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T. Hirota

C Kachulis, K Abe, C Bronner, Y Hayato, M Ikeda, K Iyogi, J Kameda, Y Kato, Y Kishimoto, Ll Marti, M Miura, S Moriyama, M Nakahata, Y Nakano, S Nakayama, Y Okajima, A Orii, G Pronost, H Sekiya, M Shiozawa, Y Sonoda, A Takeda, A Takenaka, H Tanaka, S Tasaka, T Tomura, R Akutsu, T Kajita, K Kaneyuki, Y Nishimura, K Okumura, K M Tsui, L Labarga, P Fernandez, F D M Blaszczyk, J Gustafson, E Kearns, J L Raaf, J L Stone, L R Sulak, S Berkman, S Tobayama, M Goldhaber, M Elnimr, W R Kropp, S Mine, S Locke, P Weatherly, M B Smy, H W Sobel, V Takhistov, K S Ganezer, J Hill, J Y Kim, I T Lim, R G Park, A Himmel, Z Li, E O'Sullivan, K Scholberg, C W Walter, T Ishizuka, T Nakamura, J S Jang, K Choi, J G Learned, S Matsuno, S N Smith, J Amey, R P Litchfield, W Y Ma, Y Uchida, M O Wascko, S Cao, M Friend, T Hasegawa, T Ishida, T Ishii, T Kobayashi, T Nakadaira, K Nakamura, Y Oyama, K Sakashita, T Sekiguchi, T Tsukamoto, K E Abe, M Hasegawa, A T Suzuki, Y Takeuchi, T Yano, T Hayashino, T Hiraki, S Hirota, K Huang, M Jiang, K E Nakamura, T Nakaya, B Quilain, N D Patel, R A Wendell, L H V Anthony, N McCauley, A Pritchard, Y Fukuda, Y Itow, M Murase, F Muto, P Mijakowski, K Frankiewicz, C K Jung, X Li, J L Palomino, G Santucci, C Vilela, M J Wilking, C Yanagisawa, S Ito, D Fukuda, H Ishino, A Kibayashi, Y Koshio, H Nagata, M Sakuda, C Xu, Y Kuno, D Wark, F Di Lodovico, B Richards, R Tacik, S B Kim, A Cole, L Thompson, H Okazawa, Y Choi, K Ito, K Nishijima, M Koshiba, Y Totsuka, Y Suda, M Yokoyama, R G Calland, M Hartz, K Martens, C Simpson, Y Suzuki, M R Vagins, D Hamabe, M Kuze, T Yoshida, M Ishitsuka, J F Martin, C M Nantais, H A Tanaka, A Konaka, S Chen, L Wan, Y Zhang, R J Wilkes, A Minamino
A search for boosted dark matter using 161.9 kt yr of Super-Kamiokande IV data is presented. We search for an excess of elastically scattered electrons above the atmospheric neutrino background, with a visible energy between 100 MeV and 1 TeV, pointing back to the Galactic center or the Sun. No such excess is observed. Limits on boosted dark matter event rates in multiple angular cones around the Galactic center and Sun are calculated. Limits are also calculated for a baseline model of boosted dark matter produced from cold dark matter annihilation or decay...
June 1, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Masayoshi Ohkuro, Jun-Dal Kim, Yoshikazu Kuboi, Yuki Hayashi, Hayase Mizukami, Hiroko Kobayashi-Kuramochi, Kenzo Muramoto, Manabu Shirato, Fumiko Michikawa-Tanaka, Jun Moriya, Teruya Kozaki, Kazuma Takase, Kenichi Chiba, Kishan Lal Agarwala, Takayuki Kimura, Makoto Kotake, Tetsuya Kawahara, Naoki Yoneda, Shinsuke Hirota, Hiroshi Azuma, Nobuko Ozasa-Komura, Yoshiaki Ohashi, Masafumi Muratani, Keiji Kimura, Ieharu Hishinuma, Akiyoshi Fukamizu
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, is a chronic intestinal inflammatory condition initiated by integrins-mediated leukocyte adhesion to the activated colonic microvascular endothelium. Calreticulin (CRT), a calcium-binding chaperone, is known as a partner in the activation of integrin α subunits (ITGAs). The relationship between their interaction and the pathogenesis of IBD is largely unknown. Here we show that a small molecule, orally active ER-464195-01, inhibits the CRT binding to ITGAs, which suppresses the adhesiveness of both T cells and neutrophils...
