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L Cheng, T Chick, J Chapman, E F C Dreyer, C D Nie, S Bera, J A Harrington, S C Rand
Erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er3+:YAG) rods were inserted inside undoped tubes and grown into single-crystal fibers of a diameter of 300 μm using the laser-heated pedestal growth technique. Growth at various rates resulted in radially graded distributions of Er3+ dopant ions, as observed using laser-induced fluorescence imaging. Profiles of the refractive index were measured using cross-sectional reflectometry in a microscope. Dopant distributions and the corresponding index profiles were compared with thermal diffusion theory to determine the inter-diffusion coefficient of Y3+ and Er3+ ions at 2000°C, yielding an estimated value of D=(9...
January 10, 2018: Applied Optics
Niha Beig, Jay Patel, Prateek Prasanna, Virginia Hill, Amit Gupta, Ramon Correa, Kaustav Bera, Salendra Singh, Sasan Partovi, Vinay Varadan, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Anant Madabhushi, Pallavi Tiwari
Hypoxia, a characteristic trait of Glioblastoma (GBM), is known to cause resistance to chemo-radiation treatment and is linked with poor survival. There is hence an urgent need to non-invasively characterize tumor hypoxia to improve GBM management. We hypothesized that (a) radiomic texture descriptors can capture tumor heterogeneity manifested as a result of molecular variations in tumor hypoxia, on routine treatment naïve MRI, and (b) these imaging based texture surrogate markers of hypoxia can discriminate GBM patients as short-term (STS), mid-term (MTS), and long-term survivors (LTS)...
January 8, 2018: Scientific Reports
Arijita Ghosh, Nitin Khandelwal, Arvind Kumar, Amal Kanti Bera
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 4, 2018: Journal of Cell Science
Simon Pollett, Nidia S Trovão, Yi Tan, John-Sebastian Eden, Rebecca A Halpin, Jayati Bera, Suman R Das, David Wentworth, Victor Ocaña, Silvia M Mendocilla, Carlos Álvarez, Maria E Calisto, Josefina Garcia, Eric Halsey, Julia S Ampuero, Martha I Nelson, Mariana Leguia
The transmission dynamics of human metapneumovirus (HMPV) in tropical countries remain unclear. We examined the spatial patterns of HMPV in three ecologically diverse Peruvian locales (Lima, Iquitos and Piura) through phylogenetic analysis of 61 complete genomes, which revealed extensive genetic diversity generated by frequent viral introductions, with little evidence of local persistence. While considerable viral traffic between non-Peruvian countries and Peru was observed, HMPV epidemics in Peruvian locales were more frequently epidemiologically linked with other sites within Peru...
December 29, 2017: Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
Debabrata Bera, Neeta Bachani, Prashant Pawar, Chetan Rathi, Vadivelu Ramalingam, Yash Lokhandwala
Persistent left superior vena cava (PLSVC) is an uncommon congenital anomaly. We report a case of implantation of cardiac resynchronization therapy - pacemaker (CRT-P) device in a 38-year-old lady with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. After left axillary vein puncture, we faced an unexpected entry of left subclavian to PLSVC draining into the coronary sinus (CS). The target posterolateral vein which had been identified before seemed to have an acute angle at its entry into the CS. Hence, at this stage we were in a dilemma, whether to switch to the right side or to continue from the same side...
December 21, 2017: Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal
Sadhana Khawas, Veronika Sivová, Namrata Anand, Kaushik Bera, Bimalendu Ray, Gabriela Nosáľová, Sayani Ray
Decoction of Psidium guajava leaves has been used as medication for chronic coughs and breathlessness for ages. Despite demonstration of antitussive activity, the specific molecule responsible for this remains unidentified. Herein, we report chemical profile and antitussive activity of its water extract (WE) and a polysaccharide (F1) present therein. This polysaccharide (F1), purified from WE by precipitation with ethanol and then through Cu(II)acetate, contains Ara, Gal, Rha, Glc and GalA residues, and has a molecular mass of 156 kDa...
December 20, 2017: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Manabendra N Bera, Arnau Riera, Maciej Lewenstein, Andreas Winter
The laws of thermodynamics, despite their wide range of applicability, are known to break down when systems are correlated with their environments. Here we generalize thermodynamics to physical scenarios which allow presence of correlations, including those where strong correlations are present. We exploit the connection between information and physics, and introduce a consistent redefinition of heat dissipation by systematically accounting for the information flow from system to bath in terms of the conditional entropy...
