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poppy seed

Shaopu Wang, Michael Kreuzer, Ueli Braun, Angela Schwarm
BACKGROUND: Dietary supplementation with oilseeds can reduce methane emission in ruminants, but only a few common seeds have been tested so far. This study tested safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), poppy (Papaver somniferum), hemp (Cannabis sativa), and camelina (Camelina sativa) seeds in vitro using coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil and linseed (Linum usitatissimum) as positive controls. RESULTS: All the tested oilseeds suppressed methane yield (ml g(-1) dry matter, up to 21%) compared to the non-supplemented control when provided at 70 g oil kg(-1) dry matter, and they were as effective as coconut oil...
February 11, 2017: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Sonia Niculina Suvar, R Bleiziffer, P Podea, A Iordache, C Voica, R Zgavarogea, M Culea
A major cause of cardiovascular diseases and cancer is diet content, so the optimization of micronutrients in food is very important. Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation for patients had beneficial effects on subjective global assessment score and metabolic profiles. Fatty acids content and the metal ions in different seeds (e.g. linseed, poppy, grape, hemp, nuts, pumpkin, sesame, watermelon, chia) recommended as food supplements, purchased on the Romanian market, were compared. Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was used as an excellent technique for fatty acids identification and quantitation, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) for analytical measurements of metals...
2016: European Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Brij K Mishra, R Mishra, S N Jena, Sudhir Shukla
The gene actions for yield and its attributes and their inheritance pattern based on five parameter model have been explored in four single crosses (NBIHT-5 × NBIHT-6, NBIHT-5 × NBMHT-1, NBMHT-1 × NBIHT-6 and NBMHT-2 × NBMHT-1) obtained using thebaine rich pure lines of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) for three consecutive generations. All the traits showed nonallelic mode of interaction, however, dominance effect (h) was more pronounced for all the traits except thebaine and papaverine. The dominance × dominance (l) effects were predominant over additive × additive (i) for all traits in all the four crosses except for papaverine...
September 2016: Journal of Genetics
Alexandra Maas, Michael Krämer, Konrad Sydow, Pai-Shan Chen, Torsten Dame, Frank Musshoff, Bernd W K Diehl, Burkhard Madea, Cornelius Hess
Discrimination between street heroin consumption and poppy seed ingestion represents a major toxicological challenge in daily routine work. Several difficulties associated with conventional street heroin markers originate from their versatile occurrence in various poppy seed products and medications, respectively, as well as to small windows of detection. A novel opportunity to overcome these hindrances is represented by the new potential street heroin marker acetylated-thebaine-4-metabolite glucuronide (ATM4G), originating from thebaine during street heroin synthesis followed by metabolic reactions after administration...
August 26, 2016: Drug Testing and Analysis
A Patel, S L Bahna
Several seeds have been increasingly incorporated in various food items, with consequent risk of hypersensitivity reactions that are often severe. Identification of the specific seed as the culprit is often not explored or is difficult to verify. In this article, we reviewed the English literature from January 1930 to March 2016 using PubMed and Google Scholar searching for publications relevant to hypersensitivity to common edible seeds, namely sesame, sunflower seed, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, and mustard seed...
October 2016: Allergy
Lorenzo A DiCarlo, Richard L Weinstein, Catherine B Morimoto, George M Savage, Gregory L Moon, Kityee Au-Yeung, Yoona A Kim
Objective information that can be passively obtained in an ambulatory setting could be potentially useful for determining appropriate care in blood pressure (BP) management. This study utilized digital medicine (DM) prototypes and telemetric data acquisition to directly confirm medication use and to assess habits of daily living in a hypertensive population. Thirty-seven patients (23 men age 62±9 years) used the system for 6 weeks. DM prototypes consisted of valsartan 80 mg or 160 mg placed in a gelatin hemicapsule with an excipient tablet as a "stopper," with a poppy seed-sized ingestible sensor (IS) made of foodstuff on its external surface and capable of creating a biogalvanic current on ingestion to alert a wearable sensor (WS) that was worn on the torso...
