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Jan C Peeken, Tatyana Goldberg, Christoph Knie, Basil Komboz, Michael Bernhofer, Francesco Pasa, Kerstin A Kessel, Pouya D Tafti, Burkhard Rost, Fridtjof Nüsslin, Andreas E Braun, Stephanie E Combs
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Current prognostic models for soft tissue sarcoma (STS) patients are solely based on staging information. Treatment-related data have not been included to date. Including such information, however, could help to improve these models. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A single-center retrospective cohort of 136 STS patients treated with radiotherapy (RT) was analyzed for patients' characteristics, staging information, and treatment-related data. Therapeutic imaging studies and pathology reports of neoadjuvantly treated patients were analyzed for signs of response...
March 20, 2018: Strahlentherapie und Onkologie: Organ der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft ... [et Al]
Ralf Anken, Miriam Knie, Reinhard Hilbig
The inner ears of all vertebrates are designed to perceive auditory and vestibular inputs. Although a tremendous diversity in the inner ear can be found even among bony fishes, the morphologies of the utricle and of the semicircular canals are rather conservative among vertebrates. Fish show kinetoses under reduced gravity (spinning movements and looping responses) and are regarded model organisms concerning the performance of the otolithic organs. Otoliths can be analysed easily because they are compact, in contrast to the otoconial masses of other vertebrates...
November 15, 2017: Scientific Reports
C Weber, L Pithan, A Zykov, S Bommel, F Carla, R Felici, C Knie, D Bléger, S Kowarik
Functional materials that exhibit photoinduced structural phase transitions are highly interesting for applications in optomechanics and mechanochemistry. It is, however, still not fully understood how photochemical reactions, which are often accompanied by molecular motion, proceed in confined and crystalline environments. Here we show that thin films of azobenzene trimers exhibit high structural order and determine the crystallographic unit cell. We demonstrate that thin film can be switched partially reversibly between a crystalline and an amorphous phase...
November 1, 2017: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Attila Oláh, Judit Szabó-Papp, Michael Soeberdt, Ulrich Knie, Stephan Dähnhardt-Pfeiffer, Christoph Abels, Tamás Bíró
BACKGROUND: Atopic eczema (AE) is a chronic inflammatory and pruritic skin disease. There is still an unmet need for topical anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic substances exhibiting an excellent safety profile. The endocannabinoid system is known to regulate various aspects of cutaneous barrier and immune functions, thus targeting it may be a valid approach for alleviating the symptoms of AE. OBJECTIVE: To assess the putative efficacy of Echinacea purpurea-derived alkylamides (Ec...
October 2017: Journal of Dermatological Science
M Port, B Pieper, T Knie, H Dörr, A Ganser, D Graessle, V Meineke, M Abend
Rapid clinical triage of radiation injury patients is essential for determining appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. We examined the utility of blood cell counts (BCCs) in the first three days postirradiation to predict clinical outcome, specifically for hematologic acute radiation syndrome (HARS). We analyzed BCC test samples from radiation accident victims (n = 135) along with their clinical outcome HARS severity scores (H1-4) using the System for Evaluation and Archiving of Radiation Accidents based on Case Histories (SEARCH) database...
August 2017: Radiation Research
Maurice Tia, Martin Pitzer, Gregor Kastirke, Janine Gatzke, Hong-Keun Kim, Florian Trinter, Jonas Rist, Alexander Hartung, Daniel Trabert, Juliane Siebert, Kevin Henrichs, Jasper Becht, Stefan Zeller, Helena Gassert, Florian Wiegandt, Robert Wallauer, Andreas Kuhlins, Carl Schober, Tobias Bauer, Natascha Wechselberger, Phillip Burzynski, Jonathan Neff, Miriam Weller, Daniel Metz, Max Kircher, Markus Waitz, Joshua B Williams, Lothar Ph H Schmidt, Anne D Müller, André Knie, Andreas Hans, Ltaief Ben Ltaief, Arno Ehresmann, Robert Berger, Hironobu Fukuzawa, Kiyoshi Ueda, Horst Schmidt-Böcking, Reinhard Dörner, Till Jahnke, Philipp V Demekhin, Markus Schöffler
Most large molecules are chiral in their structure: they exist as two enantiomers, which are mirror images of each other. Whereas the rovibronic sublevels of two enantiomers are almost identical (neglecting a minuscular effect of the weak interaction), it turns out that the photoelectric effect is sensitive to the absolute configuration of the ionized enantiomer. Indeed, photoionization of randomly oriented enantiomers by left or right circularly polarized light results in a slightly different electron flux parallel or antiparallel with respect to the photon propagation direction-an effect termed photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD)...
