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Mustafa Kılıç, Özge Dedeoğlu, Rahşan Göçmen, Selman Kesici, Deniz Yüksel
Ethylmalonic encephalopathy (EE) is an autosomal recessive devastating metabolic disorder affecting the brain, gastrointestinal tract, peripheral vessels and rarely the other vascular organs. We report a 10-month-old girl who presented as a meningococcemia clinic but later diagnosed ethylmalonic encephalopathy. Molecular analyses revealed a homozygous c.554 T > G; p. L185R mutation in ETHE1 gene. She was only partially benefited from riboflavine, coenzyme Q10, metronidazole, N-acetylcysteine and symptomatic treatment and discharged from hospital with the sequela of oxygene dependance and developmental delay...
April 2017: Metabolic Brain Disease
Suliman A Alsagaby, Paul Brennan, Chris Pepper
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is an adult neoplastic disease of B cells characterized by variable clinical outcomes. Although some patients have an aggressive form of the disease and often encounter treatment failure and short survival, others have more stable disease with long-term survival and little or no need for theraphy. In the past decade, significant advances have been made in our understanding of the molecular drivers that affect the natural pathology of CLL. The present review describes what is known about these key molecules in the context of their role in tumor pathogenicity, prognosis, and therapy...
November 2016: Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia
Esra Uyar Türkyilmaz, Nuray Camgöz Eryilmaz, Nihan Aydin Güzey, Özlem Moraloğlu
BACKGROUND: Post-dural puncture headache (PDPH) is an important complication of neuroaxial anesthesia and more frequently noted in pregnant women. The pain is described as severe, disturbing and its location is usually fronto-occipital. The conservative treatment of PDPH consists of bed rest, fluid theraphy, analgesics and caffeine. Epidural blood patch is gold standard theraphy but it is an invasive method. The greater occipital nerve (GON) is formed of sensory fibers that originate in the C2 and C3 segments of the spinal cord and it is the main sensory nerve of the occipital region...
September 2016: Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Li-Na Wen, Meng-Xia Xie
KRAS promoter can form G-quadruplex structure and regulate gene transcription. The drugs which can bind with G-quadruplex of KRAS promoter may be potential remedy for treatment of cancers associated with KRAS mutation. The interaction mechanism between the G-quadruplex of KRAS promoter and three isoquinoline alkaloids (jatrorrhizine, berberine and sanguinarine) has been investigated by UV-visible, fluorescence and circular dichroism spectroscopic methods. The results showed that the three alkaloids can form complexes with G-quadruplex KRAS promoter with the molecular ratio of 1:1, and the binding constants were (0...
January 15, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Hasan Sahin, Tuncer Simsek, Hakan Turkon, Yıldıray Kalkan, Faruk Ozkul, M Turgut Alper Ozkan, Mesut Erbas, Ugur Altinisik, Yavuz Demiraran
PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of preoperative rectal ozone insufflation on surgical wound healing over the proinflammatory cytokines and histopathological changes. METHODS: Twenty one rabbits were divided into 3 groups. Sham, surgical wound, and ozone applied (6 sessions, every other day 70 µg/mL in 12 mL O2-O3 mixture rectally) surgical wound groups were created. TNF-alpha and IL-6 levels from all rabbits were studied at the basal, 24th hour, and 72nd hour...
July 2016: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
Esra Uyar Türkyilmaz, Nuray Camgöz Eryilmaz, Nihan Aydin Güzey, Özlem Moraloğlu
BACKGROUND: Post-dural puncture headache (PDPH) is an important complication of neuroaxial anesthesia and more frequently noted in pregnant women. The pain is described as severe, disturbing and its location is usually fronto-occipital. The conservative treatment of PDPH consists of bed rest, fluid theraphy, analgesics and caffeine. Epidural blood patch is gold standard theraphy but it is an invasive method. The greater occipital nerve (GON) is formed of sensory fibers that originate in the C2 and C3 segments of the spinal cord and it is the main sensory nerve of the occipital region...
