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pharyngitis gargling

Eric Pf Chow, Benjamin P Howden, Sandra Walker, David Lee, Catriona S Bradshaw, Marcus Y Chen, Anthony Snow, Stuart Cook, Glenda Fehler, Christopher K Fairley
BACKGROUND: Gonorrhoea is increasing among men who have sex with men (MSM). We aimed to determine whether Listerine, a commercial mouthwash product, has an inhibitory effect against Neisseria gonorrhoeae in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) and an in vitro study, and therefore may be a potentially useful agent for gonorrhoea control. METHODS: In vitro: a suspension of ∼10(8) colony forming units per mL (CFU/mL) of N. gonorrhoeae was added to a serial of dilutions (up to 1:32) of alcohol-containing Listerine mouthwashes (Cool Mint and Total Care) for 1 min...
March 2017: Sexually Transmitted Infections
E V Nosulya, I A Kim, N M Chernykh, O A Karnoukhova
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a furasol sore throat gargle solution for the treatment of acute tonsillopharyngitis. Forty patients presenting with acute tonsillopharyngitis were allocated to two groups, 20 subjects in each, by means of independent sequential randomization. Prior to the onset of the treatment, all the patients were examined for determining the species composition of pharyngeal microflora with the use of an «AutoScan4 System» analyzer («Siemens», USA) and estimating the resistance to antibacterial preparations (by the disk diffusion method)...
2015: Vestnik Otorinolaringologii
Jillian Mayhood, Kayla Cress
BACKGROUND: Postoperative sore throat is a common, minor adverse event, second to postoperative nausea and vomiting, occurring in individuals undergoing general anesthesia. Postoperative sore throat has the potential to not only diminish patient satisfaction, but also increase the need for adjunct pain therapy in the post anesthesia care unit. Many techniques are utilized to reduce postoperative sore throat; however no one intervention has proven to be completely effective. The use of ketamine gargle is a novel intervention but the effectiveness of administering it prior to induction of general anesthesia is still uncertain...
September 2015: JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports
David M Kalil, Loraine S Silvestro, Paul N Austin
Postoperative sore throat (POST) is usually self-limiting but was rated by patients as one of the top 10 most undesirable anesthetic outcomes. Pharmacologic interventions that have been suggested to decrease the incidence of POST include application of local anesthetics and corticosteroids to the cuff of the endotracheal tube. These interventions often require extra steps during induction of general anesthesia. We sought evidence for using nonsteroidal, nonlocal anesthetic, topical pharmacologic interventions conveniently implemented preoperatively to decrease the incidence of POST...
June 2014: AANA Journal
Gözde Bumin Aydın, Jülide Ergil, Reyhan Polat, Murat Sayın, Fatma Kavak Akelma
PURPOSE: Postoperative sore throat (POST) is a frequent complication caused by mucosal trauma to the pharyngeal, laryngeal, and tracheal airway after endotracheal intubation. We compared the effectiveness of Siccoral, Strefen, and Stomatovis treatments in alleviating POST. METHODS: This prospective, randomized, single-blinded, controlled trial compares the incidence of POST with Strefen lozenges, Siccoral spray, or Stomatovis gargle. Three hundred and twenty American Society of Anesthesiologists class I-III patients undergoing elective genitourinary surgery under general orotracheal anesthesia were randomly allocated to four groups of 80 patients each...
August 2014: Journal of Anesthesia
Kurt Ruetzler, Michael Fleck, Sabine Nabecker, Kristina Pinter, Gordian Landskron, Andrea Lassnigg, Jing You, Daniel I Sessler
BACKGROUND: One small study suggests that gargling with licorice before induction of anesthesia reduces the risk of postoperative sore throat. Double-lumen tubes are large and thus especially likely to provoke sore throats. We therefore tested the hypothesis that preoperative gargling with licorice solution prevents postoperative sore throat and postextubation coughing in patients intubated with double-lumen tubes. METHODS: We enrolled 236 patients having elective thoracic surgery who required intubation with a double-lumen endotracheal tube...
September 2013: Anesthesia and Analgesia
Ahmad R Shaaban, Sahar M Kamal
BACKGROUND: Tracheal intubation for general anesthesia often leads to trauma of the airway mucosa resulting in postoperative sore throat, hoarseness of voice and cough. The aim of this study was to evaluate two different methods as regard their efficacy for controlling the postoperative pharyngo-laryngo-tracheal sequelae (sore throat, cough, hoarseness of voice) after general anesthesia with laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation. We compared between the effects of betamethasone gel applied over the endotracheal tube and gargling with ketamine solution in reducing these complications during the first 24 postoperative hours after elective surgical procedures in a prospective randomized controlled single blind clinical trial...
