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Nattapol Attatippaholkun, Nont Kosaisawe, Yaowalak U-Pratya, Panthipa Supraditaporn, Chanchao Lorthongpanich, Kovit Pattanapanyasat, Surapol Issaragrisil
A correction to this article has been published and is linked from the HTML and PDF versions of this paper. The error has been fixed in the paper.
April 12, 2018: Scientific Reports
Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou, Nattapol Aunsri
It has been previously shown using synthetic data that dispersion tracking with particle filtering can be used for sediment sound speed inversion. Here, dispersion tracking is performed with data collected in the Gulf of Mexico for sediment sound speed and thickness and water column depth estimation. In this experiment, sound that propagates a long distance from the source allows the identification of dispersion curves reflecting the different group velocities of modal frequencies within and across modes. Although the data are noisy, dispersion curves are tracked with sequential filtering and used for inversion...
March 2018: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Nattapol Attatippaholkun, Nont Kosaisawe, Yaowalak U-Pratya, Panthipa Supraditaporn, Chanchao Lorthongpanich, Kovit Pattanapanyasat, Surapol Issaragrisil
Since the hemorrhage in severe dengue seems to be primarily related to the defect of the platelet, the possibility that dengue virus (DENV) is selectively tropic for one of its surface receptors was investigated. Flow cytometric data of DENV-infected megakaryocytic cell line superficially expressing human glycoprotein Ib (CD42b) and glycoprotein IIb/IIIa (CD41 and CD41a) were analyzed by our custom-written software in MATLAB. In two-dimensional analyses, intracellular DENV was detected in CD42b+, CD41+ and CD41a+ cells...
February 9, 2018: Scientific Reports
Kittima Amornwachirabodee, Nattapol Tantimekin, Porntip Pan-In, Tanapat Palaga, Prompong Pienpinijtham, Chonlatip Pipattanaboon, Thanyada Sukmanee, Patcharee Ritprajak, Promchat Charoenpat, Pannamthip Pitaksajjakul, Pongrama Ramasoota, Supason Wanichwecharungruang
Modulating biomolecular networks in cells with peptides and proteins has become a promising therapeutic strategy and effective biological tools. A simple and effective reagent that can bring functional proteins into cells can increase efficacy and allow more investigations. Here we show that the relatively non-toxic and non-immunogenic oxidized carbon black particles (OCBs) prepared from commercially available carbon black can deliver a 300 kDa protein directly into cells, without an involvement of a cellular endocytosis...
February 6, 2018: Scientific Reports
Nattapol Arunrattanamook, E Neil G Marsh
We have characterized the kinetics and substrate requirements of prenyl-flavin synthase from yeast. This enzyme catalyzes the addition of an isopentenyl unit to reduced flavin mononucleotide (FMN) to form an additional six-membered ring that bridges N5 and C6 of the flavin nucleus, thereby converting the flavin from a redox cofactor to one that supports the decarboxylation of aryl carboxylic acids. In contrast to bacterial enzymes, the yeast enzyme was found to use dimethylallyl pyrophosphate, rather than dimethylallyl phosphate, as the prenyl donor in the reaction...
February 6, 2018: Biochemistry
Nattapol Marasri, Hans J Overgaard, Anchana Sumarnrote, Kanutcharee Thanispong, Vincent Corbel, Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap
Malaria is an important public health problem in Thailand, especially along international borders. In this study, we conducted a longitudinal entomological survey in six villages and rubber plantation sites to address the spatio-temporal abundance and behavior of malaria vectors in Ubon Ratchathani Province along the Thailand-Laos border. Adult female mosquitoes were collected by human landing collections (indoor and outdoor) and by cattle bait collections twice per year, during rainy and dry seasons. Mosquitoes were morphologically identified and sibling species were determined by allele-specific PCR...
December 2017: Journal of Vector Ecology: Journal of the Society for Vector Ecology
Nattapol Tammachote, Phonthakorn Panichkul, Supakit Kanitnate
BACKGROUND: Customized cutting block (CCB) was designed to ensure the accurate alignment of knee prostheses during total knee arthroplasty. Given the paucity of CCB efficacy data, we compare CCB with conventional cutting guide using a randomized controlled trial. METHODS: One hundred eight osteoarthritic knee patients underwent total knee arthroplasty by one experienced surgeon were randomized to receive CCB (n = 54) or conventional cutting instrument (CCI) surgery (n = 54)...
October 6, 2017: Journal of Arthroplasty
Nattapol Attatippaholkun, Yaowalak U-Pratya, Panthipa Supraditaporn, Chanchao Lorthongpanich, Kovit Pattanapanyasat, Surapol Issaragrisil
Understanding dengue virus (DENV)-induced hemorrhage remains a challenging jigsaw puzzle with many pieces missing to understand the complex interactions between DENV and blood coagulation system. To use flow cytometry studying the interactions between DENV and human platelet aggregation receptor, glycoprotein IIb/IIIa (gpIIb/IIIa), directly conjugated fluorochrome monoclonal antibody (mAb) is essential to facilitate multifluorochrome immunostaining. However, the obstacle was that no directly conjugated fluorochrome-anti-DENV mAb had been commercially available...
