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hypertrophy massage

Talat Masoodi, Gowhar Nazir Mufti, Javeed Iqbal Bhat, Rubina Lone, Syed Arshi, Syed Khurshid Ahmad
OBJECTIVE: Neonatal breast hypertrophy is a common phenomenon in term infants, superadded infection can lead to mastitis and that can progress to breast abscess with short and long term detrimental effects. Our effort is to study the prevalence, risk factors, the current microbial profile and sensitivity pattern in these infections in order to suggest an optimal treatment plan for these patients. DESIGN: Case series. SETTING: Hospital based study conducted in Kashmir on the native population...
January 2014: Journal of Neonatal Surgery
Deepa S Rathore, Swaroop Chickadasarahilli, Richard Crossman, Purnima Mehta, Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia
PURPOSE: To evaluate the outcomes of eyelid reconstruction in patients who underwent full thickness skin grafts. METHODS: A retrospective, noncomparative intervention study of patients who underwent periocular reconstruction with full thickness skin grafts between 2005 and 2011. RESULTS: One hundred consecutive Caucasian patients were included in the study, 54 women and 46 men. Mean follow up was 32 months. Indications for full thickness skin grafts were excision of eyelid tumors (98%) and cicatricial ectropion (2%)...
November 2014: Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Chien-Chang Chen, Hsiung-Fei Chien, Chien-Lian Chen
Compression neuropathies of digital nerves, caused by hypertrophied or anomalous muscles, are rare compared with such occurrences above the wrist. We reported a case of compression neuropathy of the ulnar digital nerves in bilateral thumbs of a massage therapist. Entrapment of the digital nerves by the hypertrophied first dorsal interosseous and adductor pollicis muscles over the first web space of the right hand was detected by magnetic resonance imaging. Surgical debulking of the muscles and neurolysis were performed on the dominant right hand...
2014: Annals of Plastic Surgery
Anand Mugadlimath, Mandar Sane, K Yoganarasimha, Girish Kamath, Vishal Koulapur, K U Zine
Two cases of sudden death due to myocardial infarction which were associated external injuries on the chest are discussed here. Injuries were in the form of abraded contusions on the anterior part of chest. Both the cases were declared dead on arrival to the casualty section (Accident and Emergencies Department). In these cases, mention of injuries was not made in the inquest report. In both the cases, suspicion of foul play or the trauma induced myocardial infarction were ruled out by inquiring into the incidents by the autopsy surgeon...
April 10, 2012: Forensic Science International
Vlasta Fesslova, Gina Lucci, Jelena Brankovic, Stefania Cordaro, Emilio Caselli, Guido Moro
A full-term female newborn with neonatal asphyxia and severe anemia (Hb 2.5 g/dL) with normal heart developed a massive myocardial infarction. No examinations were performed during pregnancy for parental nomadism. The baby had immediate external cardiac massage, ventilatory assistance, and blood transfusion. Cardiomegaly was evident at chest X-ray and marked signs of ischemia-lesion at ECG. Echocardiography showed dilated, hypertrophic, and hypocontractile left ventricle (LV), mitral and tricuspid regurgitation, and moderate pericardial effusion...
2010: International Journal of Pediatrics
R J Damstra, H G J M Voesten, P Klinkert, H Brorson
BACKGROUND: The incidence of arm lymphoedema after treatment for breast cancer ranges from 1 to 49 per cent. Although most women can be treated by non-operative means with satisfying results, end-stage lymphoedema is often non-responsive to compression, where hypertrophy of adipose tissue limits the outcome value of compression or massage. METHODS: This was a prospective study of 37 women with unilateral non-pitting lymphoedema. After initial conservative treatment for 2-4 days, circumferential suction-assisted lipectomy was used to remove excess volume...
August 2009: British Journal of Surgery
Juan Carlos Cárdenas Restrepo, Mónica María García Gutiérrez
BACKGROUND: Combined abdominoplasty and lipoplasty is fequently performed to achieve improved body contour in a single surgical session. OBJECTIVE: We describe a procedure that combines vertical and transverse plication of the abdominal fascia with lipoplasty of the anterior abdominal wall. METHODS: Lipoplasty of the anterior abdominal wall was performed using a superwet technique. The amount of extracted fat ranged from 200 to 6000 mL. Abdominoplasty was performed using traditional methods...
September 2004: Aesthetic Surgery Journal
C Monteux, M Lafontan
BACKGROUND: Adipocytes in femoral areas are known to be metabolically 'silent'. Changes related to fat cell hypertrophy may be involved in the formation of cellulite. A mechanical massage technique, with circulatory and dermotrophic properties, has been shown to have an impact on clinical evaluations (i.e. changes in morphometric measurements) in cellulite areas. Whether this technique affected lipolytic responsiveness in subcutaneous adipose tissue of cellulite areas was not known. OBJECTIVE: Using a microdialysis technique in subcutaneous adipose tissue, a study was carried out to test the in situ incidence of a mechanical massage technique in terms of adipose tissue responsiveness to a lipolytic challenge...
December 2008: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: JEADV
Feng-Ping Chen, Li-Li Chen, Mo Shen, Wei Chen, Zhi-Hua Tao, Xiu-Ling Wu, Yuan-Ping Hu, Cheng-di Li, Zhan-Guo Chen, Xiao-Dong Chen
OBJECTIVE: To establish a duplex TaqMan RT-PCR assay for urine DD3/PSA mRNA ratio, and to evaluate its effect in diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa). METHODS: Urine samples were obtained from 34 patients with PCa and 44 patients with benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) by prostate massage. A duplex TaqMan RT-PCR assay was developed: PCR primers were designed to amplify the fragments between the exon1 and exon2 in the PSA mRNA and between the exon1 and exon3 in the DD3 mRNA, and the PCR TaqMan-MGB probes were labeled with HEX and FAM respectively in 5' for PSA mRNA...