September 2016: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
J A Monsalve-Naharro, P Cuesta-Montero, E Domingo-Chiva, S Plata-Paniagua, A López-Pérez, F Martinez-Lopez, J M Jimenez-Vizuete
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
Isa Ozyilmaz, Sinem Ozyilmaz, Yakup Ergul, Celal Akdeniz, Volkan Tuzcu
UNLABELLED: Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) is an electrophysiological disorder of a physically normal heart that occurs in children when the body is subjected to intense emotional or physical stress that causes adrenergic discharge. This troubling disease can be sporadic (spontaneous) or familial (genetic/inherited). Unfortunately, its associated ventricular tachycardia may cause sudden death, so early diagnosis of CPVT is very important. Treatment modalities include medical treatment, implantation of a cardioverter defibrillator, or surgical sympatectomy; but the implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) should be the first choice in patients with a history of cardiac arrest...
July 2015: Acta Cardiologica Sinica
Tuğrul Çakır, Arif Aslaner, Seçkin Özgür Tekeli, Sema Avcı, Uğur Doğan, Feyza Tekeli, Hakan Soylu, Cebrail Akyüz, Süleyman Koç, İsmail Üstünel, Necat Yılmaz
PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of medical ozone theraphy on the colon anastomosis of peritonitis model in rats. METHODS: Eighteen rats were randomly assigned into three equal groups; control, cecal punctuation and colon anastomosis and ozone theraphy. Sepsis was performed with a cecal punctuation in groups 2 and 3. The medical ozone theraphy was administered intraperitonealy for three weeks in group 3 while the other rats received saline injection. At the twenty second day serum were obtained for TNF-α and IL-1β, the colonic burst pressures were measured and colonic tissue samples were obtained for MDA and MPO levels...
February 2016: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
Senthil Kumar Aiyappan, Bulabai Karpagam, V Vadanika, Prem Kumar Chidambaram, S Vinayagam, K C Saravanan
INTRODUCTION: Antral Follicle count (AFC) is a reliable marker for ovarian reserve. Previous studies have used transvaginal ultrasound for estimation of AFC, however we used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for estimation of AFC and for creating an age-related normogram in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and compared it with normal patients. AIM: The aim of this study is to create an age related normogram for AFC in women with PCOS and to compare that with women without polycystic ovarian syndrome using MRI...
January 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Basri Cakiroglu, Seyit Erkan Eyyupoglu, Akif Nuri Dogan, Umit Noseri, Suleyman Hilmi Aksoy, Ahmet Bekir Ozturk
Primary testicular lymphoma, is a rare testis tumor that accounts for only less than 9% of all testis tumors. In the preoperative period, it is extremely difficult to distinguish this tumor from other testis tumors. Its diagnosis is done by histological analysis. Most commonly encountered histological type is diffuse large Bcell lymphoma. Adjuvant radiotheraphy and/or chemotheraphy is given after orchiectomy. Prognosis is worse than other testis tumors. Non-metastatic tumors indicates good prognosis within one year...
January 14, 2016: Archivio Italiano di Urologia, Andrologia
Sang Gun Lee, Il Young Shin, Hyung Sik Hwang, Il Choi
lnflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) is a rare, non-neoplastic inflammatory process. It is most commonly occurs in the orbit, but extension into brain parenchyma is uncommon. In a confirmed case of IPT, most cases show good improvement with steroid theraphy. A 50-year-old man with progressive left-eye visual disturbance and mass lesion was admitted in a hospital. A left orbital mass biopsy revealed what was highly suspected as an inflammatory pseudotumor. Steroid pulse therapy with dexamethasone, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy with amphotericin B were performed, but they were not effective in improving the condition of the patient...
October 2015: Brain Tumor Research and Treatment
Daniela Pincheira, Romina Morgado, Marcela Alviña, Claudia Vega
The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between the parameters of metabolic control and quality of carbohydrates (CHO) of the diet in individuals with type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet and/or Metformin. In 108 men and women aged between 18 and 60 years, glycosylated hemoglobin A (HbA1c) between 6% and 10%, without sulfonylureas or insulin theraphy; were examined through two separate surveys of 24-hour recall. The CHO intake, GI, GL of diet was analyzed. Values of HbA1c were collected from medical records...
December 2014: Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición
Esra Emerce, Ismet Cok, I Tuncer Degim
Impurities affecting safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceuticals are of increasing concern for regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical industries, since genotoxic impurities are understood to play important role in carcinogenesis. The study aimed to analyse impurities of montelukast chronically used in asthma theraphy and perform genotoxicological assessment considering regulatory approaches. Impurities (sulfoxide, cis-isomer, Michael adducts-I&II, methylketone, methylstyrene) were quantified using RP-HPLC analysis on commercial products available in Turkish market...
