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carbon dioxide enrichment

Rebecca Albright, Yuichiro Takeshita, David A Koweek, Aaron Ninokawa, Kennedy Wolfe, Tanya Rivlin, Yana Nebuchina, Jordan Young, Ken Caldeira
Coral reefs feed millions of people worldwide, provide coastal protection and generate billions of dollars annually in tourism revenue. The underlying architecture of a reef is a biogenic carbonate structure that accretes over many years of active biomineralization by calcifying organisms, including corals and algae. Ocean acidification poses a chronic threat to coral reefs by reducing the saturation state of the aragonite mineral of which coral skeletons are primarily composed, and lowering the concentration of carbonate ions required to maintain the carbonate reef...
March 14, 2018: Nature
Steven Caskey, John E Moore, Jacqueline C Rendall
Background: Mycobacterium abscessus pulmonary infection has recently emerged as a significant pathogen in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and is associated with significant morbidity and accelerated pulmonary decline. There is a paucity of data describing the activity of hospital biocides against this organism. Methods: M. abscessus isolates (n = 13) were recovered from CF and non-CF respiratory specimens. Seven commonly employed hospital biocides with generic ingredients as follows: acetone, propan-2-ol, diethylene glycol, 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, chlorine dioxide, 4% chlorhexidine, alcohol, and disodium carbonate, compound with hydrogen peroxide, 10% sodium hypochlorite were assayed for their biocidal activity against M...
January 2018: International Journal of Mycobacteriology
María Teresa García-Valverde, Maria Rosende, Rafael Lucena, Soledad Cárdenas, Manuel Miró
Mesofluidic Lab-on-a-Valve (LOV) platforms have been proven suitable to accommodate automatic micro-solid-phase extraction approaches (µSPE) with on-chip handling of micrometer bead materials in a fully disposable mode to prevent sample cross-contamination and pressure drop effects. The efficiency of the extraction process notably depends upon the sorptive capacity of the material because the sorbent mass is usually down to 10 mg in LOV devices. Nanomaterials, capitalizing upon their enhanced surface to volume ratio and diversity of potential chemical moieties, are appealing alternates to microbead sorbents...
March 1, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Kyle Brubaker, Armand Garewal, Rachel C Steinhardt, Aaron P Esser-Kahn
Improving the efficiency of gas separation technology is a challenge facing modern industry, since existing methods for gas separation, including hollow-fiber membrane contactors, vacuum swing adsorption, and cryogenic distillation, represents a significant portion of the world's energy consumption. Here, we report an enhancement in the release rate of carbon dioxide and oxygen of a thermal swing gas desorption unit using a counter-current amplification method inspired by fish. Differing from a conventional counter-current extraction system, counter-current amplification makes use of parallel capture fluid channels separated by a semipermeable membrane in addition to the semipermeable membrane separating the capture fluid channel and the gas release channel...
February 21, 2018: Nature Communications
Yuwei Yuan, Weixing Zhang, Yongzhi Zhang, Zhi Liu, Shengzhi Shao, Li Zhou, Karyne M Rogers
Chemometric methods using stable isotopes and elemental fingerprinting were used to characterize organically grown rice from green or conventionally grown rice in experimental field trials in China. Carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopes as well as 26 elements were determined. Organic rice was found to be more depleted in 13C than green and conventionally grown rice due to uptake of enriched 13C from carbon dioxide and methane respiring bacteria, and more enriched in 15N due to volatilization of nitrogen from urea and ammonium of animal manures used to manufacture the organic composts...
February 8, 2018: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Neha Maheshwari, Madan Kumar, Indu Shekhar Thakur, Shaili Srivastava
Carbon dioxide sequestering bacterial strains were previously isolated from free air CO2 enriched (FACE) soil. In the present study, these strains were screened for PHA accumulation and Bacillus cereus SS105 was found to be the most prominent PHA accumulating strain on sodium bicarbonate and molasses as carbon source. This strain was further characterized by Spectrofluorometric method and Confocal microscopy after staining with Nile red. PHA granules in inclusion bodies were visualized by Transmission Electron Microscopy...
January 3, 2018: Bioresource Technology
Winny Fam, Jaleh Mansouri, Hongyu Li, Jingwei Hou, Vicki Chen
Blends containing ionic liquid (IL) 1-ethyl-3-methyimidazolium tetrafluoroborate [emim][BF4] gelled with Pebax®1657 block copolymers were modified by adding graphene oxide (GO) and fabricated in the form of thin film composite hollow fiber membranes. Their carbon dioxide (CO2) separation performance was evaluated using CO2 and N2 gas permeation and low-pressure adsorption measurements, and the morphology of films was characterized using scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy...