September 2016: Journal of Clinical Hypertension
Shiv S Pandey, Sucheta Singh, C S Vivek Babu, Karuna Shanker, N K Srivastava, Alok Kalra
Endophytes reside in different parts of the poppy plant and perform the tissue-specific functions. Most leaf endophytes modulate photosynthetic efficiency, plant growth, and productivity while capsule endophytes modulate alkaloid biosynthesis. Endophytes promote plant growth, provide protection from environmental stresses and are the source of important secondary metabolites. Here, we established that the endophytes of opium poppy Papaver somniferum L. may play a role in the modulation of plant productivity and benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (BIA) biosynthesis...
May 2016: Planta
Shagufta Ishtiaque, Nasir Khan, Muhammad A Siddiqui, Rahmanullah Siddiqi, Shahina Naz
The polyphenolic extracts and oils were obtained from ajwain, mustard, fenugreek and poppy seeds. The extracts were partitioned into acidic and neutral polyphenolic fractions and following estimation of total phenolics in the crude extract, acidic and neutral fractions and oil, all were analyzed for their DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) scavenging potential, ferric reducing ability and chelating power. The highest amount of polyphenols was found in ajwain (8330 ± 107), then in mustard seeds (2844 ± 56...
2013: Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)
Vel Gök
Sucuk is the most popular dry-fermented meat product. Sucuk has a relatively high fat. Poppy seed oil as animal fat replacer was used in Turkish sucuk and effects of its use on sucuk quality were investigated. There was a significant (p<0.5) treatment × ripening time interaction for moisture, pH (p<0.05) and 2-thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) values (p<0.01). Increasing poppy seed oil level decreased (p<0.05) TBARS values. Addition of poppy seed oil to the sucuks had a significant effect (p<0...
2015: Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources
Qian Xia, Yuanbo Feng, Ting Yin, Yewei Liu, Sayuan Liang, Jianjun Liu, Linjun Tong, Gang Huang, Jie Yu, Yansheng Jiang, Uwe Himmelreich, Raymond Oyen, Yicheng Ni
OBJECTIVES: We sought to devise and test a multifunctional contrast dye agent for X-ray based digital radiography (DR) or computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and colored staining in ex vivo validation part of animal experiments. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The custom-formulated contrast dye namely red iodized oil (RIO) was prepared by solubilizing a lipophilic dye Oil Red O in iodized poppy seed oil (Lipiodol or LPD) followed by physicochemical characterizations...
February 2016: Microscopy Research and Technique
Ewa Jawień, Adam Ząbek, Stanisław Deja, Marcin Łukaszewicz, Piotr Młynarz
Poppy seeds are widely used in household and commercial confectionery. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the application of metabolic profiling for industrial monitoring of the molecular changes which occur during minced poppy seed rancidity and brewing processes performed on raw seeds. Both forms of poppy seeds were obtained from a confectionery company. Proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) was applied as the analytical method of choice together with multivariate statistical data analysis. Metabolic fingerprinting was applied as a bioprocess control tool to monitor rancidity with the trajectory of change and brewing progressions...
December 2015: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters
Kimberly L Samano, Randal E Clouette, Barbara J Rowland, R H Barry Sample
Interpretation of opiate drug test results can be challenging due to casual dietary consumption of poppy seeds, which may contain variable opiate content. Opiate concentrations in paired oral fluid (OF), collected with the Oral-Eze(®) Oral Fluid Collection System, and urine were analyzed after ingestion of poppy seeds from the same source, consumed raw or contained in a roll. In Part 1, 12 individuals consumed equal portions of a poppy seed roll. For Part 2, the same individuals consumed an equivalent quantity of raw poppy seeds, containing ∼3...
October 2015: Journal of Analytical Toxicology
R H Liu
With sound analytical methodology, good laboratory practice, and intact specimen chain-of-custody, test result interpretation is the final element dictating the action to be taken following drug urinalysis. From a technical viewpoint, false test results may be reported as a result of adulteration, including the alteration of metabolic process through the intentional use of foreign material, or the outright addition of adulterants to specimens. Unintended exposure through contact or inhalation may result in the detection of targeted drug analytes at low levels, while the use of certain licit food and medicinal items, such as a salad dressing, a bagel containing poppy seeds, and Tylenol® III, may produce positive results using commonly reporting cutoff levels...
