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cluster of differention

Jie Wu, Li-Quan Zhou, Wei Yu, Zhi-Guo Zhao, Xue-Min Xie, Wen-Tian Wang, Jian Xiong, Man Li, Zheng Xue, Xing Wang, Peng Zhang, Bei-Bei Mao, De-Long Hao, Xiang Lv, De-Pei Liu
Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) has been implicated as a participant in multiple cellular processes including senescence, apoptosis, proliferation, and differentiation. Studies of PML function in hematopoietic differentiation previously focused principally on its myeloid activities and also indicated that PML is involved in erythroid colony formation. However, the exact role that PML plays in erythropoiesis is essentially unknown. In this report, we found that PML4, a specific PML isoform expressed in erythroid cells, promotes endogenous erythroid genes expression in K562 and primary human erythroid cells...
January 9, 2014: Blood
Immacolata Andolfo, Lucia Liguori, Pasqualino De Antonellis, Emilio Cusanelli, Federica Marinaro, Francesca Pistollato, Livia Garzia, Gennaro De Vita, Giuseppe Petrosino, Benedetta Accordi, Roberta Migliorati, Giuseppe Basso, Achille Iolascon, Giuseppe Cinalli, Massimo Zollo
Micro-RNA (miR) 199b-5p targets Hes1 in medulloblastoma, one of the downstream effectors of both the canonical Notch and noncanonical Sonic Hedgehog pathways. In medulloblastoma patients, expression of miR-199b-5p is significantly decreased in metastatic cases, thus suggesting a downregulation mechanism. We studied this mechanism, which is mediated mostly by Hes1 and epigenetic promoter modifications. The miR-199b-5p promoter region was characterized, which identified a Hes1 binding site, thus demonstrating a negative feedback loop of regulation...
May 2012: Neuro-oncology
Sebastian König, Manfred Nimtz, Maxi Scheiter, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Yenan T Bryceson, Lothar Jänsch
BACKGROUND: Natural killer (NK) cells contribute to the defense against infected and transformed cells through the engagement of multiple germline-encoded activation receptors. Stimulation of the Fc receptor CD16 alone is sufficient for NK cell activation, whereas other receptors, such as 2B4 (CD244) and DNAM-1 (CD226), act synergistically. After receptor engagement, protein kinases play a major role in signaling networks controlling NK cell effector functions. However, it has not been characterized systematically which of all kinases encoded by the human genome (kinome) are involved in NK cell activation...
2012: PloS One
Janice Y Ahn, Jeannie T Lee
BACKGROUND: Imbalances in X-linked gene dosage between the sexes are resolved by transcriptionally silencing one of two X-chromosomes in female cells of the early mammalian embryo. X-inactivation is triggered by expression of the non-coding Xist gene. In turn, Xist is dually regulated by the antisense Tsix RNA and by the Oct4 pluripotency factor. Although there is general agreement that Tsix is an inhibitor of Xist, some laboratories have observed ectopic Xist induction in differentiating male ES cells when Tsix is mutated, whereas we have not observed significant changes in Xist...
August 20, 2010: BMC Developmental Biology
Zorana Vukasinović Bokun, Radojka Bokun, Zeljka Tatomirović
BACKGROUND/AIM: In patients with breast carcinoma there are many risk factors for assessment of breast carcinoma maturity and prognosis. Besides histological type of differentiation, cytologic criteria for the evaluation grade of the differentiation of infiltrative ductal breast carcinomas are very important for prognosis. The aim of this study was to define cytologic criteria for grading of infiltrative ductal carcinomas of the breast. METHODS: . The imprints of intraoperative biopsies from 124 patients were studied...