February 2, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Wenjin Zhu, Lei Zhang, Piaoping Yang, Xiaoxia Chang, Hao Dong, Ang Li, Congling Hu, Zhiqi Huang, Zhi-Jian Zhao, Jinlong Gong
Electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide (electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide) to value-added products is a promising way to solve CO2 emission problems. This paper describes a facile one-pot approach to synthesize palladium-copper (Pd-Cu) bimetallic catalysts with different structures. Highly efficient performance and tunable product distributions are achieved due to a coordinative function of both enriched low-coordinated sites and composition effects. The concave rhombic dodecahedral Cu3 Pd (CRD-Cu3 Pd) decreases the onset potential for methane (CH4 ) by 200 mV and shows a sevenfold CH4 current density at -1...
December 27, 2017: Small
Jana Zabranska, Dana Pokorna
Biogas produced from organic wastes contains energetically usable methane and unavoidable amount of carbon dioxide. The exploitation of whole biogas energy is locally limited and utilization of the natural gas transport system requires CO2 removal or its conversion to methane. The biological conversion of CO2 and hydrogen to methane is well known reaction without the demand of high pressure and temperature and is carried out by hydrogenotrophic methanogens. Reducing equivalents to the biotransformation of carbon dioxide from biogas or other resources to biomethane can be supplied by external hydrogen...
December 14, 2017: Biotechnology Advances
Soroush Saheb-Alam, Abhijeet Singh, Malte Hermansson, Frank Persson, Anna Schnürer, Britt-Marie Wilén, Oskar Modin
The enrichment of CO2 -reducing microbial biocathodes is challenging. Previous research has shown that a promising approach could be to first enrich bioanodes and then lower the potential so the electrodes are converted into biocathodes. However, the effect of such a transition on the microbial community on the electrode has not been studied. The goal of this study was thus to compare the start-up of biocathodes from preenriched anodes with direct start-up from bare electrodes and to investigate changes in microbial community composition...
February 15, 2018: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Raúl Ferrer-Gallego, Miquel Puxeu, Enric Nart, Laura Martín, Imma Andorrà
In this work physical and chemical alternatives to produce SO2 free wines are shown. The use of inactive yeast strains enriched in glutathione, chitosan, dimethyldicarbonate and different hydrolysable and condensed tannins were assessed in Tempranillo and Albariño wines. The time of addition, mixtures of additives and the use of inert gases were evaluated. In general, no significant differences on the sensory quality were shown when compared sulphited and non-sulphited wines. Both physical and chemical treatments were more effective for Tempranillo wines...
December 2017: Food Research International
Lance M Rappaport, Christina Sheerin, Dever M Carney, Kenneth E Towbin, Ellen Leibenluft, Daniel S Pine, Melissa A Brotman, Roxann Roberson-Nay, John M Hettema
OBJECTIVE: Hypersensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2 )-enriched air may be a promising risk marker for anxiety disorders. Among adult and adolescent samples, heterogeneity in distress response to the CO2 challenge task indexes 3 underlying classes of individuals, which distinguish between sustained and acute threat response as markers for internalizing disorders, broadly, and anxiety disorders, specifically. The present study examines latent classes in children's response to the CO2 challenge task to clarify the association of CO2 hypersensitivity with anxiety and internalizing symptomatology in childhood...
December 2017: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Andrew Williams, Sabina Halappanavar
This article contains data related to the research article 'Application of bi-clustering of gene expression data and gene set enrichment analysis methods to identify potentially disease causing nanomaterials' (Williams and Halappanavar, 2015) [1]. The presence of diverse types of nanomaterials (NMs) in commerce has grown significantly in the past decade and as a result, human exposure to these materials in the environment is inevitable. The traditional toxicity testing approaches that are reliant on animals are both time- and cost- intensive; employing which, it is not possible to complete the challenging task of safety assessment of NMs currently on the market in a timely manner...
December 2017: Data in Brief
Juliana Valle, Michael Gonsior, Mourad Harir, Alex Enrich-Prast, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, David Bastviken, Ralf Conrad, Norbert Hertkorn
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) contained in lake sediments is a carbon source for many microbial degradation processes, including aerobic and anaerobic mineralization. During anaerobic degradation, DOM is partially consumed and transformed into new molecules while the greenhouse gases methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced. In this study, we used ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry to trace differences in the composition of solid-phase extractable (PPL resin) pore water DOM (SPE-DOM) isolated from surface sediments of three boreal lakes before and after 40 days of anoxic incubation, with concomitant determination of CH4 and CO2 evolution...
