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Li Xu, Guang-Shang Cao, Xin Wang, Wen-Ming Li, Wei Shi, Pan-Pan Li, Fang Zhang, Yan-Nan Li
To prepare the intrauterine slow release silicone rubber bar made of Panax notoginseng and Rubia cordifolia, and finish its preliminary evaluation of in vitro releasing properties. The open mill method was used for plasticating of silicone rubber. The process parameters of the silicone rubber and drugs mixing were optimized by orthogonal test. The parameters of silicone rubber vulcanization was optimized by single factor test. The preliminary evaluation of in vitro release performance of the silicone rubber bar was conducted with ginsenoside Rg₁, ginsenoside Rb₁, notoginsenoside R₁, purpurin and rubimaillin as the indexes...
January 2017: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Karen Olsson-Francis, Victoria K Pearson, Elisabeth D Steer, Susanne P Schwenzer
Bio-signatures play a central role in determining whether life existed on early Mars. Using a terrestrial basalt as a compositional analog for the martian surface, we applied a combination of experimental microbiology and thermochemical modeling techniques to identify potential geochemical bio-signatures for life on early Mars. Laboratory experiments were used to determine the short-term effects of biota on the dissolution of terrestrial basalt, and the formation of secondary alteration minerals. The chemoorganoheterotrophic bacterium, Burkholderia sp...
2017: Frontiers in Microbiology
Alma Vega, Emma Aguila
Older adults make up an increasing share of new legal immigrants to the United States. These immigrants are often financially dependent on family since they are often barred from receiving several U.S. support programmes and are less likely to receive U.S. retirement benefits than natives. However, little information exists as to whether they receive retirement income from abroad. Using the New Immigrant Survey (N=2,150), we find that only 8.1 per cent of older recent immigrants report receiving foreign retirement income...
June 2017: International Migration
Jean-Michel Mongeau, Mark A Frye
Like many visually active animals, including humans, flies generate both smooth and rapid saccadic movements to stabilize their gaze. How rapid body saccades and smooth movement interact for simultaneous object pursuit and gaze stabilization is not understood. We directly observed these interactions in magnetically tethered Drosophila free to rotate about the yaw axis. A moving bar elicited sustained bouts of saccades following the bar, with surprisingly little smooth movement. By contrast, a moving panorama elicited robust smooth movement interspersed with occasional optomotor saccades...
September 15, 2017: Current Biology: CB
Andre A Silva, Shalabh Gupta, Ali M Bazzi, Arthur Ulatowski
Electric machines and drives have enjoyed extensive applications in the field of electric vehicles (e.g., electric ships, boats, cars, and underwater vessels) due to their ease of scalability and wide range of operating conditions. This stems from their ability to generate the desired torque and power levels for propulsion under various external load conditions. However, as with the most electrical systems, the electric drives are prone to component failures that can degrade their performance, reduce the efficiency, and require expensive maintenance...
September 21, 2017: ISA Transactions
Timo Ullrich, Jonas Lindner, Katharina Bär, Friedemann Mörs, Frank Graf, Andreas Lemmer
In order to investigate the influence of pressures up to 9bar absolute on the productivity of trickle-bed reactors for biological methanation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, experiments were carried out in a continuously operated experimental plant with three identical reactors. The pressure increase promises a longer residence time and improved mass transfer of H2 due to higher gas partial pressures. The study covers effects of different pressures on important parameters like gas hourly space velocity, methane formation rate, conversion rates and product gas quality...
September 11, 2017: Bioresource Technology
Jose D Herazo-Maya, Jiehuan Sun, Philip L Molyneaux, Qin Li, Julian A Villalba, Argyrios Tzouvelekis, Heather Lynn, Brenda M Juan-Guardela, Cristobal Risquez, Juan C Osorio, Xiting Yan, George Michel, Nachelle Aurelien, Kathleen O Lindell, Melinda J Klesen, Miriam F Moffatt, William O Cookson, Yingze Zhang, Joe G N Garcia, Imre Noth, Antje Prasse, Ziv Bar-Joseph, Kevin F Gibson, Hongyu Zhao, Erica L Herzog, Ivan O Rosas, Toby M Maher, Naftali Kaminski
BACKGROUND: The clinical course of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is unpredictable. Clinical prediction tools are not accurate enough to predict disease outcomes. METHODS: We enrolled patients with IPF diagnosis in a six-cohort study at Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA), Imperial College London (London, UK), University of Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA), University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), University of Freiburg (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany), and Brigham and Women's Hospital-Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA)...
