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Britta Kleist, Thuja Meurer, Micaela Poetsch
This study attempts to determine whether primary tumor tissue could reliably represent metastatic colorectal cancer in therapy-guiding analysis of mitochondrial microsatellite instability. Therefore, we investigated the concordance of microsatellite instability in D310, D514, and D16184 (mitochondrial DNA displacement loop), and its association with selected clinical categories and KRAS/NRAS/BRAF/PIK3CA/TP53 mutation status between primary and metastatic colorectal cancer tissue from 119 patients. Displacement loop microsatellite instability was significantly more frequently seen in lymph node metastases (53...
March 2017: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Teiko Nartey, Chiara M Mazzanti, Stella Melana, Wendy K Glenn, Generoso Bevilacqua, James F Holland, Noel J Whitaker, James S Lawson, Beatriz G T Pogo
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s13027-016-0113-6.].
2017: Infectious Agents and Cancer
Man-Li Zhang, Yan-Fang Jiang, Xin-Rui Wang, Li-Li Ding, Hong-Juan Wang, Qing-Qing Meng, Pu-Jun Gao
AIM: To evaluate the numbers of different subsets of monocytes and their associations with the values of clinical measures in mild acute pancreatitis (MAP) patients. METHODS: The study included one group of 13 healthy controls and another group of 24 patients with new-onset MAP. The numbers of different subsets of monocytes were examined in these two groups of subjects by flow cytometry. The concentrations of plasma interleukin (IL)-10 and IL-12 were determined by cytometric bead array...
February 28, 2017: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Kristian Kniha, Stephan Christian Möhlhenrich, Ann Christina Foldenauer, Florian Peters, Nassim Ayoub, Evgeny Goloborodko, Frank Hölzle, Ali Modabber
Long-term results of dental implant treatment in fibula free and deep circumflex iliac artery (DCIA) free flaps are scarce. The purpose of this study was to assess and compare peri-implant bone resorption of vascularized bone flaps treated with dental implants. A total of 28 patients, 14 fibula and 14 DCIA flaps, respectively, underwent reconstruction of the lower and upper jaw by the use of vascularized bone flaps and were treated with dental implants. Peri-implant bone resorption was measured using digital panographs up to 3 years...
January 30, 2017: Journal of Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgery
Xuming Wang, Qiuyue Chen, Xuan Huang, Feng Zou, Zhengqi Fu, Ying Chen, Yan Li, Zhaoyi Wang, Lijiang Liu
The present study aimed to investigate the effects of 17β-estradiol and tamoxifen, an agonist and inhibitor of the estrogen receptor (ER), respectively, on the proliferation and apoptosis of gastric cancer cells, as well as the messenger (m)RNA expression levels of ER-α36. Nested reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) confirmed that ER-α36 was expressed in the BGC823, MKN45 and SGC7901 human gastric cancer cell lines. Subsequently, the BGC823 cell line was stimulated with various concentrations of 17β-estradiol or tamoxifen for 24 or 48 h, and the proliferation, apoptosis and mRNA expression levels of ER-α36 were determined by water-soluble tetrazolium (WST)-1 assay, flow cytometry and RT-quantitative PCR, respectively...
January 2017: Oncology Letters
Sarah Brown, Isabelle L Smith, Julia M Brown, Claire Hulme, Elizabeth McGinnis, Nikki Stubbs, E Andrea Nelson, Delia Muir, Claudia Rutherford, Kay Walker, Valerie Henderson, Lyn Wilson, Rachael Gilberts, Howard Collier, Catherine Fernandez, Suzanne Hartley, Moninder Bhogal, Susanne Coleman, Jane E Nixon
BACKGROUND: Pressure ulcers represent a major burden to patients, carers and the healthcare system, affecting approximately 1 in 17 hospital and 1 in 20 community patients. They impact greatly on an individual's functional status and health-related quality of life. The mainstay of pressure ulcer prevention practice is the provision of pressure redistribution support surfaces and patient repositioning. The aim of the PRESSURE 2 study is to compare the two main mattress types utilised within the NHS: high-specification foam and alternating pressure mattresses, in the prevention of pressure ulcers...
