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Hit training

Pan Yu, Dongdong Li, Junjun Ni, Linguo Zhao, Gang Ding, Zhenzhong Wang, Wei Xiao
Berberine (BBR) isolated from a Chinese herb, is identified as a new cholesterol-lowering small molecule, and hundreds of berberine derivatives have been obtained for optimization of their hypolipidemic activities in recent years. However, so far there is no available quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model used for the development of novel BBR analogs with hypolipidemic activities, mainly due to lack of lipid-lowering molecular mechanisms and target identification of BBR. In this paper, the tactics using ligand efficiency indices instead of pIC50 as the activity could be adopted for the development of BBR QSAR models...
November 16, 2017: Chemical Biology & Drug Design
Beate Pesch, Swaantje Casjens, Tobias Weiss, Benjamin Kendzia, Marina Arendt, Lewin Eisele, Thomas Behrens, Nadin Ulrich, Noreen Pundt, Anja Marr, Sibylle Robens, Christoph Van Thriel, Rainer Van Gelder, Michael Aschner, Susanne Moebus, Nico Dragano, Thomas Brüning, Karl-Heinz Jöckel
Objectives: Exposure to manganese (Mn) may cause movement disorders, but less is known whether the effects persist after the termination of exposure. This study investigated the association between former exposure to Mn and fine motor deficits in elderly men from an industrial area with steel production. Methods: Data on the occupational history and fine motor tests were obtained from the second follow-up of the prospective Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study (2011-2014)...
November 10, 2017: Annals of Work Exposures and Health
Nivya James, V Shanthi, K Ramanathan
The increasing death rates related to anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-positive lung cancer culminated in a significant interest in the discovery of novel inhibitors for ALK. In the present research work, pharmacophore-based 3D QSAR modeling and virtual screening strategy have been carried out to address these issues. Initially, a five-point pharmacophore model was developed using the biological data of 50 compounds which includes an FDA-approved ALK inhibitor, crizotinib. Using the generated pharmacophore, a 3D QSAR model was developed and used as a query to screen the DrugBank database...
November 13, 2017: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
France Rose, Sreetama Basu, Elton Rexhepaj, Anne Chauchereau, Elaine Del Nery, Auguste Genovesio
Phenotypic cell-based assays have proven to be efficient at discovering first-in-class therapeutic drugs mainly because they allow for scanning a wide spectrum of possible targets at once. However, despite compelling methodological advances, posterior identification of a compound's mechanism of action (MOA) has remained difficult and highly refractory to automated analyses. Methods such as the cell painting assay and multiplexing fluorescent dyes to reveal broadly relevant cellular components were recently suggested for MOA prediction...
November 1, 2017: SLAS Technology
Juliet A M Haarman, Julia T Choi, Jaap H Buurke, Johan S Rietman, Jasper Reenalda
Visual cues can be used to train walking patterns. Here, we studied the performance and learning capacities of healthy subjects executing a high-precision visuomotor walking task, in an augmented reality training set-up. A beamer was used to project visual stepping targets on the walking surface of an instrumented treadmill. Two speeds were used to manipulate task difficulty. All participants (n = 20) had to change their step length to hit visual stepping targets with a specific part of their foot, while walking on a treadmill over seven consecutive training blocks, each block composed of 100 stepping targets...
October 27, 2017: Human Movement Science
Nicholas E Anton, Neelam Mulji, Lisa D Howley, Ashley M Yurco, Daniel Tobben, Eric Bean, Dimitrios Stefanidis
BACKGROUND: Surgery is very cognitively demanding, particularly for novices. Novices are required to direct full attention on the procedure at hand, and additional demands can lead to cognitive overload. Through extensive practice, experts develop spare attentional capacity (SAC) for simultaneous tasks. However, little effort has been made to enhance novices' SAC. Mental skills may enhance attention management and increase SAC. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of a novel mental skills curriculum (MSC) to enhance novices' attention management...
