donor and acceptor groups selected. Computational analysis confirms these materials undergo an intramolecular charge-transfer event upon photoexcitation...
May 16, 2017: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Thomas L Ellington, Peyton L Reves, Briana L Simms, Jamey L Wilson, Davita L Watkins, Gregory S Tschumper, Nathan I Hammer
The effects of intermolecular interactions by a series of haloaromatic halogen bond donors on the normal modes and chemical shifts of the acceptor pyrimidine are investigated by Raman and NMR spectroscopies and electronic structure computations. Halogen-bond interactions with pyrimidine's nitrogen atoms shift normal modes to higher energy and upfield shift1 H and13 C NMR peaks in adjacent nuclei. This perturbation of vibrational normal modes is reminiscent of the effects of hydrogen bonded networks of water, methanol, or silver on pyrimidine...
May 19, 2017: Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
Alain Boulangé, Davita Pillay, Cyrille Chevtzoff, Nicolas Biteau, Vanessa Comé de Graça, Leonie Rempeters, Dimitrios Theodoridis, Théo Baltz
Trypanosoma congolense and T. vivax are the main causative agents of animal African trypanosomosis (AAT), a disease which hinders livestock production throughout sub-Saharan Africa and in some parts of South America. Although two trypanocidal drugs are currently available, the level of treatment is low due to the difficulty in diagnosing the disease in the field. The major clinical signs of AAT such as anaemia, weight loss, and infertility, are common to several other endemic livestock diseases. Current diagnostic methods, based on the visualization of the parasite in the blood, or on the detection of its DNA or the antibodies it triggers in the host, are not suitable for direct use in the field as they require specialized equipment and personnel...
January 15, 2017: Veterinary Parasitology
Geoffrey A Block, Akeem A Yusuf, Mark D Danese, Heidi S Wirtz, Yan Hu, Thy P Do, Kerry Cooper, David T Gilbertson, Brian D Bradbury, Allan J Collins
BACKGROUND: Patients receiving hemodialysis with values outside of target levels for parathyroid hormone (PTH: 150-600 pg/mL), calcium (Ca: 8.4-10.2 mg/dL), and phosphate (P: 3.5-5.5 mg/dL) are at elevated morbidity and mortality risk. We examined whether patients receiving care in dialysis facilities where greater proportions of patients have at least two values out of target have a higher risk of adverse clinical outcomes. METHODS: The study cohort consisted of 39,085 prevalent hemodialysis patients in 1298 DaVita dialysis facilities as of September 1, 2009, followed from January 1, 2010, until an outcome, a censoring event, or December 31, 2010...
November 4, 2016: BMC Nephrology
Theresa Gaines, Davita Camp, Renren Bai, Zhongxing Liang, Younghyoun Yoon, Hyunsuk Shim, Suazette Reid Mooring
Targeting the interaction between G-Protein Coupled Receptor, CXCR4, and its natural ligand CXCL12 is a leading strategy to mitigate cancer metastasis and reduce inflammation. Several pyridine-based compounds modeled after known small molecule CXCR4 antagonists, AMD3100 and WZ811, were synthesized. Nine hit compounds were identified. These compounds showed lower binding concentrations than AMD3100 (1000nM) and six of the nine compounds had an effective concentration (EC) less than or equal to WZ811 (10nM). Two of the hit compounds (2g and 2w) inhibited invasion of metastatic cells at a higher rate than AMD3100 (62%)...
November 1, 2016: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry
Duane Dunn
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2016: Nephrology News & Issues
Steven Odongo, Yann G J Sterckx, Benoît Stijlemans, Davita Pillay, Théo Baltz, Serge Muyldermans, Stefan Magez
BACKGROUND: Infectious diseases pose a severe worldwide threat to human and livestock health. While early diagnosis could enable prompt preventive interventions, the majority of diseases are found in rural settings where basic laboratory facilities are scarce. Under such field conditions, point-of-care immunoassays provide an appropriate solution for rapid and reliable diagnosis. The limiting steps in the development of the assay are the identification of a suitable target antigen and the selection of appropriate high affinity capture and detection antibodies...
February 2016: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Nicolas Biteau, Corinne Asencio, Julien Izotte, Benoit Rousseau, Muriel Fèvre, Davita Pillay, Théo Baltz
Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, transmitted by the tsetse fly, is the main causative agent of Human African trypanosomosis in West Africa and poses a significant health risk to 70 million people. Disease progression varies depending on host immunity, but usually begins with a haemo-lymphatic phase, followed by parasite invasion of the central nervous system. In the current study, the tropism of T. b. gambiense 1135, causing a low level chronic 'silent' infection, was monitored in a murine model using bioluminescence imaging and PCR...
January 2016: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Rebecca Kurnik Seshasai, Nandita Mitra, C Michael Chaknos, Jiaqi Li, Christopher Wirtalla, Dan Negoianu, Joel D Glickman, Laura M Dember
BACKGROUND: Home hemodialysis (HHD) is associated with improved clinical and quality-of-life outcomes compared to in-center hemodialysis, but remains an underused modality in the United States. Discontinuation from HHD therapy may be an important contributor to the low use of this modality. This study aimed to describe the rate and timing of HHD therapy discontinuation, or technique failure, and identify contributing factors. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study...
April 2016: American Journal of Kidney Diseases: the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation
Debbie Wolfe
While this, hopefully, was a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe, there were two takeaways for local caregivers and the company as a whole. Patient education remains critical. We will continue to prepare for hurricane season, but as a direct result of Katrina, residents of New Orleans are more likely to evacuate the city if the government advises them to do so. We have developed better disaster-response coordination. As the result of Katrina, we realized that we needed a true disaster preparation and response team and so we created the DaVita Village Emergency Response Team (DaVERT), a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to provide a wide range of support during natural disasters and other emergencies, natural and manmade...