July 6, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
A Sanchez-Gonzalez, P Micaelli, C Olivier, T R Barillot, M Ilchen, A A Lutman, A Marinelli, T Maxwell, A Achner, M Agåker, N Berrah, C Bostedt, J D Bozek, J Buck, P H Bucksbaum, S Carron Montero, B Cooper, J P Cryan, M Dong, R Feifel, L J Frasinski, H Fukuzawa, A Galler, G Hartmann, N Hartmann, W Helml, A S Johnson, A Knie, A O Lindahl, J Liu, K Motomura, M Mucke, C O'Grady, J-E Rubensson, E R Simpson, R J Squibb, C Såthe, K Ueda, M Vacher, D J Walke, V Zhaunerchyk, R N Coffee, J P Marangos
Free-electron lasers providing ultra-short high-brightness pulses of X-ray radiation have great potential for a wide impact on science, and are a critical element for unravelling the structural dynamics of matter. To fully harness this potential, we must accurately know the X-ray properties: intensity, spectrum and temporal profile. Owing to the inherent fluctuations in free-electron lasers, this mandates a full characterization of the properties for each and every pulse. While diagnostics of these properties exist, they are often invasive and many cannot operate at a high-repetition rate...
June 5, 2017: Nature Communications
Kevin Syam, Devendra K Chouhan, Mandeep Singh Dhillon
Purpose: Cadaveric studies have shown that deficiency of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus (PHMM) increases strain on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) graft. However, its influence on the clinical and radiological outcome after ACL reconstruction is less discussed and hence evaluated in this study. Materials and Methods: This study included 77 cases of ACL reconstruction with a minimum 18-month follow-up. Of the 77 cases, 41 patients with intact menisci were compared clinically and radiologically with 36 patients with an injury to the PHMM that required various grades of meniscectomy...
March 1, 2017: Knee Surgery & related Research
Michael Soeberdt, Peter Molenveld, Roy P M Storcken, Renaud Bouzanne des Mazery, Geert Jan Sterk, Reshma Autar, Marjon G Bolster, Clemens Wagner, Sebastianus N H Aerts, Frank R van Holst, Anita Wegert, Giovanni Tangherlini, Bastian Frehland, Dirk Schepmann, Dieter Metze, Tobias Lotts, Ulrich Knie, Kun-Yuan Lin, Tai-Yu Huang, Chih-Ching Lai, Sonja Ständer, Bernhard Wünsch, Christoph Abels
In order to develop novel κ agonists restricted to the periphery, a diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of (4aR,5S,8aS)-configured decahydroquinoxalines 5-8 was developed. Physicochemical and pharmacological properties were fine-tuned by structural modifications in the arylacetamide and amine part of the pharmacophore as well as in the amine part outside the pharmacophore. The decahydroquinoxalines 5-8 show single-digit nanomolar to subnanomolar κ-opioid receptor affinity, full κ agonistic activity in the [(35)S]GTPγS assay, and high selectivity over μ, δ, σ1, and σ2 receptors as well as the PCP binding site of the NMDA receptor...
