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Huang Tao, Guo Yun-Hai, Liu He-Xiang, Zhang Yi
OBJECTIVE: To establish a method for the quantitative determination of serotonin and dopamine in the nervous system of Biomphalaria glabrata by using ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (UPLC MS/MS) . METHODS: The B. glabrata nervous system was broken in the pure methanol solution after obtaining it by dissecting with microscope. Then, the supernatant containing the target substance after twice high speed centrifugation was got...
April 19, 2018: Zhongguo Xue Xi Chong Bing Fang Zhi za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control
Long Yuan, Shenita Basdeo, Qin C Ji
BMS-986104 is a S1P1 R modulator drug candidate under development and has been evaluated in Phase I clinical trials. BMS-986104 functions as a prodrug and undergoes enzymatic transformations in vivo to form the pharmacologically active phosphate drug, BMS-986104-P. Here, we report approaches to overcome the stability, solubility and extraction challenges in developing a sensitive, accurate and rugged LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous quantification of the phosphate drug and its prodrug in blood lysate. An effective stabilization strategy using a cocktail of phosphatase and kinase inhibitors was developed to ensure the stability of both analytes during sample collection, storage, and processing...
May 5, 2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
Jitka Široká, Martina Čečková, Lubor Urbánek, Vladimír Kryštof, Tomáš Gucký, Jakub Hofman, Miroslav Strnad, František Štaud
N2 -(4-Amino-cyclohexyl)-9-cyclopentyl-N6 -(6-furan-2-yl-pyridine-3-ylmethyl)-9H-purine-2,6-diamine (BP-14) and 2-(5-{[2-(4-amino-cyclohexylamino)-9-cyclopentyl-9H-purine-6-ylamino]-methyl}-pyridine-2-yl)-phenol (BP-20) are novel cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, structurally related to roscovitine, with significant biological activity. A simple, selective and sensitive liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry method for determining them in rat plasma, using roscovitine as an internal standard, was developed and validated...
May 1, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Katarzyna Tyśkiewicz, Roman Gieysztor, Izabela Maziarczyk, Paweł Hodurek, Edward Rój, Krystyna Skalicka-Woźniak
In the presented study for the first time a new, optimized, fast SFC (supercritical fluid chromatography) method was applied to separate in one run fat-soluble vitamins from waste fish oil, including cis -and tran s-retinyl palmitate, cis - and trans -retinyl acetate, retinol, α-tocopherol, β-tocopherol, γ‑tocopherol, δ-tocopherol, ergocalciferol (D₂), cholecalciferol (D₃), cis - and trans -phylloquinone (K₁) and menaquinone-4 (K₂-MK4). Vitamins were baseline separated on an Acquity UPC² (ultra performance convergence chromatography) HSS C18 SB (highly strength chemically modified silica) column within 13 min...
May 10, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Essam Ezzeldin, Gamal Ae Mostafa, Muzaffar Iqbal, Khalid A Al-Rashood, Yousef Asiri, Toqa El-Nahhas
AIM: Mozavaptan is a nonpeptide vasopressin receptor antagonist approved for the treatment of ectopic antidiuretic hormone secretion syndrome. METHODS & RESULTS: A simple, rapid and fully validated UPLC/MS-MS method was developed for the quantitation of mozavaptan in rat plasma. The chromatographic separation was conducted on an Acquity UPLC BEH™ C18 column with an optimum mobile phase of 10 mM ammonium acetate buffer and 0.1% formic acid in acetonitrile (30:70 v/v) at a flow rate of 0...
May 10, 2018: Bioanalysis
Han N Beh, Yuni F Ongso
Diagnosing acute abdominal pain will always be a challenging task, patients frequently present with atypical symptoms. It is crucial for a clinician to have good differential diagnosis to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment. We present 37-year-old male who presented to emergency department with 2 days of abdominal pain. The pain started centrally around his umbilicus and localized to his right upper quadrant (RUQ). Clinical examination showed he has localized peritonitism on the RUQ hence he was further investigated with CT abdomen...
April 2018: Journal of Surgical Case Reports
Jiang Wang, Naresh Pavurala, Xiaoming Xu, Yellela S R Krishnaiah, Patrick J Faustino
To evaluate the bioavailability and pharmacokinetic profiles of two novel galantamine formulations as medical countermeasure products, an ultra-performance liquid chromatography-single quadrupole mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS) method was developed and validated for quantifying galantamine in guinea pig plasma using solid phase extraction with a mixed mode strong cation exchange reversed phase cartridge. Chromatographic separation was achieved on a Waters Acquity UPLC BEH C18 column maintained at 40 °C. The mobile phases were solution-A acetonitrile-water (5:95, v/v) and solution-B acetonitrile-water (90:10, v/v), which both contain 2 mM ammonium formate and 0...
