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Dong-Chan Oh

In Young Jung, Young Goo Song, Jun Yong Choi, Moo Hyun Kim, Woo Yong Jeong, Dong Hyun Oh, Yong Chan Kim, Je Eun Song, Eun Jin Kim, Ji Un Lee, Su Jin Jeong, Nam Su Ku, June Myung Kim
BACKGROUND: In areas where Mycobacterium tuberculosis is endemic, tuberculosis is known to be the most common cause of pericarditis. However, the difficulty in diagnosis may lead to late complications such as constrictive pericarditis and increased mortality. Therefore, identification of patients at a high risk for poor prognosis, and prompt initiation of treatment are important in the outcome of TB pericarditis. The aim of this study is to identify the predictive factors for unfavorable outcomes of TB pericarditis in HIV-uninfected persons in an intermediate tuberculosis burden country...
November 29, 2016: BMC Infectious Diseases
Zander R Human, Kyuho Moon, Munhyung Bae, Z Wilhelm de Beer, Sangwon Cha, Michael J Wingfield, Bernard Slippers, Dong-Chan Oh, Stephanus N Venter
Common saprophytic fungi are seldom present in Protea infructescences, which is strange given the abundance of mainly dead plant tissue in this moist protected environment. We hypothesized that the absence of common saprophytic fungi in Protea infructescences could be due to a special symbiosis where the presence of microbes producing antifungal compounds protect the infructescence. Using a culture based survey, employing selective media and in vitro antifungal assays, we isolated antibiotic producing actinomycetes from infructescences of Protea repens and P...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Su Lee, Chan-Duck Kim, Kyu Huh, Baik-Hwan Cho, Man Ju, Dong Lee, Hong Cho, Jong-Won Park, Jung Lee, Samuel Lee, Byung So, Chang-Kwon Oh, Yu Kim
AIMS: The tablet form (500 mg) of mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) provides more convenience of taking drugs and cost-effectiveness than the capsule form (250 mg). We examined the efficacy and safety of MMF in its different forms combined with tacrolimus in kidney transplant recipients. METHODS: This multicenter, 26-week, randomized trial was performed to compare the efficacy and safety of the tablet form of MMF versus the capsule form of MMF in 156 kidney transplant recipients...
October 26, 2016: Clinical Nephrology
Hyo Shik Kim, Kyung Eun Lee, Ji Hyun Oh, Chan Sung Jung, Dughyun Choi, Yunsuek Kim, Jin Seok Jeon, Dong Cheol Han, Hyunjin Noh
A 65-year-old man was transferred from the Department of Vascular Surgery to Nephrology because of cardiac arrest during hemodialysis. He underwent incision and drainage for treatment of a buttock abscess. Nafamostat mesilate was used as an anticoagulant for hemodialysis to address bleeding from the incision and drainage site. Sudden cardiac arrest occurred after 15 minutes of dialysis. The patient was treated in the intensive care unit for 5 days. Continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration was started without any anticoagulant in the intensive care unit...
September 2016: Kidney Research and Clinical Practice
Je Eun Song, Moo Hyun Kim, Woo Yong Jeong, In Young Jung, Dong Hyun Oh, Yong Chan Kim, Eun Jin Kim, Su Jin Jeong, Nam Su Ku, June Myung Kim, Jun Yong Choi
BACKGROUND: Septic shock remains a leading cause of death, despite advances in critical care management. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) has reduced morbidity and mortality. This study evaluated risk factors for mortality in patients with septic shock who received treatment following the SSC bundles. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective cohort study included patients with septic shock who received treatments following SSC bundles in an urban emergency department between November 2007 and November 2011...
