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Suzuki frame

Eri Takeshita, Narihiro Minami, Kumiko Minami, Mikiya Suzuki, Takeya Awashima, Akihiko Ishiyama, Hirofumi Komaki, Ichizo Nishino, Masayuki Sasaki
Females with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) mutations rarely exhibit clinical symptoms from childhood, although potential mechanisms for symptoms associated with DMD and BMD in females have been reported. We report the case of a female DMD patient with a clinical course indistinguishable from that of a male DMD patient, and who possessed compound heterozygous contiguous exon deletions in the dystrophin gene. She exhibited Gowers' sign, calf muscle hypertrophy, and a high serum creatine kinase level at 2 years...
April 3, 2017: Neuromuscular Disorders: NMD
Yasuko Yamaguchi, Hitoshi Takagi, Yuhei Suzuki, Kyoko Maruhashi, Takashi Kosone, Satoru Kakizaki, Ken Sato, Masanobu Yamada, Shigeo Nagashima, Masaharu Takahashi, Hiroaki Okamoto
Hepatitis E, which is caused by hepatitis E virus (HEV), is a public health concern in Japan, where the zoonotic food-borne transmission of HEV from domestic pigs and wild boars plays an important role. A 44-year-old Japanese man with autochthonous sporadic acute hepatitis E was admitted with general fatigue and moderate liver dysfunction. In the present study, two distinct HEV strains were recovered from the patient, who had consumed the raw or undercooked pig liver and intestine two or three times per week for 3 months before the disease onset...
April 2017: Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology
Li Liu, Tomohiro Suzuki, Jingling Shen, Shigeharu Wakana, Kimi Araki, Ken-Ichi Yamamura, Lei Lei, Zhenghua Li
Retinol-binding protein RBP4 is the specific carrier for retinol in the blood. We previously produced a Rbp4-deficient (Rbp4(-/-)) mouse that showed electroretinogram (ERG) abnormalities, accompanied by histological and electron-microscopic changes such as fewer synapses in the inner plexiform layer in the central retina. To address whether human RBP4 gene expression can rescue the phenotypes observed in Rbp4(-/-) mice, we produced a humanized (Rbp4(hRBP4orf/ hRBP4orf)) mouse with a human RBP4 open reading frame in the mouse Rbp4 locus using a Cre-mutant lox recombination system...
April 2017: Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology
Daisuke Muroi, Yasuhiro Hiroi, Teruaki Koshiba, Yohei Suzuki, Masahiro Kawaki, Takahiro Higuchi
OBJECTIVE: Walking through a narrow aperture requires unique postural configurations, i.e., body rotation in the yaw dimension. Stroke individuals may have difficulty performing the body rotations due to motor paralysis on one side of their body. The present study was therefore designed to investigate how successfully such individuals walk through apertures and how they perform body rotation behavior. METHOD: Stroke fallers (n = 10), stroke non-fallers (n = 13), and healthy controls (n = 23) participated...
2017: PloS One
Yoshitaka Shiratori, Masato Watanabe, Nobuaki Suzuki, Toshio Fukusato, Ken Kozuma
Previous study has demonstrated that erythrocyte-rich thrombi contain more inflammatory cells and reflect high thrombus burden, leading to impaired myocardial reperfusion in myocardial infarction. The aim of this study is to investigate the utility of quantified frequency domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) signal analysis in evaluating the erythrocyte-rich thrombus with ex-vivo materials. We evaluated 54 specimens of coronary artery thrombus obtained by thrombectomy catheter from 8 patients who underwent primary percutaneous coronary intervention...
December 26, 2016: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Julu Bhatnagar, Demi B Rabeneck, Roosecelis B Martines, Sarah Reagan-Steiner, Yokabed Ermias, Lindsey B C Estetter, Tadaki Suzuki, Jana Ritter, M Kelly Keating, Gillian Hale, Joy Gary, Atis Muehlenbachs, Amy Lambert, Robert Lanciotti, Titilope Oduyebo, Dana Meaney-Delman, Fernando Bolaños, Edgar Alberto Parra Saad, Wun-Ju Shieh, Sherif R Zaki
Zika virus is causally linked with congenital microcephaly and may be associated with pregnancy loss. However, the mechanisms of Zika virus intrauterine transmission and replication and its tropism and persistence in tissues are poorly understood. We tested tissues from 52 case-patients: 8 infants with microcephaly who died and 44 women suspected of being infected with Zika virus during pregnancy. By reverse transcription PCR, tissues from 32 (62%) case-patients (brains from 8 infants with microcephaly and placental/fetal tissues from 24 women) were positive for Zika virus...
