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Aparajita Mitra, Yogesh Kumar Sarin
Hypospadiology is a rapidly evolving field. Progress in the understanding of how hormonal therapy affects the growth of the phallus has allowed surgeons to optimize the tissues for surgery. But conflicting data from a number of studies and a lack of consensus on drugs, their dosing, mode of delivery and timing of use means that the creation of protocols is unlikely to happen in the near future. Nonetheless, there is a hope and the standardization of scientific reporting will make it easier to compare data at the global level...
April 21, 2017: Indian Journal of Pediatrics
Rajeev Chaudhry, Katherine M Theisen, Pankaj P Dangle, Francis Schneck
Phallic reconstruction is an important part of management for congenital aphallia. Scrotal flap phalloplasty has been described in pediatric patients to create the appearance of a non-functioning phallus. We describe a modified scrotal flap technique with the addition of an acellular dermal matrix patch (AlloDerm®) to provide additional girth and support to the phallus. The post-operative cosmetic outcome has been satisfactory and there is no documented complication over a 12 month follow-up. Alloderm® dermal matrix can be a safe addition to phallic reconstruction and its overall application needs to be further studied...
April 12, 2017: Urology
Matthew T Smith, John N Graham, Eric B Levy, Kola Olugbade, Viktor Flores, Curran Emeruwa, Shachar Shimonovich, Valery Roudnitsky, Andrew G Winer
A 50-year-old male with past medical history of diabetes mellitus presented with extensive Fournier's Gangrene. He had a wide-spread area of involvement and the wound vacuum placement involved the entirety of the phallus. We describe a surgical technique where the penis can be diverted from the site of the wound to allow for more secure wound vacuum placement and future reconstructive options.
May 2017: Urology Case Reports
John B Heppner, Yang-Seop Bae
A new genus of Tortricinae, Zebraodes Heppner & Bae, n. gen., is described for the new species Zebraodes lucidalis Heppner & Bae, n. sp., from Vietnam (Tortricidae: Tortricinae: Archipini). The new genus is anomalous among archipines, resembling some Ceracini, but with genital features more similar to those of Archipini, notably the strongly convex phallus in the male genitalia, together with the strong uncus; however, the absence of a signum in the female genitalia is unusual for the tribe.
February 22, 2017: Zootaxa
Sean M Perry, Mark A Mitchell
Chelonian reproductive medicine is an extremely important facet to ensuring captive populations for the pet trade and conservation efforts around the globe. This review covers basic chelonian reproductive anatomy and physiology, natural history, behavior, and sexing chelonians, in addition to discussing reproductive disorders that are commonly seen by veterinarians. Reproductive disorders covered include infertility, dystocia, follicular stasis, egg yolk coelomitis, phallus prolapse, and reproductive neoplasia...
February 4, 2017: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice
Gülnur Göllü Bahadır, Ergun Ergün, Onur Telli, Farid Khanmammadov, Ahmet Murat Çakmak
BACKGROUND/AIM: Nowadays surgical intervention is possible in smaller phalluses and younger children with hypospadias disease. Different hormone treatments with different doses, modalities, indications, and treatment times come along with some disputes. The aim of this study is to evaluate the management approaches in hypospadias surgery of surgeons in regards to hormone preparations. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Questionnaires were sent via e-mail to 110 actively working pediatric surgeons and urologists...
December 20, 2016: Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences
Andre van der Merwe, Amir Zarrabi, Alexander Zühlke, Nicola Barsdorf, Rafique Moosa
We performed a successful penis allotransplantation on 11 December 2014. Sharing the lessons learned might help more patients in need to be treated this way. We divided the project into manageable segments that was each overseen by an expert. The ethical review and conduct paved the way for a publically acceptable and successful project. Screening for a psychological stable recipient is important. The most difficult part of the project was finding a donor penis. This was successfully negotiated with the family of a brain dead donor by creating a neo-phallus for the donor, thereby maintaining the dignity of the donor...