July 2009: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Aiwu Cheng, Shuqin Wang, Jingli Cai, Mahendra S Rao, Mark P Mattson
Nitric oxide (NO) is believed to act as an intercellular signal that regulates synaptic plasticity in mature neurons. We now report that NO also regulates the proliferation and differentiation of mouse brain neural progenitor cells (NPCs). Treatment of dissociated mouse cortical neuroepithelial cluster cell cultures with the NO synthase inhibitor L-NAME or the NO scavenger hemoglobin increased cell proliferation and decreased differentiation of the NPCs into neurons, whereas the NO donor sodium nitroprusside inhibited NPC proliferation and increased neuronal differentiation...
June 15, 2003: Developmental Biology
M F Tsan, J E White, J G Maheshwari, T A Bremner, J Sacco
Resveratrol, a natural product present in wine, has recently been shown to inhibit the growth of a number of cancer cell lines in vitro. In the current study, we have demonstrated that resveratrol inhibits the growth of THP-1 human monocytic leukaemia cells in a dose-dependent manner with a median effective dose of 12 microM. It did not induce differentiation of THP-1 cells and had no toxic effect on THP-1 cells that had been induced to differentiate into monocytes/macrophages by phorbol myristate acetate. A significant fraction of resveratrol-treated cells underwent apoptosis as judged by flow cytometric analysis of DNA content, DNA fragmentation and caspase-specific cleavage of poly(ADP-ribosyl) polymerase...
May 2000: British Journal of Haematology
H Huang, W E Paul
Cluster of differentation (CD)4+ T helper cells (Th)1s fail to produce interleukin (IL)-4. Even if restimulated in the presence of IL-4, a condition that induces IL-4-producing capacity in naive CD4+ T cells, Th1s fail to become IL-4 producers. We report that Th1 cells have a major impairment in IL-4 signaling. When compared to both Th2s and naive T cells, they display a striking diminution in phosphorylation of Stat6. They also show reduced phosphorylation of Janus kinase (JAK)-3 and insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-2 when compared to Th2s...
April 20, 1998: Journal of Experimental Medicine
N R Payne, J Frestedt, N Hunkeler, R Gehrz
This study measured Fc gamma receptor (FcR) expression on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) and monocytes from extremely premature infants. Flow cytometry was used to quantitate FcRIII [cluster of differention (CD) 16], FcRII (CD32), FcRI (CD64), CD14, and CD67 proteins on the PMN surface. Sixty-four premature infants with a mean gestational age +/- SD of 26 +/- 2 wk (birth weight = 847 +/- 217 g), 12 infants born at term (gestational age = 38 +/- 1 wk), and 37 adults were studied. Premature infants' PMN expressed less FcRIII, measured as mean log channel fluorescence (MCF), than did term infants or adults (MCF = 4...
May 1993: Pediatric Research
E Cutz, H Yeger, V Wong, E Bienkowski, W Chan
Pulmonary neuroendocrine (NE) cells, dispersed throughout the airway mucosa as single cells and as innervated clusters (neuroepithelial bodies), were isolated from rabbit fetal lung and studied in short-term culture. The effects of culture media and nerve growth factor (NGF) on in vitro maintenance, differentation, and cell kinetics of isolated NE cells were examined. For demonstration of NE cells in intact lung, during cell separation and after culture, immunostaining for serotonin, formaldehyde-induced fluorescence method, histochemical reaction for acetylcholinesterase, and electron microscopy were used...
December 1985: Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology
P D Temple-Smith, J M Bedford
Possum spermatozoa undergo a distinctive process of maturation in the epididymis, as shown by change in the properties of the sperm surface, by modification of their morphology and by their increasing capacity for progressive motility. Modification of the sperm surface over the head and tail is demonstrated by the different affinities of sperm from successive regions of the epididymis for FITC-conjugated wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin A, and for cationic ferric oxide colloidal particles. Changes in sperm head morphology are caused by (1) a dramatic reshaping and consolidation of the acrosome in which excess plasma membrane overlying it is sloughed as a cluster of vesicles, (2) a reorientation of the nucleus almost parallel to the axis of the tail and (3) distal movement of the droplet from its initial envelopment of the nucleus to an eccentric position on the anterior segment of the midpiece...
December 1976: American Journal of Anatomy
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