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Minjune Kim, Yaqiong Su, Atsushi Fukuoka, Emiel J M Hensen, Kiyotaka Nakajima
The utilization of 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural (HMF) for the large-scale production of essential chemicals has been largely limited by the formation of solid humin as a by-product, which prevents continuous operation of step-wise batch-type processes and continuous flow-type processes. The reaction of HMF with 1,3-propanediol produces an HMF-acetal derivative that exhibits excellent thermal stability. Aerobic oxidation of the HMF-acetal with a CeO2-supported Au catalyst and Na2CO3 in water gives a 90-95% yield toward furan 2,5-dicarboxylic acid, an increasingly important commodity chemical for the biorenewables industry, from concentrated HMF-acetal solutions (10-20 wt%) without humin formation...
May 14, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Kensuke Watanabe, Satoru Yokoyama, Naoki Kaneto, Takashi Hori, Yusuke Iwakami, Shinichiro Kato, Yoshihiro Hayakawa, Hiroaki Sakurai, Junya Fukuoka, Ikuo Saiki
Cancer metastasis is a major cause of mortality in cancer patients. The transcription factor SNAIL plays an important role in cancer metastasis and progression, and its expression is tightly regulated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system through the balance between ubiquitin ligases and deubiquitinating enzymes. While several ubiquitin ligases of SNAIL have been identified, it is not yet clear regarding deubiquitinating enzyme. In this study, we identified COP9 signalosome subunit 5 (COPS5) as a deubiquitinating enzyme of SNAIL by using siRNA library screening...
April 17, 2018: Oncotarget
Chihiro Kinoshita, Takuya Fukuoka, Yasuaki Niizuma, Tomoko Narazaki, Katsufumi Sato
The metabolic rate and activity of sea turtles generally decreases with decreasing seasonal ambient temperature. Juvenile loggerhead turtles in the Mediterranean Sea made prolonged inactive dives (>400 min), indicating a state of dormancy during the cold winter period. However, seasonal differences in dive duration were not detected in juvenile loggerheads in the western North Pacific, even though the ambient water temperature changed by more than 10°C. Thus, metabolic states might differ among populations, explaining differences in the diving behaviour of juveniles during winter...
May 10, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
Wakako Yano, Tatsushi Yokogawa, Takeshi Wakasa, Keisuke Yamamura, Akio Fujioka, Kunihiro Yoshisue, Eiji Matsushima, Seiji Miyahara, Hitoshi Miyakoshi, Junko Taguchi, Khoon Tee Chong, Yayoi Takao, Masayoshi Fukuoka, Kenichi Matsuo
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is an antimetabolite and exerts antitumor activity via intracellularly and physiologically complicated metabolic pathways. In this study, we designed a novel small molecule inhibitor, TAS-114, which targets the intercellular metabolism of 5-FU to enhance antitumor activity and modulates catabolic pathway to improve the systemic availability of 5-FU. TAS-114 strongly and competitively inhibited deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase), a gatekeeper protein preventing aberrant base incorporation into DNA, and enhanced the cytotoxicity of fluoropyrimidines in cancer cells; however, it had little intrinsic activity...
May 10, 2018: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Takanori Iwasaki, Asuka Fukuoka, Wataru Yokoyama, Xin Min, Ichiro Hisaki, Tao Yang, Masahiro Ehara, Hitoshi Kuniyasu, Nobuaki Kambe
We describe the mechanism, substituent effects, and origins of the selectivity of the nickel-catalyzed four-component coupling reactions of alkyl fluorides, aryl Grignard reagents, and two molecules of 1,3-butadiene that affords a 1,6-octadiene carbon framework bearing alkyl and aryl groups at the 3- and 8-positions, respectively, and the competing cross-coupling reaction. Both the four-component coupling reaction and the cross-coupling reaction are triggered by the formation of anionic nickel complexes, which are generated by the oxidative dimerization of two molecules of 1,3-butadiene on Ni(0) and the subsequent complexation with the aryl Grignard reagents...