February 2017: Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine
Chupong Ittiwut, Jaturong Pratuangdejkul, Vichit Supornsilchai, Sasipa Muensri, Yodporn Hiranras, Taninee Sahakitrungruang, Suttipong Watcharasindhu, Kanya Suphapeetiporn, Vorasuk Shotelersuk
BACKGROUND: Abnormalities of dihydrotestosterone conversion [5α-reductase deficiency: online Mendelian inheritance in man (OMIM) 607306] or actions of androgens [partial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PAIS): OMIM 312300] during the 8th-12th weeks of gestation cause varying degrees of undervirilized external genitalia in 46, XY disorders of sex development (DSD) with increased testosterone production. The objective of the study was to determine clinical and genetic characteristics of Thai patients with 46, XY DSD...
January 1, 2017: Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism: JPEM
Parameswaran Anoop, Vithal Malmande, M N Prakash Kumar, Naveen Rao
Flap failure from microvascular thrombotic occlusion is a rare but significant cause for unsuccessful reconstructive surgery. We encountered thrombosis of arteriovenous loop in a patient undergoing phallus reconstruction. Further investigations revealed underlying previously asymptomatic hypercoagulable state due to protein-S deficiency in addition to long-term exogenous testosterone administration. Role of thrombophilia testing, thrombogenic potential of testosterone and the need for therapeutic perioperative anti-coagulation in such situations are described here...
May 2016: Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery: Official Publication of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
Keng Y Chew, Marilyn B Renfree
Marsupials are born with undifferentiated gonads, and their reproductive organs differentiate consecutively, not simultaneously as in eutherian mammals. Thus, in the main marsupial model, the tammar wallaby, Macropus eugenii, the testis forms cords 2 days after birth, the ovary develops cortex and medulla about 8 days after birth, the Wolffian duct enlarges from day 10, the prostate begins to form prostatic buds about 25 days after birth, and the phallus does not become sexually dimorphic until after 50 days postpartum (pp)...
2016: Sexual Development: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution, Endocrinology, Embryology, and Pathology of Sex Determination and Differentiation
Shane D Morrison, Afaaf Shakir, Krishna S Vyas, Johanna Kirby, Curtis N Crane, Gordon K Lee
BACKGROUND: Acquired or congenital absence of the penis can lead to severe physical limitations and psychological outcomes. Phallic reconstruction can restore various functional aspects of the penis and reduce psychosocial sequelae. Moreover, some female-to-male transsexuals desire creation of a phallus as part of their gender transition. Because of the complexity of phalloplasty, there is not an ideal technique for every patient. This review sets out to identify and critically appraise the current literature on phalloplasty techniques and outcomes...
September 2016: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Marissa L Gredler
An intromittent phallus is used for sperm transfer in most amniote taxa; however, there is extensive variation in external genital morphology within and among the major amniote clades. Amniote phalluses vary in number (paired, single, or rudimentary), spermatic canal morphology (closed tube or open sulcus), and mode of transition between resting and tumescent states (inflation, rotation, eversion, or muscle relaxation). In a phylogenetic context, these varying adult anatomies preclude a clear interpretation for the evolutionary history of amniote external genitalia; as such, multiple hypotheses have been presented for the origin(s) of the amniote phallus...
October 2016: Integrative and Comparative Biology
J P York
In brief Most injuries to the penis and scrotum in sports result from direct blows and require prompt evaluation. Bicycler's penis is a paresthesia and numbness in the perineum and phallus that resolve spontaneously. A direct blow to the scrotum usually causes a testicular contusion that responds to elevation of the scrotum and bed rest. Athletes wear athletic supporters and plastic cups for scrotal protection. Sexually transmitted diseases-nongonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, and herpes progenitalis-are common urologic problems in athletes...
October 1990: Physician and Sportsmedicine
Wagner Rafael M De Souza, Allan Paulo Moreira Santos, Daniela Maeda Takiya
Approximately 300 species are assigned to Stactobiinae, most of them occurring in the Old World. Seven species have been recorded from Brazil, six of Flintiella and one of Bredinia. Herein, three new species are described and illustrated based on specimens collected in Maranhão and Piauí states from Northeastern Region of Brazil: Orinocotrichia angelus sp. nov. (Holotype male deposited in CZMA: Maranhão State) can be distinguished by the subgenital plate conspicuous, mesally divided; Flintiella pallida sp...