June 1992: Forensic Science Review
M A ElSohly, A B Jones
Heroin, morphine, and codeine are among the most abused opiate analgesics today. Analysis of individuals' urines for morphine and codeine is sued as an indication of prior ingestion of these dugs. Poppy seeds and products containing poppy seeds are found to have small amounts of morphine and codeine (usually less than 200 µg morphine/g seeds and much less codeine), which is enough to produce a positive urine test for opiates. This manuscript reviews current data on the analysis of various poppy seed products and urine specimens from individuals ingesting these products...
June 1989: Forensic Science Review
Sasipin Lauvahutanon, Hidekazu Takahashi, Meiko Oki, Mansuang Arksornnukit, Masafumi Kanehira, Werner J Finger
UNLABELLED: The aim of the study was to investigate two- and three-body wear of CAD/CAM blocks. Four composite resins, one hybrid ceramic and one feldspar ceramic block material were examined. Six specimens each were tested in a ball-on-disc wear device fitted with a zirconia ball (50 N load, 1.2 Hz, 50 k cycles) in water for two-body and in poppy seed slurry for three-body wear evaluation. Volume loss after each 10 k cycle was quantified using a digital CCD microscope. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparisons (α=0...
2015: Dental Materials Journal
Patricia E J Wiltshire, David L Hawksworth, Kevin J Edwards
Light microscopical examination of plant and fungal remains in the post mortem gut may be capable of demonstrating the ingestion of unexpected natural psychotropic materials. This is demonstrated here in a case in which a 'shaman' was accused of causing the death of a young man. The deceased had participated in a ceremony which involved the drinking of ayahuasca in order to induce a psychotropic experience. Ayahuasca is an infusion of Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine), which produces a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, and one or more additional tropical plants, generally Psychotria viridis (chacruna) which produces dimethyltryptamine (DMT)...
August 2015: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine
Serena Carlesi, Marilena Ricci, Costanza Cucci, Jacopo La Nasa, Cristiana Lofrumento, Marcello Picollo, Maurizio Becucci
This work explores the application of chemometric techniques to the analysis of lipidic paint binders (i.e., drying oils) by means of Raman and near-infrared spectroscopy. These binders have been widely used by artists throughout history, both individually and in mixtures. We prepared various model samples of the pure binders (linseed, poppy seed, and walnut oils) obtained from different manufacturers. These model samples were left to dry and then characterized by Raman and reflectance near-infrared spectroscopy...
July 2015: Applied Spectroscopy
Athina L Van Gasse, Margo M Hagendorens, Vito Sabato, Chris H Bridts, Luc S De Clerck, Didier G Ebo
BACKGROUND: Correct diagnosis of genuine IgE-mediated opiate allergy poses a significant challenge, mainly because of uncertainties associated with opiate skin testing and the unavailability of drug-specific IgE (sIgE) assays. Recently, it has been suggested that sIgE to poppy seed extract and morphine would be reliable in the diagnosis of opiate allergy. However, given the high prevalence of sIgE antibodies to these compounds in an allergic population, the predictive value of these tests leaves significant doubts...
May 2015: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Practice
Haseeb Ahsan, Amjid Ahad, Waseem A Siddiqui
Tocotrienols, members of the vitamin E family, are natural compounds found in a number of vegetable oils, wheat germ, barley and certain types of nuts and grains. Vegetable oils provide the best sources of these vitamin E forms, particularly palm oil and rice bran oil contain higher amounts of tocotrienols. Other sources of tocotrienols include grape fruit seed oil, oats, hazelnuts, maize, olive oil, buckthorn berry, rye, flax seed oil, poppy seed oil and sunflower oil. Tocotrienols are of four types, viz. alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ) and delta (δ)...
April 2015: Journal of Chemical Biology
Michał Świeca, Julita Reguła, Joanna Suliburska, Urszula Złotek, Urszula Gawlik-Dziki
This paper examines the effects of gluten-free bread enriched with functional ingredients (milk powder, poppy, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, egg yolk, carum, hazel nuts and amaranth) on the morphological and biochemical parameters and antioxidant status of rats serum. Rats were provided test diets--gluten-free breads and water ad libitum. After 14 days, the animals were weighed and killed. A hazel nut-amaranth bread diet significantly increased the level of thrombocytes when compared to control bread. A mixed bread diet significantly decreased cholesterol levels in rats...
September 1, 2015: Food Chemistry
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