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Zalán Piski, András Büki, Nelli Nepp, Andráas Burián, Péter Révész, Imre Gerlinger
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: In case of dehiscenses developing on the anterior scull base, complete closure resulting in the cessation of the communication between the nasal cavity and the intracranial space is mandatory as soon as possible, in order to prevent serious complications. With the development of the endoscopic techniques, the endonasal management for the reconstruction has become available in recent decades. METHODS: We aim to present the reconstruction techniques applied in our department in the cases of two patients recently operated at our institute...
March 30, 2016: Ideggyógyászati Szemle
Habib G Rizk, Jonathan L Hatch, Shawn M Stevens, Paul R Lambert, Ted A Meyer
OBJECTIVES: (1) To quantitatively assess the lateral skull base thickness in patients with superior semicircular canal dehiscense (SSCD) using a standardized and validated radiographic measure and to compare it with that of a population with spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea (CSFO). (2) To analyze demographic and clinical factors associated with skull base thickness in the SSCD group. STUDY DESIGN: Case series with chart review. SETTING: Tertiary neurotologic referral center...
October 2016: Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery
Shilpa Basu Roy, Anadi Nath Acharya, Amitabha Sarkar, Subesha Basu Roy
Surgical intervention results in a wound. In practice of surgery, wounds and their management is a fundamental job. Various surgical wounds are created by surgeons including abdominal laparotomy wounds. Therefore disruption of a repaired laparotomy wound is an acute wound failure. Burst abdomen, abdominal wound dehiscence, dehiscence of fascial layers is a postoperative complication and the reported mortality rate is about as high as 45%. Incidence of dehiscence as described in literature ranges from 0.4%-3...
December 2013: Journal of the Indian Medical Association
Stephen Ruso, Phillip M Campbell, Jeffrey Rossmann, Lynne A Opperman, Reginald W Taylor, Peter H Buschang
SUMMARY OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the biological response of alveolar bone surrounding maxillary second premolars to flapless alveolar decortication and moderate, continuous forces in a buccal direction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Using a randomized split-mouth experimental design, unilateral alveolar decortication was performed with a piezosurgery unit around the maxillary second premolars of six female dogs. The contralateral side received a sham surgery. The maxillary second premolars were moved buccally with archwires (initial 163...
December 2014: European Journal of Orthodontics
Memet Yazar, Sevgi Kurt Yazar, Burcu Celet Ozden, Erdem Guven, Karaca Basaran, Alper Alyanak, Atakan Aydin
The optimal treatment of the pilonidal sinus has not currently been defined. This study described the use of a modified bilateral transpositional adipofascial flap technique that effectively serves to flatten the deep natal cleft while keeping the scar limited to the intergluteal fold for good cosmesis. Between June 2007 and September 2011, 83 patients (61 men, 22 women) were included in the study. Duration of pilonidal sinus symptoms ranged from 1-15 (median 5) years; 15 patients had recurrent disease. Before the operation, perforating branches of the four pairs of lateral sacral arteries were identified with a Doppler audioscope...
September 2013: Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery
Ryan B Rigby, James M Cottom, Anand Vora
Posterior heel pain caused by insertional Achilles tendinosis can necessitate surgical intervention when recalcitrant to conservative care. Surgical treatment can necessitate near complete detachment of the Achilles tendon to fully eradicate the offending pathologic features and, consequently, result in long periods of non-weightbearing. A suture bridge technique using bone anchors is available for reattachment of the Achilles tendon. This provides restoration of the Achilles footprint on the calcaneus, including not only contact, but also actual pressure between the tendon and bone...
September 2013: Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery: Official Publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Timothy M Geiger, Roberta Muldoon
It is well recognized that obesity contributes to multiple co-morbidities, and it would seem intuitive that obese patients experience an increase in post-operative complications after colorectal surgery. Overall, the data examining postoperative morbidity and mortality in the obese colorectal patient is inconsistent. Studies have shown a trend for obese patients have a higher post-operative risk of pulmonary embolism, atelectasis, cardiac complications, and thromboembolic disease. However, even with multiple large trials concluding this, there are also many studies showing no difference...
