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Dr Reddy's Laboratories

J Mark Jackson, Gary L Grove, Kent Allenby, Tim Houser
INTRODUCTION: In plaque psoriasis, the benefit of topical steroids is well established. The vehicle formulation of topical steroids may also provide benefit in addition to the effects of the steroid itself. DFD-01 (betamethasone dipropionate spray, 0.05%) is a formulation composed of a topical steroid in an emollient-like vehicle that enhances penetration to the target site of inflammation in the skin. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of DFD-01 and its vehicle on skin hydration and barrier function in compromised skin and to evaluate its effect on flexibility in healthy skin...
December 2017: Dermatology and Therapy
Kendall P Slaton, Michael D Huffer, Edward J Wikle, Jie Zhang, Casey D Morrow, S Craig Rhodes, Paul D Eleazer
INTRODUCTION: The rapid antibiotic sensitivity test (RAST) is a novel in-office culture and sensitivity system for endodontic infections. The purpose of this research was to validate the RAST system as a viable, in-office alternative to antibiotic sensitivity testing using turbidity to determine antibiotic sensitivities of endodontic infections. METHODS: Aspirates were taken from the root canals of 9 necrotic human teeth at the initiation of root canal therapy. These samples were cultured in the RAST medium, and antibiotic sensitivity to 6 antibiotics was tested...
October 9, 2017: Journal of Endodontics
Krunal Kavathiya, Murari Gurjar, Anand Patil, Madhura Naik, Vanita Noronha, Amit Joshi, Vikram Gota, Kumar Prabhash
The study aimed to compare the pharmacokinetics of 2 pemetrexed formulations (Pemgem, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories w.r.t; Alimta, Eli Lilly) in adult chemonaive subjects with adenocarcinoma stage III/IV non-small cell lung cancer. All patients received 500 mg/m(2) pemetrexed (Alimta or Pemgem) as a 10-minute infusion on day 1 of a 21-day cycle. Plasma pemetrexed concentrations were determined on day 1 of cycle 1. Area under the concentration-time curve (AUC0-inf ) and the maximum plasma concentration (Cmax ) were estimated using noncompartment analysis and compared between the 2 arms...
May 2017: Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development
Sagar Munjal, Anirudh Gautam, Alan M Rapoport, Dennis M Fisher
OBJECTIVE/BACKGROUND: Factors such as body size (weight and body mass index [BMI]), age, sex, and race might influence the clinical response to sumatriptan. We evaluated the impact of these covariates on the plasma concentration (Cp) profile of sumatriptan administered subcutaneously. METHODS: We conducted three pharmacokinetic studies of subcutaneous sumatriptan in 98 healthy adults. Sumatriptan was administered subcutaneously (236 administrations) as either DFN-11 3 mg, a novel 0...
2016: Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications
Marcela Haasova, Tristan Snowsill, Tracey Jones-Hughes, Louise Crathorne, Chris Cooper, Jo Varley-Campbell, Ruben Mujica-Mota, Helen Coelho, Nicola Huxley, Jenny Lowe, Jan Dudley, Stephen Marks, Chris Hyde, Mary Bond, Rob Anderson
BACKGROUND: End-stage renal disease is a long-term irreversible decline in kidney function requiring kidney transplantation, haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The preferred option is kidney transplantation followed by induction and maintenance immunosuppressive therapy to reduce the risk of kidney rejection and prolong graft survival. OBJECTIVES: To systematically review and update the evidence for the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of basiliximab (BAS) (Simulect,(®) Novartis Pharmaceuticals) and rabbit antihuman thymocyte immunoglobulin (Thymoglobuline,(®) Sanofi) as induction therapy and immediate-release tacrolimus [Adoport(®) (Sandoz); Capexion(®) (Mylan); Modigraf(®) (Astellas Pharma); Perixis(®) (Accord Healthcare); Prograf(®) (Astellas Pharma); Tacni(®) (Teva); Vivadex(®) (Dexcel Pharma)], prolonged-release tacrolimus (Advagraf,(®) Astellas Pharma); belatacept (BEL) (Nulojix,(®) Bristol-Myers Squibb), mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) [Arzip(®) (Zentiva), CellCept(®) (Roche Products), Myfenax(®) (Teva), generic MMF is manufactured by Accord Healthcare, Actavis, Arrow Pharmaceuticals, Dr Reddy's Laboratories, Mylan, Sandoz and Wockhardt], mycophenolate sodium, sirolimus (Rapamune,(®) Pfizer) and everolimus (Certican,(®) Novartis Pharmaceuticals) as maintenance therapy in children and adolescents undergoing renal transplantation...
