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Dong Yang, Liang He, Tong-Rong Su, Yan Chen, Quan Wang
PURPOSE: To study the safety and efficacy of laparoscopic subtotal colectomy (LASC) with cecorectal anastomosis for slow-transit constipation (STC). METHODS: This study was a retrospective review of all patients undergoing LASC with cecorectal anastomosis for STC between March 2010 and May 2017. The main variables included the operative time, blood loss, length of postoperative hospital stay, complications, and long-term outcomes. RESULTS: In this analysis, 56 patients were included...
April 27, 2018: Acta Chirurgica Belgica
Julia Geynisman-Tan, Oluwateniola Brown, Margaret Mueller, Katarzyna Bochenska, Sarah Collins, Christina Lewicky-Gaupp, Kimberly Kenton
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to determine if personnel handoffs or number of learners in the operating room (OR) are associated with longer OR times in women having pelvic organ prolapse surgery. METHODS: A retrospective review of women undergoing prolapse surgery in 2016 was conducted. Demographics; procedure; OR, anesthetic, and surgical time; number of handoffs between anesthesia members, circulators, and surgical technologies; and number of learners were abstracted...
March 2018: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
Iulian Daniel Vîlcioiu, Dragoş George Zamfirescu, Ioan Cristescu, Andrei Ursache, Şerban Arghir Popescu, Cosmin Antoniu Creangă, Ioan Lascăr
Giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) represents one of the commonest bone tumors encountered by an orthopedic surgeon. The giant-cell tumor is generally classified as benign but the fast growing rhythm and the aggressive soft-tissue invasion may in some cases demonstrate a malign potential of the tumor. We present the case of an aggressive giant cell tumor in a young patient that was first diagnosed in our emergency department with a fracture of the distal femur after a low energy trauma. With further examinations, we discovered that the tumor was invading the both femoral condyles and was vascularized by three major arterial pedicles...
2016: Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology, Revue Roumaine de Morphologie et Embryologie
Elizabeth Rose Mueller, Kimberly Kenton, Jennifer T Anger, Catherine Bresee, Christopher Tarnay
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To prospectively measure trocar site appearances 1 year after surgery in women participants in the Abdominal Colpopexy: Comparison of Endoscopic Surgical Strategies Trial, a 2-center randomized surgical trial (NCT01124916). DESIGN: Supplementary analysis of a surgical trial that randomized women to robotic or laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy (Canadian Task Force classification I). SETTING: Operative trial. PATIENTS: Women undergoing clinically indicated sacrocolpopexy for symptomatic stage ≥II pelvic organ prolapse were randomized to laparoscopic abdominal sacrocolpopexy (LASC) or robotic abdominal sacrocolpopexy (RASC)...
September 2016: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Margaret G Mueller, Kristin M Jacobs, Elizabeth R Mueller, Melinda G Abernethy, Kimberly S Kenton
OBJECTIVE: To report outcomes and complications in approximately 450 women who underwent isolated minimally invasive abdominal sacrocolpopexy (ASC) for the management of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). MATERIAL AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the electronic medical records of women who underwent minimally invasive ASC (laparoscopic ASC [LASC] or robotic ASC [RASC]) for symptomatic POP at Loyola University Chicago Medical Center from 2007 to 2012. Polypropylene mesh was used and the decision to reperitonealize the mesh was left to surgeon discretion...
July 2016: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
Anuradha Ravindra, D B Kulkarni, Leena Joseph, M S Kulkarni, D A R Babu
A large area windowless gas flow multi wire proportional counting system for the calibration of large area reference sources has been developed as a primary standard at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The counting system consists of a multi wire proportional counter (MWPC), vacuum system, gas flow system and pulse processing units. The MWPC detector assembly consists of a vacuum tight aluminum enclosure, multi wire grid and sliding source tray. Various detector characteristics like operating characteristics curve, Fe-55 spectrum for beta discriminator threshold setting and dead time of the measurement system were studied and determined in order to achieve an optimized detection capability...
January 2016: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Pariket M Dubal, Aykut A Unsal, Kristen A Echanique, Alejandro Vazquez, Lindsay S Reder, Soly Baredes, Jean Anderson Eloy
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: Adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC) is a rare entity, with fewer than 100 cases having been reported in the upper aerodigestive tract. Thus, no large samples characterizing its clinical behavior are available in the literature. Investigation of ASC has been further limited by difficulty in establishing histopathologic diagnosis. Our objective was to use a national population-based resource to evaluate patient demographics, clinical behavior, incidence, and survival for laryngeal adenosquamous carcinoma (LASC)...