December 2011: Clinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery
Sukanya Sriussadaporn, Apichai Angspatt
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Surgical treatment for breast cancer has some special aspects different from other cancers, since surgeons have to concern of both oncologic safety and esthetic outcome. Modified radical mastectomy (MRM) can give the oncologic safety but not esthetic outcome. Breast conserving therapy improves cosmetic but results in more local recurrence than modified radical mastectomy. Skin sparing mastectomy (SSM) with immediate reconstruction for early breast cancer has been reported by several investigators to have comparable outcome with MRM and better esthetic result...
June 2012: Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, Chotmaihet Thangphaet
Isidro Martínez-Casas, Juan J Sancho, Esther Nve, Maria-José Pons, Estela Membrilla, Luis Grande
INTRODUCTION: The aim of this work was to analyze preoperative mortality risk factors after relaparotomy for abdominal surgery in a unit of General Surgery at a University Hospital. METHODS: A total of 314 relaparotomies in 254 patients were performed between February 2004 and February 2008. We analyzed data about past medical history, first operation, as well as clinical and biochemical parameters previous to reoperation. RESULTS: Indications for relaparotomy were peritonitis, bleeding, abscess, exploratory laparotomy, and evisceration...
June 2010: Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery
Mehtap Muğlali, Samet Inal, Burcu Baş, Burak Bekçioğlu, Nükhet Celebi
Distraction osteogenesis is an efficient method to augment the mandibular alveolar process for dental implants. Complications of this procedure include fracture of the basal bone, breakage of distractor, wound dehiscenses, undesirable soft tissue changes, and defective movement of the transported segment. We report a case of breakage of the distractor after mandibular alveolar vertical distraction osteogenesis. Mandibular alveolar vertical distraction osteogenesis was applied to 53-year-old woman for prosthetic rehabilitation...
May 2008: Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics
C Dumont, H Burchhardt, K Dresing, T Rudy, S Bohr, K M Stürmer
BASIS: Fractures of the talus or calcaneus with accompanying soft tissue damage require precisely planned treatment to prevent infection of the wound over time, especially in severely injured patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Seven patients with fractures of the talus or calcaneus and accompanying 2nd and 3rd degree open or 3rd degree closed soft tissue injuries were followed up retrospectively. These patients were operated on between January 1999 and January 2006 with free fasciocutaneous scapular or parascapular flaps...
July 2007: Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift Für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen
Tong Zhou, Xiao-Ting Wu, Ye-Jiang Zhou, Xiong Huang, Wei Fan, Yue-Chun Li
AIM: To evaluate the feasibility, safety, and tolerance of early removing gastrointestinal decompression and early oral feeding in the patients undergoing surgery for colorectal carcinoma. METHODS: Three hundred and sixteen patients submitted to operations associated with colorectostomy from January 2004 to September 2005 were randomized to two groups: In experimental group (n=161), the nasogastric tube was removed after the operation from 12 to 24 h and was promised immediately oral feeding; In control group (n=155), the nasogastric tube was maintained until the passage of flatus per rectum...
April 21, 2006: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Aurélie Gfeller, Robin Liechti, Edward E Farmer
Jasmonates control defense gene expression and male fertility in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. In both cases, the involvement of the jasmonate pathway is complex, involving large-scale transcriptional reprogramming. Additionally, jasmonate signaling is hard-wired into the auxin, ethylene, and salicylate signal networks, all of which are under intense investigation in Arabidopsis. In male fertility, jasmonic acid (JA) is the essential signal intervening both at the level of anther elongation and in pollen dehiscense...