August 2015: Nephrology News & Issues
Sooraj Kuttykrishnan, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Onyebuchi A Arah, Alfred K Cheung, Steve Brunelli, Patrick J Heagerty, Ronit Katz, Miklos Z Molnar, Allen Nissenson, Vanessa Ravel, Elani Streja, Jonathan Himmelfarb, Rajnish Mehrotra
BACKGROUND: The Institute of Medicine has identified the comparative effectiveness of renal replacement therapies as a kidney-related topic among the top 100 national priorities. Given the importance of ensuring internal and external validity, the goal of this study was to identify potential sources of bias in observational studies that compare outcomes with different dialysis modalities. METHODS: This observational cohort study used data from the electronic medical records of all patients that started maintenance dialysis in the calendar years 2007-2011 and underwent treatment for at least 60 days in any of the 2217 facilities operated by DaVita Inc...
July 2015: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Bryan B Shapiro, Elani Streja, Vanessa A Ravel, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Joel D Kopple
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Body mass index (BMI), determined as kilograms in body weight divided by the square of the height in meters (m(2)), is inversely associated with mortality in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (MHD). It is commonly inferred that differences in the weight component of the BMI equation are responsible for this negative correlation. However, there are almost no data on the relationship between height and mortality in these patients. This study was conducted to examine the association between height and mortality in MHD patients and to evaluate the contribution of height to the BMI-mortality relationship...
June 5, 2015: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN
Mark D Danese, Marc Halperin, Kimberly A Lowe, Brian D Bradbury, Thy P Do, Geoffrey A Block
BACKGROUND: It is important to identify an easily defined subset of patients at increased risk of adverse clinical outcomes associated with mineral and bone disorder (MBD) biomarkers (parathyroid hormone, calcium and phosphate). METHODS: Observational cohort study of 26 221 prevalent hemodialysis patients in Davita clinics as of 31 August 2005 and followed up until 31 December 2006 (16 months). Predictors were 12 possible definitions of 'clinically important' MBD based on all 3 biomarkers, and 18 alternative definitions based on only 1 or 2 biomarkers...
August 2015: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Matthew B Rivara, Vanessa Ravel, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Elani Streja, Wei Ling Lau, Allen R Nissenson, Bryan Kestenbaum, Ian H de Boer, Jonathan Himmelfarb, Rajnish Mehrotra
Uncorrected serum calcium concentration is the first mineral metabolism metric planned for use as a quality measure in the United States ESRD population. Few studies in patients undergoing either peritoneal dialysis (PD) or hemodialysis (HD) have assessed the association of uncorrected serum calcium concentration with clinical outcomes. We obtained data from 129,076 patients on dialysis (PD, 10,066; HD, 119,010) treated in DaVita, Inc. facilities between July 1, 2001, and June 30, 2006. After adjustment for potential confounders, uncorrected serum calcium <8...
July 2015: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: JASN
Mae Thamer, Yi Zhang, James Kaufman, Onkar Kshirsagar, Dennis Cotter, Miguel A Hernán
BACKGROUND: Epoetin therapy used to treat anemia among ESRD patients has cost Medicare ∼$40 billion. Since January 2011, epoetin has been reimbursed via a new bundled prospective payment system (PPS). Our aim was to determine changes in epoetin dosing and hematocrit levels in response to PPS by different types of dialysis providers. METHODS: Data from the USRDS were used to identify 187,591 and 206,163 Medicare-eligible ESRD patients receiving hemodialysis during January 2010 (pre-PPS) and December 2011 (post-PPS)...
2014: American Journal of Nephrology
Stephen D McMurray
More than nine percent of the US population--or 29.1 million people--has diabetes. Of this group, more than eight million are undiagnosed, and one in three people who have been diagnosed also have kidney disease. Minority groups, including American Indians, Hispanics, and African Americans, continue to be the most at risk for diabetes and kidney disease. Community partnerships and physician education play major roles in awareness and education efforts. At DaVita Kidney Care, clinicians created the StepAhead program to address diabetes care management among its patients...
September 2014: Nephrology News & Issues
Benjamin M Schulze, Davita L Watkins, Jing Zhang, Ion Ghiviriga, Ronald K Castellano
Reported is characterization of the self-assembly of π-conjugated oligomers, molecules studied recently in photovoltaic devices, using variable temperature diffusion ordered spectroscopy (VT-DOSY). Iterative fitting of diffusion coefficient versus temperature data to a modified Stokes-Einstein equation, molecular modelling, and comparison to non-assembling model compounds, has allowed estimation of assembly size, shape, and molecularity.
October 28, 2014: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Annelise Sahin, Corinne Asencio, Julien Izotte, Davita Pillay, Virginie Coustou, Hamadi Karembe, Théo Baltz
Since the 1950s, the chemotherapy of animal African trypanosomosis in cattle has essentially relied on only two compounds: isometamidium chloride (ISM), a phenanthridine, and diminazene aceturate, an aromatic diamidine. The commercial formulations of ISM, including Veridium(®) and Samorin(®), are a mixture of different compounds: ISM is the major component, mixed with the red isomer, blue isomer and disubstituted compound. To investigate the pharmacological effects of these individual compounds ISM, the blue and red isomers and the disubstituted compound were synthesised and purified by HPLC...
July 14, 2014: Veterinary Parasitology
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