September 20, 2017: Lancet Respiratory Medicine
Vinícius Rodrigues Arruda Pinto, Tamara Beatriz de Oliveira Freitas, Maria Inês de Souza Dantas, Suzana Maria Della Lucia, Laura Fernandes Melo, Valéria Paula Rodrigues Minim, Josefina Bressan
Concerns for health can lead to healthier food choices, especially if the consumer is well informed. This study aimed to evaluate the importance of package and health-related claims on Brazilian consumers' acceptance of snack bars. In order to evaluate package attributes, in focus groups discussions, 19 consumers chose the most important factors that influence their purchase decisions. Next, 102 consumers evaluated six commercial brands of snack bars in a three-session acceptance test: the first with no information about the product, the second containing the product package and the third with information on health-related claims associated with consumption of the bar...
November 2017: Food Research International
José S Fernández-Reyes, J Viridiana García-Meza
OBJECTIVES: To develop a bioelectrochemical system (BES) to couple the biooxidation of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), bioelectrogenesis, and the cathodic Cu(2+) reduction, bioanodes of acidophilic (pH < 2) and aerobic chemolithoautotrophic bacteria Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans (sulfur oxidizing) and Leptospirillum sp. (Fe(2+) oxidizing) were used. RESULTS: CuFeS2 biooxidation increases the charge transfer from the media due to the bioleaching of Cu and Fe. The biofilm on a graphite bar endows a more electropositive (anodic) character to the bioelectrode...
September 22, 2017: Biotechnology Letters
Ruth Ladenstein, Bieke Lambert, Ulrike Pötschger, Maria-Rita Castellani, Valerie Lewington, Zvi Bar-Sever, Aurore Oudoux, Anna Śliwińska, Katerina Taborska, Lorenzo Biassoni, Gregory A Yanik, Arlene Naranjo, Marguerite T Parisi, Barry L Shulkin, Helen Nadel, Michael J Gelfand, Katherine K Matthay, Julie R Park, Susan G Kreissman, Dominique Valteau-Couanet, Ariane Boubaker
BACKGROUND: Validation of the prognostic value of the SIOPEN mIBG skeletal scoring system in two independent stage 4, mIBG avid, high-risk neuroblastoma populations. RESULTS: The semi-quantitative SIOPEN score evaluates skeletal meta-iodobenzylguanidine (mIBG) uptake on a 0-6 scale in 12 anatomical regions. Evaluable mIBG scans from 216 COG-A3973 and 341 SIOPEN/HR-NBL1 trial patients were reviewed pre- and post-induction chemotherapy. The prognostic value of skeletal scores for 5-year event free survival (5 yr...
September 23, 2017: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Aline Angelina Acosta, Tomáš Scholz, Isabel Blasco-Costa, Philippe Vieira Alves, Reinaldo José da Silva
A new genus of dactylogyrid monogeneans (Ancyrocephalinae), Paracosmetocleithrum n. gen., is erected to accommodate P. trachydorasi n. sp. from Trachydoras paraguayensis (Siluriformes: Doradidae) in the Upper Paraná River basin, Brazil. The new genus differs from Neotropical dactylogyrids in the presence of a well-developed ornamentation in the middle portion of the ventral bar, and a sclerotized patch on the surface of the dorsal bar with an inconspicuous medial process that possesses two submedial projections arising from the tapered ends of this patch...
September 19, 2017: Parasitology International
Catherine Ley, Lauren Pischel, Julie Parsonnet
Triclosan and triclocarban (TCs) are broad-spectrum microbicides found in household and personal wash products. We sought to determine whether TC exposure from wash products or urinary triclosan level modified thyroid function during pregnancy or anthropometric measurements at birth. A randomized intervention of wash products with or without TCs, including toothpaste, enrolled pregnant women from 20 weeks' gestation. Urinary triclosan, TSH, T4 and T3 were assessed at enrollment, 36weeks' gestation and/or post-delivery; anthropometric measures at birth were ascertained from medical records...
September 19, 2017: Reproductive Toxicology
Bär David, Debus Heiko, Grune Christian, Tosch Stephan, Fischer Wolfgang, Mäder Karsten, Imming Peter
Naproxen is a typical and well-known analgesic classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and is commercialized as tablets or liquid-filled capsules. Naproxen is typically used as a sodium salt because of its better processability compared to Naproxen free acid. This entails hygroscopicity and gives rise to the existence of four different hydrates, which show polymorphic and pseudopolymorphic properties. Solid dosage forms containing Naproxen Sodium often have to be processed in an applicable dosage form by granulation and tablet compression...