December 20, 2016: Trials
Vikram M Narayan, Shahab Bozorgmehri, Joseph H Ellen, Muna T Canales, Benjamin K Canales, Vincent G Bird
PURPOSE: Computerized tomography imaging is regularly used to assess stone HU values as a surrogate for stone composition and fragility. Techniques for measuring HU values are unstandardized, leading to high variability. We investigated several region of interest measurement strategies to quantify this variability. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients from an institutional database who underwent preoperative computerized tomography, surgical stone extraction and stone composition analysis were identified...
March 2017: Journal of Urology
Arianna Cerquiglini, Johann Henckel, Harry S Hothi, Anna Di Laura, John A Skinner, Alister J Hart
Metal release in patients with joint replacements is associated with local tissue reactions, pain, and ultimately revision of implants. One of the causes of this metal loss is speculated to be due to a mechanism of inflammatory cell-induced corrosion (ICIC). In this knee retrieval study, we aimed to: (1) identify the extent and location of ICI corrosion patterns on our femoral and tibial components and (2) correlate our findings with implant and clinical information. We investigated 28 femoral and 9 tibial components made of polished CoCr for presence of ICIC, using macroscopic and microscopic screening and statistical analyses to identify any significant correlations between our results and clinical information...
November 29, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials
Shunsuke Tamaki, Takahisa Yamada, Takashi Morita, Yoshio Furukawa, Yusuke Iwasaki, Masato Kawasaki, Atsushi Kikuchi, Takumi Kondo, Tsutomu Kawai, Satoshi Takahashi, Masashi Ishimi, Hideyuki Hakui, Tatsuhisa Ozaki, Yoshihiro Sato, Masahiro Seo, Yasushi Sakata, Masatake Fukunami
AIMS: Right ventricular (RV) systolic dysfunction has been shown to be an independent predictor of clinical outcome in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF), and cardiac metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) imaging also provides prognostic information. We aimed to evaluate the long-term predictive value of combining RV systolic dysfunction and abnormal findings of cardiac MIBG imaging on outcome in CHF patients. METHODS AND RESULTS: We enrolled 63 CHF outpatients with left ventricular ejection fraction (EF) <40% in a prospective cohort study...
December 2015: ESC Heart Failure
Karen Bowman, Robyn D Robertson
In the past decade, distracted driving has emerged as one of the most prominent global road safety concerns. The singular and combined efforts of many organizations, such as Drop It And Drive (DIAD) and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), have identified the need for partnerships, shared information, and access to interpretable research findings to guide decision making and to identify effective strategies to reduce, if not eliminate, preventable injuries/fatalities from distracted driving, including whiplash-associated disorders...
October 2016: Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Anukul Pandey, Butta Singh, Barjinder Singh Saini, Neetu Sood
In this paper, a joint use of the discrete cosine transform (DCT), and differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) based quantization is presented for predefined quality controlled electrocardiogram (ECG) data compression. The formulated approach exploits the energy compaction property in transformed domain. The DPCM quantization has been applied to zero-sequence grouped DCT coefficients that were optimally thresholded via Regula-Falsi method. The generated sequence is encoded using Huffman coding. This encoded series is further converted to a valid ASCII code using the standard codebook for transmission purpose...
December 2016: Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Jocelyn L Tan-Shalaby, Jennifer Carrick, Krystal Edinger, Dana Genovese, Andrew D Liman, Vida A Passero, Rashmikant B Shah
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s12986-016-0113-y.].
2016: Nutrition & Metabolism
Shi-Hao Xu, Qiao Li, Yuan-Ping Hu, Li Ying
The liver fibrosis index (LFI), based on real‑time tissue elastography (RTE), is a method currently used to assess liver fibrosis. However, this method may not consistently distinguish between the different stages of fibrosis, which limits its accuracy. The aim of the present study was to develop novel models based on biochemical, RTE and ultrasound data for predicting significant liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. A total of 85 consecutive patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) were prospectively enrolled and underwent a liver biopsy and RTE...
October 2016: Molecular Medicine Reports
Anna Lutkowska, Andrzej Roszak, Pawel P Jagodziński
The role of 17β-estradiol (E2) in the development of cervical tumor (CT) has been demonstrated. 17β Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (HSD17B1) converts estrone (E1) into E2. We aimed to study the distribution of the HSD17B1937 A > G (rs605059) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in women (n = 383) with CT and controls (n = 401) from the Polish population. The p-trend value evaluated for HSD17B1 rs605059 was 0.0233 for all patients. The A/A vs G/G genotype significantly contributed to all patients with CT, and the Odds Ratio (OR) was 1...