April 2016: Laryngoscope
Irina V Vasilenko, Hui Yee Yeong, Marco Delgado, Samira Ouardad, Frédéric Peruch, Brigitte Voit, François Ganachaud, Sergei V Kostjuk
Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (DBSNa) surfactants, with a polydisperse and hyperbranched structure, combined with different rare earth metal salts generate highly water-dispersible Lewis acid surfactant combined catalysts (LASCs). This platform of new complexes promotes fast, efficient cationic polymerization of industrially relevant monomers in direct emulsion at moderate temperature. The process described here does not require high shearing, long polymerization time, or large catalyst content. It allows the reproducible generation of high-molar-mass homopolymers of pMOS, styrene, and isoprene, as well as random or multiblock copolymers of the latter two, in a simple and straightforward one-pot reaction...
October 19, 2015: Angewandte Chemie
Alexandriah N Alas, Jennifer T Anger
UNLABELLED: Pelvic organ prolapse is a prevalent condition, with up to 12 % of women requiring surgery in their lifetime. This manuscript reviews the treatment options for apical prolapse, specifically. Both conservative and surgical management options are acceptable and should be based on patient preferences. Pessaries are the most commonly used conservative management options. Guided pelvic floor muscle training is more beneficial than self-taught Kegel exercises, though may not be effective for high stage or apical prolapse...
May 2015: Current Urology Reports
Catalina Tobon-Gomez, Arjan Geers, Jochen Peters, Juergen Weese, Karen Pinto, Rashed Karim, Tobias Schaeffter, Reza Razavi, Kawal Rhode
Knowledge of left atrial (LA) anatomy is important for atrial fibrillation ablation guidance, fibrosis quantification and biophysical modelling. Segmentation of the LA from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) images is a complex problem. This manuscript presents a benchmark to evaluate algorithms that address LA segmentation. The datasets, ground truth and evaluation code have been made publicly available through the website. This manuscript also reports the results of the Left Atrial Segmentation Challenge (LASC) carried out at the STACOM'13 workshop, in conjunction with MICCAI'13...
February 3, 2015: IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
Zhongjun Li, Yang Xiang, Lixin Xiang, Yanni Xiao, Fengjie Li, Ping Hao
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the expression of ALDH1A1 in lung adenoma stem cells (LASCs) and maintenance of their stemness through the Notch pathway. METHODS: LASCs (A549s) were isolated from lung adenoma cells (A549) and identified by their coexpression of CD133 and CD326 and their capacity formulti-directional differentiation. Expression of ALDH1A1 in A549 and A549s cells were evaluated by Real-time PCR. Effects of ALDH1A1 upregulation in A549 cells and its downregulation in A549s cells on the clonogenicity and cell cycle were assessed by colony-forming unit assay...
2014: PloS One
Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Naotake Tsuboi, Asuka Shimizu, Takayuki Katsuno, Hangsoo Kim, Yosuke Saka, Takenori Ozaki, Yoshikazu Sado, Enyu Imai, Seiichi Matsuo, Shoichi Maruyama
Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) derived from adipose tissue have immunomodulatory effects, suggesting that they may have therapeutic potential for crescentic GN. Here, we systemically administered adipose-derived stromal cells (ASCs) in a rat model of anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease and found that this treatment protected against renal injury and decreased proteinuria, crescent formation, and infiltration by glomerular leukocytes, including neutrophils, CD8(+) T cells, and CD68(+) macrophages...
March 2013: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: JASN
Steven Stevenson, Coralie B Rose, Juliya S Maslenikova, Jimmy R Villarreal, Mary A Mackey, Brandon Q Mercado, Kelly Chen, Marilyn M Olmstead, Alan L Balch
The successful preparation and isolation of the mixed-metal endohedral fullerene, LaSc(2)N@I(h)-C(80), and its structural characterization by single-crystal X-ray diffraction are reported. Results from chemically adjusting plasma temperature, energy, and reactivity (CAPTEAR) experiments indicate that a 10 wt % addition of Cu(NO(3))(2)·2.5H(2)O to a mixture of La(2)O(3) and Sc(2)O(3) decreases the amount of C(60) and C(70) found in soot extracts by an order of magnitude. By combining a stoichiometric 2-fold excess of La to Sc atoms in the plasma reactor, an extract containing a greater abundance of LaSc(2)N@I(h)-C(80) relative to Sc(3)N@I(h)-C(80) was obtained...