September 2016: Infection & Chemotherapy
Jaewon Oh, Seok-Min Kang, In-Cheol Kim, Seongwoo Han, Byung-Su Yoo, Dong-Ju Choi, Jae-Joong Kim, Eun-Seok Jeon, Myeong-Chan Cho, Byung-Hee Oh, Shung Chull Chae, Myung-Mook Lee, Kyu-Hyung Ryu
BACKGROUND: Hemoconcentration (HC) is associated with reduced mortality, whereas hyponatremia (HN) has been associated with an increased risk of adverse outcomes in patients with acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF). We sought to determine if the presence of HN influences the beneficial prognostic value of HC in ADHF patients. METHODS: We analyzed 2046 ADHF patients from the Korean Heart Failure Registry. We defined HC as an increased hemoglobin level from admission to discharge, and HN as sodium <135mmol/L at admission...
August 30, 2016: Journal of Cardiology
Geun Bae Rhim, Seok Yong Hong, Ji Chan Park, Heon Jung, Young Woo Rhee, Dong Hyun Chun
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) was carried out over nanocrystalline ferrihydrite-based (Fe9O2(OH)23) catalysts activated by different reducing agents: syngas (H2+CO), CO, and H2. The syngas activation successfully changed the ferrihydrite-based catalysts into an active and stable catalytic structure with chi-carbide (Fe2.5 C) and epsilon'-carbide (Fe2.2 C). The crystal structure of the catalysts obtained by syngas activation was similar to the structure obtained by CO activation; this similarity was probably due to the peculiar reduction behavior of the ferrihydrite-based catalysts, which exhibit much greater reducibility in CO atmosphere than in H2 atmosphere...
February 2016: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Dong Hyun Chun, Ji Chan Park, Geun Bae Rhim, Ho-Tae Lee, Jung-Il Yang, Heon Jung
Temperature-programmed reduction using H2 (H2-TPR) and CO (CO-TPR) was carried out to investigate the reduction and carburization behavior of nanocrystalline ferrihydrite-based Fe/Cu/K/SiO2 catalysts for use in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS). Unlike pure ferrihydrite, the ferrihydrite-based catalysts did not pass through the intermediate decomposition step of ferrihydrite (Fe9O2(OH)23) into hematite (a-Fe2O3) as they were reduced into magnetite (Fe3O4). This is attributed to the enhanced thermal stability induced by SiO2...
February 2016: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Chang Mo Moon, Kyu Chan Huh, Sung-Ae Jung, Dong Il Park, Won Hee Kim, Hye Mi Jung, Seong-Joon Koh, Jin-Oh Kim, Yunho Jung, Kyeong Ok Kim, Jong Wook Kim, Dong-Hoon Yang, Jeong Eun Shin, Sung Jae Shin, Eun Soo Kim, Young-Eun Joo
OBJECTIVES: With advances in diagnostic endoscopy, the detection of rectal neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) has increased. However, clinical outcomes, especially after endoscopic treatment, are still unclear. The aim of this study was to determine the long-term clinical outcomes of endoscopically resected rectal NETs according to the pathologic status after initial resection. METHODS: In this large, multicenter, retrospective cohort study, we analyzed the medical records of patients who underwent endoscopic resection of rectal NETs and were followed for ≥24 months at 16 university hospitals...
September 2016: American Journal of Gastroenterology
Bora Shin, Byung-Yong Kim, Eunji Cho, Ki-Bong Oh, Jongheon Shin, Michael Goodfellow, Dong-Chan Oh
A new secondary metabolite, actinomadurol (1), was isolated along with the known compound JBIR-65 (2) from a rare actinomycete, Actinomadura strain KC 191. The structure of 1 was established as a rare member of the bacterial C-19 norditerpenoid class by NMR data and ECD calculations. The absolute configuration of 2, which was previously reported without stereochemical analysis, was determined by using the modified Mosher's method and ECD calculations. Actinomadurol (1) exhibited potent antibacterial activity against pathogenic strains, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Kocuria rhizophila, and Proteus hauseri (MIC = 0...