February 2012: Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology
Jyothy O Kumari, R Rajendran
OBJECTIVE: Non-Specific Chronic/Recurrent Pharyngitis is a diagnosis with no definite effective treatment. An array of drugs and therapies has been tried from local applications like Mandl's paint and throat gargles to anxiolytics. None have proved of therapeutic benefit. This trial study is a Pilot study of its kind in to the effectiveness of nasal steroid spray in the treatment of non-specific chronic pharyngitis. This is a prospective randomized study. SETTING: Study done in medical college with ambulatory patients centre...
September 2008: Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Hiroyuki Ohbayashi, Mitsuru Adachi
BACKGROUND: The influence of dentures on residual inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs) in the mouths of elderly asthmatic patients and the appropriate time for gargling after inhaling ICSs are unclear. METHODS: Twenty elderly patients in whom moderate persistent asthma was stably controlled using fluticasone propionate Diskus (FP, n = 10) or hydrofluoroalkane-beclomethasone dipropionate (HFA-BDP, n = 10) for more than 3 months and who wore dentures daily were switched to the other type of ICS for 4 weeks in a crossover manner...
June 2012: Respiratory Investigation
S K Shrestha, B Bhattarai, J Singh
INTRODUCTION: Tracheal intubation is a foremost cause of trauma to the airway mucosa, resulting in postoperative sorethroat (POST). The aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of ketamine gargle with placebo in preventing POST after endotracheal intubation. METHODS: Forty patients scheduled for elective surgery under general anaesthesia were enrolled in this randomized, control trial. Patients were randomly allocated into two groups of 20 patients each: Group C, gargling with drinking water 30 ml; Group K, gargling with ketamine 50 mg in drinking water 30 ml for 30 s, 5 min before induction of anaesthesia...
October 2010: JNMA; Journal of the Nepal Medical Association
Hasan Yılmaz, Zeynep Taş Cengiz, Mutalip Ciçek, Ahmet Cumhur Dülger
The reason for the presentation of this case is that Linguatula serrata, a parasite rarely encountered in humans, was found in a patient in Van province. The patient, who was 26 years old, lived in Erciş a town in Van province, East Turkey. She was admitted to the Outpatient Clinic of Infectious Diseases of Erciş Government Hospital with a complaint of coughing a few worms about 4 cm long from the oral cavity, and also sore throat, partial voice loss and vomiting. The polyclinic doctor suspected that the worm was a parasite but he could not make a diagnosis, and the patient was referred to Health Research and Training Hospital, Yüzüncü Yıl University...
2011: Türkiye Parazitolojii Dergisi
Anil Agarwal, Devendra Gupta, Ghanshyam Yadav, Puneet Goyal, Prabhat K Singh, Uttam Singh
BACKGROUND: Postoperative sore throat (POST) contributes to postoperative morbidity. Licorice has been used as an expectorant in cough and cold preparations. In this study, we evaluated the efficacy of licorice gargle for attenuating POST. METHODS: Forty adults (18-60 yr), ASA physical status I and II of either sex, undergoing elective lumber laminectomy were randomized into two groups of 20 each. Group C: received water; Group L: received 0.5 g licorice in water...
July 2009: Anesthesia and Analgesia
M Limb, A Connor, M Pickford, A Church, R Mamman, S Reader, A Shephard, S Aspley, M A Goulder
AIMS: Sore throat (pharyngitis) is commonly treated with over-the-counter lozenges, tablets, sprays and gargles. While the efficacy of the active ingredients has been examined, less is known about the comparative efficacy of the different delivery formats. METHODS: A pilot study was initially performed, followed by an open-label, four-way crossover study in healthy volunteers to quantitatively assess the delivery efficacy of a lozenge, tablet, spray and gargle, using technetium-99m and scintigraphy as a marker of deposition and clearance of the active ingredients...
April 2009: International Journal of Clinical Practice
Fahrettin Yilmaz, Oğuz Karabay, Nevin Koç Ince, Hasan Ekerbiçer, Esra Koçoğlu
OBJECTIVES: The most important disadvantage of rapid antigen tests (RAT) is low sensitivity for the diagnosis of group A beta-hemolytic streptococci (BHS). We determined the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of RAT in gargling samples. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study included 106 patients (53 females, 53 males, mean age 22+/-12 years; range 16-65 years) with an initial diagnosis of tonsillopharyngitis. Swab samples were taken from the posterior pharyngeal wall and tonsil surface with a sterile cotton swab...
