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Tobias Lotts, Konstantin Agelopoulos, Ngoc Quan Phan, Karin Loser, Gerhard Schmaus, Thomas A Luger, Sonja Ständer
Chronic pruritus is difficult to treat. Current treatment options are frequently ineffective and new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed. Avenanthramides are active substances in oats that exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. Their potential to interrupt pruritus mechanisms was investigated in this study. It was found that the synthetic analog dihydroavenanthramide D (DHAvD) can interact with the neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1R) and inhibit mast cell degranulation. DHAvD also affects inflammatory processes and reduces secretion of the cytokine interleukin-6...
November 28, 2016: Experimental Dermatology
Manuel P Pereira, Dieter Metze, Sonja Ständer
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November 24, 2016: Acta Dermato-venereologica
S Ständer, M Augustin, D Roggenkamp, C Blome, T Heitkemper, A C Worthmann, G Neufang
BACKGROUND: Patients suffering from chronic pruritus (CP) due to dry skin with are often applying emollients containing menthol. However, topical menthol may be irritating and of weak potency in severe pruritus. Two TRPM8 agonists, (1R,2S,5R)-N-(2-(2-pyridinyl)ethyl)-2-ispropyl-5-methylcyclohexancarboxamide and menthoxypropan-ediol, combined as Cooling Compound (CC) have shown stronger activation of TRPM8 than menthol. OBJECTIVES: Objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of CC in alleviating pruritus in patients with dry itchy skin...
November 11, 2016: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: JEADV
Mark A Otto, Nicholas J Martin, Jennifer S Rous, Michael E Stevens
Dichlorvos is a chemical compound which has been used for decades as a pesticide. Potential inhalational exposure to dichlorvos vapor associated with using commercially-based, dichlorvos-impregnated resin strips in a simulated military guard post was evaluated. A varying number of these pesticide strips, ranging from the manufacturer's guidelines ((3)-16 g strips) up to a full package of strips ((12)-16 g strips), were placed in a small, enclosed space (2.31 m × 2.26 m × 2.44 m, 12.7 m(3)), which was similar in size to a typical military guard post...
October 18, 2016: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Manuel P Pereira, Sebastian Mühl, Esther M Pogatzki-Zahn, Konstantin Agelopoulos, Sonja Ständer
In recent years, measurement of the intraepidermal nerve fiber (IENF) density has gained relevance in the diagnostics of chronic pruritus. This method allows the objectification and quantification of a small-fiber neuropathy, which may manifest clinically with pruritus, pain or dysesthetic sensory symptoms, such as burning, stinging and tingling sensations or numbness. Upon suspicion of a small-fiber neuropathy as a cause for chronic pruritus, targeted diagnostic procedures are essential for the early detection of the neuroanatomical changes...
October 11, 2016: Dermatology and Therapy
Jonathan L Quanson, Marietjie A Stander, Elzette Pretorius, Carl Jenkinson, Angela E Taylor, Karl-Heinz Storbeck
11-Oxygenated steroids such as 11-ketotestosterone and 11-ketodihydrotestosterone have recently been shown to play a putative role in the development and progression of castration resistant prostate cancer. In this study we report on the development of a high throughput ultra-performance convergence chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (UPC(2)-MS/MS) method for the analysis of thirteen 11-oxygenated and six canonical C19 steroids isolated from a cell culture matrix. Using an Acquity UPC(2) BEH 2-EP column we found that UPC(2) resulted in superior selectivity, increased chromatographic efficiency and a scattered elution order when compared to conventional reverse phase ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC)...
September 15, 2016: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Ala Al-Musawi, Mona Al-Sane, Lars Andersson
BACKGROUND/AIM: The initial response by by-standers to an avulsed tooth is a significant factor that can affect its survival and long-term outcome. This study was to assess the knowledge of emergency management of tooth avulsion in a group of schoolteachers, and to compare the effects of three different educational interventions. METHODS: Baseline knowledge was assessed using a questionnaire developed for this study. Same questionnaire was used to test changes in the knowledge level following each educational intervention...
July 6, 2016: Dental Traumatology: Official Publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology
Romy Nocera, Philip Petrucelli, Johnathan Park, Eric Stander
To elucidate relationships between meteorological variables and incidence of stroke, we studied patients diagnosed with stroke after presenting to the emergency department (May 1, 2010-August 8, 2011). Patient demographics and medical data were reviewed retrospectively with regional meteorological data. Across 467 days, 134 stroke events were recorded on 114 days. On stroke days, maximum temperature (max T) and atmospheric pressure (AP) combined were a significant predictor of stroke (max T odds ratio (OR) = 1...
2014: International Scholarly Research Notices
C Mutawila, C Stander, F Halleen, M A Vivier, L Mostert
Cell suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera cv. Dauphine berries were used to study the response to the vascular pathogen, Eutypa lata, in comparison with a biological control agent, Trichoderma atroviride, that was previously shown to be effective in pruning wound protection. The expression of genes coding for enzymes of the phenylpropanoid pathway and pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins was profiled over a 48-h period using quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR. The cell cultures responded to elicitors of both fungi with a hypersensitive-like response that lead to a decrease in cell viability...
June 28, 2016: Protoplasma
Aleksandra Djekic, Anne Müller
VacA is a pore-forming toxin that has long been known to induce vacuolization in gastric epithelial cells and to be linked to gastric disorders caused by H. pylori infection. Its role as a major colonization and persistence determinant of H. pylori is less well-understood. The purpose of this review is to discuss the various target cell types of VacA and its mechanism of action; specifically, we focus on the evidence showing that VacA targets myeloid cells and T-cells to directly and indirectly prevent H. pylori-specific T-cell responses and immune control of the infection...
