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Dental abscess

Paolo Cariati, Almudena Cabello-Serrano, Fernando Monsalve-Iglesias, Maria Roman-Ramos, Blas Garcia-Medina
Complication of dental infections might be various and heterogeneous. The most common complications are represented by maxilar celulitis, canine space celulitis, infratemporal space celulitis, temporal celulitis and bacteremia. Among rarest complications we found: sepsis, bacterial endocarditis, mediastinitis, intracranial complications, osteomyelitis, etc. Although dental infections are often considered trivial entities, sometimes they can reach an impressive gravity. In this regard, the present study describes a case of dental infection complicated by meningitis, subdural empiema and cerebral vasculitis...
October 2016: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Deepa Gurunathan, Arunachalam Karthikeyan Shanmugaavel
BACKGROUND: Child dental neglect is the failure of a parent or guardian to meet the child's basic oral health needs such that the child enjoys adequate function and freedom from pain and infection, where reasonable resources are available to family or caregiver. AIM: The aim of the study is to evaluate the phenomenon of dental neglect among children in Chennai and to associate dental neglect with oral health status of children aged 3-12 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study involving 478 pairs of parents and children...
October 2016: Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
Aaron Nathan Barksdale, Jeff Lee Hackman, Karen Williams, Matt Christopher Gratton
BACKGROUND: Studies suggest that collaborative nursing protocols initiated in triage improve emergency department (ED) throughput and decrease time to treatment. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study is to determine if an ED triage pain protocol improves time to provision of analgesics. METHODS: Retrospective data abstracted via electronic medical record of patients at a safety net facility with 67 000 annual adult visits. Patients older than 18 years who presented to the ED between March 1, 2011, and May 31, 2013, with 1 of 6 conditions were included: back pain, dental pain, extremity trauma, sore throat, ear pain, or pain from an abscess...
August 27, 2016: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Peter Seizer, Michaela Rockenstiehl, Suzanne Fateh-Moghadam, Susanne Haen, Ferruh Artunc, Martin R Müller, Azadeh Ebrahimi, Reimer Riessen, Meinrad Gawaz, Falko Fend, Michael Haap
HISTORY AND ADMISSION FINDINGS: A 55-year old man suffers from progressive, distinctive dyspnoea and physical weakness since 5 days. Due to ST-segment changes in the ECG and a positive troponin-test, the primary care physician initiates an hospitalization. INVESTIGATIONS: After admission, the laboratory tests confirm the elevated troponin-values, and show additionally elevated pro-brain-natriuric-peptide-values. The coronary angiography presents a highly reduced left ventricular function, an aortic insufficiency III° and a coronary heart disease...
September 2016: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
Ian David Kaye, Themistocles S Protopsaltis
Pyogenic cervical facet joint infections are rare and such infections from a dental origin are even less common. Of these few cases, none have described infection with Streptococcus intermedius as the pathogen. A 65-year-old orthopaedic surgeon complained of fevers, right-sided radiating neck pain, stiffness, swelling, erythema, and right upper extremity weakness one month after he had broken a crown over his right mandibular premolar, a continued source of pain. Imaging of the cervical spine showed a right C4-C5 facet inflammatory arthropathy and a small epidural abscess that was cultured and initially treated with intravenous antibiotics...
September 2016: Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases
E Dursun, E Savard, C Vargas, L Loison-Robert, H Cherifi, F Bdeoui, M-M Landru
OBJECTIVE: Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a heterogenous genetic disorder that interferes with normal enamel formation in the absence of systemic disorders. The patients' main concerns are caries susceptibility, poor esthetics, and generalized sensitivity. There is a broad clinical spectrum, from discolorations to consequent enamel alterations. This case report describes the 15-year case study and the full-mouth rehabilitation of two siblings affected by a hypocalcified AI. Clinical Considerations: In these two patients, conservative care with stainless steel crowns and direct composite restorations was undertaken to restore function and esthetics and to reduce sensitivities in primary and mixed dentitions...
September 2, 2016: Operative Dentistry
Michaela Peer, Keelin O'Donoghue
Osteopetrosis is a genetic syndrome characterized by the failure of osteoclasts to resorb bone. This leads to skeletal fragility despite increased bone mass, with fractures, dental abscesses, osteoarthritis and scoliosis being the most common complications. There are few reports of patients with type II osteopetrosis undergoing pregnancy and delivery. This case outlines the management of pregnancy and a successful delivery in a woman with this rare condition.
March 2012: Obstetric Medicine
Derick Adams, Philip A Kern
UNLABELLED: Pituitary abscess is a relatively uncommon cause of pituitary hormone deficiencies and/or a suprasellar mass. Risk factors for pituitary abscess include prior surgery, irradiation and/or pathology of the suprasellar region as well as underlying infections. We present the case of a 22-year-old female presenting with a spontaneous pituitary abscess in the absence of risk factors described previously. Her initial presentation included headache, bitemporal hemianopia, polyuria, polydipsia and amenorrhoea...
2016: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports
M Constant, R Nicot, J-M Maes, G Raoul, J Ferri
INTRODUCTION: Septic arthritis are serious infections rarely observed for the temporomandibular joint. They are mainly hematogenous or transmitted by contiguity. OBSERVATION: Our patient presents the case of an infection of the temporomandibular joint by maxillary sinusitis of dental origin further complicated by cerebral abscess and empyema. Initial treatment consisted of an endonasal and intraoral drainage, intravenous empirical antibiotic therapy, a close clinicoradiological monitoring, and rehabilitation following a long-term active physiotherapy...
