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E. o'loughlin

Alexandra C Vaughn, Erin M Cooper, Patricia M DiLorenzo, Levi J O'Loughlin, Michael E Konkel, James H Peters, Andras Hajnal, Tanusree Sen, Sun Hye Lee, Claire B de La Serre, Krzysztof Czaja
Obesity is associated with consumption of energy-dense diets and development of systemic inflammation. Gut microbiota play a role in energy harvest and inflammation and can influence the change from lean to obese phenotypes. The nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS) is a brain target for gastrointestinal signals modulating satiety and alterations in gut-brain vagal pathway may promote overeating and obesity. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that high-fat diet‑induced changes in gut microbiota alter vagal gut-brain communication associated with increased body fat accumulation...
2017: Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis
E J O'Loughlin, A D Swann, J D English, R Ramadas
An accurate and reproducible recording of laryngoscopic view at tracheal intubation is an important aspect of anaesthetic practice. Unlike direct laryngoscopy, in which the view achieved by the line of sight directly relates to the ease of intubating the trachea, videolaryngoscopy can create a situation in which the view is good, but intubation difficult or impossible. Communicating this to a subsequent anaesthetist is important. We compared three scoring systems: Cormack and Lehane; POGO (percentage of glottic opening); and the Fremantle score, as used by 74 critical care doctors rating 30 anonymised videos of videolaryngoscopic intubations...
March 24, 2017: Anaesthesia
Courtney E Cox, Jeremy R Phifer, Larissa Ferreira da Silva, Gabriel Gonçalves Nogueira, Ryan T Ley, Elizabeth J O'Loughlin, Ana Karolyne Pereira Barbosa, Brett T Rygelski, Andrew S Paluch
Solubility parameter based methods have long been a valuable tool for solvent formulation and selection. Of these methods, the MOdified Separation of Cohesive Energy Density (MOSCED) has recently been shown to correlate well the equilibrium solubility of multifunctional non-electrolyte solids. However, before it can be applied to a novel solute, a limited amount of reference solubility data is required to regress the necessary MOSCED parameters. Here we demonstrate for the solutes methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, lidocaine and ephedrine how conventional molecular simulation free energy calculations or electronic structure calculations in a continuum solvent, here the SMD or SM8 solvation model, can instead be used to generate the necessary reference data, resulting in a predictive flavor of MOSCED...
January 28, 2017: Journal of Computer-aided Molecular Design
T Corcoran, J Kasza, T G Short, E O'Loughlin, M T V Chan, K Leslie, A Forbes, M Paech, P Myles
BACKGROUND: In a post hoc analysis of the ENIGMA-II trial, we sought to determine whether intraoperative dexamethasone was associated with adverse safety outcomes. METHODS: Inverse probability weighting with estimated propensity scores was used to determine the association of dexamethasone administration with postoperative infection, quality of recovery, and adverse safety outcomes for 5499 of the 7112 non-cardiac surgery subjects enrolled in ENIGMA-II. RESULTS: Dexamethasone was administered to 2178 (40%) of the 5499 subjects included in this analysis and was not associated with wound infection [189 (8...
February 2017: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Yu Cong, Julie Dyall, Brit J Hart, Lisa Evans DeWald, Joshua C Johnson, Elena Postnikova, Huanying Zhou, Robin Gross, Oscar Rojas, Isis Alexander, Nicole Josleyn, Tengfei Zhang, Julia Michelotti, Krisztina Janosko, Pamela J Glass, Mike Flint, Laura K McMullan, Christina F Spiropoulou, Tim Mierzwa, Rajarshi Guha, Paul Shinn, Sam Michael, Carleen Klumpp-Thomas, Crystal McKnight, Craig Thomas, Ann E Eakin, Kathleen G O'Loughlin, Carol E Green, Paul Catz, Jon C Mirsalis, Anna N Honko, Gene G Olinger, Richard S Bennett, Michael R Holbrook, Lisa E Hensley, Peter B Jahrling
In the fall of 2014, an international news agency reported that patients suffering from Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia were treated successfully with lamivudine, an antiviral drug used to treat human immunodeficiency virus-1 and hepatitis B virus infections. According to the report, 13 out of 15 patients treated with lamivudine survived and were declared free from Ebola virus disease. In this study, the anti-Ebola virus (EBOV) activity of lamivudine and another antiretroviral, zidovudine, were evaluated in a diverse set of cell lines against two variants of wild-type EBOV...
