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Gustavo Silveira Breguez, Leandro Xavier Neves, Karina Taciana Santos Silva, Lorran Miranda Andrade de Freitas, Gabriela de Oliveira Faria, Mauro César Isoldi, William Castro-Borges, Milton Hércules Guerra de Andrade
The PR-11 peptide corresponds to the N-terminal and active region of the endogenously synthesized PR-39 molecule, of porcine origin. It is known to possess various biological effects including antimicrobial properties, angiogenic and anti-inflammatory activities. Apart from its reported activity as a proteasome inhibitor, a more comprehensive understanding of its function, at the molecular level, is still lacking. In this study, we used a label-free shotgun strategy to evaluate the proteomic alterations caused by exposure of cultured fibroblasts to the peptide PR-11...
September 28, 2016: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Iraklis Perysinakis, Emilia Minaidou, Dimitrios Mantas, George C Sotiropoulos, Vasileia Leontara, Hercules Tsipras, George N Zografos, Ilias Margaris, Gregory Kouraklis
INTRODUCTION: Subclassification of ampullary adenocarcinomas into intestinal and pancreatobiliary type has prognostic and therapeutic implications. Immunohistochemical staining against specific biomarkers has been proven to be a useful adjunct in determining the exact histotype. Furthermore the immunohistochemical profile is suggestive of the molecular pathogenic mechanisms through which the tumor evolved. The aim of this study was to correlate p53, MDM2, CK7, CK20, MUC1, MUC2 and CDX2 expression in ampullary adenocarcinomas with the type of differentiation and patients' survival...
September 22, 2016: Pathology, Research and Practice
Jen-Pan Huang
The prevalence and consequences of genetic introgression between species have been intensively debated. I used Hercules beetles as examples to test for conditions that may be associated with the occurrence of introgression. RADseq data were used to reconstruct the species tree and history of introgression between Hercules beetles. Image data from museum specimens were used to investigate the phenotypic similarity of two adaptive traits between species from two distinct climatic realms (Nearctic vs. Neotropical)...
September 23, 2016: Molecular Ecology
Emmanuel M Kanoupakis, John A Fanourgiakis, Hercules E Mavrakis, Eleutherios M Kallergis, Emmanuel N Simantirakis, Stavros I Crysostomakis, Ilias G Saloustros, Gregory I Chlouverakis, Panos E Vardas
PURPOSE: The aim of the current study is to disseminate long-term "real-world" data on mortality and device therapies in primary and secondary prevention implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) recipients on the island of Crete. METHODS: We analyzed data for all consecutive patients who received an ICD in our tertiary university hospital from 1993 until December 2013. Follow-up visits were performed every 6 months or more frequently when indicated. Survival status was recorded, and all stored episodes during interrogation were registered and classified as appropriate or inappropriate...
August 20, 2016: Hellenic Journal of Cardiology: HJC, Hellēnikē Kardiologikē Epitheōrēsē
Karin Hermana Neppelenbroek, Vanessa Migliorini Urban, Denise Gusmão de Oliveira, Vinícius Carvalho Porto, Hercules Jorge Almilhatti, Nara Hellen Campanha
BACKGROUND: Detachment of denture acrylic resin artificial teeth from denture base resin is one of the most common problems presented by denture wearers. PURPOSE: This study investigated the shear bond strength (SBS) and fracture type of bonding interface of two commercial acrylic teeth (Vipi Dent Plus e Biolux) to two denture base resins (Vipi Cril e Lucitone 550) after immersion in potentially chromogenic beverages (coffee, cola soft drink, and red wine) or control solution (distilled water)...
July 2016: Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society
R Kurup, A C Hercules
Objective: To determine the key affected populations (KAP) and prevalence of syphilis and to investigate the sexual health practices and constrains involved among commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Guyana. Methods: The participants were randomly selected from CSWs participating in support group meetings held in Georgetown and Berbice. The survey was cross-sectional and SPSS was used to perform the data analysis. Results: The majority (92.9%) of CSW were tested negative for syphilis while two (2...