May 17, 2018: Nature Communications
D D Estelle Temgoua, M B Tchoula Tchokonte, T C Kofane
The generalized nonparaxial nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equation in optical fibers filled with chiral materials is reduced to the higher-order integrable Hirota equation. Based on the modified Darboux transformation method, the nonparaxial chiral optical rogue waves are constructed from the scalar model with modulated coefficients. We show that the parameters of nonparaxiality, third-order dispersion, and differential gain or loss term are the main keys to control the amplitude, linear, and nonlinear effects in the model...
April 2018: Physical Review. E
Kenji Mitsudo, Yuichiro Hayashi, Shuhei Minamiyama, Nobuhide Ohashi, Masaki Iida, Toshinori Iwai, Senri Oguri, Toshiyuki Koizumi, Mitomu Kioi, Makoto Hirota, Izumi Koike, Masaharu Hata, Iwai Tohnai
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the therapeutic results and rate of organ preservation in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue treated with retrograde superselective intra-arterial chemoradiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between June 2006 and June 2015, 118 patients with tongue cancer were treated with intra-arterial chemoradiotherapy. Treatment consisted of radiotherapy (total 50-70 Gy) and daily concurrent intra-arterial chemotherapy (docetaxel, total 50-70 mg/m2 ; cisplatin, total 125-175 mg/m2 ) for 5-7 weeks...
April 2018: Oral Oncology
Yoshikazu Togo, Daishi Ichioka, Jun Miyazaki, Yoshiko Maeda, Koji Kameyama, Mitsuru Yasuda, Yoshiki Hiyama, Satoshi Takahashi, Hiroshi Nagae, Seiichi Hirota, Shingo Yamamoto
OBJECTIVES: To assess the effect of cernitin pollen extract on serum prostate-specific antigen level prostate biopsy candidates, and to develop an ideal protocol to avoid an unnecessary biopsy procedure. METHODS: A total of 61 patients were administrated cernitin pollen extract tablets (two tablets t.i.d.) for 30 days, and then underwent a prostate biopsy with ≥12 systematic and targeted biopsy cores obtained. Serum prostate-specific antigen levels were examined before and after administration of the pollen extract, and the change in serum prostate-specific antigen and the rate of change were analyzed in relation to negative and positive biopsy results for cancer...
May 2018: International Journal of Urology: Official Journal of the Japanese Urological Association
I N Hirota, L S Alves, M G Gandolfi, M Félix, J J T Ranzani, C V S Brandão
The objective of this study was to describe the reference values of cranial measurements of capybaras, correlating the ocular orbit with the nasolacrimal duct. The documentation of its results can contribute to standardizing characteristics of anatomical normality and favouring the correct diagnosis and treatment of changes. The capybara carcasses, maintained by freezing, were distributed in two groups (G) designated GA (n = 12) adult animals (A) and GY (n = 13) for young animals (Y). All subjects underwent dacryocystography examination by computed tomography (CT) and cranial measurements...
March 12, 2018: Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia
Tetsushi Hamaguchi, Yushi Hirota, Takehito Takeuchi, Yasushi Nakagawa, Atsuko Matsuoka, Masaaki Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Awano, Kazumoto Iijima, Pei Chieng Cha, Wataru Satake, Tatsushi Toda, Wataru Ogawa
A Japanese woman aged in her late 30s with severe insulin resistance and bodily features including a triangular face, prominent forehead, small chin, large and low-set ears, and ocular depression was investigated. A similar phenotype was not observed in other family members with the exception of her son, suggesting that the condition was caused by a de novo mutation that was transmitted from mother to son. Exome analysis showed the presence in the proband and her son of a c.1945C>T mutation in PIK3R1, a common mutation associated with SHORT (short stature, hyperextensibility of joints and/or inguinal hernia, ocular depression, Rieger anomaly, and teething delay) syndrome...
February 24, 2018: Journal of Diabetes Investigation
Daisuke Noro, Takuya Koie, Yasuhiro Hashimoto, Toshikazu Tanaka, Chikara Ohyama, Yuki Tobisawa, Tohru Yoneyama, Atsushi Imai, Shingo Hatakeyama, Hayato Yamamoto, Masato Kitayama, Kazuyoshi Hirota
Objectives: Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) is an alpha-glycoprotein synthesized in the liver. Its serum levels are reportedly correlated with disease activity in patients with cancer. The aim of this study was to estimate the potential prognostic significance of preoperative serum BChE levels in patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) undergoing radical nephroureterectomy (RNU). Methods: Of the 220 patients with UTUC who underwent RNU between 1995 and 2016 at Hirosaki University Hospital, 149 patients with available laboratory data were included for analysis...