October 14, 2015: Toxicology Letters
Selim Sancak, Didem Arman, Tugba Gursoy, Sevilay Topcuoglu, Guner Karatekin, Fahri Ovalı
OBJECTIVE: To compare the blood flow velocities of superior mesenteric artery (SMA) before versus after clarithromycin treatment for feeding intolerance in very low-birth weight infants. METHODS: A prospective study was conducted in a group of infant <1500 g with feeding intolerance who received clarithromycin 7.5 mg/kg/dose bid. Before and at the third day of the clarithromycin therapy, SMA blood flow velocity was measured with Doppler ultrasound. RESULTS: SMA peak systolic velocity (PSV) and mean systolic velocity (MV) on the third day of the treatment was found significantly higher than the initial measurement (p = 0...
2016: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Sibel Aksoy, Gursel Yilmaz, Imren Akkoyun, Ayse Canan Yazici
AIM: To compare therapeutic effects of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide (IVTA) versus intravitreal bevacizumab (IVB) injections for bilateral diffuse diabetic macular edema (DDME). METHODS: Forty eyes of 20 patients with bilateral DDME participated in this study. For each patient, 4 mg/0.1 mL IVTA was injected to one eye and 2.5 mg/0.1 mL IVB was injected to the other eye. The effects of injection for diabetic macular edema (DME) were evaluated using best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), central macular thickness (CMT) by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and intraocular pressure (IOP) by applanation tonometer...
2015: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Magdalena Barbara Sobocińska, Jerzy Loba
Lungs are the target organ in chronic hyperglycemia, but its large reserves causes a subclinical course of these changes. Given the results of other researchers indicating reduced active surface of gas exchange and pulmonary capillary damage, it can be assumed that diabetes and other hyperglycemic states diminish these reserves and impair effectiveness of respiratory gas exchange during pneumonia. So it is plausible to observe coexistence of glucose metabolism disorders and respiratory failure in patients hospitalized with lower respiratory tract infection...
2015: Przegla̧d Lekarski
Tomoko Okazaki, Shoichi Shiraishi, Naoki Iwasa, Emi Kitamura, Tetsu Mizutani, Yukiko Hanada, Takehiko Yanagihara
Central nervous system (CNS) aspergillosis with stroke has a high mortality and poor prognosis generally. We report a 78-years-old woman with diabetes mellitus, who developed invasive paranasal sinus aspergillosis with the orbital apex syndrome on the right side and cerebral infarction caused by intracranial occlusion of the right internal carotid artery. Based on the presence of a mass lesion in the ethmoid sinus extending to the orbital apex on the right side with cranial CT, the mass lesion was surgically removed and the pathological examination of the surgical specimen revealed aspergillus mold...
2015: Rinshō Shinkeigaku, Clinical Neurology
Asghar Haider, Simon R Bababeygy, Stephanie Y Lu
PURPOSE: To report the first known case of retinal pigment epithelium hyperpigmentation changes and cystoid macular edema in a patient on nab-paclitaxel therapy. METHODS: Observational case report. RESULTS: A 72-year-old man on nab-paclitaxel therapy for non-small cell lung carcinoma developed cystoid macular edema with minimal capillary leakage with subsequent retinal pigment epithelium hyperpigmentation after resolution of cystoid macular edema...
2015: Retinal Cases & Brief Reports
Anna Polewczyk, Wojciech Jacheć, Marianna Janion, Rafał Podlaski, Andrzej Kutarski
BACKGROUND: Lead-dependent infective endocarditis (LDIE) is a serious and insidious infective disease spreading along the leads to valve leaflets and endocardial surface. LDIE is still a lesser known disease with unclear risk factors, most often evaluated jointly for all infectious complications. METHODS: Clinical data from 414 patients with the diagnosis of LDIE according to the Modified Duke Leads Criteria were analyzed. Patients with LDIE were identified in a population of 1,426 subjects submitted to transvenous lead extraction (TLE) in the Reference Center on Lead Extraction in Lublin, Poland, between March 2006 and July 2013 due to infectious (619 patients-43...
July 2015: Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology: PACE
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