May 4, 2018: Biomedical Chromatography: BMC
Peiwu Geng, Jun Luo, Ziwei Weng, Zhenhua Fan, Bing Zhang, Jianshe Ma, Xianqin Wang, Meiling Zhang
The purpose of this study is to develop an ultra-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) method to determine armepavine in mouse blood. Nuciferine was used as internal standard (IS). Chromatographic separation was performed on a UPLC BEH (2.1 mm×50 mm, 1.7 μm) column with a gradient elution of acetonitrile and 10 mmol/L ammonium acetate solution (containing 0.1% formic acid). The quantitative analysis was conducted in MRM model with m/z 314.1→106.9 for armepavine and m/z 296...
May 3, 2018: Biomedical Chromatography: BMC
Supandi Supandi, Yahdiana Harahap, Harmita Harmita, Rizka Andalusia
This research aimed to quantitatively bioanalyze 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP), 6-methylmercaptopurine (6-MMP), and 6-thioguanosine-5′-monophosphate (6-TGMP) in dried blood spots (DBS) prepared from a small volume of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. Analytes on the DBS card were extracted using 90% methanol with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) as an internal standard. Analytical separation was performed on a Waters Acquity® UPLC BEH AMIDA column of 1.7 μm (2.1 × 100 mm) with a mobile phase mixture of 0...
April 25, 2018: Scientia Pharmaceutica
Qing-Xiu Hao, Li-Ping Kang, Shou-Dong Zhu, Yi Yu, Ming-Hua Hu, Fang-Li Ma, Jie Zhou, Lan-Ping Guo
In this paper, an approach was applied for separation and identification of oligosaccharides in Morinda officinalis How by Ultra performance liquid chromatography/quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC-Q-TOF-MS) with collision energy. The separation was carried out on an ACQUITY UPLC BEH Amide C₁₈(2.1mm×100 mm,1.7 μm) with gradient elution using acetonitrile(A) and water(B) containing 0.1% ammonia as mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.2 mL·min⁻¹. The column temperature was maintained at 40 °C...
March 2018: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Ya-Dan Wang, Zhong Dai, Cai-Lin Sun, Xian-Fu Wu, Shuang-Cheng Ma
Ultra-performance liquid chromatography-evaporative light scattering detection (UPLC-ELSD) fingerprint analysis method was established for quality control of Guci tablets. Chromatographic separation was performed on Waters Acquity UPLC BEH C₁₈ column (2.1 mm×100 mm, 1.7 μm) at 30 °C of column temperature. Acetonitrile-0.1% formic acid solution was adopted as mobile phase for gradient elution. The flow rate was set at 0.3 mL·min⁻¹, and the injection volume was 3 μL. Detection was carried out on an ELSD with a nitrogen pressure of 0...
March 2018: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Yinxian Yang, Hailing Gao, Shanshan Hou, Ruijuan Su, Hongzh Uo Liu, Jin Sun
A quick and sensitive supercritical fluid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of lumefantrine, artemether and its active metabolite dihydroartemisinin in rat plasma was developed and validated. The chromatographic separation was performed on an ACQUITY UPC2 ™ BEH 2-EP column within 2.5 min by gradient elution using compressed CO2 and methanol containing 2 mM ammonium acetate as the mobile phases. Detection was achieved by multiple reaction monitoring using electrospray ionization in the positive ionization mode...
April 16, 2018: Journal of Separation Science
Lucas Henriques Viscardi, Vanessa Rodrigues Paixão-Côrtes, David Comas, Francisco Mauro Salzano, Diego Rovaris, Claiton Dotto Bau, Carlos Eduardo G Amorim, Maria Cátira Bortolini
Hominin evolution is characterized by adaptive solutions often rooted in behavioral and cognitive changes. If balancing selection had an important and long-lasting impact on the evolution of these traits, it can be hypothesized that genes associated with them should carry an excess of shared polymorphisms (trans- SNPs) across recent Homo species. In this study, we investigate the role of balancing selection in human evolution using available exomes from modern (Homo sapiens) and archaic humans (H. neanderthalensis and Denisovan) for an excess of trans-SNP in two gene sets: one associated with the immune system (IMMS) and another one with behavioral system (BEHS)...
