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Gyanendra Kumar

Rajib Deb, Gyanendra Singh Sengar, Umesh Singh, Sushil Kumar, R R Alyethodi, Rani Alex, T V Raja, A K Das, B Prakash
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a diagnostic method for amplification of DNA with rapid and minimal equipment requirement. In the present study, we applied the LAMP assay for rapid detection of cow components adulteration in buffalo milk/meat samples. The test can be completed within around 1 h 40 min starting from DNA extraction and can be performed in water bath without requirement of thermocycler. The cow DNA in buffalo samples were identified in the developed LAMP assay by either visualizing with SYBR Green I/HNB dyes or observing the typical ladder pattern on gel electrophoresis...
October 19, 2016: Molecular Biotechnology
Rafeeque R Alyethodi, Rajib Deb, Rani Alex, Sushil Kumar, Umesh Singh, Shrikant Tyagi, D K Mandal, T V Raja, A K Das, Sheetal Sharma, Gyanendra S Sengar, Rani Singh, B Prakash
Cryopreservation is one of the most important aspects of frozen semen technology and livestock breeding. Uses of candidate molecular markers in selection strategies for male fertility are well recognized. The present investigation targeted two microsatellite markers (BM1500 and UMN 2008) for association with semen quality variables and freezing capacity in Frieswal (HF×Sahiwal) crossbred bulls of Indian origin. Of the different alleles at the polymorphic locus BM1500, the 136bp allele was associated with greater (P<0...
October 11, 2016: Animal Reproduction Science
Ferah Rehman, Gyanendra Kumar, Mridula Goswami, Jatinder Kaur Dhillon
Aim: The aim of this invitro study is to evaluate the shear bond strength of reattached fractured incisor fragments using Er,Cr:YSGG laser and conventional acid etching without additional tooth preparation. Materials and methods: Forty extracted human teeth were divided in two groups of 20 each (Groups A and B). In Group A, fractured surface was treated by an Er, Cr: YSGG laser system (Waterlase MD, Biolase Technology Inc., San Clemente, CA, USA) operating at a wavelength of 2,780 nm and frequency of 20 Hz...
June 29, 2016: Laser Therapy
Rafeeque R Alyethodi, Umesh Singh, Sushil Kumar, Rajib Deb, Rani Alex, Sheetal Sharma, Gyanendra S Sengar, B Prakash
Fast and economical means of assaying SNP's are important in diagnostic assays, especially when a large number of animals have to be screened for a genetic disease. This study was aimed at the development of a fast and economical screening assay for bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency (BLAD) which is an important genetic disease of cattle industry. Four primers were designed where the outer primers amplify a 354 bp amplicon of CD18 gene carrying the polymorphism responsible for BLAD. The specifically designed inner primers in conjunction with the modified reaction mixture and cyclic conditions ensured amplification of either of wild or mutated alleles...
2016: SpringerPlus
Vivekanandan Kalaiselvan, Prasad Thota, Vipin Kumar, Madhvi Singh Rathore, Anusha Thota, Gyanendra Nath Singh
OBJECTIVE: To study the case series for intussusception associated with the vaccination of rotavirus vaccine in children. METHODS: The study of spontaneous adverse event monitoring such as intussusception due to rotavirus vaccine was carried out from the year 2011 through 2015. The individual case safety reports (ICSRs) of this event were collated, assessed and recorded as per the requirement of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions Reporting form of Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI)...
September 19, 2016: Indian Journal of Pediatrics
Shailja Singh, Usha, Gyanendra Singh, Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, Rana Gopal Singh, Shashi Bhushan Kumar
INTRODUCTION: Type I diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is caused by autoimmune destruction of β-cells of pancreas. Two forms of T1DM are known called as 1A (autoimmune) and 1B (idiopathic). AIM: Aim was to study the prevalence of Anti-TTG IgA, Anti-TPO, GADA, ZnT8 and IA-2 autoantibodies and HLA DR and DQ genes and its diagnostic value in T1DM. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty four T1DM patients, 59 type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients and 28 healthy controls were included in study...