August 2016: Health Technology Assessment: HTA
Manjeet Bhati, Syamasis Bandyopadhyay
Rituximab (anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody) has shown to improve symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients with inadequate response to conventional synthetic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (csDMARDs). An anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody (Reditux™) developed by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, India, is currently approved for use both in rheumatology and oncology patients. This retrospective report evaluates the efficacy and safety data from the real-world use of Reditux™ over a 6-month period in Indian patients with RA...
August 2016: Clinical Rheumatology
Vikram Gota, Ashwin Karanam, Sanhita Rath, Akanksha Yadav, Prashant Tembhare, P Subramanian, Manju Sengar, Reena Nair, Hari Menon
PURPOSE: Rituximab (MabThera™, Roche) is a chimeric IgG1 monoclonal antibody targeting the CD20 surface antigen on normal and neoplastic B cells. It revolutionized the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with superior progression-free and overall survival. However, its prohibitively high cost makes it inaccessible to majority of patients in developing countries. Reditux™ (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, India), a biosimilar, was introduced in India in 2007 at nearly half the price of the innovator...
August 2016: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
R K Pinjala, L R C Reddy, R P Nihar, G V A Praveen, M Sandeep
Thrombohemorrhagic balance is maintained by complicated interactions between the coagulation and fibrinolytic system, platelets, and the vessel wall. Dr. Virchow provided approach for investigating and managing thrombotic disorders. He proposed stasis, vascular injury, and hypercoagulability as causes for thrombosis. In 1965, antithrombin deficiency was described. After two decades, protein C and protein S deficiencies, mutations of factor V Leiden, and factor II were described. If we distinguish patients at high risk and low risk of thrombosis, we can optimize therapeutic decisions...
April 2012: Indian Journal of Surgery
Yun Liu, Meng-qi Zhang, Jing-ying Jia, Yan-mei Liu, Gang-yi Liu, Shui-jun Li, Wei Wang, Li-ping Weng, Chen Yu
BACKGROUND: Risperidone is a benzisoxazole derivate and is effective in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychiatric illnesses in adults and children. Although there are a few reports in the literature regarding the pharmacokinetic characteristics of risperidone, insufficient data on its pharmacokinetic properties in a Chinese population are available. OBJECTIVE: To meet the requirements for marketing a new generic product, this study was designed to compare the pharmacokinetic properties and bioequivalence of two 2 mg tablet formulations of risperidone: a newly developed generic formulation (test) and a branded formulation (reference) in healthy adult male Chinese volunteers...
March 2013: Drugs in R&D
R Agrawal, P Jain, S N Dikshit
Balaglitazone (DRF-2593) is a novel partial agonist of PPAR-gamma (γ), which is developed by Dr. Reddy's laboratories India. Balaglitazone is a second generation peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) gamma agonist with only partial agonistic properties. Balaglitazone is currently being evaluated in phase III clinical trial in United States and Europe. Selective PPAR-γ modulators bind in distinct manners to the ligand-binding pocket of PPAR-γ, leading to alternative receptor conformations, differential cofactor recruitment/displacement, differential gene expression, and ultimately differential biological responses...
February 2012: Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry
Saibal Kumar Das, Ranjan Chakrabarti
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most critical global health threat, which contributes more than one third of global morbidity. CVD includes heart disease, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and hypertension. The most important independent risk factors for CVD include dyslipidemia along with hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and chronic inflammation. These factors are directly regulated by diet, metabolism and physical activity. Diets rich in fat and carbohydrate coupled to sedentary lifestyles have contributed to the increase in dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, obesity and CVD in the world...
June 2006: Recent Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery
Shalini Murthy, G Prem-Veer Reddy
Replication of nuclear DNA in eukaryotes presents a tremendous challenge, not only due to the size and complexity of the genome, but also because of the time constraint imposed by a limited duration of S phase during which the entire genome has to be duplicated accurately and only once per cell division cycle. A challenge of this magnitude can only be met by the close coupling of DNA precursor synthesis to replication. Prokaryotic systems provide evidence for multienzyme and multiprotein complexes involved in DNA precursor synthesis and DNA replication...
