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ASH 2013

Tamara Shiner, Anat Mirelman, Mali Gana Weisz, Anat Bar-Shira, Elissa Ash, Ron Cialic, Naomi Nevler, Tanya Gurevich, Noa Bregman, Avi Orr-Urtreger, Nir Giladi
Importance: Mutations in the glucocerebrosidase (GBA) gene are a risk factor for the development of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). These mutations are common among Ashkenazi Jews (AJ) and appear to have an effect on the natural history of the disease. Objectives: To evaluate the clinical and genetic characteristics of an AJ cohort of patients diagnosed with DLB, assess the association of phenotype of DLB with GBA mutations, and explore the effects of these mutations on the clinical course of the disease...
October 10, 2016: JAMA Neurology
R Craig Sineath, Cory Woodyatt, Travis Sanchez, Shawn Giammattei, Theresa Gillespie, Enid Hunkeler, Ashli Owen-Smith, Virginia P Quinn, Douglas Roblin, Robert Stephenson, Patrick S Sullivan, Vin Tangpricha, Michael Goodman
Purpose: Medical gender confirmation therapy (GCT) plays an important role in transgender health; however, its prevalence and determinants constitute an area of uncertainty. Methods: Data for this cross-sectional study were obtained from an online survey distributed from October 2012 through the end of 2013 among persons who visited the social media sites of a transgender education and social networking meeting. Eligible respondents (n=280) were persons whose gender identity was different from their sex assigned at birth and who responded to questions about previously received or planned hormonal therapy (HT), chest reconstruction, or genital surgery...
2016: Transgend Health
Lloyd Einsiedel, Richard J Woodman, Maria Flynn, Kim Wilson, Olivier Cassar, Antoine Gessain
BACKGROUND: The Human T Lymphotropic Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) subtype C is endemic to central Australia where each of the major sequelae of HTLV-1 infection has been documented in the socially disadvantaged Indigenous population. Nevertheless, available epidemiological information relating to HTLV-1c infection is very limited, risk factors for transmission are unknown and no coordinated program has been implemented to reduce transmission among Indigenous Australians. Identifying risk factors for HTLV-1 infection is essential to direct strategies that could control HTLV-1 transmission...
2016: BMC Public Health
Roya Kelishadi, Bahareh Lajevardi, Maryam Bahreynian, Vahid Omid-Ghaemi, Mahsa Movahedian
OBJECTIVE: Snacks play an important role in child health and nutritional status. Schools are considered as the preferred place to encourage healthy eating among children. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of buffet school-based intervention on acceptance and satisfaction of parents and students in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Primary school students (n = 1120, 68.83% girls) from first to third grade, with one of their parents, participated in this prospective field trial study conducted in Isfahan, Iran...
2016: Journal of Education and Health Promotion
Celia McMichael, Priscilla Robinson
Behaviour change is central to the prevention of many population health problems, yet it is typically difficult to initiate and sustain. This paper reports on an evaluation of a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) intervention in mid-western Nepal, with particular focus on the drivers and barriers for handwashing with soap/ash and elimination of open defecation. The research was conducted during October-November 2014, two and half years following the intervention's end-point. Qualitative data were collected from the target community (n = 112) via group discussions, interviews and drawings/stories of 'most significant change'...
August 2016: Social Science & Medicine
S H S Kim, C E Trammel, B A Lewis, D T Johnson
The rednecked cane borer, Agrilus ruficollis (F.), is a pest of cultivated and wild blackberries in the midwestern and eastern parts of the United States. Damage from this pest occurs from larvae girdling primocanes and tunneling in the pith, forming galls that can potentially reduce yields. There is only one registered insecticide and no trap available for monitoring. Paints mimicking the spectral reflectance of blackberry leaves and canes of both primocane and floricane were applied to wooden dowels or corrugated plastic mimicking the shape of blackberry canes and leaves...
August 2016: Journal of Economic Entomology
Danielle Thiemann, Vanessa Lopez, Ann M Ray, Don Cipollini
Emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, is an invasive insect that has caused widespread mortality of ash species in North America. The ability of emerald ash borer to utilize white fringetree as an alternate host was reported recently. We aimed to determine how long white fringetree has been under attack from emerald ash borer, the degree of attack, and the overall success of this beetle on this novel host. Stems from three of nine infested white fringetrees collected from the Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, areas in the winter of 2015 yielded four live adult emerald ash borers after being held in rearing containers, and numerous older exit holes were observed...
