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Mariola Żuk
The relation between bodily health and mental health has been observed since ancien Times. Ancient teachers of the art of medicine advised to treat a person not an illness. Facination with the discoveries concerning the cell was the reason why investigation of somatic illnesses concentrated more and more on exploring physiology , ignoring mental aspects. Psychoanalysis, on the other hand considered mental sphere as the source of all illnesses. Although psychoanalitical approach is still controversial psychologists and doctors are still trying to find relations between personality traits and illnesses...
2016: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Alicia Rut Levín
The present article refers to the maternal function in the mother-infant early bond from Donald Winnicott's psychoanalitic point of view. This author, authorized since he was a pediatrician and a psychoanalitic doctor, was capable to see the prematurity of the human baby and the affective state of the mother function before the child's birth. The needs of the newborn and his mother far from being complementary have their specificity that make necessary to consider the holding function that is expected from the mother...
September 2014: Vertex: Revista Argentina de Psiquiatriá
A M Accerboni
Edoardo Weiss, the only direct disciple of Freud in Italy, returned to Trieste, his native town, in 1919 after a long period of psychoanalitical studies in Vienna. An enthusiastic acceptance of Freud's ideas in the cultural, mainly Jewish, circles in Trieste was parallel to a sort of distrust of the Fascist ideology. In 1930 Weiss decided to move to Rome where he hoped to be able to found an Italian psychoanalytical movement. The Catholic Church, Fascist Ideology, philosophical Idealism and scientific Positivism were all factors hampering the spread of psychoanalysis in Italy...
1988: Revue Internationale D'histoire de la Psychanalyse
L Ricón
It is essential to have a concept of psychosis, based on a psychoanalitic pattern of the functioning of mental life. A dynamic differential diagnosis of the different types of psychosis should be done. Speaking about "the" transference in "the" psychosis leads to confusions that render inoperative the theories and techniques used in the treatment of the psychotic structures. Considering the transferences as an unattainable part of reality that keeps on passing from one structure to another, it has different features in the different types of psychosis...
June 1984: Acta Psiquiátrica y Psicológica de América Latina
D Bergeron
Psychoanalitical literature evolved around the idea of a space for desire structured according to the boy-mother relationship model. Is the feminine clinical approach, together with the historical contribution of feminism, discovering a new space for feminine desire? The psychotic female, for whom the role of the father has no meaning in the mother's discourse, refuses the Law as a symbol of social authority. As for the hysteric female, she does not rely on the Father as a safeguard against the emptyness that lies behind the Laws and the beliefs of men...
May 1990: Santé Mentale Au Québec
P Goebel, A Kelâmi
Forty men who had their vasectomy reversed were psychoanalitically examined. The changes of mind were above all concerned with the results of new relationships, initially no (more) children, then (more) children. The stability of the relationship at the time of vasectomy had been wrongly evaluated which must subsequently influence any advice given. Between 22 and 26 months after the reversal there was a telephone follow-up. Fertilization occurred with 32.1% of the cases, sperm was present in 77.4% (according to the men)...
September 1990: Andrologia
D Peter
The development of psychoanalitic short term therapy confirms the importance of the first interview for estimating the expectations of the patient and elaborating the first hypothesis. The therapist is immediately caught in the dynamics of pretransference and precountertransference. He depends upon the comprehension of his own emotional reactions to understand the actual affection and the nodal conflict. The psychodynamic hypothesis should be inferred from what both the patient and the therapist are saying and acting...
1992: Archives Suisses de Neurologie et de Psychiatrie
B Bugni
Within the general framework of Jacques Lacan's Psychoanalytical views and using a Semiotic approach, it is contended that the signification "objet-that-is-lost' (disapeared for ever), is not an empirical, first-hand, immediate reproduction of perceptual data. Far from it, it is the result of a complex process, leading to the building up of the concept. The contention is based upon the following hypothesis: A. the "object-representation-mnemic trace", in its diadic (interchangeable) value, belongs to the imaginary-specular register, where he object missing can only be registered as absence, and neve as a loss or as an impossiblity of reappearance...
September 1975: Acta Psiquiátrica y Psicológica de América Latina
P M Furlan, P G Battaggia
This paper presents a psychodynamic evaluation of a case of fetishism, whose main features are the homosexual or autoerotic choice of the fetish (hair), social and occupational maladjustment and occurrence of epysodes of psychotic depression. After a survey of the literature, with particular emphasis on psychoanalitic and psychodynamic approach, the authors discuss the diagnostic problems presented by this case and decide for a diagnosis works as a largely unsuccessful attempt to escape psychotic regression...
September 1975: Rivista di Patologia Nervosa e Mentale
R Harari
"La Vuelta de Obligado" (Obligado bend of Paraná river) is the name of a battle fought by local rebels against the colonial invading navy. The victory was due to a witty device: the patriots stretched a cable across the river and succeded in stopping the foreign float. The event is the paradigm of the everlasting fight of under-developped countries against powerful colonial metropolis. The author examines the conditions of local fight against colonizing cultural and scientific ideas, being his main content that scientific advancement needs not be an instrument of scientific imperialism...
September 1976: Acta Psiquiátrica y Psicológica de América Latina
R J Loustau
The author reviews Freud's postulations on proto-phantasies, and traces the evolution of several concepts related to them, in the aim of showing that there is a common purpose along the whole theoretical development: to uncover or to explain the innate archaic legacy, its role and its effects within the Psychic Apparatus of men. The first formulations of the idea of proto-phantasies in Freud's works are as early as his letters to Fliess and the Traumdeutung (1900), where it is stated the hope that the interpretation of dreams can lead to the discovery of innate elements received from ancestors...
June 1976: Acta Psiquiátrica y Psicológica de América Latina
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