February 1, 2018: Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology
K Hirota, M Yamakage, S Hashimoto, T Asai, S Isono
Respiratory management during general anesthesia aims to safely secure the airway and maintain adequate ventilation to deliver oxygen to the vital organs, maintaining homeostasis even during surgery. Despite its clinical importance, anesthesiologists often encounter difficulties in properly managing respiration during the perioperative period, leading to severe respiratory complications. In this year's JA symposium, 5 editorial board members of Journal of Anesthesia (JA) who are experts in the field of respiratory management in anesthesia discussed the following topics: quitting smoking before surgery: exposure to passive smoke is damaging to children, ventilator-associated pneumonia, high inspiratory oxygen concentration and lung injury, aspiration pneumonia, and postoperative respiratory management strategy in patients with obstructive sleep apnea...
February 2018: Journal of Anesthesia
Yohko Kitagawa, Naganari Ohkura, Yujiro Kidani, Alexis Vandenbon, Keiji Hirota, Ryoji Kawakami, Keiko Yasuda, Daisuke Motooka, Shota Nakamura, Motonari Kondo, Ichiro Taniuchi, Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Shimon Sakaguchi
This corrects the article DOI: 10.1038/ni.3646.
October 18, 2017: Nature Immunology
H Fujimoto, M Hirota, T Kodama, C Greiner, T Hashimoto
WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: There is a developing body of research on violence in healthcare workplaces. Although psychiatric visiting nurses (PVNs) are an important group of professionals who provide medical services for people with mental disorders live in the community, little is known about the experiences and characteristics of violence exposure among PVNs, or the characteristics and work situations of PVNs related to violence exposure. WHAT THIS STUDY ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: Approximately 40% of participants were exposed to violence during the previous 12 months; approximately 50% had been exposed during their PVN careers in PVN settings...
August 24, 2017: Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Yoshitane Tsukamoto, Hiroyuki Futani, Shinichi Yoshiya, Takahiro Watanabe, Takako Kihara, Shohei Matsuo, Seiichi Hirota
We experienced a 38-year-old Japanese male with t(10;19) CIC-DUX4 -positive undifferentiated small round cell sarcoma in the deep abdominal wall. Three months before his first visit to our hospital, he noticed a mass in his right abdominal wall. Computed tomography on admission revealed a solid abdominal tumor 70×53mm in size and multiple small tumors in both lungs. The biopsy of the abdominal tumor revealed undifferentiated small round cell sarcoma, suggestive of Ewing sarcoma. Under the clinical diagnosis of Ewing-like sarcoma of the abdominal wall with multiple lung metastases, several cycles of ICE (ifosfamide, carboplatin and etoposide) therapy were performed...
October 2017: Pathology, Research and Practice
H Takahashi, H Tsuboi, H Asashima, T Hirota, Y Kondo, M Moriyama, I Matsumoto, S Nakamura, T Sumida
To examine genes expressed specifically in labial salivary glands (LSGs) of patients with Sjögren's syndrome (SS) in comparison with those of patients with immunoglobulin (Ig)G4-related disease (IgG4-RD), and to identify the genes involved in the pathogenesis of SS. Gene expression in LSGs of SS patients, IgG4-RD patients and healthy controls (HC) was analysed by cDNA microarray. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) was used to validate the up-regulation of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in SS...
October 2017: Clinical and Experimental Immunology
Marta Miralles, Herena Eixarch, Marcos Tejero, Carme Costa, Keiji Hirota, A Raul Castaño, Meritxell Puig, Gitta Stockinger, Xavier Montalban, Assumpció Bosch, Carmen Espejo, Miguel Chillon
The role of the T helper (Th)17 pathway has been clearly demonstrated in the onset and progression of autoimmune diseases, where interleukin (IL)-23 is a key molecule in maintaining the response mediated by Th17 cells. As a consequence, recent strategies based on blocking the interaction between IL-23 and its receptor (IL-23R), for example the anti-p19 antibody tildrakizumab, have been developed to regulate the Th17 pathway from the initial stages of the disease. Here, a soluble (s)IL-23R cDNA was cloned in expression plasmids and viral vectors...
October 2017: Neurotherapeutics: the Journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics
Tomoya Hirota, Hiroto Tsuboi, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Hiromitsu Asashima, Masaru Ohta, Yuhya Wakasa, Isao Matsumoto, Fumio Takaiwa, Takayuki Sumida
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects and mechanisms of transgenic rice seeds expressing the altered peptide ligand (APL) of human glucose-6-phosphate-isomerase (hGPI325-339) in mice model of GPI induced arthritis (GIA). METHODS: We generated transgenic rice expressing APL12 which was analog peptide of hGPI325-339. The transgenic rice seeds were orally administered prophylactically before the induction of GIA. The severity of arthritis and titers of serum anti-GPI antibodies were evaluated...
