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Taruna Anand, Bidhan Ch Bera, Rajesh K Vaid, Sanjay Barua, Thachamvally Riyesh, Nitin Virmani, Mubarik Hussain, Raj K Singh, Bhupendra N Tripathi
The ecosystem is continuously exposed to a wide variety of antimicrobials through waste effluents, agricultural runoffs, animal related and anthropogenic activities, which contribute to spread of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). The contamination of ecosystems with ARGs may create increased opportunities for their transfer to naive microbes and eventually lead to entry into the human food chain. Transduction is a significant mechanism of horizontal gene transfer in natural environments, which has traditionally been underestimated as compared to transformation...
October 21, 2016: Journal of General Virology
Aniket Bera, Sujeong Kim, Dinesh Manocha
The proposed interactive crowd-behavior learning algorithms can be used to analyze crowd videos for surveillance and training applications. The authors' formulation combines online tracking algorithms from computer vision, nonlinear pedestrian motion models from computer graphics, and machine learning techniques to automatically compute trajectory-level pedestrian behaviors for each agent in the video. These learned behaviors are used to automatically detect anomalous behaviors, perform motion segmentation, and generate realistic behaviors for virtual reality training applications...
November 2016: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Sachinath Bera, Suvendu Maity, Thomas Weyhermüller, Prasanta Ghosh
Radical and non-radical ruthenium and osmium complexes of 1-amino-9,10-anthraquinone (AqNH2), which is defined as a molecule of dual radical counter, are disclosed. 1-Amido-9,10-anthraquinone (AqNH(-)) complexes of the types trans-[Ru(II)(AqNH(-))(PPh3)2(CO)Cl] (1), trans-[Os(II)(AqNH(-))(PPh3)2(CO)Br] (2) and trans-[Ru(III)(AqNH(-))(PPh3)2Cl2] (3) were isolated. AqNH(-) of 1-3 is redox active and undergoes oxidation reversibly at +(0.05-0.35) V to the 1-amino-9,10-anthraquinone radical (AqNH˙) and reduction at -(0...
November 24, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Arjun Dey, Manish Kumar Nayak, A Carmel Mary Esther, Maurya Sandeep Pradeepkumar, Deeksha Porwal, A K Gupta, Parthasarathi Bera, Harish C Barshilia, Anoop Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Ajoy Kumar Pandey, Kallol Khan, Manjima Bhattacharya, D Raghavendra Kumar, N Sridhara, Anand Kumar Sharma
Vanadium oxide-molybdenum oxide (VO-MO) thin (21-475 nm) films were grown on quartz and silicon substrates by pulsed RF magnetron sputtering technique by altering the RF power from 100 to 600 W. Crystalline VO-MO thin films showed the mixed phases of vanadium oxides e.g., V2O5, V2O3 and VO2 along with MoO3. Reversible or smart transition was found to occur just above the room temperature i.e., at ~45-50 °C. The VO-MO films deposited on quartz showed a gradual decrease in transmittance with increase in film thickness...
November 17, 2016: Scientific Reports
Arunima Bera, Bree Kramer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Critical Care Medicine
Ross J Ellis, Mrinal K Bera, Benjamin Reinhart, Mark R Antonio
Redox-driven ion transfer between phases underpins many biological and technological processes, including industrial separation of ions. Here we investigate the electrochemical transfer of nitrate anions between oil and water phases, driven by the reduction and oxidation of cerium coordination complexes in oil phases. We find that the coordination environment around the cerium cation has a pronounced impact on the overall redox potential, particularly with regard to the number of coordinated nitrate anions...
November 16, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Alberto Oviedo, Stefan Lebrun, Ulrike Kogel, Jenny Ho, Wei Teck Tan, Bjoern Titz, Patrice Leroy, Gregory Vuillaume, Monali Bera, Florian Martin, Gregory Rodrigo, Marco Esposito, Ruth Dempsey, Nikolai V Ivanov, Julia Hoeng, Manuel C Peitsch, Patrick Vanscheeuwijck
The toxicity of a mentholated version of the Tobacco Heating System (THS2.2M), a candidate modified risk tobacco product (MRTP), was characterized in a 90-day OECD inhalation study. Differential gene and protein expression analysis of nasal epithelium and lung tissue was also performed to record exposure effects at the molecular level. Rats were exposed to filtered air (sham), to THS2.2M (at 15, 23 and 50 μg nicotine/l), to two mentholated reference cigarettes (MRC) (at 23 μg nicotine/l), or to the 3R4F reference cigarette (at 23 μg nicotine/l)...