July 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Suneha Goswami, Ranjeet R Kumar, Kavita Dubey, Jyoti P Singh, Sachidanand Tiwari, Ashok Kumar, Shuchi Smita, Dwijesh C Mishra, Sanjeev Kumar, Monendra Grover, Jasdeep C Padaria, Yugal K Kala, Gyanendra P Singh, Himanshu Pathak, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Anil Rai, Shelly Praveen, Raj D Rai
Heat stress is one of the major problems in agriculturally important cereal crops, especially wheat. Here, we have constructed a subtracted cDNA library from the endosperm of HS-treated (42°C for 2 h) wheat cv. HD2985 by suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH). We identified ~550 recombinant clones ranging from 200 to 500 bp with an average size of 300 bp. Sanger's sequencing was performed with 205 positive clones to generate the differentially expressed sequence tags (ESTs). Most of the ESTs were observed to be localized on the long arm of chromosome 2A and associated with heat stress tolerance and metabolic pathways...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Mauro Carcelli, Dominga Rogolino, Anna Gatti, Laura De Luca, Mario Sechi, Gyanendra Kumar, Stephen W White, Annelies Stevaert, Lieve Naesens
Influenza virus PA endonuclease has recently emerged as an attractive target for the development of novel antiviral therapeutics. This is an enzyme with divalent metal ion(s) (Mg(2+) or Mn(2+)) in its catalytic site: chelation of these metal cofactors is an attractive strategy to inhibit enzymatic activity. Here we report the activity of a series of N-acylhydrazones in an enzymatic assay with PA-Nter endonuclease, as well as in cell-based influenza vRNP reconstitution and virus yield assays. Several N-acylhydrazones were found to have promising anti-influenza activity in the low micromolar concentration range and good selectivity...
2016: Scientific Reports
Ranjeet R Kumar, Suneha Goswami, Khushboo Singh, Kavita Dubey, Shweta Singh, Renu Sharma, Neeraj Verma, Yugal K Kala, Gyanendra K Rai, Monendra Grover, Dwijesh C Mishra, Bhupinder Singh, Himanshu Pathak, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Anil Rai, Shelly Praveen
RuBisCo activase (Rca) is a catalytic chaperone involved in modulating the activity of RuBisCo (key enzyme of photosynthetic pathway). Here, we identified eight novel transcripts from wheat through data mining predicted to be Rca and cloned a transcript of 1.4 kb from cv. HD2985, named as TaRca1 (GenBank acc. no. KC776912). Single copy number of TaRca1 was observed in wheat genome. Expression analysis in diverse wheat genotypes (HD2985, Halna, PBW621, and HD2329) showed very high relative expression of TaRca1 in Halna under control and HS-treated, as compared to other cultivars at different stages of growth...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Gyanendra Kumar, Rakhi Agarwal, Subramanyam Swaminathan
Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) are the most poisonous biological substance known to humans. They cause flaccid paralysis by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction. Here, we report a number of small molecule non-peptide inhibitors of BoNT serotype E. The structure-activity relationship and a pharmacophore model are presented. Although non-peptidic in nature, these inhibitors mimic key features of the uncleavable substrate peptide Arg-Ile-Met-Glu (RIME) of the SNAP-25 protein. Among the compounds tested, most of the potent inhibitors bear a zinc-chelating moiety connected to a hydrophobic and aromatic moiety through a carboxyl or amide linker...
September 15, 2016: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry
Ajay Kumar Yadav, Gyanendra Malla, Kunal Bikram Deo, Saroj Giri, Bishnu Murti Bhattarai, Shailesh Adhikary
BACKGROUND: Foreign body ingestion is seen quite frequently in clinical practice, intestinal perforation due to this is rare. The foreign body often mimics another cause of acute abdomen and requires an emergency surgical intervention. The majority of patients do not recall ingesting sharp foreign bodies. CASE PRESENTATION: We report an interesting case of a fifty five year-old man who presented with pain in the right iliac fossa with localised tenderness which was clinically diagnosed as acute appendicitis...
2016: BMC Research Notes
Rabin Bhandari, Gyanendra Malla, Bijendra Kumar Rai, Chris Curry
OBJECTIVES: Nepal is a least developed country, with limited healthcare resources. An 18 month Fellowship in Emergency Medicine has contributed some improvements to care. This study assessed time to first analgesia in higher and lower acuity patients. METHODS: A prospective observational study of 101 patients in each of the Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) 2, 3 and 100 in ATS 4 was undertaken at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. Convenience sampling was used coinciding with researcher's duty hours...
August 2016: Emergency Medicine Australasia: EMA
Ramya P, Gyanendra Pratap Singh, Neelu Jain, Pradeep Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Kavita Sharma, Arun Kumar, Harikrishna, Kumble Vinod Prabhu
Drought is one of the major abiotic stresses affecting wheat yield. A recurrent selection program was conducted to improve the drought tolerance and yield of bread wheat using drought tolerant advanced breeding lines from a drought tolerant x susceptible cross (HI 1500 x HUW 510). The parental lines were evaluated for yield, biomass and harvest index (HI) in addition to the drought adaptive traits like Canopy Temperature (CT), chlorophyll content and Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI). After three rounds of recurrent selection, the half sib progenies exhibited a marked reduction in CT, chlorophyll content and biomass; whereas improvement was noted for yield, HI and NDVI...