February 9, 2016: Zootaxa
Isabela Cristina Rocha, Leandro Lourenço Dumas, Jorge Luiz Nessimian
Three new species of Smicridea McLachlan 1871 are described and illustrated based on specimens collected in Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra and its surrounding area, Minas Gerais state, southeastern Brazil. Smicridea (Rhyacophylax) necator sp. nov. possibly belongs to the S. (R.) dispar Group, but its placement in this group is weakly supported; S. (Smicridea) franciscana sp. nov. belongs to the S. (S.) nigripennis Group based on morphology of the phallus; S. (S.) sepala sp. nov. is a member of the S. (S...
May 3, 2016: Zootaxa
Carina Mara De Souza, Eliana Buenaventura
Three new species of Oxysarcodexia Townsend (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) from the Colombian Andes are described based on male specimens collected using decaying animal matter as bait: Oxysarcodexia catica sp. n., O. laclaricola sp. n., and O. liliarum sp. n. The straight and narrow cercal prong with an acute apex, and the juxta enlarged distally and folded backwards of O. catica sp. n. resemble these structures in O. fraterna Lopes, O. peruviana (Lopes) and O. vittata (Walker). The shape of the cercus of O. laclaricola sp...
February 24, 2016: Zootaxa
Fereshteh Talebpour Amiri, Davood Nasiry Zarrin Ghabaee, Ramezan Ali Naeimi, Seyed Javad Seyedi, Seyed Abdollah Mousavi
BACKGROUND: Aphallia or penile agenesis is a rare malformation accompanying with no phallus. This anomaly is extremely rare with abnormality of urogenital system and psychological consequences. Its outbreak is estimated 1 out of 10-30 million births. CASE: Reviewing 3 cases of male external genitalia agenesis, which associated with multiple anomalies of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and genitourinary system. CONCLUSION: Aphallia has psychosocial consequences and a guarded prognosis...
April 2016: International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine (Yazd, Iran)
S Carnaccini, N M Ferguson-Noel, R P Chin, T Santoro, P Black, M Bland, A A Bickford, C G Sentíes-Cué
In April 2014, poor fertility in a major commercial goose breeder operation in California triggered the submission of six live affected Toulouse ganders ( Anser anser ) to the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory, Turlock branch (University of California-Davis). Toulouse were principally affected among all breeds, and their egg fertility dropped from 65.7% to less than 33.9% in the first 40 days of the 2014 breeding season. The flock consisted of 410 adult birds, 90 males and 320 females, between 2 and 5 yr of age...
June 2016: Avian Diseases
Pranab Kumar Sahana, Krishna Shankar Gopal Sankar, Nilanjan Sengupta, Kaustubh Chattopadhyay
A 6½ years Indian boy was brought by his parents, who were anxious about the excessive increase in the size of the boy's phallus, from the age of 2 years. On physical examination, the child had a penis length greater than the 97th centile for age, a sexual maturity rating of gonads at stage 2 and pubic hair at stage 3, with height in the high normal range (90-97th centile). The bone age was 12 years. Laboratory evaluation showed pubertal levels of testosterone and pubertal gonadotropin response to stimulation, confirming central precocious puberty (CPP)...
June 2, 2016: BMJ Case Reports
Brandon C Moore, David Spears, Taylor Mascari, Diane A Kelly
The distal part of the crocodilian phallus consists of a bulbous glans containing well-developed vascular tissues that can inflate before or during sexual activity, enlarging and elaborating the glans into a complex, though still functionally undefined, copulatory structure. An enlarged glans putatively interacts with the female cloaca and may change the shape of her reproductive tract to facilitate insemination and increase the probability of fertilization. Here, we investigated the cellular-level properties of the glans and other inflatable phallic tissues associated with the sperm-conducting sulcus spermaticus in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)...
October 2016: Integrative and Comparative Biology
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