December 17, 2012: Inorganic Chemistry
E R Mueller, K Kenton, C Tarnay, L Brubaker, A Rosenman, B Smith, K Stroupe, C Bresee, A Pantuck, P Schulam, J T Anger
INTRODUCTION: Robotic assistance during laparoscopic surgery for pelvic organ prolapse rapidly disseminated across the United States without level I data to support its benefit over traditional open and laparoscopic approaches [1]. This manuscript describes design and methodology of the Abdominal Colpopexy: Comparison of Endoscopic Surgical Strategies (ACCESS) Trial. METHODS: ACCESS is a randomized comparative effectiveness trial enrolling patients at two academic teaching facilities, UCLA (Los Angeles, CA) and Loyola University (Chicago, IL)...
September 2012: Contemporary Clinical Trials
S Wijga, J W M Bastiaansen, E Wall, E Strandberg, Y de Haas, L Giblin, H Bovenhuis
This genome-wide association study aimed to identify loci associated with lactation-average somatic cell score (LASCS) and the standard deviation of test-day somatic cell score (SCS-SD). It is one of the first studies to combine detailed phenotypic and genotypic cow data from research dairy herds located in different countries. The combined data set contained up to 52 individual test-days per lactation and thereby aimed to capture temporary increases in somatic cell score associated with infection. Phenotypic data for analysis consisted of 46,882 test-day records on 1,484 cows, and genotypic data consisted of 37,590 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)...
February 2012: Journal of Dairy Science
Sanda Anton, Katarina Tomanović, Slobodan Mrdenović, Krizo Katinić, Damir Gugić, Jelena Topić
Earlier experience of psychological trauma of a close person can through a transgenerational transfer influence traumatic reactions of a person going through a trauma at present, resulting in a repetition of earlier traumatic experiences and a development of a variety of mental disturbances. Purpose of our study was to evaluate the influence of transgenerational transfer on the development of Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women with diagnosed breast cancer that had a family member with diagnosed cancer...
September 2011: Collegium Antropologicum
Tatsuhito Watanabe, Shoichi Maruyama, Tokunori Yamamoto, Izumi Kamo, Kaoru Yasuda, Yosuke Saka, Takenori Ozaki, Yukio Yuzawa, Seiichi Matsuo, Momokazu Gotoh
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of a periurethral injection of low serum cultured adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (LASC) and to develop a new autologous cell therapy for stress urinary incontinence. METHODS: F344 rats were divided into three groups as based on the periurethral injection of LASC, GAX collagen or vehicle (control). At 2 and 4 weeks after injection, leak point pressure (LPP) was measured before and after transection of the pelvic nerves...
September 2011: International Journal of Urology: Official Journal of the Japanese Urological Association
Yosuke Saka, Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Takayuki Katsuno, Hangsoo Kim, Takenori Ozaki, Kenta Iwasaki, Masataka Haneda, Waichi Sato, Naotake Tsuboi, Yasuhiko Ito, Seiichi Matsuo, Takaaki Kobayashi, Shoichi Maruyama
BACKGROUND: Although the immunomodulatory effects of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) on T cells have been elucidated, little is known about their effects on B cells. Recently, we have established a novel culture method for adipose-derived MSC (ASC) using low (2%) serum medium containing fibroblast growth factor-2. We showed that low serum-cultured ASC (LASC) was superior to high (20%) serum-cultured ASC (HASC) when used in regenerative therapy. The aim of this study was to compare the action of LASC, HASC, and bone marrow-derived MSC (BM-MSC), on xenoantibody production by B cells...
May 2011: Xenotransplantation
Alison Cloutier, James A Mills, Allan J Baker
A major challenge facing studies of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) evolution in birds is the difficulty in genotyping alleles at individual loci, and the consequent inability to investigate sequence variation and selection pressures for each gene. In this study, four MHC class I loci were isolated from the red-billed gull (Larus scopulinus), representing both the first characterized MHCI genes within Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, and allies) and the first full-length MHCI sequences described outside Galloanserae (gamebirds + waterfowl)...
June 2011: Immunogenetics
Li Wang, Zhanbiao Shi, Yuqing Zhang, Zhen Zhang
AIM: Resilience refers to positive adaption in the face of stress or trauma. Assessing resilience is crucial in trauma-related research and practice. The 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) has been demonstrated to be a valid and reliable tool to achieve this goal. This study was designed to examine the psychometric properties of the 10-item CD-RISC in a sample of Chinese earthquake victims. METHODS: A total of 341 participants (185 women, 156 men) aged 20-63 years were recruited from a psychological relief program supported by the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences following the 'Wenchuan' earthquake...
October 2010: Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
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