August 2016: Environmental Entomology
Zackary D Brown, Amita K Bey, Christopher M Bonfield, Ashly C Westrick, Katherine Kelly, Kevin Kelly, John C Wellons
OBJECTIVE Disparities in surgical access and timing to care result from a combination of complex patient, social, and institutional factors. Due to the perception of delayed presentation for overall health care services and treatment in African American patients on the part of the senior author, this study was designed to identify and quantify these differences in access and care between African American and Caucasian children with craniosynostosis. In addition, hypotheses regarding reasons for this difference are discussed...
September 2016: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Ana Ines Balsa, Marcelo Caffera, Juanita Bloomfield
BACKGROUND: The ashes and dust resulting from the 2011 eruptions of the Puyehue volcano in Chile more than doubled monthly averages of PM10 concentrations in Montevideo, Uruguay. Few studies have taken advantage of natural experiments to assess the relationship between ambient air pollutant concentrations and birth outcomes. OBJECTIVES: This study explores the effect of particulate matter with diameter of 10 micrometers or less (PM10) on perinatal outcomes in Uruguay, a middle-income country in South America with levels of PM10 that in general do not exceed the recommended thresholds...
May 6, 2016: Environmental Health Perspectives
Swagata Dilip Tavhare, Karra Nishteswar, Vinay J Shukla
INTRODUCTION: Suśruta, Caraka and other ācāryas advocate the collection of medicinal plants keeping in view the part used, season, soil in which the herb grows and the desired pharmacological actions or therapeutic benefits. The logic behind such recommendations is being validated by modern scientific research. AIM: To assess the effect of seasonal variations on the phytoconstituents of Aśvagandhā (Withania somnifera L. Dunal) w.s.r. to lunar cycles. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The plant specimens were collected from Jamnagar identified pharmacognostically and cultivated under a defined habitat in a herbal garden of IPGT and RA on 7 Oct 2013...
January 2016: Ancient Science of Life
Jun-Jian Wang, Randy A Dahlgren, Mahmut S Erşan, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T Chow
The Rim Fire ignited on August 17, 2013 and became the third largest wildfire in California history. The fire consumed 104,131 ha of forested watersheds that were the drinking water source for 2.6 million residents in the San Francisco Bay area. To understand temporal variations in dissolved organic matter (DOM) after the wildfire and its potential impacts on disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation in source water supply, we collected the 0-5 cm ash/soil layer with surface deposits of white ash (high burn severity) and black ash (moderate burn severity) within the Rim Fire perimeter in Oct 2013 (pre-rainfall) for five sequential extractions, and in Dec 2013 (∼87 mm cumulative precipitation) and Aug 2014 (∼617 mm cumulative precipitation) for a single water extraction...
August 1, 2016: Water Research
Anabelle Retondario, Débora Letícia Frizzi Silva, Silvana Magalhães Salgado, Márcia Aurelina de Oliveira Alves, Sila Mary Rodrigues Ferreira
The Brazilian National School Feeding Program (PNAE) seeks to meet student's nutritional needs during the period they remain in school. This study aimed to determine the nutritional composition of meals provided in municipal day-care centres serving children of 7-11 months (group A) and 12-36 months (group B) of age and to compare observed values with the PNAE's and dietary reference intakes' (DRI) recommendations. This cross-sectional study was conducted in 4 day-care centres in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, between June and November 2013...
June 2016: British Journal of Nutrition
Jordan Masterson, Tasha Woodall, Courtenay Gilmore Wilson, Lisa Ray, Mollie Ashe Scott
OBJECTIVES: To assess the quality of care provided to patients with osteoporosis in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) after implementation of an interprofessional osteoporosis clinic (OPC). Specifically, quality measures were evaluated, including dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) screening, calcium and vitamin D supplementation, and prescription treatment of osteoporosis and low bone mass in an ambulatory independent living community. SETTING: Large family medicine teaching practice that provides primary care for residents in one main practice, 5 rural satellite practices, and 2 CCRCs...