February 28, 2018: Chemical Science
Tomoko Tsukahara-Kawamura, Tsuguto Fujimoto, Gabriel Gonzalez, Nozomu Hanaoka, Masami Konagaya, Takeshi Arashiro, Yusuke Saeki, Eiichi Uchio
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 27, 2018: Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases
Takuya Fukuoka, Yoshihiko Nakazato, Masaomi Yamamoto, Akifumi Miyake, Takashi Mitsufuji, Toshimasa Yamamoto
We report a rare case of fatal familial insomnia in a 58-year-old man who initially developed parkinsonism, secondary dementia, and visual hallucinations that were suspected to be due to dementia with Lewy bodies. We evaluated the function of the striatum via dopamine transporter SPECT using 123 I-ioflupane and found marked presynaptic dopamine dysfunction in the bilateral striatum. This is the first reported case in which the initial symptom of fatal familial insomnia was parkinsonism and in which the dopamine transporter function was evaluated by DAT SPECT...
April 27, 2018: Internal Medicine
Ichiro Abe, Kaoru Sugimoto, Tetsumasa Miyajima, Tomoko Ide, Midori Minezaki, Kaori Takeshita, Saori Takahara, Midori Nakagawa, Yuki Fujimura, Tadachika Kudo, Shigero Miyajima, Hiroshi Taira, Kenji Ohe, Tatsu Ishii, Toshihiko Yanase, Kunihisa Kobayashi
Objectives We retrospectively investigated the clinical and endocrinological characteristics of adrenal incidentalomas. Methods We studied 61 patients who had been diagnosed with adrenal incidentalomas and had undergone detailed clinical and endocrinological evaluations while hospitalized. We used common criteria to diagnose the functional tumors, but for sub-clinical Cushing's syndrome, we used an updated set of diagnosis criteria: serum cortisol ≥1.8 μg/dL after a positive response to a 1-mg dexamethasone suppression test if the patient has a low morning ACTH level (<10 pg/mL) and a loss of the diurnal serum cortisol rhythm...
April 27, 2018: Internal Medicine
Yu Fukuoka, El-Sayed Khafagy, Takahiro Goto, Noriyasu Kamei, Kozo Takayama, Nicholas A Peppas, Mariko Takeda-Morishita
In previous studies we showed that the complexation hydrogels based in poly(methacrylic acid-g-ethylene glycol) [P(MAA-g-EG)] rapidly release insulin in the intestine owing to their pH-dependent complexation properties; they also exhibit a high insulin-loading efficiency, enzyme-inhibiting properties, and mucoadhesive characteristics. Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), such as oligoarginines [hexa-arginine (R6), comprising six arginine residues], have been employed as useful tools for the oral delivery of therapeutic macromolecules...
2018: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Y Kakizaki, S Miyagi, K Shimizu, H Kumata, M Matsumura, Y Miyazaki, K Fukuoka, S S Uematsu, K Tokodai, Y Hara, C Nakanishi, M Unno, T Kamei, M Goto
BACKGROUND: Liver transplantation from donors after cardiac death (DCD) provides a solution to the donor shortage. However, DCD liver grafts are associated with a high incidence of primary graft nonfunction. We investigated the effectiveness of subnormothermic porcine liver perfusion, before transplantation from DCD, on graft viability. METHODS: Landrace pigs (25-30 kg) were randomly allocated to 3 groups (5 per group): heart-beating (HB) graft, transplanted after a 4-hour period of cold storage (CS); DCD graft, retrieved 20 minutes after apnea-induced cardiac arrest (respiratory withdrawal) and transplanted after a 4-hour period of CS; and subnormothermic ex vivo liver perfusion (SELP) graft, retrieved in the same manner as the DCD graft but perfused with a subnormothermic oxygenated Krebs-Henseleit buffer (21-25°C, 10-15 cm H2 O) for 30 minutes in a simplified dripping manner, without a machine perfusion system, after the 4-hour period of CS, and subsequently transplanted...