March 23, 2017: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Andreas Hans, Christian Ozga, Robert Seidel, Philipp Schmidt, Timo Ueltzhöffer, Xaver Holzapfel, Philip Wenzel, Philipp Reiß, Marvin N Pohl, Isaak Unger, Emad F Aziz, Arno Ehresmann, Petr Slavíček, Bernd Winter, André Knie
Despite its importance, the structure and dynamics of liquid water are still poorly understood in many apsects. Here, we report on the observation of optical fluorescence upon soft X-ray irradiation of liquid water. Detection of spectrally resolved fluorescence was achieved by a combination of the liquid microjet technique and fluorescence spectroscopy. We observe a genuine liquid-phase fluorescence manifested by a broad emission band in the 170-340 nm (4-7 eV) photon wavelength range. In addition, another narrower emission near 300 nm can be assigned to the fluorescence of OH (A state) in the gas phase, the emitting species being formed by Auger electrons escaping from liquid water...
March 1, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
A L Dobryakov, M Quick, C Richter, C Knie, I N Ioffe, A A Granovsky, R Mahrwald, N P Ernsting, S A Kovalenko
The photoisomerization of 1,1'-difluorostilbene, following S0→S1 optical excitation in solution, was studied with femtosecond broadband transient absorption and stimulated Raman spectroscopy, and by quantum-chemical calculations. In n-hexane, trans-to-cis (t→c) isomerization starts with Franck-Condon relaxation (τ1t = 0.07 ps) followed by nearly barrierless torsion around the ethylenic bond (τ2t ≈ 0.3 ps) to a perpendicular conformation P. About 50% of the excited molecules are trapped in P, while others reach the S1(cis) conformation adiabatically...
January 28, 2017: Journal of Chemical Physics
J Kun, A Perkecz, L Knie, G Sétáló, T Tornóczki, E Pintér, Á Bán
OBJECTIVE: Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology with antigen-specific and non-specific mechanisms. Transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) is a non-selective cation channel activated by noxious stimuli such as oxidative stress products evoking pain and release of proinflammatory mediators from sensory nerve endings culminating in neurogenic inflammation. Extraneuronal TRPA1s, for example, on immune cells possess yet unknown functions. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: We studied the buccal mRNA expression (qPCR) and protein localization (immunohistochemistry) of TRPA1 receptors and key OLP mediator transcripts in oral mucosa samples of healthy volunteers (n = 9), OLP patients (n = 43), and OLP-like hyperkeratotic patients (n = 12)...
March 2017: Oral Diseases
Marco Witkowski, Hans-Christian Mochmann, Ursula Rauch, Wulf Knie, Ulf Landmesser, Carsten Skurk
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2016: Critical Care Medicine
G Hartmann, A O Lindahl, A Knie, N Hartmann, A A Lutman, J P MacArthur, I Shevchuk, J Buck, A Galler, J M Glownia, W Helml, Z Huang, N M Kabachnik, A K Kazansky, J Liu, A Marinelli, T Mazza, H-D Nuhn, P Walter, J Viefhaus, M Meyer, S Moeller, R N Coffee, M Ilchen
A non-destructive diagnostic method for the characterization of circularly polarized, ultraintense, short wavelength free-electron laser (FEL) light is presented. The recently installed Delta undulator at the LCLS (Linac Coherent Light Source) at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (USA) was used as showcase for this diagnostic scheme. By applying a combined two-color, multi-photon experiment with polarization control, the degree of circular polarization of the Delta undulator has been determined. Towards this goal, an oriented electronic state in the continuum was created by non-resonant ionization of the O2 1s core shell with circularly polarized FEL pulses at hν ≃ 700 eV...
August 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
Bettina Knie, Nobuhito Morota, Satoshi Ihara, Goichiro Tamura, Hideki Ogiwara
PURPOSE: The aim of this study is for the surgical treatment and outcome of the endoscopic fenestration of the arachnoid cyst located in the ventricular body to trigone in the pediatric population. Special concern was paid for the developmental origin of the intraventricular cysts estimated from the postoperative follow-up neuroimagings. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Between July 2002 and June 2015, we performed endoscopic and partly CT/MRI navigated fenestrations of intraventricular arachnoid cysts located at the body to trigone of the lateral ventricle in ten pediatric patients aged 2 months to 5 years...