July 22, 2016: Journal of Natural Products
Hye Young Shin, Mina Suh, Hyung Won Baik, Kui Son Choi, Boyoung Park, Jae Kwan Jun, Sang-Hyun Hwang, Byung Chang Kim, Chan Wha Lee, Jae Hwan Oh, You Kyoung Lee, Dong Soo Han, Do-Hoon Lee
Background/Aims: We are in the process of conducting a randomized trial to determine whether compliance with the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) for colorectal cancer screening differs according to the stool-collection method. This study was an interim analysis of the performance of two stool-collection devices (sampling bottle vs conventional container). Methods: In total, 1,701 individuals (age range, 50 to 74 years) were randomized into the sampling bottle group (intervention arm) or the conventional container group (control arm)...
June 13, 2016: Gut and Liver
Young Sinn Kim, Je Hyeok Oh, Chan Woong Kim, Sung Eun Kim, Dong Hoon Lee, Jun Young Hong
This study compared the effectiveness two-finger chest compression technique (TFCC) performed using the right vs. left hand and the index-middle vs. middle-ring fingers. Four different finger/hand combinations were tested randomly in 30 healthcare providers performing TFCC (Test 1: the right index-middle fingers; Test 2: the left index-middle fingers; Test 3: the right middle-ring fingers; Test 4: the left middle-ring fingers) using two cross-over trials. The "patient" was a 3-month-old-infant-sized manikin...
June 2016: Journal of Korean Medical Science
Jae-Woo Cho, Hyung-Jin Kim, Jinil Kim, Won-Tae Cho, Chan-Dong Jeong, Jong-Keon Oh
A3 intertrochanteric fracture has a higher incidence of intraoperative re-displacement than A1 and 2. The authors have also experienced difficulty with maintenance of reduction in A3 intertrochanteric fractures, as the technique depends on manual effort and can fail easily during the procedure. It induced us to develop this surgical technique to ease the surgical procedure and improve clinical outcomes. This paper introduces a modified provisional guide pin fixation technique applicable to even AO/OTA A3 intertrochanteric fractures, and presents preliminary results of 11 patients who were treated by provisional pin fixation-assisted nailing in A3 intertrochanteric fractures...
July 2016: Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
Kyueng-Whan Min, Dong-Hoon Kim, Sung-Im Do, Jung-Soo Pyo, Seoung Wan Chae, Jin Hee Sohn, Kyungeun Kim, Hyun Joo Lee, Dong Hyun Kim, Sukjoong Oh, Seon Hyeong Choi, Yong Lai Park, Chan Heun Park, Mi Jung Kwon, Kyoung Min Moon
AIMS: Breast cancers are heterogeneous, making it essential to recognise several biomarkers for cancer outcome predictions. Ki67 proliferation index and B cell lymphoma 2 (BCL2) proteins are widely used as prognostic indicators in many types of malignancies. While Ki67 is a marker of normal or tumour cell proliferation, BCL2 plays a central role in antiproliferative activities. A combination of these two biomarkers with contrary purposes can provide enhanced prognostic accuracy than an analysis using a single biomarker...
May 24, 2016: Postgraduate Medical Journal
Joachim Rudolph, Lesley J Murray, Chudi O Ndubaku, Thomas O'Brien, Elizabeth Blackwood, Weiru Wang, Ignacio Aliagas, Lewis Gazzard, James J Crawford, Joy Drobnick, Wendy Lee, Xianrui Zhao, Klaus P Hoeflich, David A Favor, Ping Dong, Haiming Zhang, Christopher E Heise, Angela Oh, Christy C Ong, Hank La, Paroma Chakravarty, Connie Chan, Diana Jakubiak, Jennifer Epler, Sreemathy Ramaswamy, Roxanne Vega, Gary Cain, Dolores Diaz, Yu Zhong
p21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1) has an important role in transducing signals in several oncogenic pathways. The concept of inhibiting this kinase has garnered significant interest over the past decade, particularly for targeting cancers associated with PAK1 amplification. Animal studies with the selective group I PAK (pan-PAK1, 2, 3) inhibitor G-5555 from the pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one class uncovered acute toxicity with a narrow therapeutic window. To attempt mitigating the toxicity, we introduced significant structural changes, culminating in the discovery of the potent pyridone side chain analogue G-9791...