April 25, 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Rihito Takisawa, Tetsuya Nakazaki, Tsukasa Nunome, Hiroyuki Fukuoka, Keiko Kataoka, Hiroki Saito, Tsuyoshi Habu, Akira Kitajima
BACKGROUND: Parthenocarpy is a desired trait in tomato because it can overcome problems with fruit setting under unfavorable environmental conditions. A parthenocarpic tomato cultivar, 'MPK-1', with a parthenocarpic gene, Pat-k, exhibits stable parthenocarpy that produces few seeds. Because 'MPK-1' produces few seeds, seedlings are propagated inefficiently via cuttings. It was reported that Pat-k is located on chromosome 1. However, the gene had not been isolated and the relationship between the parthenocarpy and low seed set in 'MPK-1' remained unclear...
April 27, 2018: BMC Plant Biology
Toshimi Takano, Junji Tsurutani, Masato Takahashi, Takeharu Yamanaka, Kazuko Sakai, Yoshinori Ito, Junya Fukuoka, Hideharu Kimura, Hidetaka Kawabata, Kenji Tamura, Koji Matsumoto, Kenjiro Aogi, Kazuhiko Sato, Kazuto Nishio, Kazuhiko Nakagawa, Toshiaki Saeki
BACKGROUND: For human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) with progression on trastuzumab-based therapy, continuing trastuzumab beyond progression and switching to lapatinib combined with chemotherapy are both valid options. We conducted an open-label, randomized phase II trial to compare the efficacy of these strategies. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Women with HER2-positive MBC previously treated with trastuzumab and taxanes were randomly assigned to receive trastuzumab plus capecitabine (HX) or lapatinib plus capecitabine (LX)...
April 23, 2018: Breast: Official Journal of the European Society of Mastology
Yasuhito Iseki, Masatsune Shibutani, Kiyoshi Maeda, Hisashi Nagahara, Tatsunari Fukuoka, Shinji Matsutani, Shinichiro Kashiwagi, Hiroaki Tanaka, Kosei Hirakawa, Masaichi Ohira
PURPOSE: Numerous reports indicate that tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) are a prognostic factor in various cancers and that they must be good biomarkers. However, the methods of evaluating TILs differ in each study; thus, there is not yet a standardized methodology for evaluating TILs. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the prognostic significance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) using the new method proposed by the International TILs Working Group in breast cancer and to standardize the method of evaluating TILs in CRC...
2018: PloS One
Hiroshi Ohtani, Kiyoshi Maeda, Shinya Nomura, Osamu Shinto, Yoko Mizuyama, Hiroji Nakagawa, Hisashi Nagahara, Masatsune Shibutani, Tatsunari Fukuoka, Ryosuke Amano, Kosei Hirakawa, Masaichi Ohira
BACKGROUND/AIM: A meta-analysis was conducted to evaluate and compare the short- and long-term outcomes of robot-assisted (RAS) and conventional laparoscopic surgery (LAS) for rectal cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We searched MEDLINE for relevant papers published between 2010 and December 2017 by using specific search terms. We analyzed outcomes over short- and long-term periods. RESULTS: We identified 23 papers reporting results that compared RAS for rectal cancer with LAS...
May 2018: In Vivo
Yuta Aizawa, Junichi Suwa, Hiroshi Higuchi, Kahoru Fukuoka, Mihoko Furuichi, Tetsuji Kaneko, Yoshihiko Morikawa, Kaoru Okazaki, Naoki Shimizu, Yuho Horikoshi
We conducted an antimicrobial stewardship program in a pediatric intensive care unit. An interrupted time-series analysis revealed a significant reduction in level and trend of days of therapy per 1000 patient-days for antipseudomonal agents. No increase in adverse patient outcomes was found.