June 4, 2015: West Indian Medical Journal
Christian Jung, Michael Lichtenauer, Daniela Strodthoff, Holger Winkels, Bernhard Wernly, Christina Bürger, Uran Kamchybekov, Esther Lutgens, Hans-Reiner Figulla, Norbert Gerdes
BACKGROUND: Obesity represents a major problem for patients and health care systems in most industrialized countries. A chronic inflammatory state in obese individuals leads to disease conditions associated with activation of cellular immune mechanisms. Here, we sought to investigate the role of Th1-, Th2-, and Th17-related cytokines in overweight adolescents and mice on a high-fat diet. METHODS: Plasma samples were obtained from 79 male adolescents aged 13-17 years...
September 6, 2016: Pediatric Diabetes
Kjersti Ringvoll Normann, Kristin Astrid Berland Øystese, Jens Petter Berg, Tove Lekva, Jon Berg-Johnsen, Jens Bollerslev, Nicoleta Cristina Olarescu
BACKGROUND: Real-time reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) has become the method of choice for quantification of gene expression changes. The most important limitations of RT-qPCR are inappropriate data normalization and inconsistent data analyses. Pituitary adenomas are common tumours, and the appropriate interpretation of increasingly published data within this field is prevented by the lack of a proper selection and validation of stably expressed reference genes. AIM: To find and validate the optimal reference gene or gene combination for reliable RT-qPCR gene expression in both non-functioning (NFPA) and hormone secreting (GH and ACTH) pituitary adenomas...
December 5, 2016: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
Aris Petros Tripodakis, Hercules Gousias, Michael Mastoris, Dionysios Likouresis
The aim of the present study was the retrospective evaluation of the distance of the labial hard and soft tissue margins from the implant shoulder in 24 periodontally compromised sites that were restored by immediate implant restorations. Volumetric analysis was performed 5 years postoperatively using cone beam computed tomography with limited field of view. In all cases, a labial radiopaque plate component was apparent 5 years postoperatively coronal to the implant shoulder (3.1 ± 0.6 mm), supporting the soft tissue margin, which was extending above this level (5...
September 2016: International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry
Andrew S Hein, Shasta M Marrero, John Woodward, Stuart A Dunning, Kate Winter, Matthew J Westoby, Stewart P H T Freeman, Richard P Shanks, David E Sugden
Establishing the trajectory of thinning of the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS) since the last glacial maximum (LGM) is important for addressing questions concerning ice sheet (in)stability and changes in global sea level. Here we present detailed geomorphological and cosmogenic nuclide data from the southern Ellsworth Mountains in the heart of the Weddell Sea embayment that suggest the ice sheet, nourished by increased snowfall until the early Holocene, was close to its LGM thickness at 10 ka. A pulse of rapid thinning caused the ice elevation to fall ∼400 m to the present level at 6...
2016: Nature Communications
Toon Schiemsky, Caroline Brusselmans, Elke Nackers, Pieter Vermeersch, Koen Poesen, Koen J O Desmet, Nancy Boeckx, Davy M J Kieffer
OBJECTIVES: We evaluated the performance of a novel capillary isoelectric focusing (CIEF) application for hemoglobinopathy screening on the recently introduced V8 E-Class platform. METHODS: Analytical performance of the V8 E-Class was evaluated and included assessment of hemoglobin A2 (HbA2) imprecision; linearity for HbA2, fetal hemoglobin (HbF), and sickle hemoglobin (HbS); and carryover for HbS. Furthermore, a method comparison with the Minicap Flex Piercing (Sebia, Lisses, France), the Variant Classic (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA), and the G8 (Tosoh Europe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) was done to assess analytical and clinical concordance...
September 2016: American Journal of Clinical Pathology
Stefanos Petsios, Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa, Hercules Sakkas, Chrissanthy Papadopoulou
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 21, 2016: International Journal of Food Microbiology
Iraklis Perysinakis, Emilia Minaidou, Vasileia Leontara, Dimitrios Mantas, Georgios C Sotiropoulos, Hercules Tsipras, George N Zografos, Ilias Margaris, Gregory Kouraklis
INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this study was to associate immunohistochemical expression of β-catenin, EGFR, CK7, CK20, MUC1, MUC2, and CDX2 in ampullary adenocarcinomas with the type of differentiation and prognosis. METHODS: Forty-seven patients with ampullary adenocarcinoma who underwent pancreatoduodenectomy with curative intent from 1997 to 2014 were included in this study. Nine patients with perioperative death were included in the association analysis but excluded from survival analysis...