November 2017: Journal of Surgical Research
Georges Jabbour, Horia-Daniel Iancu
OBJECTIVES: This study examined the effects of 6 weeks of high-intensity training (HIT) on lipid oxidation (LO) rates during incremental exercises in obese adults. METHODS: Twenty-four obese adults were randomised into a no-exercise control group (n=12; body mass index=33.3 (4.8) kg.m(-2)) and a HIT group (18 sessions of 6×6 s of supramaximal cycling and 2 min passive intervals; n=12; body mass index=33.2 (2.8)kg.m(-2)). The percentage of LO contribution was computed at rest and for all workloads (25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 W) in both groups before and after training via a graded maximal cycling test...
2017: BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
Y Türk, W Theel, M J Kasteleyn, F M E Franssen, P S Hiemstra, A Rudolphus, C Taube, G J Braunstahl
INTRODUCTION: High Intensity training (HIT) is a time-effective alternative to traditional exercise programs in adults with obesity, but the superiority in terms of improving cardiopulmonary fitness and weight loss has not been demonstrated. OBJECTIVE: to determine the effectiveness of HIT on cardiopulmonary fitness and body composition in adults with obesity compared to traditional (high volume continuous) exercise. METHODS: A systematic search of the main health science databases was conducted for randomized controlled trials comparing HIT with traditional forms of exercise in people with obesity...
September 2017: Obesity Science & Practice
Elena Chover-Sierra, Antonio Martínez-Sabater, Yolanda Lapeña-Moñux
OBJECTIVE: to determine the level of knowledge in palliative care of nursing staff at a Spanish tertiary care hospital. METHOD: descriptive, cross-sectional study. Data were collected about the results of the Spanish version of the Palliative Care Quiz for Nurses (PCQN), sociodemographic aspects, education level and experience in the field of palliative care. Univariate and bivariate descriptive analysis was applied. Statistical significance was set at p < 0...
October 19, 2017: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Alan Meudell, Sian Jones, Natalie Simon, Zoe Hunter, Barbara Moore, Jim Elliott, Dawn Casey
PLAIN ENGLISH SUMMARY: Public involvement in research has become an important and integral part of the research process in health and social care, from the early stages of research prioritisation and development to the later stages of research conduct and dissemination. Learning and development opportunities, including training, can assist the public and researchers in working together in the research process, and a training schedule exists in Wales for this purpose. One of the key components of this training schedule in Wales is the course Involving the Public in the Design and Conduct of Research: Building Research Partnerships...
2017: Res Involv Engagem
Elizabeth M Heitkemper, Lena Mamykina, Jonathan N Tobin, Andrea Cassells, Arlene Smaldone
Purpose The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics and technology training needs of underserved adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) who participated in a health information technology (HIT) diabetes self-management education (DSME) intervention. Methods The baseline physiological, psychosocial, and technology use characteristics for 220 adults with poorly controlled T2DM were evaluated. Intervention participants received a 1-time intervention training, which included basic technology help, introduction to the Mobile Diabetes Detective (MoDD) website and text message features, and account activation that included subject-specific tailoring...
December 2017: Diabetes Educator
Virginia Sun, Elizabeth Ercolano, Ruth McCorkle, Maria Grant, Christopher S Wendel, Nancy J Tallman, Frank Passero, Sabreen Raza, Zuleyha Cidav, Michael Holcomb, Ronald S Weinstein, Mark C Hornbrook, Robert S Krouse
PURPOSE: An ostomy adversely affects health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in a diverse population of cancer survivors and their caregivers. Hit-or-miss ostomy care, nurse counseling, and community referral have been the primary modes of self-management education and support in the peri-operative setting. Few evidence-based, systematic ostomy self-management programs are available to ensure optimal post-operative care. This paper describes the study design of a telehealth-based Ostomy Self-management Training (OSMT) program for cancer survivors and their caregivers...
October 16, 2017: Contemporary Clinical Trials
Salifu Yusif, Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Jeffrey Soar
BACKGROUND: The evolving, adoption and high failure nature of health information technology (HIT)/IS/T systems requires effective readiness assessment to avert increasing failures while increasing system benefits. However, literature on HIT readiness assessment is myriad and fragmented. This review bares the contours of the available literature concluding in a set of manageable and usable recommendations for policymakers, researchers, individuals and organizations intending to assess readiness for any HIT implementation...