April 23, 2018: Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Jose Lariño-Noia, Julio Iglesias-Garcia, Daniel de la Iglesia-Garcia, J Enrique Dominguez-Muñoz
EUS-FNA is often performed in the evaluation of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions (CPL) for a better preoperative characterization. The objective is to identify premalignant lesions as Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms, and/or a malignant transformation of them (adenocarcinoma). The role of cytological evaluation in this setting is discouraging and intracystic markers analysis, mainly CEA, lacks of a good specificity for the detection of mucinous neoplasms. New devices and approaches have emerged to overcome these problems as the cytology brush (Echobrush), the small mini-biopsy foceps, the cystoscopy and the needle Confocal LASER Endomicroscopy (nCLE), showing in some studies good rates of accuracy for distinguishing among mucinosus and non-mucinous neoplasms...
March 2018: Endoscopic Ultrasound
Noriaki Nagai, Yuya Fukuoka, Miyu Ishii, Hiroko Otake, Tetsushi Yamamoto, Atsushi Taga, Norio Okamoto, Yoshikazu Shimomura
Sericin is a major constituent of silk produced by silkworms. We previously found that the instillation of sericin enhanced the proliferation of corneal epithelial cells, and acted to promote corneal wound healing in both normal and diabetic model rats. However, the mechanisms by which sericin promotes the proliferation of corneal cells have not been established. In this study, we investigated the effects of sericin on Akt and ERK activation in a human corneal epithelial cell line (HCE-T cells) and rat debrided corneal epithelium...
April 9, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Shinsuke Suzuki, Toshiya Nagasaki, Takashi Akiyoshi, Tsuyoshi Konishi, Yoshiya Fujimoto, Satoshi Nagayama, Yosuke Fukunaga, Hironori Fukuoka, Hajime Ushigome, Satoshi Murahashi, Shun Miyanari, Hironori Minami, Masashi Ueno
Here, we describe our experience of laparoscopic surgery in a colon cancer patient with an ileal conduit. To our knowledge, this is the second case presented in the English-language literature. A 71-year-old woman with a history of both open anterior exenteration with ileal conduit reconstruction for bladder cancer and open cholecystectomy for cholecystitis was diagnosed with ascending colon cancer (cT3N1M0). Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with conduit preservation was planned. After adhesiolysis, complete mesocolic excision and central vascular ligation were achieved laparoscopically without injury to the conduit or other structures...
April 6, 2018: Asian Journal of Endoscopic Surgery
Takashi Kohno, Takehiro Kimura, Koichi Fukunaga, Wakako Yamasawa, Taishi Fujisawa, Ryoma Fukuoka, Kazuaki Nakajima, Shin Kashimura, Akira Kunitomi, Yoshinori Katsumata, Takahiko Nishiyama, Nobuhiro Nishiyama, Yoshiyasu Aizawa, Keiichi Fukuda, Seiji Takatsuki
INTRODUCTION: We aimed to study the prevalence and types of sleep apnea (SA) as well as their clinical characteristics in atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation candidates in Japan. METHODS: Before catheter ablation, 197 consecutive AF patients (age: 60 ± 9 years, body mass index; 25.0 ± 3.0) were evaluated with portable polygraphy. We compared the clinical characteristics, according to the severity of SA as well as its types, as defined by the presence of obstruction and the mixed vs...
June 1, 2018: International Journal of Cardiology
Masatsune Shibutani, Kiyoshi Maeda, Hisashi Nagahara, Tatsunari Fukuoka, Shinji Matsutani, Shinichiro Kashiwagi, Hiroaki Tanaka, Kosei Hirakawa, Masaichi Ohira
BACKGROUND: The anticancer immune response has been reported to correlate with cancer progression. Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), which are one of the indicators of host immunity, affect the tumor growth, metastasis and chemoresistance. Both TILs in the primary tumor and those in the metastatic tumor have been reported to be a useful predictor of the survival and therapeutic outcome. However, the correlation between the density of TILs in the primary and metastatic tumor is unclear...
April 3, 2018: BMC Cancer
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