December 2006: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Uday Saxena
Uday Saxena was appointed Chief Scientific Officer at Dr Reddy's Laboratories in 2000. In this role he provides the leadership and general strategy for the company's drug discovery research into metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, inflammation, cancer and anti-infectives. He is also a member of the company's Senior Management Council. He gained his PhD at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, his thesis covering biochemical and functional characterisation of rat C-reactive protein with respect to lipid, lipoprotein metabolism, atherosclerosis and inflammation...
February 2006: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
I I Dereviako, L N Lavrinova, L A Nefedova
The authors review the effectiveness of a novel fluoroquinolone drug sparfloxacine (Sparflo, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) in the treatment of patients with complicated forms of pyelonephritis and prostatitis. Both gramnegative and grampositive agents causing complicated urologic infections were highly sensitive to sparfloxacine: Enterobacter spp.--40.8%, Pseudomonas aeruginosa--38.5%, Proteus spp.--42.6%, E. coli--91.4%, Staphylococcus spp.--80.0%, Enterococcus faecalis--21.4%. Sparfloxacine was used in the treatment of 43 patients with complicated pyelonephritis and prostatitis...
March 2002: Urologii︠a︡
O N Lazareva, N A Mazur, A I Pshenitsin, V V Vikent'ev
43 patients with mild and moderate arterial hypertension received monotherapy with either stamlo (Dr. Reddy's laboratories, India) in a daily dose 9.5 +/- 0.5 mg (n = 33), or enam (n = 26) in a daily dose 28 +/- 1.5 mg, or stamlo treatment was followed in 10 days by enam (n = 16). Before and after the treatment 24-h monitoring was made of arterial pressure, left ventricular diastolic function and silent myocardial ischemia. Adequate lowering of arterial pressure was observed in 90 and 77% of patients after stamlo and enam treatment, respectively...
2000: Klinicheskaia Meditsina
V P Iakovlev, M G Krutikov, L A Blatun, G N Izotova, I A Grishina
Results of clinical trial of new difluoroquinolone--Sparflo (sparfloxacin, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd) are presented. Sparfloxacin was used in the treatment of 24 patients at the Department of Wounds and Wounds infections (11 patients) and at the Department of burn wounds (13 patients) of the A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery. After the treatment with sparfloxacin pathogen eradication was stated in 18 patients, eradication with superinfection--in 13 patients, persistence--in 3 patients. Thus bacteriological efficacy amounted to 87...
2000: Antibiotiki i Khimioterapii︠a︡, Antibiotics and Chemoterapy [sic]
D A Liebermann
Meeting's Report -- June 2, 1998, Sugarload Estate Conference Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. A symposium on Normal Development, Oncogenesis and Programmed Cell Death, was held at the Sugarload Estate Conference Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sponsored by the Fels Cancer Institute, Temple University School of Medicine, with the support of the Alliance Pharmaceutical Corporation. The symposium was organized by Drs Dan A Liebermann and Barbara Hoffman at the Fels. Invited speakers included: Dr Andrei V Gudkov (University of Illinois) who started the symposium talking about 'New cellular factors modulating the tumor suppressor function of p53'; Dr Yuri Lazebnik (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories) spoke about 'Caspases considered as enemies within'; Dr E Premkumar Reddy (Fels Institute, Temple University) talked about recent exciting findings in his laboratory regarding 'JAK-STATs dedicated signaling pathways'; Dr Michael Greenberg (Harvard University) spoke about 'Signal transduction pathways that regulate differentiation and survival in the developing nervous system'; Dr Richard Kolesnick's (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) talk has been focused at 'Stress signals for apoptosis, including Ceramide and c-Jun Kinase/Stress-activated Protein Kinase'; Dr Barbara Hoffman (Fels Institute, Temple University) described research, conducted in collaboration with Dr Dan A Liebermann, aimed at deciphering the roles of 'myc, myb, and E2F as negative regulators of terminal differentiation', using hematopoietic cells as model system...
September 10, 1998: Oncogene
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