January 2018: Genetics and Molecular Biology
Hao Dong, Xiaofang Zeng, Weidong Bai
The present study reports an ultra high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of six bisphenols (bisphenol A, bisphenol B and bisphenol F) and alkylphenols (4-nonylphenol, 4-n-nonylphenol and octylphenol) in hotpot seasoning. Samples were dispersed in n-hexane after addition of internal standards bisphenol A-d4 and 4-n-nonylphenol-d4 . Sample solutions were then centrifuged, and the supernatants purified using solid phase extraction with high polarity Carb/PSA composite fillers...
August 30, 2018: Food Chemistry
Felix Wojcik, Geoffrey P Dann, Leslie Y Beh, Galia T Debelouchina, Raphael Hofmann, Tom W Muir
Ubiquitylation of histone H2B at lysine residue 120 (H2BK120ub) is a prominent histone posttranslational modification (PTM) associated with the actively transcribed genome. Although H2BK120ub triggers several critical downstream histone modification pathways and changes in chromatin structure, less is known about the regulation of the ubiquitylation reaction itself, in particular with respect to the modification status of the chromatin substrate. Here we employ an unbiased library screening approach to profile the impact of pre-existing chromatin modifications on de novo ubiquitylation of H2BK120 by the cognate human E2:E3 ligase pair, UBE2A:RNF20/40...
April 11, 2018: Nature Communications
Jhi Biau Foo, May Lee Low, Ji Hui Lim, Yan Zhi Lor, Rusyidah Zainol Abidin, Vilasini Eh Dam, Napsiah Abdul Rahman, Chaw Yee Beh, Lee Chin Chan, Chee Wun How, Yin Sim Tor, Latifah Saiful Yazan
Copper complexes have been widely studied for the anti-tumour application as cancer cells are reported to take up greater amounts of copper than normal cells. Preliminary study revealed that the newly synthesised copper complex [Cu(SBCM)2 ] displayed marked anti-proliferative towards triple-negative MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Therefore, Cu(SBCM)2 has great potential to be developed as an agent for the management of breast cancer. The present study was carried out to investigate the mode of cell death induced by Cu(SBCM)2 towards MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells...
April 5, 2018: Biometals: An International Journal on the Role of Metal Ions in Biology, Biochemistry, and Medicine
Joo Hui Tay, Ulla Sellström, Eleni Papadopoulou, Juan Antonio Padilla-Sánchez, Line Småstuen Haug, Cynthia A de Wit
There are few studies estimating dermal exposure to halogenated flame retardants in adults. To fill this gap, sixty-one hand wipe samples were collected from a Norwegian adult cohort using gauze pads immersed in isopropanol. BDE-47, BDE-209, bis(2‑ethyl‑hexyl)‑3,4,5,6‑tetrabromophthalate (BEH-TEBP) and decabromodiphenylethane (DBDPE) were the most frequently detected chemicals. The highest median mass in hand wipes was that of sumEHFR (570 ng), followed by sumHBCDD (180 ng) and sumPBDE (2.9 ng)...
April 2, 2018: Environment International
Shin C Beh
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Headache
Jie Gao, Dawei Chen, Yunfeng Zhao
A rapid method was established for the determination of carbendazim and thiabendazole in wine and beer by ultra high performance liquid chromatography-Q Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry and dispersive micro solid-phase extraction (DMSPE) based on a strong cation exchange adsorbent (PCX). For the pretreatment method, the amount of PCX, the volume percentage of acetonitrile, the volume percentage of ammonium hydroxide and the volume of eluent were optimized. The analytes were separated on a BEH C18 column (50 mm×2...
February 8, 2018: Se Pu, Chinese Journal of Chromatography
Rong Li, Luqi Yang, Pengyun Zhang, Yangdan Luo, Pengjie Zhang, Yongqing Gao
A method was developed for the simultaneous determination of 24 tranquillizer drugs in fish and fishery products using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole/electrostatic field orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry (UPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS). The samples were extracted with acetonitrile. Then, the extracts were concentrated, dissolved by 50% (v/v) methanol aqueous solution, cleaned up with hexane saturated by acetonitrile. The separation was performed on an ACQUITY UPLC® BEH C18 column (100 mm×2...
February 8, 2018: Se Pu, Chinese Journal of Chromatography
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