June 9, 2016: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Kyung Tae Lim, Seung Chan Lee, Yimeng Gao, Kee-Pyo Kim, Guangqi Song, Su Yeon An, Kenjiro Adachi, Yu Jin Jang, Jonghun Kim, Kyoung-Jin Oh, Tae Hwan Kwak, Seon In Hwang, Jueng Soo You, Kinarm Ko, Seung-Hoi Koo, Amar Deep Sharma, Jong-Hoon Kim, Lijian Hui, Tobias Cantz, Hans R Schöler, Dong Wook Han
Recent studies have shown that defined factors could lead to the direct conversion of fibroblasts into induced hepatocyte-like cells (iHeps). However, reported conversion efficiencies are very low, and the underlying mechanism of the direct hepatic reprogramming is largely unknown. Here, we report that direct conversion into iHeps is a stepwise transition involving the erasure of somatic memory, mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition, and induction of hepatic cell fate in a sequential manner. Through screening for additional factors that could potentially enhance the conversion kinetics, we have found that c-Myc and Klf4 (CK) dramatically accelerate conversion kinetics, resulting in remarkably improved iHep generation...
April 13, 2016: Cell Reports
Chan Hyuk Park, Dong Soo Han, Young-Ha Oh, A-Reum Lee, Yu-Ra Lee, Chang Soo Eun
Fusobacteria are associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) and are amplified during colorectal carcinogenesis. Compared to the adenoma-carcinoma sequence of carcinogenesis, serrated neoplasm has distinct clinical features and a different molecular background. We aimed to compare the gut microbiome between tubular adenoma (TA) and sessile serrated adenoma/polyp (SSA/P). Patients with TA, SSA/P, or CRC were recruited. Three pieces of colorectal mucosal tissue were obtained from each patient by endoscopic biopsy...
2016: Scientific Reports
Ju Han Kim, Shung-Chull Chae, Dong Joo Oh, Hyo-Soo Kim, Young Jo Kim, Youngkeun Ahn, Myeong Chan Cho, Chong Jin Kim, Jung-Han Yoon, Hyun-Young Park, Myung Ho Jeong
BACKGROUND: The Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry (KAMIR)-National Institutes of Health (NIH) registry has the aim of evaluating the clinical characteristics, management, and long-term outcomes of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in Korea. METHODS AND RESULTS: Patients hospitalized for AMI in 20 tertiary university hospitals in Korea have been enrolled since November 2011. The study is expected to complete the scheduled enrollment of approximately 13,000 patients in October 2015, and follow-up duration is up to 5 years for each patient...
May 25, 2016: Circulation Journal: Official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
Seung Eui Min, Kyung-Ho Lee, Seong-Wook Park, Tae Hyeon Yoo, Chan Hee Oh, Ji-Ho Park, Sung Yun Yang, Yong-Sung Kim, Dong-Myung Kim
Antibodies that target intracellular proteins hold great promise in the development of novel therapeutic interventions for various diseases. In particular, antibodies that can cross cellular membranes have potential applications in controlling disease-related intracellular protein-protein interactions. Given the large number of cytosolic proteins and complicated interactions that are potentially involved in disease development, discovery of antibodies targeting intracellular proteins requires iterative cycles of expression and assessment of candidate antibodies...
October 2016: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Chang-Kwon Kim, Jung-Kyun Woo, Yeon-Ju Lee, Hyi-Seung Lee, Chung J Sim, Dong-Chan Oh, Ki-Bong Oh, Jongheon Shin
Callyazepin (1) and (3R)-methylazacyclodecane (2), nitrogenous macrocycles, were isolated from a tropical Callyspongia sp. sponge. The combined spectroscopic analyses revealed that the structure of 1 is a bicyclic azepane ammonium salt of a novel structural class derived from mixed biogenetic origins. The configuration of the whole molecule and the conformation of the formamide group were assigned by proton-proton coupling constants, a NOESY analysis, and the application of the phenylglycine methyl ester method...
April 22, 2016: Journal of Natural Products
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