March 2016: Journal of the American Pharmacists Association: JAPhA
Anna L Okello, Lian Thomas, Phouth Inthavong, Amanda Ash, Boualam Khamlome, Chattouphone Keokamphet, Kim Newberry, Charles G Gauci, Sarah Gabriël, Pierre Dorny, Rc Andrew Thompson, Marshall W Lightowlers, John Allen
Following confirmation that a remote village of approximately 300 inhabitants in northern Lao PDR was hyperendemic for the Neglected Tropical Disease Taenia solium, a pilot human-porcine therapeutic control intervention was implemented between October 2013 and November 2014. Mass drug administration with a three day albendazole 400mg protocol was offered to all eligible humans in October 2013 and March 2014. At these times, and again in October 2014, eligible village pigs received the anti-cysticercosis TSOL18 vaccination and an oral dose of oxfendazole anthelmintic at 30mg/kg, both repeated one month later...
July 2016: Acta Tropica
Conny Höflich, Galina Balakirski, Zuzanna Hajdu, Jens Malte Baron, Lorraine Kaiser, Katharina Czaja, Hans F Merk, Sarah Gerdsen, Ulrich Strassen, Murat Bas, Henning Bier, Wolfgang Dott, Hans-Guido Mücke, Wolfgang Straff, Adam Chaker, Stefani Röseler
BACKGROUND: Global climate changes may influence the geographical spread of allergenic plants thus causing new allergen challenges. OBJECTIVE: Allergy patients from two German federal states were compared for their status quo sensitization to ragweed, an establishing allergen, olive, a non-established allergen, and the native allergens birch, mugwort, and ash. METHODS: Between 2011 and 2013, 476 adult allergy patients per region were recruited...
May 2016: International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
Babatunde J Akinpelu, Scott L Zuckerman, Stephen R Gannon, Ashly Westrick, Chevis Shannon, Robert P Naftel
OBJECTIVE Isolated transverse and spinous process fractures (TPFx and SPFx) in the thoracic and/or lumbar region have been deemed clinically insignificant in the adult population. This same rule is often applied to the pediatric population; however, little evidence exists in this younger group. The goal of this study was to describe the clinical, radiographic, and long-term data on isolated TPFx and SPFx in an exclusively pediatric population. METHODS A retrospective chart review at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University identified 82 pediatric patients with isolated TPFx and/or SPFx following a traumatic event between January 2000 and December 2013...
June 2016: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Erin P Riley, Tiffany W Wade
The study of primates living in novel environments represents an interesting context in which to examine patterns of behavioral and ecological flexibility. Our research focused on an understudied, anthropogenically introduced primate population living in Florida, USA: the Silver River rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). To better understand how this population has adapted to life in Florida's riparian woodlands, we collected data on the diet and size of the rhesus macaque population and its encounters with boaters along the Silver River from January to May 2013...
April 2016: Primates; Journal of Primatology
M Nilsson, L Andreas, A Lagerkvist
About 85% of the ashes produced in Sweden originated from the incineration of municipal solid waste and biofuel. The rest comes from the thermal treatment of recycled wood, peat, charcoal and others. About 68% of all ashes annually produced in Sweden are used for constructions on landfills, mainly slopes, roads and embankments, and only 3% for construction of roads and working surfaces outside the landfills (SCB, 2013). Since waste bottom ash (BA) often has similar properties to crushed bedrock or gravel, it could be used for road constructions to a larger extent...
May 2016: Waste Management
Verena de Zwart, Samantha C Gouw, Friederike A G Meyer-Wentrup
BACKGROUND: Lymphomas are the third most common malignancy in childhood. Cure rates are high but have reached a plateau. Therefore new treatment modalities should be developed. Antibody therapy is a successful new treatment option in adult lymphoma. However, none of the therapeutic antibodies available for adults with cancer have been approved for treatment of paediatric lymphoma. OBJECTIVES: To assess the efficacy of antibody therapy for childhood lymphoma in terms of survival, response and relapse rates, compared with therapy not including antibody treatment...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
David D McManus, Jane S Saczynski, Darleen Lessard, Molly E Waring, Jeroan Allison, David C Parish, Robert J Goldberg, Arlene Ash, Catarina I Kiefe
Early rehospitalization after discharge for an acute coronary syndrome, including acute myocardial infarction (AMI), is generally considered undesirable. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) base hospital financial incentives on risk-adjusted readmission rates after AMI, using claims data in its adjustment models. Little is known about the contribution to readmission risk of factors not captured by claims. For 804 consecutive patients >65 years discharged in 2011 to 2013 from 6 hospitals in Massachusetts and Georgia after an acute coronary syndrome, we compared a CMS-like readmission prediction model with an enhanced model incorporating additional clinical, psychosocial, and sociodemographic characteristics, after principal components analysis...
February 15, 2016: American Journal of Cardiology
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