August 19, 2016: International Journal of Surgical Pathology
Richárd Fiáth, Patrícia Beregszászi, Domonkos Horváth, Lucia Wittner, Arno A A Aarts, Patrick Ruther, Hercules P Neves, Hajnalka Bokor, Laszlo Acsady, István Ulbert
Recording simultaneous activity of a large number of neurons in distributed neuronal networks is crucial to understand higher order brain functions. Here, we demonstrate the in vivo performance of a recently developed electrophysiological recording system comprising a two-dimensional, multi-shank, high-density silicon probe with integrated CMOS electronics. The system implements the concept of electronic depth control (EDC), which enables the electronic selection of a limited number of recording sites on each of the probe shafts...
August 17, 2016: Journal of Neurophysiology
X Dong, A Gusev, D M Hercules
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), polyhydromethylsiloxane (PHMS), and polymethylphenylsiloxane (PMPhS) have been studied by TOF-SIMS to investigate effects of functional group changes on polymer fragmentation mechanisms. Cyclic fragments are observed in the low mass range spectra of PDMS and PHMS, but not in the spectrum of PMPhS. Effects of functional group substitution on the fragmentation mechanisms of polysiloxanes are evident in the high mass range spectra (>1000 Da). Peaks of oligomers cationized by silver dominate the high mass range of the spectra of all low molecular weight polysiloxanes...
April 1998: Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Claudia Ehrentraut, Markus Ekholm, Hideyuki Tanushi, Jörg Tiedemann, Hercules Dalianis
Hospital-acquired infections pose a significant risk to patient health, while their surveillance is an additional workload for hospital staff. Our overall aim is to build a surveillance system that reliably detects all patient records that potentially include hospital-acquired infections. This is to reduce the burden of having the hospital staff manually check patient records. This study focuses on the application of text classification using support vector machines and gradient tree boosting to the problem...
August 4, 2016: Health Informatics Journal
Aron Henriksson, Jing Zhao, Hercules Dalianis, Henrik Boström
BACKGROUND: Learning deep representations of clinical events based on their distributions in electronic health records has been shown to allow for subsequent training of higher-performing predictive models compared to the use of shallow, count-based representations. The predictive performance may be further improved by utilizing multiple representations of the same events, which can be obtained by, for instance, manipulating the representation learning procedure. The question, however, remains how to make best use of a set of diverse representations of clinical events - modeled in an ensemble of semantic spaces - for the purpose of predictive modeling...
2016: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Hercules Sakkas, Panagiota Gousia, Vangelis Economou, Vassilios Sakkas, Stefanos Petsios, Chrissanthy Papadopoulou
AIM/BACKGROUND: The emergence of drug-resistant pathogens has drawn attention on medicinal plants for potential antimicrobial properties. The objective of the present study was the investigation of the antimicrobial activity of five plant essential oils on multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Basil, chamomile blue, origanum, thyme, and tea tree oil were tested against clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii (n = 6), Escherichia coli (n = 4), Klebsiella pneumoniae (n = 7), and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (n = 5) using the broth macrodilution method...
June 2016: Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology
M C Kyriacou, M G Emmanouilidou, G A Soteriou
Physicochemical and physiological ripening events in cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) fruit of cultivars 'Ntopia' and 'Hercules' were profiled against skin coloration from mature-green (S1) to over-mature (S5). Fructose and glucose accumulation were linear in 'Ntopia' but peaked near S3 in 'Hercules' synchronously to the appearance of sucrose. Betalains increased steadily in 'Ntopia' (103.2mg/l) but peaked before full skin coloration in 'Hercules' (49.7mg/l); whereas phenolic content remained invariable and ascorbate content peaked near S5 in both 'Ntopia' (108...
November 15, 2016: Food Chemistry
Hércules Ribeiro Leite, Onésia Cristina de Oliveira-Lima, Luciana de Melo Pereira, Vinícius Elias de Moura Oliveira, Vania Ferreira Prado, Marco Antônio Máximo Prado, Grace Schenatto Pereira, André Ricardo Massensini
In addition to the well-known functions as a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine (ACh) can modulate of the immune system. Nonetheless, how endogenous ACh release inflammatory responses is still not clear. To address this question, we took advantage of an animal model with a decreased ACh release due a reduction (knockdown) in vesicular acetylcholine transporter (VAChT) expression (VAChT-KD(HOM)). These animals were challenged with lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Afterwards, we evaluated sickness behavior and quantified systemic and cerebral inflammation as well as neuronal activation in the dorsal vagal complex (DVC)...
October 2016: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
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