November 3, 2016: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: RTP
Tanmoy Rana, Asit Kumar Bera, Subhashree Das, Debasis Bhattacharya, Diganta Pan, Subrata Kumar Das
Chronic arsenicosis is a major environmental health hazard throughout the world, including India. Animals and human beings are affected due to drinking of arsenic contaminated ground water, due to natural mineral deposits, arsenical pesticides or improperly disposed arsenical chemicals. Arsenic causes cancer with production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are neutralized by an elaborate antioxidant defense system consisting of enzymes and numerous non-enzymatic antioxidants. Dietary antioxidant supplements are useful to counteract the carcinogenesis effects of arsenic...
2016: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
E Weber, G Moulis, M Mahévas, C Guy, B Lioger, I Durieu, M Hunault, M Ramanantsoa, B Royer, A Default, M-C Pérault-Pochat, L Moachon, N Bernard, G Bardy, A-P Jonville-Bera, H Geniaux, B Godeau, P Cathébras
INTRODUCTION: Thrombopoietin-receptor agonists (TPO-RA) are marketed for immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). They have been associated to thrombosis occurrence in randomized controlled trials. However, the characteristics of these thromboses in the real-life practice as well as their management are poorly known. The objectives of this study were to determine the risk factors, circumstances and management of thrombosis occurring during exposure to TPO-RA in ITP. METHODS: We carried out a multicentre retrospective study in France...
October 25, 2016: La Revue de Médecine Interne
Emre Kaytancı, O Ilkay Ozdamar, Gul Ozbilen Acar, Muhammet Tekin
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory and demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. This prospective study was planned to evaluate these changes through brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA) latency abnormalities and otoacoustic emissions (OAE). This study was performed between September 2009 and May 2010. A total of 160 recordings of BERA and OAE were examined, which were obtained from 80 ears of 40 participants. Twenty of these were MS patients and 20 were healthy volunteers in the control group...
October 2016: Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal
Hriday Bera, Sridevi Chigurupati
Thymidine phosphorylase (TP, EC, an enzyme involved in pyrimidine salvage pathway, is identical to platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor (PD-ECGF) and gliostatin. It is extremely upregulated in a variety of solid tumours. The TP amplification is associated with concomitant overexpression of many angiogenic factors such as matrix metalloproteases (MMPs), interleukins (ILs), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) etc., resulting in promotion of angiogenesis and cancer metastasis. In addition, overshooting TP level protects tumour cells from apoptosis and helps cell survival...
October 17, 2016: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Kalisankar Bera, Christoph Schneider
An efficient formal [3 + 2]-cycloaddition toward the highly diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of indolo[1,2-a]indoles is disclosed. A chiral BINOL-derived phosphoric acid catalyzed the highly enantioselective conjugate addition of cyclic enamides to in situ generated 2-methide-2H-indoles and subsequent aminalization to give rise to acetamide-substituted indolo[1,2-a]indoles carrying three contiguous stereogenic centers. Importantly, these products were formed as single diastereomers and with excellent yields and enantioselectivities...
October 26, 2016: Organic Letters
Thayse Bienert Goetze, Pricila Sleifer, Rafael Fabiano Machado Rosa, Alessandra Pawelec da Silva, Carla Graziadio, Paulo Ricardo Gazzola Zen
Oculoauriculovertebral spectrum (OAVS), also known as Goldenhar syndrome, is considered a condition associated to failing of embryogenesis involving the first and second branchial arches, leading to structural abnormalities arising from it. The aim of this study is to verify the hearing features presented by patients with OAVS and provide additional information that may contribute to improvement of speech therapy. The sample consisted of 10 individuals diagnosed with OAVS and cared for by the Clinical Genetics Service...