August 29, 2016: Pathology Oncology Research: POR
Shuxi Ren, Chunli Pang, Junwei Li, Yayue Huang, Suhua Zhang, Yong Zhan, Hailong An
Kir2.1 plays key roles in setting rest membrane potential and modulation of cell excitability. Mutations of Kir2.1, such as D172N or E299V, inducing gain-of-function, can cause type3 short QT syndrome (SQT3) due to the enlarged outward currents. So far, there is no clinical drug target to block the currents of Kir2.1. Here, we identified a novel blocker of Kir2.1, styrax, which is a kind of natural compound selected from traditional Chinese medicine. Our data show that styrax can abolish the inward and outward currents of Kir2...
January 2, 2017: Channels
Anna M Swanson, Carlo A Rossi, Keren Ofir, Vedanta Mehta, Michael Boyd, Hannah Barker, Agata Ledwozyw, Owen Vaughan, John Martin, Ian Zachary, Neil Sebire, Donald M Peebles, Anna L David
In a model of growth-restricted sheep pregnancy, it was previously demonstrated that transient uterine artery VEGF overexpression can improve fetal growth. This approach was tested in guinea-pig pregnancies, where placental physiology is more similar to humans. Fetal growth restriction (FGR) was attained through peri-conceptual nutrient restriction in virgin guinea pigs. Ad.VEGF-A165 or Ad.LacZ (1 × 10(10)vp) was applied at mid-gestation via laparotomy, delivered externally to the uterine circulation with thermosensitive gel...
December 2016: Human Gene Therapy
Thais Invenção Cabral, Louise Gracelli Pereira da Silva, Cláudia Maria Simões Martinez, Eloisa Tudella
BACKGROUND: Premature birth suggests condition of biological vulnerability, predisposing to neurological injuries, requiring hospitalization in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, which, while contributing to increase the survival rates, expose infants to sensory stimuli harmful to the immature organism. AIMS: To evaluate the sensory processing at 4 and 6months' corrected age. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study with a sample of 30 infants divided into an experimental group composed of preterm infants (n=15), and a control group composed of full-term infants (n=15)...
December 2016: Early Human Development
Rosmin S Ennis, Marilyn E Brandt, Kristin R Wilson Grimes, Tyler B Smith
It is suspected that land cover alteration on the southern coast of St. Thomas, USVI has increased runoff, degrading nearshore water quality and coral reef health. Chronic and acute changes in water quality, sediment deposition, and coral health metrics were assessed in three zones based upon perceived degree of human influence. Chlorophyll (p<0.0001) and turbidity (p=0.0113) were significantly higher in nearshore zones and in the high impact zone during heavy precipitation. Net sediment deposition and terrigenous content increased in nearshore zones during periods of greater precipitation and port activity...
October 15, 2016: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Stefano Romagnoli, Giovanni Zagli, Germana Tuccinardi, Lorenzo Tofani, Cosimo Chelazzi, Gianluca Villa, Fabio Cianchi, Andrea Coratti, Angelo Raffaele De Gaudio, Zaccaria Ricci
PURPOSE: Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a frequent complication in high-risk patients undergoing major surgery and is associated with longer hospital stay, increased risk for nosocomial infection and significantly higher costs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective observational study exploring the incidence of AKI (AKIN classification at any stage) in high-risk patients within 48 hours after major abdominal surgery was conducted. Patients' preoperative characteristics, intraoperative management, and outcome were evaluated for associations with AKI using a logistic regression model...
October 2016: Journal of Critical Care
Valdir De Aquino Lemos, Eduardo Da Silva Alves, Paulo Adriano Schwingel, João Paulo Pereira Rosa, Andressa Da Silva, Ciro Winckler, Roberto Vital, Alexandre Aparecido De Almeida, Sergio Tufik, Marco Túlio De Mello
Body composition is a physiological variable associated with physical activity and, in some cases, is related to athletic performance. Our objectives were to describe the body composition of participants in three distinct Paralympic sports and to compare the values of body density and estimated body fat obtained from the Paralympic athletes on the National Team by air-displacement plethysmography (ADP) and by the anthropometric method (skinfolds (SFs)). The sample consisted of 70 volunteers of both genders...
November 2016: European Journal of Sport Science
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