December 19, 2017: Nature Communications
Subhabrata Bera, Craig D Nie, Michael G Soskind, James A Harrington
The effect of misalignments of different optical components in the laser heated pedestal growth apparatus have been modeled using Zemax optical design software. By isolating the misalignments causing the non-uniformity in the melt zone, the alignment of the components was fine-tuned. Using this optimized alignment, low-loss YAG single crystal fibers of 120 μm diameter were grown, with total attenuation loss as low as 0.5 dB/m at 1064 nm.
December 10, 2017: Applied Optics
Jia Lu, Asim Bera, Sudershan R Gondi, Kenneth Dale Westover
KRAS switch loop movements play a crucial role in regulating RAS signaling and alteration in these sensitive dynamics are a principal mechanism through which disease-associated RAS mutations lead to aberrant RAS activation. Prior studies suggest that despite high sequence similarity, the switches in KRAS are more dynamic than HRAS. We solved x-ray crystal structures of the rare tumorigenic KRAS mutants KRASD33E, in switch 1 (SW1), and KRASA59G, in switch 2 (SW2), bound to GDP and found these adopt nearly identical, open SW1 conformations as well as altered SW2 conformations...
December 13, 2017: Biochemistry
Kallol Bera, Anand Kant Das, Ananya Rakshit, Bidyut Sarkar, Anoop Rawat, Barun Kumar Maity, Sudipta Maiti
Monoamine neurotransmission is key to neuromodulation, but imaging monoamines in live neurons has remained a challenge. Here we show that externally added ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) can permeate live cells and form bright fluorogenic adducts with intracellular monoamines (e.g. setrotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine) and with L-DOPA, which can be imaged sensitively using conventional single-photon excitation in a fluorescence microscope. The peak excitation and emission wavelengths (λex = 401 nm and λem = 490 nm for serotonin; λex = 446 nm and λem = 557 nm for dopamine; and λex = 446 nm and λem = 544 nm for nor-epinephrine) are accessible to most modern confocal imaging instruments...
December 11, 2017: ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Hui-Ching Hsieh, Jung-Yao Chen, Wen-Ya Lee, Debaditya Bera, Wen-Chang Chen
Stretchable light-emitting polymers are important for wearable electronics; however, the development of intrinsic stretchable light-emitting materials with great performance under large applied strain is the most critical challenge. Herein, this study demonstrates the fabrication of stretchable fluorescent poly[(9,9-bis(3'-(N,N-dimethylamino)propyl)-2,7-fluorene)-alt-2,7-(9,9-dioctyl-fluorene)]/acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (PFN/NBR) blend nanofibers using the uniaxial electrospinning technique. The physical interaction of PFN with NBR and the geometrical confinement of nanofibers are employed to reduce PFN aggregation, leading to the high photoluminescence quantum yield of 35...
December 6, 2017: Macromolecular Rapid Communications
Rekha Yamini Kosuru, Amrita Roy, Sujoy K Das, Soumen Bera
Gallic acid and gallate esters are widely used as dietary supplements or additives with clinical significances. Over the last few decades, a large number of publications have been reported stating the antioxidative, anti-apoptotic, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and anticancer properties of gallic acid and gallates, and mostly demonstrated their antioxidative or prooxidative properties influencing the ROS signaling networks. However, very little focus has been paid on clinical trials, and this restricted their use as a prescribed preventative supplement...
November 24, 2017: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Jei-Ming Peng, Rabindranath Bera, Chih-Yung Chiou, Ming-Chin Yu, Tse-Chin Chen, Chia-Wei Chen, Tsung-Rui Wang, Wan-Ling Chiang, Yongkun Wei, Huamin Wang, Mien-Chie Hung, Sen-Yung Hsieh
High invasiveness is a hallmark of human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Large tumors predict invasion and metastasis. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is crucial for cancer invasion and metastasis. However, the mechanisms whereby large tumors tend to undergo EMT remain unclear. We conducted a subgenome-wide screen and identified KLHL23 as an HCC invasion suppressor via inhibiting EMT. KLHL23 binds to actin and suppresses actin polymerization. KLHL23 silencing induced filopodium and lamellipodium formation...