November 2017: International Journal of Medical Informatics
Case Martin, Gerhard Thiart, Graham McCollum, Stephen Roche, Sithombo Maqungo
BACKGROUND: Injuries inflicted by gunshot wounds (GSWs) are an immense burden on the South African (SA) healthcare system. In 2005, Allard and Burch estimated SA state hospitals treated approximately 127 000 firearm victims annually and concluded that the cost of treating an abdominal GSW was approximately USD1 467 per patient. While the annual number of GSW injuries has decreased over the past decade, an estimated 54 870 firearm-related injuries occurred in SA in 2012. No study has estimated the burden of these GSWs from an orthopaedic perspective...
June 30, 2017: South African Medical Journal, Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Geneeskunde
David Suárez Rodríguez, Miguel Del Valle Soto
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to find the differences between two specific interval exercises. We begin with the hypothesis that the use of microintervals of work and rest allow for greater intensity of play and a reduction in fatigue. METHODS: Thirteen competition-level male tennis players took part in two interval training exercises comprising nine 2 min series, which consisted of hitting the ball with cross-court forehand and backhand shots, behind the service box...
2017: BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
G A Tew, A M Batterham, K Colling, J Gray, K Kerr, E Kothmann, S Nawaz, M Weston, D Yates, G Danjoux
BACKGROUND: This study assessed the feasibility of a preoperative high-intensity interval training (HIT) programme in patients awaiting elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. METHODS: In this feasibility trial, participants were allocated by minimization to preoperative HIT or usual care. Patients in the HIT group were offered three exercise sessions per week for 4 weeks, and weekly maintenance sessions if surgery was delayed. Feasibility and acceptability outcomes were: rates of screening, eligibility, recruitment, retention, outcome completion, adverse events and adherence to exercise...
October 9, 2017: British Journal of Surgery
Morten Hostrup, Johan Onslev, Glenn Jacobson, Richard Wilson, Jens Bangsbo
Although the effects of training have been studied for decades, data on muscle proteome signature remodelling induced by high intensity training in relation to functional changes in humans remains incomplete. Likewise, β2 -agonists are frequently used to counteract exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, but the effects β2 -agonist treatment on muscle remodelling and adaptations to training are unknown. In a placebo-controlled parallel study, we randomized 21 trained men to four weeks of high intensity training with (HIT + β2 A) or without (HIT) daily inhalation of β2 -agonist (terbutaline, 4 mg d(-1) )...
October 5, 2017: Journal of Physiology
Akib Ul Huque, Ellen Poliakoff, Richard J Brown
Operant conditioning has been shown to influence perceptual decision making in the auditory and visual modalities but the effects of conditioning on touch perception are unknown. If conditioning can be used to reduce the tendency to misinterpret somatic noise as signal (tactile false alarms), there may be the potential to use similar procedures in the treatment of excessive physical symptom reporting in clinical settings. We explored this possibility in 4 experiments investigating whether the false alarm (FA) rate in a somatic signal detection task (SSDT) could be altered with operant conditioning, and whether the resultant learning would transfer to other sensory decisions...
October 2, 2017: Journal of Experimental Psychology. General
James Head, Matthew S Tenan, Andrew J Tweedell, Michael E LaFiandra, Frank Morelli, Kyle M Wilson, Samson V Ortega, William S Helton
Purpose: Mental fatigue has been shown to impair subsequent physical performance in continuous and discontinuous exercise. However, its influence on subsequent fine-motor performance in an applied setting (e.g., marksmanship for trained soldiers) is relatively unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether prior mental fatigue influences subsequent marksmanship performance as measured by shooting accuracy and judgment of soldiers in a live-fire scenario. Methods: Twenty trained infantry soldiers engaged targets after completing either a mental fatigue or control intervention in a repeated measure design...
2017: Frontiers in Physiology
Olli-Pekka Nuuttila, Aku Nikander, Dmitry Polomoshnov, Jari Antero Laukkanen, Keijo Häkkinen
The aim of this study was to compare heart rate variability -guided (HRVG) and predetermined (PD) block periodization of high intensity aerobic training (HIT). Endurance performance, neuromuscular performance, heart rate variability (HRV) and serum hormone concentrations were measured before, in the middle and after the 8-week training period in 24 endurance trained males. Both groups improved significantly maximal treadmill velocity (Vmax) (p<0.001) and 3000 m running performance (HRVG; p<0.001 and PD; p=0...
November 2017: International Journal of Sports Medicine
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