2016: Toxins
Manuel P Pereira, Andreas E Kremer, Thomas Mettang, Sonja Ständer
Chronic pruritus arises not only from dermatoses, but also, in up to half of cases, from extracutaneous origins. A multitude of systemic, neurological, psychiatric, and somatoform conditions are associated with pruritus in the absence of skin disease. Moreover, pruritus is a frequently observed side effect of many drugs. It is therefore difficult for physicians to make a correct diagnosis. Chronic pruritus patients frequently present to the dermatologist with skin lesions secondary to a long-lasting scratching behavior, such as lichenification and prurigo nodularis...
August 2016: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology
James Milne, Paul Atkinson, David Lewis, Jacqueline Fraser, Laura Diegelmann, Paul Olszynski, Melanie Stander, Hein Lamprecht
INTRODUCTION: Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) has become an established tool in the initial management of patients with undifferentiated hypotension. Current established protocols (RUSH and ACES) were developed by expert user opinion, rather than objective, prospective data. PoCUS also provides invaluable information during resuscitation efforts in cardiac arrest by determining presence/absence of cardiac activity and identifying reversible causes such as pericardial tamponade. There is no agreed guideline on how to safely and effectively incorporate PoCUS into the advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) algorithm...
2016: Curēus
S Ständer, M Ständer, P Thomas, J C Prinz, R Wolf
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the epidermis, which can be induced by systemic factors, such as streptococci infections or drugs. In addition, psoriasis can be caused by a local cutaneus trauma, known as Koebner phenomenon. Here, we describe a woman with psoriasis in remission, who developed a new psoriatic lesion due to a cutaneous infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. After causal therapy with doxycycline, the erythema migrans and psoriasis lesions disappeared.
July 2016: Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift Für Dermatologie, Venerologie, und Verwandte Gebiete
B Summer, S Ständer, F Kapp, P Thomas
BACKGROUND: The lymphocyte transformation test is used to determine T‑cell sensitization, whereby its benefit has been controversially discussed in the past. OBJECTIVES: What role does the lymphocyte transformation test have in the detection of metal sensitization? METHODS: Based on the current literature and our own work, the state of knowledge regarding the lymphocyte transformation test is presented. RESULTS: In several studies, it was found that the lymphocyte transformation test, especially concerning metals, has sufficient specificity and sensitivity...
May 2016: Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift Für Dermatologie, Venerologie, und Verwandte Gebiete
Adam Reich, Claudia Riepe, Zografia Anastasiadou, Karolina Mędrek, Matthias Augustin, Jacek C Szepietowski, Sonja Ständer
is missing (Short communication).
November 2, 2016: Acta Dermato-venereologica
Volker Huck, Christian Gorzelanny, Kai Thomas, Valentina Getova, Verena Niemeyer, Katharina Zens, Tim R Unnerstall, Julia S Feger, Mohammad A Fallah, Dieter Metze, Sonja Ständer, Thomas A Luger, Karsten Koenig, Christian Mess, Stefan W Schneider
The application of multiphoton microscopy in the field of biomedical research and advanced diagnostics promises unique insights into the pathophysiology of inflammatory skin diseases. In the present study, we combined multiphoton-based intravital tomography (MPT) and fluorescence lifetime imaging (MPT-FLIM) within the scope of a clinical trial of atopic dermatitis with the aim of providing personalised data on the aetiopathology of inflammation in a non-invasive manner at patients' bedsides. These 'optical biopsies' generated via MPT were morphologically analysed and aligned with classical skin histology...
2016: Scientific Reports
Yao Yuan, Yu-Chen Jiang, Chong-Kui Sun, Qian-Ming Chen
Oncogene activation and tumor-suppressor gene inactivation are considered as the main causes driving the transformation of normal somatic cells into malignant tumor cells. Cancer cells are the driving force of tumor development and progression. Yet, cancer cells are unable to accomplish this alone. The tumor microenvironment is also considered to play an active role rather than simply acting as a by-stander in tumor progression. Through different pathways, tumor cells efficiently recruit stromal cells, which in turn, provide tumor cell growth signals, intermediate metabolites, and provide a suitable environment for tumor progression as well as metastasis...
May 2016: Oncology Reports
Claudia Riepe, Nina Magnolo, Dieter Metze, Sigrid Broekaert, Claudia Zeidler, Sonja Ständer
is missing (Quiz).
November 2, 2016: Acta Dermato-venereologica
L Y Teos, C-Y Zheng, X Liu, W D Swaim, C M Goldsmith, A P Cotrim, B J Baum, I S Ambudkar
Head and neck irradiation (IR) during cancer treatment causes by-stander effects on the salivary glands leading to irreversible loss of saliva secretion. The mechanism underlying loss of fluid secretion is not understood and no adequate therapy is currently available. Delivery of an adenoviral vector encoding human aquaporin-1 (hAQP1) into the salivary glands of human subjects and animal models with radiation-induced salivary hypofunction leads to significant recovery of saliva secretion and symptomatic relief in subjects...
July 2016: Gene Therapy
Shree Pandya, Jennifer Andrews, Kim Campbell, F John Meaney
PURPOSE: To document use of rehabilitative technology among individuals with Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy (DBMD) among sites of the Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance, Tracking, and Research network (MD STARnet). METHODS: Data from 362 caregivers who participated in the MD STARnet caregiver interview between April 2006 and March 2012 (54.7% response rate) were analyzed to assess the type, frequency and duration of use of assistive technology. RESULTS: Caregiver reports of technology use by individuals with DBMD across five MD STARnet sites in the US demonstrated significant regional differences in the proportion of individuals who had ever used night splints (36...
2016: Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
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