November 2017: Viral Immunology
Anchana Sumarnrote, Hans J Overgaard, Nattapol Marasri, Bénédicte Fustec, Kanutcharee Thanispong, Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap, Vincent Corbel
BACKGROUND: Malaria is common in hilly, forested areas along national borders in Southeast Asia. Insecticide resistance in malaria vectors has been detected in a few countries in the Greater Mekong sub-region (GMS), representing a threat to malaria control and prevention. This study aims to determine the insecticide resistance status of Anopheles mosquitoes in Ubon Ratchathani province, northeastern Thailand, where increasing number of malaria cases were reported recently. METHODS: Mosquitoes were collected in 2013-2015 using human landing and cattle bait collections in six sites during both the rainy and dry seasons...
July 25, 2017: Malaria Journal
Nattapol Pruetpongpun, Thana Khawcharoenporn, Pansachee Damronglerd, Nuntra Suwantarat, Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Sasinuch Rutjanawech
A prospective study conducted in a Thai general practice clinic demonstrated a high prevalence (91.3%) of inappropriate empirical antibiotic use in women with uncomplicated cystitis and 42.6% Escherichia coli fluoroquinolone resistance. An annual update of antimicrobial resistance surveillance data of uropathogens may permit targeted treatment of patients in hospital care.
May 15, 2017: Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Nitjaree Maneerat, Nattapol Tangsuphoom, Anadi Nitithamyong
Banana peels are wasted from banana processing industry. Pectin is a soluble dietary fibre usually prepared from fruit and vegetable processing wastes. Pectin extraction from banana peels thus should be an effective way of waste utilization. This study aimed to determine the effect of extraction condition on the properties of pectin from peels of Nam Wa banana (Musa (ABB group) 'Kluai Nam Wa') and its role as fat replacer in salad cream. Banana peel pectin (BPP) was extracted with HCl (pH 1.5) and water (pH 6...
February 2017: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Abigail L Carlson, Nattapol Pruetpongpun, Aubonphan Buppajarntham, Pansachee Damronglerd, Neil W Anderson, Anucha Apisarnthanarak
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2017: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Abigail L Carlson, Nattapol Pruetpongpun, Aubonphan Buppajarntham, Pansachee Damronglerd, Neil W Anderson, Anucha Apisarnthanarak
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2017: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Prajej Ruangkanchanasetr, Natthi Sanohdontree, Thanom Supaporn, Nattapol Sathavarodom, Bancha Satirapoj
BACKGROUND Post-transplantation diabetes mellitus is a major metabolic adverse effect of tacrolimus (TAC). The objective of this study was to determine if the conversion from tacrolimus twice-daily (TAC-BID) to extended-release tacrolimus once-daily (TAC-OD) in stable renal transplant recipients had any effect on beta cell function (HOMA-b), insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), patient preference, and expense. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-eight renal transplant recipients were recruited and converted from TAC-BID to TAC-OD at the same dose...
December 16, 2016: Annals of Transplantation: Quarterly of the Polish Transplantation Society
Nattapol Pruetpongpun, Thana Khawcharoenporn, Pansachee Damronglerd, Worapop Suthiwartnarueput, Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Sasinuch Rujanavej, Nuntra Suwantarat
Anti-interferon (IFN)-γ autoantibodies are increasingly recognized as a cause of adult-onset immunodeficiency and increased risk for infections with intracellular pathogens. We report on disseminated Talaromyces (Penicillium) marneffei and Mycobacterium abscessus infection in a 72-year-old, human immunodeficiency virus noninfected, Thai man with anti-IFN-γ autoantibody. The patient was successfully treated with antimicrobial therapy and rituximab to control B cell-derived autoantibodies.
April 2016: Open Forum Infectious Diseases
Abigail L Carlson, Nattapol Pruetpongpun, Aubonphan Buppajarntham, Anucha Apisarnthanarak
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
Nattapol Tammachote, Supakit Kanitnate, Thanasak Yakumpor, Phonthakorn Panichkul
BACKGROUND: The treatment of knee osteoarthritis with hyaluronic acid or corticosteroid injection has been widely used. The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of hyaluronic acid (hylan G-F 20) with triamcinolone acetonide as a single intra-articular injection for knee osteoarthritis. METHODS: This study was a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial. Participants with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis were recruited. They were randomized to receive a single-shot, intra-articular injection of either 6 mL of hylan G-F 20 or 6 mL of a solution comprising 1 mL of 40-mg triamcinolone acetonide and 5 mL of 1% lidocaine with epinephrine...
June 1, 2016: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume
Kyle L Ferguson, Nattapol Arunrattanamook, E Neil G Marsh
Ferulic acid decarboxylase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae catalyzes the decarboxylation of phenylacrylic acid to form styrene using a newly described prenylated flavin mononucleotide cofactor. A mechanism has been proposed, involving an unprecedented 1,3-dipolar cyclo-addition of the prenylated flavin with the α═β bond of the substrate that serves to activate the substrate toward decarboxylation. We measured a combination of secondary deuterium kinetic isotope effects (KIEs) at the α- and β-positions of phenylacrylic acid together with solvent deuterium KIEs...
May 24, 2016: Biochemistry
Thitiya Poonpet, Rachaneekorn Tammachote, Nattapol Tammachote, Supakit Kanitnate, Sittisak Honsawek
BACKGROUND: Osteoarthritis (OA), a common degenerative joint disorder in the elderly, is characterized by the destruction of articular cartilage, bony outgrowths at joint margins, and synovitis. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether there is an association between the ADAM12 (rs3740199) polymorphism and susceptibility to knee OA in a Thai population. METHODS: Genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was isolated from 200 Thai knee OA patients and 200 healthy controls...
June 2016: Knee
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