2016: PloS One
V Bhanuprakash, Umesh Singh, Gyanendra Sengar, Basavaraj Sajjanar, Bharat Bhusan, T V Raja, Rani Alex, Sushil Kumar, Rani Singh, Ashish Kumar, R R Alyethodi, Suresh Kumar, Rajib Deb
In a tropical country like India, thermal stress is one of the major factors which significantly affects the productivity of dairy cattle. The present study was aimed to identify the effect of heat and cold stress on cell viability, mitogen stimulation indices, nitric oxide production and HSP70 expression in Sahiwal and Holstein crossbred (Frieswal) population in India. The results indicated that the Sahiwal breed can better withstand the effect of heat and cold stress significantly (P<0.05) when compared to the crossbred cattle due to the higher survivability of the Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) and Phytohemagglutinin (PHA-P) mitogen based stimulation indices...
July 2016: Journal of Thermal Biology
Ashtekar Shirish, Vishal Kapadia, Sanjeev Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Sukhdev Mishra, Gyanendra Singh
Personal cooling garments (PCGs) have gained increased attention in recent years due to heat stress and strain in the working environment. The present study was conducted in hot environments of an iron foundry to evaluate the efficacy of a battery-operated PCG. Twenty-four workers were exposed to climatic conditions of 35.89 ± 1.25 °C, 35% relative humidity during 90-min work with PCG and habitual clothing (HC). Mean weighted skin temperature was significantly lower by 4.84 ± 1.05 °C compared with HC 0...
May 27, 2016: International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics: JOSE
Deepak Sundriyal, Gyanendra Mittal, Sushil Kumar, Suraj Manjunath, Navneet Sharma, Mahesh Gupta
Ascariasis is a common problem in developing countries with poor hygiene and sanitation. It is endemic in India and usually seen in the northern states. Biliary ascariasis is an uncommon cause of obstructive jaundice. We present a case of carcinoma of hepatic flexure of colon in which the patient developed biliary ascariasis and posed a diagnostic challenge as it mimicked tumor infiltration of the biliary system.
September 2015: Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology
Rishi Kumar, Vivekanandan Kalaiselvan, Rakesh Kumar, Ravendra Verma, Gyanendra Nath Singh
Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission is Committed for maintaining the standards of drugs including Radiopharmaceuticals (RPs) by publishing Indian Pharmacopoeia. These RPs are being used in India for diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. RPs though contain relatively small quantities of active ingredient and administered in small volumes could cause some adverse reactions to the patients. The objective of presenting this article is to introduce the system of adverse drug reaction reporting to the nuclear medicine fraternity who are dealing with RPs...
April 2016: Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine: IJNM: the Official Journal of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, India
Kara A Sands, Reza Bavarsad Shahripour, Gyanendra Kumar, Kristian Barlinn, Michael J Lyerly, Michal Haršány, Joel Cure, Yuri L Yakov, Anne W Alexandrov, Andrei V Alexandrov
BACKGROUND: Isolated central facial palsy (I-CFP) is attributed to a lacunar syndrome affecting the corona radiata region or pons. We examined our acute stroke registry for patients presenting with I-CFP and localized their symptoms to a vascular lesion. SUBJECT & METHODS: Our database of consecutive patients with symptoms of acute cerebral ischemia admitted from January 2008 to December 2012 was reviewed for NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) scores and subcomponents. All patients with I-CFP ± dysarthria (total NIHSS ≤ 3) had contrast-enhanced MR-angiography and transcranial Doppler as standard of care...
September 2016: Journal of Neuroimaging: Official Journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging
Raju Vaishya, Vipul Vijay, Gyanendra Kumar Jha, Amit Kumar Agarwal
BACKGROUND: Fracture of the capitellum is an often missed or inadequately treated serious elbow injury. Anatomic reduction and proper stabilization are essential to obtain articular congruity so that late-onset arthritis can be avoided. The main areas of interest in this intriguing fracture are the choice of implant and the surgical approach. We describe the use of anterolateral approach and headless double-threaded compression screws for the fixation of this fracture. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective study included 16 capitellar fractures...
July 2016: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Sandip Bhat, Pushpendra Kumar, Neeraj Kashyap, Bharti Deshmukh, Mahesh Shivanand Dige, Bharat Bhushan, Anuj Chauhan, Amit Kumar, Gyanendra Singh
AIM: Out of various members of heat shock protein (HSP) superfamily which act a molecular chaperon by binding to the denaturing protein thus stabilizing them and preserving their activity, HSP70 are of major importance in thermotolerance development. Thus, present investigation aimed at a screening of HSP70 gene for polymorphisms and possible differences in thermotolerance in Tharparkar breed of cattle. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A 295 bp fragment of HSP70 gene was subjected to polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) followed by sequencing of different SSCP patterns in 64 Tharparkar cattle...
February 2016: Veterinary World
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