2017: Nihon Rinshō Men'eki Gakkai Kaishi, Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology
Mana Iizuka-Koga, Hiromitsu Asashima, Miki Ando, Chen-Yi Lai, Shinji Mochizuki, Mahito Nakanishi, Toshinobu Nishimura, Hiroto Tsuboi, Tomoya Hirota, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Isao Matsumoto, Makoto Otsu, Takayuki Sumida
Although it is important to clarify the pathogenic functions of T cells in human samples, their examination is often limited due to difficulty in obtaining sufficient numbers of dendritic cells (DCs), used as antigen-presenting cells, especially in autoimmune diseases. We describe the generation of DCs from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from T cells (T-iPSCs). We reprogrammed CD4+ T cell clones from a patient with Sjögren's syndrome (SS) into iPSCs, which were differentiated into DCs (T-iPS-DCs)...
May 9, 2017: Stem Cell Reports
Gentaro Izumi, Kaori Koga, Masashi Takamura, Wang Bo, Miwako Nagai, Mariko Miyashita, Miyuki Harada, Tetsuya Hirata, Yasushi Hirota, Osamu Yoshino, Tomoyuki Fujii, Yutaka Osuga
Hysterosalpingography (HSG) with oil-soluble contrast medium (OSCM) is known to enhance fertility, although the mechanism is unclear. OSCM remains in the peritoneal cavity for several months after HSG. We hypothesized that OSCM that remains in the peritoneal cavity modulates dendritic cell (DC) and regulatory T cell (Treg) profiles and contributes to enhanced fertility. We characterized the profiles of DCs and Tregs in the peritoneal fluid from women who had undergone HSG. In vitro and in vivo effects of OSCM on monocyte-derived DCs and mouse peritoneal T cells were also evaluated...
June 1, 2017: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
K Abe, J Amey, C Andreopoulos, M Antonova, S Aoki, A Ariga, D Autiero, S Ban, M Barbi, G J Barker, G Barr, C Barry, P Bartet-Friburg, M Batkiewicz, V Berardi, S Berkman, S Bhadra, S Bienstock, A Blondel, S Bolognesi, S Bordoni, S B Boyd, D Brailsford, A Bravar, C Bronner, M Buizza Avanzini, R G Calland, T Campbell, S Cao, S L Cartwright, M G Catanesi, A Cervera, C Checchia, D Cherdack, N Chikuma, G Christodoulou, A Clifton, J Coleman, G Collazuol, D Coplowe, A Cudd, A Dabrowska, G De Rosa, T Dealtry, P F Denner, S R Dennis, C Densham, D Dewhurst, F Di Lodovico, S Di Luise, S Dolan, O Drapier, K E Duffy, J Dumarchez, M Dziewiecki, S Emery-Schrenk, A Ereditato, T Feusels, A J Finch, G A Fiorentini, M Friend, Y Fujii, D Fukuda, Y Fukuda, V Galymov, A Garcia, C Giganti, F Gizzarelli, T Golan, M Gonin, D R Hadley, L Haegel, M D Haigh, D Hansen, J Harada, M Hartz, T Hasegawa, N C Hastings, T Hayashino, Y Hayato, R L Helmer, A Hillairet, T Hiraki, A Hiramoto, S Hirota, M Hogan, J Holeczek, F Hosomi, K Huang, A K Ichikawa, M Ikeda, J Imber, J Insler, R A Intonti, T Ishida, T Ishii, E Iwai, K Iwamoto, A Izmaylov, B Jamieson, M Jiang, S Johnson, P Jonsson, C K Jung, M Kabirnezhad, A C Kaboth, T Kajita, H Kakuno, J Kameda, D Karlen, T Katori, E Kearns, M Khabibullin, A Khotjantsev, H Kim, J Kim, S King, J Kisiel, A Knight, A Knox, T Kobayashi, L Koch, T Koga, A Konaka, K Kondo, L L Kormos, A Korzenev, Y Koshio, K Kowalik, W Kropp, Y Kudenko, R Kurjata, T Kutter, J Lagoda, I Lamont, M Lamoureux, E Larkin, P Lasorak, M Laveder, M Lawe, M Licciardi, T Lindner, Z J Liptak, R P Litchfield, X Li, A Longhin, J P Lopez, T Lou, L Ludovici, X Lu, L Magaletti, K Mahn, M Malek, S Manly, A D Marino, J F Martin, P Martins, S Martynenko, T Maruyama, V Matveev, K Mavrokoridis, W Y Ma, E Mazzucato, M McCarthy, N McCauley, K S McFarland, C