February 14, 2006: Science's STKE: Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Navroop S Johal, Tani Nitkunan, Kiaran O'Malley, Peter M Cuckow
OBJECTIVES: The repair of severe primary hypospadias represents a major surgical challenge. After initial enthusiasm for single-stage procedures, many paediatric urologists have turned to the alternative two-stage approach after experiencing disappointing results. A single surgeon's experience of the two-stage procedure is reported. METHODS: Between 1998 and 2003, 62 boys underwent a two-stage reconstruction for primary hypospadias. Indications for staged repair included proximal meatus (mid-shaft [18 patients], peno-scrotal [23] or perineal [two]), moderate or severe chordee (38 patients), poor glans groove, and lichen sclerosis...
August 2006: European Urology
Birsen Unal, Gulsah Bademci, Yasemin K Bilgili, Funda Batay, Emel Avci
We searched for the surgically risky anatomic variations of sphenoid sinus and aimed to compare axial and coronal tomography in detection of these variations. Fifty-six paranasal tomography images (112 sides) were evaluated for coronal, axial and both coronal and axial images. Tomographic findings including bony septum extending to optic canal or internal carotid artery; protrusions and dehiscences of the walls of internal carotid artery, optic nerve, maxillary nerve and vidian nerve; extreme medial course of internal carotid artery; patterns of aeration of the anterior clinoid process; and Onodi cells were evaluated...
May 2006: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy: SRA
A Banerjee, A Whyte, M D Atlas
A new cause of sound and pressure induced vertigo, superior canal dehisence, is described. Auditory manifestations include hyperacusis to bone-conducted sounds and conductive hearing loss with normal acoustic reflexes. The diagnosis is reached by a directed history, documentation of upward and torsional nystagmus evoked by sound and pressure, and radiology. Acoustic reflexes and VEMP (vestibular evoked myogenic potentials) aid in the identification of patients with an apparent conductive loss with normal acoustic reflexes or have an asymptomatic dehiscense on radiology...
February 2005: Clinical Otolaryngology
I Claerhout, Philippe Kestelyn
PURPOSE: To compare the results in our patient series after penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) for syphilitic interstitial keratitis (IK) with those described in the literature. METHODS: Retrospective case series in which visual acuity (VA), graft clarity, rejection episodes, intraocular pressure and endothelial cell density (ECD) were examined postoperatively. RESULTS: Postoperative VA improved in all cases. There was no evidence of wound dehiscense or occurrence of retrocorneal membrane formation in any case...
2004: Revue Belge de Médecine Dentaire
A Goegebuer, Lohiya Ajay, I Claerhout, Ph Kestelyn
PURPOSE: To compare the results in our patient series after penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) for syphilitic interstitial keratitis (IK) with those described in the literature. METHODS: Retrospective case series in which visual acuity (VA), graft clarity, rejection episodes, intraocular pressure and endothelial cell density (ECD) were examined postoperatively. RESULTS: Postoperative VA improved in all cases. There was no evidence of wound dehiscense or occurrence of retrocorneal membrane formation in any case...
2003: Bulletin de la Société Belge D'ophtalmologie
Manuel L Fernández Guerrero, Pablo Rivas, Rosa Rábago, Antonio Núñez, Miguel de Górgolas, Jorge Martinell
INTRODUCTION: Endocarditis due to Listeria monocytogenes is a rare but serious disease often leading to valve dysfunction and heart failure. Two cases of listerial prosthetic valve endocarditis are reviewed along with 66 cases previously reported. RESULTS: The mean age of patients with listerial endocarditis increased from 47.1 years in the decades from 1955-1984 to 65.5 years from 1985-2000. Chronic debilitating diseases, solid tumours and immunosuppression associated with organ transplantation, hematologic neoplasia or AIDS were found in 41...
March 2004: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Jonas Nygren, Anders Thorell, Olle Ljungqvist
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Conventional perioperative care includes a period of semistarvation before bowel function returns and adequate oral intake is allowed. It has been clearly shown that there is no need for restriction in oral intake after, at least lower, gastrointestinal surgery, and that early oral feeding does not increase the risk for dehiscense of the anastomosis. In contrast, early feeding reduces postoperative complications. Even if early oral intake is allowed, however, it is common that side effects such as nausea and vomiting prevent patients from reaching the target energy intakes...
September 2003: Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care
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