November 7, 2017: Water Research
Magdalena Dumańska-Słowik, Tomasz Powolny, Magdalena Sikorska-Jaworowska, Adam Gaweł, Lucyna Kogut, Krzysztof Poloński
Agates from Płóczki Górne hosted by Permian basaltic rocks are predominantly made of length-fast chalcedony, and subordinately megaquartz and quartzine. Moganite occurs in traces mainly in transparent, outer, darker regions of white-grey coloured agates. Silica matrix of agates comprises a wide variety of solid inclusions represented by celadonite, plagioclases, hematite, goethite, barite, calcite, heulandite-clinoptyloite, nontronite-saponite, and Mn-dioxides (ramsdellite). Mineral phases are locally accompanied by black aggregations of carbonaceous matter, which gives a Raman signature of disordered carbon...
November 7, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Zhenong Jin, Elizabeth A Ainsworth, Andrew D B Leakey, David B Lobell
Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations ([CO2 ]) are expected to increase C3 crop yield through the CO2 fertilization effect (CFE) by stimulating photosynthesis and by reducing stomatal conductance and transpiration. The latter effect is widely believed to lead to greater benefits in dry rather than wet conditions, although some recent experimental evidence challenges this view. Here we used a process-based crop model, the Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator (APSIM), to quantify the contemporary and future CFE on soybean in one of its primary production area of the US Midwest...
November 7, 2017: Global Change Biology
Luiz C Cotovicz, Bastiaan A Knoppers, Nilva Brandini, Dominique Poirier, Suzan J Costa Santos, Gwenaël Abril
The dynamics of the aragonite saturation state (Ωarag) were investigated in the eutrophic coastal waters of Guanabara Bay (RJ-Brazil). Large phytoplankton blooms stimulated by a high nutrient enrichment promoted the production of organic matter with strong uptake of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in surface waters, lowering the concentrations of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2aq), and increasing the pH, Ωarag and carbonate ion (CO3(2-)), especially during summer. The increase of Ωarag related to biological activity was also evident comparing the negative relationship between the Ωarag and the apparent utilization of oxygen (AOU), with a very close behavior between the slopes of the linear regression and the Redfield ratio...
October 25, 2017: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Kristof Brenzinger, Katharina Kujala, Marcus A Horn, Gerald Moser, Cécile Guillet, Claudia Kammann, Christoph Müller, Gesche Braker
Continuously rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations may lead to an increased transfer of organic C from plants to the soil through rhizodeposition and may affect the interaction between the C- and N-cycle. For instance, fumigation of soils with elevated CO2 (eCO2) concentrations (20% higher compared to current atmospheric concentrations) at the Giessen Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (GiFACE) sites resulted in a more than 2-fold increase of long-term N2O emissions and an increase in dissimilatory reduction of nitrate compared to ambient CO2 (aCO2)...
2017: Frontiers in Microbiology
John E Titus, Angela M Pagano
Evaluating plant community response to atmospheric CO2 rise is critical to predicting ecosystem level change. Freshwater lakes offer a model system for examining CO2 effects as submersed macrophyte species differ greatly in their growth responses to CO2 enrichment, and free CO2 concentrations among these habitats show a wide range of natural, spatial variation. We determined free CO2 concentrations in the water column and sediment porewater in littoral zones with pH < 6.0 in Adirondack Mountain (New York, USA) lakes, and derived a community CO2 responsiveness index (CCRI) based on quantitative sampling of 15 submersed macrophyte communities coupled with greenhouse-derived growth responses to CO2 enrichment of constituent species to test two hypotheses: (1) CCRI, which is higher for communities dominated by species with greater growth responses to CO2 enrichment, is positively correlated to free [CO2 ] in the water column, and (2) in natural communities, the percent of sediment CO2 -using species, which are relatively unresponsive to CO2 enrichment, is negatively correlated to free [CO2 ]...
December 2017: Ecology
Hasintha Wijesekara, Nanthi S Bolan, Ramesh Thangavel, Balaji Seshadri, Aravind Surapaneni, Christopher Saint, Chris Hetherington, Peter Matthews, Meththika Vithanage
A field study was conducted on two texturally different soils to determine the influences of biosolids application on selected soil chemical properties and carbon dioxide fluxes. Two sites, located in Manildra (clay loam) and Grenfell (sandy loam), in Australia, were treated at a single level of 70 Mg ha(-1) biosolids. Soil samples were analyzed for SOC fractions, including total organic carbon (TOC), labile, and non-labile carbon contents. The natural abundances of soil δ(13)C and δ(15)N were measured as isotopic tracers to fingerprint carbon derived from biosolids...
September 20, 2017: Chemosphere
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