March 2017: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Naoto Imamachi, Kazi Abdus Salam, Yutaka Suzuki, Nobuyoshi Akimitsu
Up-frameshift protein 1 (UPF1) is an ATP-dependent RNA helicase that has essential roles in RNA surveillance and in post-transcriptional gene regulation by promoting the degradation of mRNAs. Previous studies revealed that UPF1 is associated with the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of target mRNAs via as-yet-unknown sequence features. Herein, we aimed to identify characteristic sequence features of UPF1 targets. We identified 246 UPF1 targets by measuring RNA stabilization upon UPF1 depletion and by identifying mRNAs that associate with UPF1...
March 2017: Genome Research
Mine Yoshimura, Norihiko Ohura, Junko Tanaka, Shoichi Ichimura, Yusuke Kasuya, Oruto Hotta, Yu Kagaya, Takuya Sekiyama, Mitsuko Tannba, Nao Suzuki
Preventing intraoperatively acquired pressure ulcers (IAPUs) in patients undergoing spinal surgery in the prone position using a Relton-Hall frame is challenging. We investigated the efficacy of soft silicone foam dressings in preventing IAPUs. A prospective dual-center sham study was conducted among patients undergoing elective spinal surgery in a general hospital and a university hospital in Japan. The incidence of IAPUs that developed when soft silicone foam dressings and polyurethane film dressings were used was compared on two sides in the same patient...
December 7, 2016: International Wound Journal
T Giesen, L Neukom, R Fakin, V Beckamm-Fries, M Calcagni
Fifteen consecutive patients with severely comminuted Rolando fractures were treated by closed reduction and fixation with a modified Suzuki frame without rubber bands, followed by immediate mobilization. All the fractures healed within 5 weeks. At 3 months, no rotational deformity was observed. The Kapandji score was equal that of the contralateral thumb in eight cases. No residual pain was recorded. Grip strength was 78% and pinch strength was 78% of the contralateral hand. One patient needed the frame tension modified...
October 2016: Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation
Akinori Matsushika, Kanako Negi, Toshihiro Suzuki, Tetsuya Goshima, Tamotsu Hoshino
The use of yeasts tolerant to acid (low pH) and salt stress is of industrial importance for several bioproduction processes. To identify new candidate genes having potential roles in low-pH tolerance, we screened an expression genomic DNA library of a multiple-stress-tolerant yeast, Issatchenkia orientalis (Pichia kudriavzevii), for clones that allowed Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells to grow under highly acidic conditions (pH 2.0). A genomic DNA clone containing two putative open reading frames was obtained, of which the putative protein-coding gene comprising 1629 bp was retransformed into the host...
2016: PloS One
Masato Shimada, Wataru Suzuki, Shuho Yamada, Masato Inoue
To achieve a Universal Design, designers must consider diverse users' physical and functional requirements for their products. However, satisfying these requirements and obtaining the information which is necessary for designing a universal product is very difficult. Therefore, we propose a new design method based on the concept of set-based design to solve these issues. This paper discusses the suitability of proposed design method by applying bicycle frame design problem.
2016: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Satoshi Inouye, Takahiro Suzuki
The protein expressions of three preferred human codon-optimized Gaussia luciferase genes (pGLuc, EpGLuc, and KpGLuc) were characterized in mammalian and bacterial cells by comparing them with those of wild-type Gaussia luciferase gene (wGLuc) and human codon-optimized Gaussia luciferase gene (hGLuc). Two synthetic genes of EpGLuc and KpGLuc containing the complete preferred human codons have an artificial open-reading frame; however, they had the similar protein expression levels to those of pGLuc and hGLuc in mammalian cells...
December 2016: Protein Expression and Purification
Yukihiro Hiramatsu, Momoko Saito, Nao Otsuka, Eri Suzuki, Mineo Watanabe, Keigo Shibayama, Kazunari Kamachi
Bordetella holmesii causes both invasive and respiratory diseases in humans. Although the number of cases of pertussis-like respiratory illnesses due to B. holmesii infection has increased in the last decade worldwide, little is known about the virulence factors of the organism. Here, we analyzed a B. holmesii isolate that forms large aggregates and precipitates in suspension, and subsequently demonstrated that the autoagglutinating isolate is deficient in Bordetella intermediate protein A (BipA) and that this deletion is caused by a frame-shift mutation in the bipA gene...
2016: PloS One
Hideki Kondo, Sakae Hisano, Sotaro Chiba, Kazuyuki Maruyama, Ida Bagus Andika, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Fumihiro Fujimori, Nobuhiro Suzuki
The identification of mycoviruses contributes greatly to understanding of the diversity and evolutionary aspects of viruses. Powdery mildew fungi are important and widely studied obligate phytopathogenic agents, but there has been no report on mycoviruses infecting these fungi. In this study, we used a deep sequencing approach to analyze the double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) segments isolated from field-collected samples of powdery mildew fungus-infected red clover plants in Japan. Database searches identified the presence of at least ten totivirus (genus Totivirus)-like sequences, termed red clover powdery mildew-associated totiviruses (RPaTVs)...