November 23, 2017: Hepatology: Official Journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Kajari Bera, Christopher J Douglas, Renee R Frontiera
Singlet fission generates multiple excitons from a single photon, which in theory can result in solar cell efficiencies with values above the Shockley-Queisser limit. Understanding the molecular structural dynamics during singlet fission will help to fabricate efficient organic photovoltaic devices. Here we use femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy to reveal the structural evolution during the triplet separation in rubrene. We observe vibrational signatures of the correlated triplet pair, as well as shifting of the vibrational frequencies of the 1430 and 1542 cm(-1) excited state modes, which increase by more than 25 cm(-1) in 5 ps...
November 22, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Elodie Bailly, Florent Von Tokarski, Frédérique Beau-Salinas, Laurence Picon, Elodie Miquelestorena-Standley, Geoffroy Rousseau, Annie-Pierre Jonville-Bera, Jean-Michel Halimi
Vedolizumab is a gut-selective humanized monoclonal antibody that binds selectively to the α4 β7 integrin and acts as a lymphocyte-homing antagonist. It is indicated in ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease. We report a case of acute interstitial nephritis following vedolizumab infusion in a 55-year-old white woman treated for severe Crohn disease resistant to several therapies. Other kidney disease causes were ruled out. Glucocorticoids were administrated, leading to full renal recovery. In the absence of other therapeutic options, vedolizumab was re-administered along with transient corticosteroids; this treatment was well tolerated...
November 18, 2017: American Journal of Kidney Diseases: the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation
Isabelle Oliveira Jatai Capelo, Avner Marcos Alves Batista, Yuri Neyson Ferreira Brito, Krissia Braga Diniz, Gerly Anne de Castro Brito, Marcos Rabelo de Freitas
PURPOSE: To evaluate the ability of dexamethasone to protect against cisplatin (CDDP)-induced ototoxicity. METHODS: Male Wistar rats were divided into the following three groups: 1) Control (C): 6 animals received intraperitoneal (IP) saline solution, 8 ml/kg/day for four days; 2) C + CDDP: 11 animals received 8 ml/kg/day of IP saline and, 90 min after saline administration, 8 mg/kg/day of IP CDDP for four days; and 3) DEXA15 + CDDP: 11 animals received IP dexamethasone 15 mg/kg/day and, 90 min after dexamethasone administration, received 8 mg/kg/day of IP CDDP for four days...
October 2017: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
T K Bera, Y Abe, T Ise, A Oberle, D Gallardo, X-F Liu, S Nagata, M Binder, I Pastan
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 17, 2017: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
(no author information available yet)
First Person is a series of interviews with the first authors of a selection of papers published in Journal of Cell Science, helping early-career researchers promote themselves alongside their papers. Arijita Ghosh is the first author on "Leucine-rich repeat-containing 8B protein is associated with the endoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) leak in HEK293 cells", published in Journal of Cell Science. Arijita is a PhD student in the laboratory of Amal Kanti Bera at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India, investigating the role of leucine-rich repeat-containing 8 proteins in cellular calcium homeostasis...
November 15, 2017: Journal of Cell Science
Debashis Patra, Subhabrata Paul, Indira Majumder, Nayim Sepay, Sachinath Bera, Rita Kundu, Michael G B Drew, Tapas Ghosh
The reaction of 2-hydroxybenzoylhydrazine (H2bh) separately with equimolar amounts of [V(IV)O(aa)2] and [V(IV)O(ba)2] in CHCl3 afforded the complexes [VO3(HL(1))2] (1) and [VO3(HL(2))2] (2) respectively in good to excellent yield ((HL(1))(2-) and (HL(2))(2-) represent respectively the dianionic form of 2-hydroxybenzoylhydrazones of acetylacetone (H3L(1)) and benzoylacetone (H3L(2)) (general abbreviation H3L)). From X-ray structure analysis, the V(V)-O-V(V) angle was found to be ∼115° and 180° in 1 and 2 respectively...
November 15, 2017: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Hriday Bera, Sanoj Kumar
The current study aimed at developing diethonolamine-modified high-methoxyl pectin (DMP)-alginate (ALG) based core-shell composites for controlled intragastric delivery of metformin HCl (MFM) by combined approach of floating and bioadhesion. DMP with degree of amidation of 48.72% was initially accomplished and characterized by FTIR, DSC and XRD analyses. MFM-loaded core matrices were then fabricated by ionotropic gelation technique employing zinc acetate as cross-linker. The core matrices were further coated by fenugreek gum (FG)-ALG gel membrane via diffusion-controlled interfacial complexation method...
November 6, 2017: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
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