October 24, 2016: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A
Bera Rammohan, Karmakar Samit, Das Chinmoy, Saha Arup, Kundu Amit, Sarkar Ratul, Karmakar Sanmoy, Adhikari Dipan, Sen Tuhinadri
BACKGROUND: Traditionally GS is used to treat diabetes mellitus. Drug-herb interaction of GS via cytochrome P450 enzyme system by substrate cocktail method using HLM has not been reported. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the in-vitro modulatory effects of GS extracts (aqueous, methanol, ethyl acetate, chloroform and n-hexane) and deacylgymnemic acid (DGA) on human CYP1A2, 2C8, 2C9, 2D6 and 3A4 activities in HLM. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Probe substrate-based LCMS/MS method was established for all CYPs...
July 2016: Pharmacognosy Magazine
Debojit Gogoi, Dilip Kumar Pal, Malay K Bera
Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (LDN) can be performed via either transperitoneal or retroperitoneal approach. Very few studies have been carried out till now, comparing immunologic and inflammatory responses in donors after these two approaches. This is a prospective observational study. Selection of approach was decided by the operating surgeon. All patients underwent peripheral venous blood sampling preoperatively and 24 h postoperatively for the measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukein-6 (IL-6), total leukocyte count (TLC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and serum creatinine (SCr)...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation
Soumen Bera, Sanjay Lamba, Mubasher Rashid, Anuj K Sharma, Alexander B Medvinsky, Claudia Acquisti, Amit Chakraborty, Bai-Lian Li
Impaired glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) sensitivity to its inhibitors causes excessive insulin secretion by pancreatic beta-cells and defective ammonia metabolism in the liver. These symptoms are commonly associated with hyperinsulinism/hyperammonemia syndrome (HI/HA), which causes recurrent hypoglycaemia in early infancy. Hepatic localization of GDH amination and deamination activities linked with the urea cycle is known to be involved in ammonia metabolism and detoxification. Although deamination activities of hepatic GDH in the periportal zones of liver lobules and its connection to the urea cycle have been exhaustively investigated, physiological roles of GDH amination activity observed at pericentral zones have often been overlooked...
October 17, 2016: Integrative Biology: Quantitative Biosciences From Nano to Macro
Tapas Paul, Subhas Chandra Bera, Nidhi Agnihotri, Padmaja P Mishra
A remarkable observation about adsorption and desorption mechanism of single-stranded oligo nucleotides and hybridization of double stranded DNA (ds-DNA) on graphene oxide (GO) surface has been monitored using ensemble and single molecule fluorescence methods. The probe and target DNA, both labeled individually with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) pair and having similar adsorption affinity towards the GO surface are used to provide the detailed insight into the hybridization mechanism. The single molecule-FRET (sm-FRET) results reveals the DNA hybridization mechanism to happen "in situ", i...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
Manjur O Akram, Saibal Bera, Nitin T Patil
A strategy based on tandem alkynylation of o-hydroxyarylenaminones followed by intramolecular cyclization has been developed to generate a diverse array of 3-alkynyl chromones. The functionality embedded in these key intermediates enables their facile elaboration into more diverse structures by a variety of functionalizations and ring-forming processes.
October 11, 2016: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Jayeeta Sarkar, Sufia K Kazy, Abhishek Gupta, Avishek Dutta, Balaram Mohapatra, Ajoy Roy, Paramita Bera, Adinpunya Mitra, Pinaki Sar
Nutrient deficiency severely impairs the catabolic activity of indigenous microorganisms in hydrocarbon rich environments (HREs) and limits the rate of intrinsic bioremediation. The present study aimed to characterize the microbial community in refinery waste and evaluate the scope for biostimulation based in situ bioremediation. Samples recovered from the wastewater lagoon of Guwahati refinery revealed a hydrocarbon enriched [high total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH)], oxygen-, moisture-limited, reducing environment...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
D J Muccigrosso, N M Maughan, H Wan, Y Lu, H Schultejans, R Bera, P J Parikh
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
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