September 2008: Kulak Burun Boğaz Ihtisas Dergisi: KBB, Journal of Ear, Nose, and Throat
Satoshi Takahashi, Yuichiro Kurimura, Jiro Hashimoto, Koh Takeyama, Mikio Koroku, Hitoshi Tanda, Masahiro Nishimura, Taiji Tsukamoto
Detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis in the pharynx has been highlighted in the prevention of the unexpected spread of sexually transmitted diseases. We tried to clarify the detection rate of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the pharynx and the clinical relevance of oral-throat wash specimens to detect the organism in heterosexual men with gonococcal and nongonococcal urethritis. In our cohort of 79 male patients with urethritis, oral throat wash specimens were collected after they had gargled with normal saline for approximately 30 to 60 s...
December 2008: Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy: Official Journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy
R K Bhalla, G Watson, W Taylor, A S Jones, N J Roland
OBJECTIVES: To determine whether a corticosteroid dry-powder inhaler could reverse the pharyngeal and laryngeal side effects produced by a corticosteroid pressurised metered-dose inhaler. DESIGN: Prospective, randomized, controlled, cross-over, evaluator-blinded study. SETTING: University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, United Kingdom. PATIENTS: Thirty-seven adults recruited over a 12-month period from Ear, Nose and Throat clinics at our University hospital...
November 2008: Journal of Asthma: Official Journal of the Association for the Care of Asthma
S Wayal, C Llewellyn, H Smith, M Hankins, A Phillips, D Richardson, M Fisher
OBJECTIVES: To explore the feasibility and acceptability of self-sampling for oropharyngeal and rectal specimens to screen for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men (MSM). Participant's willingness to self-sample at home was also explored. METHODS: Participants of a study to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of self versus nurse taken oropharyngeal and rectal specimens were surveyed to assess the feasibility and acceptability of self-sampling using specimen collection methods (gargle, OraSure mouth pad to collect oropharyngeal specimens and APTIMA unisex swabs to collect rectal and pharyngeal specimens)...
February 2009: Sexually Transmitted Infections
O Canbay, N Celebi, A Sahin, V Celiker, S Ozgen, U Aypar
BACKGROUND: Tracheal intubation is a foremost cause of trauma to the airway mucosa, resulting in postoperative sore throat (POST) with reported incidences of 21-65%. We compared the effectiveness of ketamine gargles with placebo in preventing POST after endotracheal intubation. METHODS: Forty-six, ASA I-II, patients undergoing elective surgery for septorhinoplasty under general anaesthesia were enrolled in this prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, single-blind study...
April 2008: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Yoshitaka Iwazu, Sumiko Honma, Genro Fujisawa, Kiyoko Uki, Ichiro Yanaka, Yoshiaki Sato, Mitsunobu Murata, Eiji Kusano, Yasushi Asano
A 66-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital because of vomiting and appetite loss. For the 2 days prior to admission, she had a cold, which had developed into acute viral bronchitis on admission. Because laboratory data on admission showed hyponatremia, intravenous infusion of Ringer's lactate solution was started. However, generalized seizures appeared, and she developed a coma on the day of admission. Her plasma antidiuretic hormone (ADH) level was high in the context of a low serum osmolality on the second hospital day...
September 2007: Clinical and Experimental Nephrology
Hiroshi Shuto, Hisashi Noguchi, Hikaru Nishikata, Kenji Takizawa, Chizuru Shuto, Makoto Nagata, Yoshinori Terashi, Michiya Yamaguchi, Takao Takizawa, Kensuke Watanabe, Kaoru Tosaka, Masahiko Okano, Akira Koizumi
UNLABELLED: In general, steroid is mainly used as anti-inflammatory action in case of allergic diseases. As one of the side effects of inhalation steroid, a report is given below regarding buccal capsule/esophageal candidiasis. The patient came to the hospital with the chief complaint regarding passage dysphagia in the time of deglutition; pharyngitis and esophageal candidiasis were found by endoscopy of upper gastrointestinal tract.The interview after the endoscopy revealed that the patient, a 69-year-old female was diagnosed as chronic perennial allergic rhinitis a few years ago, and had been inhaling rhinenchysis Beclometasone dipropionate (BDP) before sleep every day for the past two years because using this collunarium seemed to mitigate the nasal obstruction and mucus during sleep...
July 2007: Arerugī, [Allergy]
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