November 2016: Child's Nervous System: ChNS: Official Journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery
Simon Maria Zumkeller, Volker Knoop, Nils Knie
Mitochondrial intron patterns are highly divergent between the major land plant clades. An intron in the atp1 gene, atp1i361g2, is an example for a group II intron specific to monilophytes (ferns). Here, we report that atp1i361g2 is lost independently at least 4 times in the fern family Pteridaceae. Such plant organelle intron losses have previously been found to be accompanied by loss of RNA editing sites in the flanking exon regions as a consequence of genomic recombination of mature cDNA. Instead, we now observe that RNA editing events in both directions of pyrimidine exchange (C-to-U and U-to-C) are retained in atp1 exons after loss of the intron in Pteris argyraea/biaurita and in Actiniopteris and Onychium We find that atp1i361g2 has significant similarity with intron rps3i249g2 present in lycophytes and gymnosperms, which we now also find highly conserved in ferns...
August 29, 2016: Genome Biology and Evolution
Kamlesh Kumar, Christopher Knie, David Bléger, Mark A Peletier, Heiner Friedrich, Stefan Hecht, Dirk J Broer, Michael G Debije, Albertus P H J Schenning
Nature provides much inspiration for the design of materials capable of motion upon exposure to external stimuli, and many examples of such active systems have been created in the laboratory. However, to achieve continuous motion driven by an unchanging, constant stimulus has proven extremely challenging. Here we describe a liquid crystalline polymer film doped with a visible light responsive fluorinated azobenzene capable of continuous chaotic oscillatory motion when exposed to ambient sunlight in air. The presence of simultaneous illumination by blue and green light is necessary for the oscillating behaviour to occur, suggesting that the dynamics of continuous forward and backward switching are causing the observed effect...
2016: Nature Communications
Nils Knie, Felix Grewe, Volker Knoop
Intron patterns in plant mitochondrial genomes differ significantly between the major land plant clades. We here report on a new, clade-specific group II intron in the rps1 gene of monilophytes (ferns). This intron, rps1i25g2, is strikingly similar to rpl2i846g2 previously identified in the mitochondrial rpl2 gene of seed plants, ferns, and the lycophyte Phlegmariurus squarrosus Although mitochondrial ribosomal protein genes are frequently subject to endosymbiotic gene transfer among plants, we could retrieve the mitochondrial rps1 gene in a taxonomically wide sampling of 44 monilophyte taxa including basal lineages such as the Ophioglossales, Psilotales, and Marattiales with the only exception being the Equisetales (horsetails)...
September 2016: RNA
Nils Knie, Felix Grewe, Simon Fischer, Volker Knoop
BACKGROUND: RNA editing by C-to-U conversions is nearly omnipresent in land plant chloroplasts and mitochondria, where it mainly serves to reconstitute conserved codon identities in the organelle mRNAs. Reverse U-to-C RNA editing in contrast appears to be restricted to hornworts, some lycophytes, and ferns (monilophytes). A well-resolved monilophyte phylogeny has recently emerged and now allows to trace the side-by-side evolution of both types of pyrimidine exchange editing in the two endosymbiotic organelles...
June 21, 2016: BMC Evolutionary Biology
A Knie, M Patanen, A Hans, I D Petrov, J D Bozek, A Ehresmann, Ph V Demekhin
In the angle-averaged excitation and decay spectra of molecules, vibronic coupling may induce the usually weak dipole-forbidden transitions by the excitation intensity borrowing mechanism. The present complementary theoretical and experimental study of the resonant Auger decay of core-to-Rydberg excited CH_{4} and Ne demonstrates that vibronic coupling plays a decisive role in the formation of the angle-resolved spectra by additionally involving the decay rate borrowing mechanism. Thereby, we propose that the angle-resolved Auger spectroscopy can in general provide very insightful information on the strength of the vibronic coupling...
May 13, 2016: Physical Review Letters
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