January 22, 2008: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Patricia A Sharp, Mary E Dougherty, Richard J Kagan
The postoperative management of full-thickness burns of the neck can be a challenge for burn therapists despite the availability of many treatment modalities to minimize scar hypertrophy and contracture. Interventions include pressure appliances, massage, exercise, and positioning devices. The objective of this study was to identify factors associated with the development of neck contractures and optimal treatment strategies for their prevention. We performed a retrospective chart review of all patients admitted to our pediatric burn center between 1989 and 2003 with acute full-thickness neck burns...
May 2007: Journal of Burn Care & Research: Official Publication of the American Burn Association
Hsien-Chih Chen, Peng-Wei Hsu, Chin-Yew Lin, Wen-Ching Tzaan
STUDY DESIGN: A case of symptomatic hematoma of cervical ligamentum flavum. OBJECTIVE: To report the first ligamentum flavum hematoma in the cervical spine and review the reported cases. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: A herniated nucleus pulposis, spondylosis, epidural hematoma or abscess, neoplasm, or some pathology of the ligamentum flavum, such as hypertrophy, ossification, or calcification, are the most common causes of spinal cord and nerve root compression...
August 15, 2005: Spine
Iu K Nagiev
Left-ventricular (LV) systolic-diastolic function and cardiac rhythm variability, the rate of pathological LV remodeling and outcomes of the disease for 18 months were studied in 394 males at the age 35-68 years suffering from chronic cardiac failure (CCF) of NYHA functional class I-II consequent to myocardial infarction occurring 9.6-4.2 months before. It was found that long-term (12-24 weeks) taking sauna, underwater dousch-massage, general effervescent baths and exercise in combination with drug therapy in patients with asymptomatic CCF inhibit the rate of LV remodeling, decrease LV hypertrophy, improve diastolic function of the heart...
May 2003: Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, i Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury
J Shankar, R G Nair, S C Sullivan
AIM: The role of wound healing by secondary intention in the treatment of peri-ocular skin tumours is not well established. The object of this retrospective analysis was to evaluate the functional and cosmetic outcome of patients treated by the Laissez-faire technique in situations where primary closure would not have been possible. METHODS: Skin defects following excision of lid and peri-ocular tumours in 24 Caucasian patients were allowed to heal by granulation...
January 2002: Eye
M Takino, Y Okada
Firm myocardium in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a rarely described yet potentially important condition. To investigate the clinical nature and implications of firm myocardium in CPR, we retrospectively analyzed 59 adult patients with nontraumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who underwent open-chest CPR in the emergency department and had heart consistency recorded. Consistency of the myocardium varied considerably between patients. Firm myocardium was noticed in 36 cases, mainly in the left ventricle (firm myocardium group)...
December 1996: Resuscitation
G B Hunt, M R Pearson, C R Bellenger, R Malik
A modified open patch-graft technique was used to correct congenital pulmonic stenosis in 8 dogs. Pulmonary valve dysplasia was moderate to severe in all cases, based upon clinical and echocardiographic criteria, and 3 dogs were in right-sided congestive heart failure at the time of surgery. Seven of the 8 dogs survived the surgery. One surviving dog displayed cerebral cortical dysfunction, the remaining 6 had no detectable neurological sequelae. Right ventricular failure was alleviated in all 7 surviving dogs, but right ventricular dilatation persisted post-operatively...
July 1993: Australian Veterinary Journal
E M Van Buskirk
Hypertrophy of Tenon's capsule resembling a cyst and recurrence of increased intraocular pressures occurred shortly after glaucoma filtration surgery in eight patients on whom a variety of surgical techniques had been used. Preoperatively, the patients generally had secondary glaucomas with intraocular pressures exceeding 40 mm Hg. The cysts of Tenon's capsule were uniformly localized to the filtration site and were dome-shaped and hard. They were associated with intraocular pressures near the preoperative levels...
October 1982: American Journal of Ophthalmology
C M Glazener, R Pringle
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 1982: British Journal of Clinical Practice
G F Paz, N Fainman, Z T Homonnai, P F Kraicer
In this study, 25 men, referred to our clinic for diagnosis and therapy of infertility were included. All had enlarged prostates. They were given 10 sessions of prostatic massage during 3--4 weeks and the fluid expressed was analysed for citric acid. The hypertrophy was seen to recede in almost all cases. Citric acid concentrations fell in only 6/25 cases analysed. In all the others, values did not fall and remained relatively stable. There was no apparent relationship between reduction of prostatic volume and the pattern of citric acid secretion...
January 1980: Andrologia
P Chikhani
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1972: Actualités Odonto-stomatologiques
J S Wang, H C Liu
Clinical and pathological analysis of 66 cases of fibromatoses are presented. The age range in our series was 1 to 72 years. Superficial fibromatoses occurred predominantly in older patients with a peak incidence in the fifties while deep fibromatoses occurred predominantly in younger patients with a peak incidence in the twenties. Male to female ratio was 1.4 to 1. The abdominal fibromatosis occurred in female while our palmar fibromatosis occurred in male. There were 17 cases (26%) of multiple fibromatoses which occurred most frequently on both palms and had a tendency to symmetric distribution...
July 1989: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi, Chinese Medical Journal; Free China Ed
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