September 19, 2017: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Janice Hoole, Natasha Barrow
A case of an autistic child, aged 8 years, who reported binocular diplopia following just 2 hours total occlusion per day for 6 weeks for strabismic/anisometropic amblyopia is reported. There was a history of known long-standing reduced uniocular acuity without treatment. Pretreatment Sbisa bar assessment suggested moderate suppression. The diplopia was treated over 6 months including occluding the amblyopic eye and gradually reducing the density of the occluder until fixation with the nonamblyopic eye could be maintained and diplopia ignored...
September 2017: Strabismus
Dimitri Renard, Emmanuelle Le Bars, Caroline Arquizan, Nicolas Gaillard, Nicolas Menjot de Champfleur, Isabelle Mourand
Recently, time-of-flight (TOF) and gadolinium-enhanced MR angiography (MRA) imaging have been used to demonstrate subacute intramural hematoma in cervical artery dissection and to detect intraplaque haemorrhage. Our aim was to perform an exploratory study to analyse if venous thrombus-related signal changes (potentially showing iso- or hyperintensity) in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) could be observed on 3D-TOF MRA imaging. We analysed retrospectively MRIs of CVST patients in whom both contrast-enhanced MR venography (CEMRV) and 3D-TOF sequences were performed in the acute/subacute phase (i...
September 21, 2017: Acta Neurologica Belgica
Sanketh Kethireddy, Keerthi Kethireddy
Increased patient acceptance and widespread use have led to a greater demand for refabrication of existing maxillofacial prostheses exhibiting wear and tear. Refabricating an osseointegrated implant-retained silicone auricular prosthesis on the existing Hader bar is a challenging task if it is performed without removing it. Therefore, an attachment level impression method is utilized for the refabrication of a new prosthesis on an existing Hader bar framework without removing it from the patient's defect. This case report discusses a modification of the Mahidol University technique...
July 2017: Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society
João Paulo Mendes Tribst, Dayana Campanelli de Morais, Alexandre Abhdala Alonso, Amanda Maria de Oliveira Dal Piva, Alexandre Luis Souto Borges
BACKGROUND: The increase of requests for implant-supported prosthesis (ISP) with zirconia as infrastructure has attracted a lot of attention due to its esthetics, biocompatibility, and survival rate similar to metallic infrastructure. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of two different framework materials on stress distribution over a bone tissue-simulating material. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two ISP were modeled and divided into two infrastructure materials: titanium (Ti) and zirconia...
July 2017: Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society
Boris Simonetti, Chris M Danson, Kate J Heesom, Peter J Cullen
Endosomal recycling of transmembrane proteins requires sequence-dependent recognition of motifs present within their intracellular cytosolic domains. In this study, we have reexamined the role of retromer in the sequence-dependent endosome-to-trans-Golgi network (TGN) transport of the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor (CI-MPR). Although the knockdown or knockout of retromer does not perturb CI-MPR transport, the targeting of the retromer-linked sorting nexin (SNX)-Bin, Amphiphysin, and Rvs (BAR) proteins leads to a pronounced defect in CI-MPR endosome-to-TGN transport...
September 21, 2017: Journal of Cell Biology
Arunas Kvainickas, Ana Jimenez-Orgaz, Heike Nägele, Zehan Hu, Jörn Dengjel, Florian Steinberg
The retromer complex, which recycles the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor (CI-MPR) from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network (TGN), is thought to consist of a cargo-selective VPS26-VPS29-VPS35 trimer and a membrane-deforming subunit of sorting nexin (SNX)-Bin, Amphyphysin, and Rvs (BAR; SNX-BAR) proteins. In this study, we demonstrate that heterodimers of the SNX-BAR proteins, SNX1, SNX2, SNX5, and SNX6, are the cargo-selective elements that mediate the retrograde transport of CI-MPR from endosomes to the TGN independently of the core retromer trimer...
September 21, 2017: Journal of Cell Biology
Gildardo Cortés-Julián, Hussein B Bushra-Nuritu, Renata Buenfil-Fuentes, José A Merino Rajme
Poland Syndrome is a rare disease with an incidence of 1 in 30,000. This disease is characterized by agenesis of the pectoralis major, hypoplasia of mammarian tissue and the nipple complex, and limb abnormalities. The severe form of this disease can be associated with rib and sternal malformations like pectus excavatum. A 19-year-old man with severe Poland syndrome with cardiac extrasystoles and restrictive ventilation as shown by a spirometry test is presented. A total sternal reconstruction with partial osteotomies and bilateral resection of cartilage was performed...
October 2017: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
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