McGrew, A Mefodiev, C Metelko, M Mezzetto, P Mijakowski, A Minamino, O Mineev, S Mine, A Missert, M Miura, S Moriyama, Th A Mueller, J Myslik, T Nakadaira, M Nakahata, K G Nakamura, K Nakamura, K D Nakamura, Y Nakanishi, S Nakayama, T Nakaya, K Nakayoshi, C Nantais, C Nielsen, M Nirkko, K Nishikawa, Y Nishimura, P Novella, J Nowak, H M O'Keeffe, K Okumura, T Okusawa, W Oryszczak, S M Oser, T Ovsyannikova, R A Owen, Y Oyama, V Palladino, J L Palomino, V Paolone, N D Patel, P Paudyal, M Pavin, D Payne, J D Perkin, Y Petrov, L Pickard, L Pickering, E S Pinzon Guerra, C Pistillo, B Popov, M Posiadala-Zezula, J-M Poutissou, R Poutissou, P Przewlocki, B Quilain, T Radermacher, E Radicioni, P N Ratoff, M Ravonel, M A Rayner, A Redij, E Reinherz-Aronis, C Riccio, P A Rodrigues, E Rondio, B Rossi, S Roth, A Rubbia, A Rychter, K Sakashita, F Sánchez, E Scantamburlo, K Scholberg, J Schwehr, M Scott, Y Seiya, T Sekiguchi, H Sekiya, D Sgalaberna, R Shah, A Shaikhiev, F Shaker, D Shaw, M Shiozawa, T Shirahige, S Short, M Smy, J T Sobczyk, H Sobel, M Sorel, L Southwell, J Steinmann, T Stewart, P Stowell, Y Suda, S Suvorov, A Suzuki, S Y Suzuki, Y Suzuki, R Tacik, M Tada, A Takeda, Y Takeuchi, H K Tanaka, H A Tanaka, D Terhorst, R Terri, T Thakore, L F Thompson, S Tobayama, W Toki, T Tomura, C Touramanis, T Tsukamoto, M Tzanov, Y Uchida, M Vagins, Z Vallari, G Vasseur, T Vladisavljevic, T Wachala, C W Walter, D Wark, M O Wascko, A Weber, R Wendell, R J Wilkes, M J Wilking, C Wilkinson, J R Wilson, R J Wilson, C Wret, Y Yamada, K Yamamoto, M Yamamoto, C Yanagisawa, T Yano, S Yen, N Yershov, M Yokoyama, K Yoshida, T Yuan, M Yu, A Zalewska, J Zalipska, L Zambelli, K Zaremba, M Ziembicki, E D Zimmerman, M Zito, J Żmuda
T2K reports its first results in the search for CP violation in neutrino oscillations using appearance and disappearance channels for neutrino- and antineutrino-mode beams. The data include all runs from January 2010 to May 2016 and comprise 7.482×10^{20} protons on target in neutrino mode, which yielded in the far detector 32 e-like and 135  μ-like events, and 7.471×10^{20} protons on target in antineutrino mode, which yielded 4 e-like and 66  μ-like events. Reactor measurements of sin^{2}2θ_{13} have been used as an additional constraint...
April 14, 2017: Physical Review Letters
H Sunadome, H Matsumoto, G Petrova, Y Kanemitsu, Y Tohda, T Horiguchi, H Kita, K Kuwabara, K Tomii, K Otsuka, M Fujimura, N Ohkura, K Tomita, A Yokoyama, H Ohnishi, Y Nakano, T Oguma, S Hozawa, T Nagasaki, I Ito, T Oguma, H Inoue, T Tajiri, T Iwata, Y Izuhara, J Ono, S Ohta, T Hirota, M Tamari, T Yokoyama, A Niimi, K Izuhara, M Mishima
BACKGROUND: Genetic markers of susceptibility to asthma exacerbations in adults remain unclear. OBJECTIVE: To identify genetic markers of asthma exacerbations, particularly in patients with type-2 inflammatory endotype. METHODS: In this observational study of patients enrolled in the Kinki Hokuriku Airway disease Conference multicenter study, frequency of exacerbations requiring systemic corticosteroids during 2 years after enrolment and associated risk factors was determined...
August 2017: Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Yohko Kitagawa, Naganari Ohkura, Yujiro Kidani, Alexis Vandenbon, Keiji Hirota, Ryoji Kawakami, Keiko Yasuda, Daisuke Motooka, Shota Nakamura, Motonari Kondo, Ichiro Taniuchi, Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Shimon Sakaguchi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 22, 2017: Nature Immunology
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