July 2, 2016: Virus Research
Jumpei Uchiyama, Masato Suzuki, Koji Nishifuji, Shin-Ichiro Kato, Reina Miyata, Tadahiro Nasukawa, Kotoe Yamaguchi, Iyo Takemura-Uchiyama, Takako Ujihara, Hidekatsu Shimakura, Hironobu Murakami, Noriaki Okamoto, Yoshihiko Sakaguchi, Keigo Shibayama, Masahiro Sakaguchi, Shigenobu Matsuzaki
UNLABELLED: Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes serious intractable infections in humans and animals. Bacteriophage (phage) therapy has been applied to treat P. aeruginosa infections, and phages belonging to the PB1-like virus genus in the Myoviridae family have been used as therapeutic phages. To achieve safer and more effective phage therapy, the use of preadapted phages is proposed. To understand in detail such phage preadaptation, the short-term antagonistic evolution of bacteria and phages should be studied...
August 1, 2016: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Masayuki Horie, Yuki Kobayashi, Tomoyuki Honda, Kan Fujino, Takumi Akasaka, Claudia Kohl, Gudrun Wibbelt, Kristin Mühldorfer, Andreas Kurth, Marcel A Müller, Victor M Corman, Nadine Gillich, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Martin Schwemmle, Keizo Tomonaga
Endogenous bornavirus-like L (EBLL) elements are inheritable sequences derived from ancient bornavirus L genes that encode a viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) in many eukaryotic genomes. Here, we demonstrate that bats of the genus Eptesicus have preserved for more than 11.8 million years an EBLL element named eEBLL-1, which has an intact open reading frame of 1,718 codons. The eEBLL-1 coding sequence revealed that functional motifs essential for mononegaviral RdRp activity are well conserved in the EBLL-1 genes...
2016: Scientific Reports
Shingo Miyawaki, Yoshimi Kawamura, Yuki Oiwa, Atsushi Shimizu, Tsuyoshi Hachiya, Hidemasa Bono, Ikuko Koya, Yohei Okada, Tokuhiro Kimura, Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, Sadafumi Suzuki, Nobuyuki Onishi, Naoko Kuzumaki, Yumi Matsuzaki, Minoru Narita, Eiji Ikeda, Kazuo Okanoya, Ken-Ichiro Seino, Hideyuki Saya, Hideyuki Okano, Kyoko Miura
The naked mole-rat (NMR, Heterocephalus glaber), which is the longest-lived rodent species, exhibits extraordinary resistance to cancer. Here we report that NMR somatic cells exhibit a unique tumour-suppressor response to reprogramming induction. In this study, we generate NMR-induced pluripotent stem cells (NMR-iPSCs) and find that NMR-iPSCs do not exhibit teratoma-forming tumorigenicity due to the species-specific activation of tumour-suppressor alternative reading frame (ARF) and a disruption mutation of the oncogene ES cell-expressed Ras (ERAS)...
2016: Nature Communications
Yu Suzuki, Heisaburo Shindo, Tetsuo Asakura
Saturation transfer difference (STD) NMR spectroscopy is a powerful method for detecting and characterizing ligand-receptor interactions. In this study, the STD method was used to characterize the interactions of a Ti-binding peptide (TBP:RKLPDA) with TiO2 nanoparticles. The water peak in the NMR spectrum was selectively saturated, and the STD amplitudes for TBP were observed in the presence of TiO2, demonstrating that the side chains of the N-terminal residues Arg1 and Lys2 exhibit the strongest saturation transfer effect from water molecules; i...
May 26, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
Sota Fujii, Takamasa Suzuki, Philippe Giegé, Tetsuya Higashiyama, Nobuya Koizuka, Toshiharu Shikanai
Eukaryotes harbor mitochondria obtained via ancient symbiosis events. The successful evolution of energy production in mitochondria has been dependent on the control of mitochondrial gene expression by the nucleus. In flowering plants, the nuclear-encoded pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) superfamily proteins are widely involved in mitochondrial RNA metabolism. Here, we show that an Arabidopsis nuclear-encoded RNA-binding protein, Restorer-of-fertility-like PPR protein 2 (RFL2), is required for RNA degradation of the mitochondrial orf291 transcript via endonucleolytic cleavage of the transcript in the middle of its reading frame...
June 2016: Plant Journal: for Cell and Molecular Biology
Junsuke Konno, Yoko Hatta-Ohashi, Ryutaro Akiyoshi, Anchana Thancharoen, Somyot Silalom, Watana Sakchoowong, Vor Yiu, Nobuyoshi Ohba, Hirobumi Suzuki
As flash signaling patterns of fireflies are species specific, signal-pattern analysis is important for understanding this system of communication. Here, we present time-lapse image analysis (TiLIA), a free open-source software package for signal and flight pattern analyses of fireflies that uses video-recorded image data. TiLIA enables flight path tracing of individual fireflies and provides frame-by-frame coordinates and light intensity data. As an example of TiLIA capabilities, we demonstrate flash pattern analysis of the fireflies Luciola cruciata and L...
May 2016: Ecology and Evolution
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