2016: PloS One
E N Dugas, M P Sylvestre, E K O'Loughlin, J Brunet, L Kakinami, E Constantin, J O'Loughlin
INTRODUCTION: More cigarette smokers report poor sleep quality than non-smokers, but the association between nicotine dependence (ND) and sleep quality has not been well-characterized. The objective of this study was to describe the associations among frequency and intensity of cigarette smoking, ND symptoms, and sleep quality in young adults. METHODS: Data on past-year smoking frequency, number of cigarettes smoked in the past month, five ND indicators (i.e., withdrawal, craving, self-medication symptoms, mFTQ, ICD-10 criteria for tobacco dependence), and sleep quality (measured with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)) were collected in 2011-12 in self-report questionnaires completed by 405 young adult smokers (mean age 24 (0...
February 2017: Addictive Behaviors
A O'Loughlin, E Kellegher, C McCusker, R Canavan
BACKGROUND: Diabetic Charcot neuroarthropathy (DCN) is a devastating complication for people with diabetes mellitus. The failure to diagnose DCN and institute treatment in the acute phase leads to permanent deformity and significant morbidity. There is a paucity of data on the prevalence and characteristics of patients who have developed this complication of diabetes. AIMS: To determine the prevalence, clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with DCN from 2006 to 2012...
February 2017: Irish Journal of Medical Science
Emer O'Loughlin, Susan Hourihan, Jeremy Chataway, E Diane Playford, Afsane Riazi
PURPOSE: The majority of people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS) initially present with discreet periods of relapses followed by partial remission of symptoms (RRMS). Over time, most pwMS transition to secondary progressive MS (SPMS), characterized by a gradual accumulation of disability. This study aimed to explore the experiences, coping and needs associated with transitioning from RRMS to SPMS. METHOD: Data were collected via semi-structured interviews with nine pwMS and seven specialist MS health professionals (HPs)...
August 16, 2016: Disability and Rehabilitation
C Raina MacIntyre, Peter Shaw, Fiona E Mackie, Christina Boros, Helen Marshall, Michelle Barnes, Holly Seale, Sean E Kennedy, Aye Moa, Andrew Hayen, Abrar Ahmad Chughtai, Edward V O'Loughlin, Michael Stormon
AIM: The aim of this study was to determine the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of HPV vaccine in immunocompromised children. METHODS: A multi-centre clinical trial was conducted in three paediatric hospitals in Australia. Unvaccinated children 5-18years of age attending one of three paediatric hospitals with a range of specified conditions associated with immunosuppression were included. Quadrivalent HPV vaccine (Gardasil) was given to the participants and serum anti-HPV antibody levels were measured at baseline (before first dose), 7 and 24months after the first dose of vaccine...
August 5, 2016: Vaccine
Yiran Dong, Robert A Sanford, Maxim I Boyanov, Kenneth M Kemner, Theodore M Flynn, Edward J O'Loughlin, Randall A Locke, Joseph R Weber, Sheila M Egan, Bruce W Fouke
A Gram-stain-negative, microaerophilic rod-shaped organism designated as strain Z9T was isolated from groundwater of 1.7 km depth from the Mt. Simon Sandstone of the Illinois Basin, Illinois, USA. Cells of strain Z9T were rod shaped with dimensions of 0.3×(1-10) µm and stained Gram-negative. Strain Z9T grew within the temperature range 20-60 °C (optimum at 30-40 °C), between pH 5 and 8 (optimum 5.2-5.8) and under salt concentrations of 1-5 % (w/v) NaCl (optimum 2.5 % NaCl). In addition to growth by fermentation and nitrate reduction, this strain was able to reduce Fe(III), Mn(IV), Co(III) and Cr(VI) when H2 or organic carbon was available as the electron donor, but did not actively reduce oxidized sulfur compounds (e...
October 2016: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Tomas B Corcoran, Emilie Mas, Anne E Barden, L Jackson Roberts, Trevor A Mori, Edmond O'Loughlin
Hypovolaemia can be associated with substantial morbidity, particularly when it occurs in the setting of trauma and in patients with comorbid diseases. Hypovolaemia and inflammation such as occur in the setting of trauma and surgery, are associated with systemic oxidative stress and free-radical injury. Free-radical injury that results from hypovolaemia-induced organ reperfusion may further augment inflammatory processes. It is unknown exactly what proportion of free-radical injury is associated with isolated hypovolaemia as opposed to the contribution from inflammation from surgery or trauma...
July 2016: Prostaglandins & Other Lipid Mediators
Robert J Wellman, Erika N Dugas, Hartley Dutczak, Erin K O'Loughlin, Geetanjali D Datta, Béatrice Lauzon, Jennifer O'Loughlin
CONTEXT: The onset of cigarette smoking typically occurs during childhood or early adolescence. Nicotine dependence symptoms can manifest soon after onset, contributing to sustained, long-term smoking. Previous reviews have not clarified the determinants of onset. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION: In 2015, a systematic review of the literature in PubMed and EMBASE was undertaken to identify peer-reviewed prospective longitudinal studies published between January 1984 and August 2015 that investigated predictors of cigarette smoking onset among youth aged <18 years who had never smoked...