September 2016: Revue de Stomatologie, de Chirurgie Maxillo-faciale et de Chirurgie Orale
Cathy A Johnson-Delaney
Exotic companion carnivores such as ferrets, skunks, fennec foxes, coatimundis, raccoons, and kinkajous presented in clinical practice share similar dental anatomy, function, and diseases. The domestic ferret serves as the representative species for this group with its anatomy, diseases, and conditions described in detail. Dog and cat guidelines for veterinary and home care seem to be relevant and applicable, including dental endodontic procedures. Annual or biannual dental examinations and prophylaxis are recommended...
September 2016: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice
Loic Legendre
Acquired dental disease represents the most common oral disorder of guinea pigs. Most patients are presented with nonspecific clinical signs and symptoms, such as weight loss, reduced food intake, difficulty chewing and/or swallowing. The physical examination must be followed by standard radiography and/or computed tomography, and thorough inspection under general anesthesia. Several complications may follow, including periodontal disease, subluxation of the temporomandibular joint, periapical infection, and abscessation...
September 2016: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice
Vittorio Capello
Odontogenic facial abscesses associated with periapical infections and osteomyelitis of the jaw represent an important part of the acquired and progressive dental disease syndrome in pet rabbits. Complications such as retromasseteric and retrobulbar abscesses, extensive osteomyelitis of the mandible, and empyemas of the skull are possible sequelae. Standard and advanced diagnostic imaging should be pursued to make a detailed and proper diagnosis, and plan the most effective surgical treatment. This article reviews the surgical anatomy, the pathophysiology, and the classification of abscesses and empyemas of the mandible, the maxilla, and the skull...
September 2016: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice
Vittorio Capello
Diagnostic imaging techniques are of paramount importance for dentistry and oral disorders of rabbits, rodents, and other exotic companion mammals. Aside from standard radiography, stomatoscopy is a complementary tool allowing a thorough and detailed inspection of the oral cavity. Computed tomography (CT) generates multiple 2-dimensional views and 3-dimensional reconstructions providing superior diagnostic accuracy also useful for prognosis and treatment of advanced dental disease and its related complications...
September 2016: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice
Ghada Asmar, Dominique Cochelard, Jacques Mokhbat, Mohamed Lemdani, Ahmed Haddadi, Fouad Ayoubz
INTRODUCTION: General dentists issue approximately 10% of antibiotic prescriptions across the global medical community consummation. The use of antibiotics for the management of dentoalveolar infections should be considered only in the presence of an increased risk of a systemic involvement or to prevent metastatic infections. This study aimed to investigate the prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotic prescription patterns of Lebanese dentists for the management of dentoalveolar abscesses...
2016: Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
S Randell
In brief: As part of the preseason general physical examination, 34 football players were given dental examinations. In addition to routine dental caries and gingival inflammation, 18 athletes had dental problems that could potentially interfere with the competitive season: retained root tips, abscessed teeth, pulpally exposed carious teeth, and seriously impacted third molars. Nine players had sustained injuries to the maxillary anterior teeth, many of which could have been prevented by customized mouth guards...
June 1983: Physician and Sportsmedicine
Alexa Bodman, Margaret Riordan, Lawrence S Chin
Spinal epidural abscesses are an uncommon cause of spinal cord injury but, depending on the size and presence of neurological deficits, urgent neurosurgical intervention may be required. We present a unique case of a patient presenting with a spinal epidural collection several days after a fall. While a spinal epidural hematoma was suspected based on the patient's history and MRI findings, a spinal epidural abscess was found during surgery. The patient underwent laminectomy and instrumented fusion with successful treatment of her infection...
2016: Curēus
I M Makeeva, F Yu Daurova, S F Byakova, E V Ippolitov, M S Gostev, A O Polikushina, E V Shubin
UNLABELLED: The aim of the study was the development of approaches to improve the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy in dental practice on the basis of determining the sensitivity of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics of different groups. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included determination of the sensitivity of the microbial complexes from wound exudate of periodontal pocket and apical abscess to macrolides, quinolones, penicillins, lincosamides and 5-nitroimidazole...
2016: Stomatologii︠a︡
Elvira Ventura Spagnolo, Cristina Mondello, Luigi Cardia, Orazio Ventura Spagnolo, Giovanni Bartoloni
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Minerva Stomatologica
Romina Mosticone, Lisa Pescucci, Flavia Porreca
Trauma, diseases, diet, daily work and environmental factors shape bodies. From birth to death, these processes leave on the skeleton markers that can be recognized and studied, thus providing an overview of the health conditions of past populations. The present work analyzes data collected in seven necropolises. During our study, we exploited nonspecific stress and dental pathologies as key indicators of health conditions. In particula; we analyzed the three most common indicators of stress: porotic hyperostosis; enamel hypoplasia; and Harris lines on shins...
2015: Medicina Nei Secoli
Alfonso Reginelli, Pasquale Liguori, Valeria Perrotta, Giuseppina Annunziata, Antonio Pinto
Foreign body ingestion is commonly encountered in the emergency department. Although in most cases, the ingested object will pass uneventfully in the feces [1], ingestion of sharp foreign bodies such as dental plates, sewing needles, toothpicks, fish bones and chicken bones carries increased risk of gastrointestinal perforation [2, 3, 4]. The use of toothpicks as both tooth-clearing implements and eating utensils increase the likelihood of toothpick unintentional ingestion [5]. Toothpicks account for 9% of reported foreign bodies ingested [6]...
2007: Radiology case reports
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