May 11, 2016: American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Jennifer O'Loughlin, Robert J Wellman, Louise Potvin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: International Journal of Public Health
Robert J Wellman, Jennifer O'Loughlin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: International Journal of Public Health
Robert J Wellman, John A Vaughn, Marie-Pierre Sylvestre, Erin K O'Loughlin, Erika N Dugas, Jennifer L O'Loughlin
PURPOSE: Heavy episodic (i.e., "binge") drinking (i.e., ≥five drinks/occasion) is highly prevalent among young adults; those who binge do so four times per month on average, consuming nine drinks on average on each occasion. Although it is well established that chronic heavy drinking (≥two alcoholic beverages per day) increases the risk of hypertension, the relationship between binge drinking and blood pressure is not well described. Our aim was to describe the relationship between frequency of binge drinking, both current (at age 24 years) and past (at age 20 years), and systolic blood pressure (SBP) at age 24 years...
March 2016: Journal of Adolescent Health: Official Publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine
Louisa Degenhardt, Helena Romaniuk, Carolyn Coffey, Wayne D Hall, Wendy Swift, John B Carlin, Christina O'Loughlin, George C Patton
BACKGROUND: There are limited longitudinal data on the associations between different social contexts of alcohol use and risky adolescent drinking. METHODS: Australian prospective longitudinal cohort of 1943 adolescents with 6 assessment waves at ages 14-17 years. Drinkers were asked where and how frequently they drank. Contexts were: at home with family, at home alone, at a party with friends, in a park/car, or at a bar/nightclub. The outcomes were prevalence and incidence of risky drinking (≥5 standard drinks (10g alcohol) on a day, past week) and very risky drinking (>20 standard drinks for males and >11 for females) in early (waves 1-2) and late (waves 3-6) adolescence...
2015: BMC Public Health
Sean Martin, Andrew Vincent, Anne W Taylor, Evan Atlantis, Alicia Jenkins, Andrzej Januszewski, Peter O'Loughlin, Gary Wittert
BACKGROUND: The relationship between lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety in men remains unclear. Inflammation has recently been identified as an independent risk factor for LUTS and depression. This study aimed to assess the association between depression, anxiety and LUTS, and the moderating influence of systemic inflammation, in the presence of other biopsychosocial confounders. METHODS: Participants were randomly-selected from urban, community-dwelling males aged 35-80 years at recruitment (n = 1195; sample response rate:67...
2015: PloS One
Charles L Larson, Derrick R Samuelson, Tyson P Eucker, Jason L O'Loughlin, Michael E Konkel
Campylobacter jejuni is a gram-negative, curved and rod-shaped bacterium that causes human gastroenteritis. Acute disease is associated with C. jejuni invasion of the intestinal epithelium. Epithelial cells infected with C. jejuni strains containing mutations in the FlpA and CadF fibronectin (Fn)-binding proteins exhibit reduced invasion of host cells and a C. jejuni CadF FlpA double mutant is impaired in the activation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and Rho GTPase Rac1. Although these observations establish a role for Fn-binding proteins during C...
October 2013: Emerging Microbes & Infections
Jason L O'Loughlin, Derrick R Samuelson, Andrea G Braundmeier-Fleming, Bryan A White, Gary J Haldorson, Jennifer B Stone, Jeremy J Lessmann, Tyson P Eucker, Michael E Konkel
Campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of human foodborne gastroenteritis worldwide. The interactions between this pathogen and the intestinal microbiome within a host are of interest as endogenous intestinal microbiota mediates a form of resistance to the pathogen. This resistance, termed colonization resistance, is the ability of commensal microbiota to prevent colonization by exogenous pathogens or opportunistic commensals. Although mice normally demonstrate colonization resistance to C. jejuni, we found that mice treated with ampicillin are colonized by C...
July 2015: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Wanda Vélez-Carrasco, Carol E Green, Paul Catz, Anna Furimsky, Kathleen O'Loughlin, Vesna A Eterović, P A Ferchmin
4R-cembranoid (4R) is a natural cyclic diterpenoid found in tobacco leaves that displays neuroprotective activity. 4R protects against NMDA, paraoxon (POX), and diisopropylfluorophosphate (DFP) damage in rat hippocampal slices and against DFP in rats in vivo. The purpose of this study was to examine the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of 4R as part of its preclinical development as a neuroprotective drug. 10 µM 4R was found to be very stable in plasma for up to 1 hr incubation. 4R metabolism in human microsomes was faster than in the rat...
2015: PloS One
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