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Waseem Amjad, Waqas Qureshi, Ali Farooq, Umair Sohail, Salma Khatoon, Sarah Pervaiz, Pratyusha Narra, Syeda M Hasan, Farman Ali, Aman Ullah, Steven Guttmann
Antiarrhythmic drugs are commonly prescribed cardiac drugs. Due to their receptor mimicry with several of the gastrointestinal tract receptors, they can frequently lead to gastrointestinal side effects. These side effects are the most common reasons for discontinuation of these drugs by the patients. Knowledge of these side effects is important for clinicians that manage antiarrhythmic drugs. This review focuses on the gastrointestinal side effects of these drugs and provides a detailed up-to-date literature review of the side effects of these drugs...
September 3, 2017: Curēus
Avneet Kaur, Ranjana Prakash, Amjad Ali
Glycerol carbonate (GLC) is a very important chemical having a variety of application viz., green solvent in organic synthesis, an electrolyte in lithium batteries, wetting agent in cosmetics and precursor in polymer and food industry for the synthesis of 1,3-sn-diglycerides. Hence, it is vital to find out the quick and simple method for the quantification of GLC when it is synthesized via dimethyl carbonate (DMC) assisted transesterification with glycerol (GL). Present study, proposes simple, accurate and non destructive quantitative proton nuclear magnetic resonance (qHNMR) method for the determination of GLC...
February 1, 2018: Talanta
Sayed Sartaj Sohrab, Sherif Aly El-Kafrawy, Zeenat Mirza, Mohammad Amjad Kamal, Esam Ibraheem Azhar
BACKGROUND: The MERS-CoV is a novel human coronavirus causing respiratory syndrome since April 2012. The replication of MERS-CoV is mediated by ORF 1ab and viral gene activity can be modulated by RNAi approach. The inhibition of virus replication has been documented in cell culture against multiple viruses by RNAi approach. Currently, very few siRNA against MERS-CoV have been computationally designed and published. METHODS: In this review, we have discussed the computationally designing and delivery of potential siRNAs...
November 8, 2017: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Amjad Alwaal, Ahmad J Al-Sayyad
Background: Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent disease affecting over 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years. Penile prosthesis represents the end of the line treatment when other less invasive therapies fail or are contraindicated. Male stress urinary incontinence can significantly diminish quality of life and lead to embarrassment and social withdrawal. Surgical therapies, such as male urethral slings and artificial urinary sphincters (AUS), are considered effective and safe treatments for male stress incontinence...
October 2017: Urology Annals
Thendral Ponnudurai, Sophia Louisraj, Amjad Salman
We present a case of a 15-year-old girl with an epibulbar osseous choristoma. The patient presented with a 3×3 mm, whitish, firm subconjunctival mass in the superotemporal quadrant of her right eye with vascularization. She underwent excision biopsy of the mass under topical anesthesia. The pathologic sections were consistent with a well-circumscribed osseous tissue without atypia. Osseous choristoma is one of the rare types of ocular choristoma to be considered in the differential diagnosis of pediatric epibulbar tumors...
2017: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Hui Huang, Wenlin Yao, Ronghua Li, Amjad Ali, Juan Du, Di Guo, Ran Xiao, Zhanyu Guo, Zengqiang Zhang, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi
This study aimed to evaluate the chemical forms, behavior and environmental risk of heavy metal (HMs) Zn, Pb and Cd in phytoremediation residue (PMR) pyrolyzed at 350 °C, 550 °C and 750 °C, respectively. The behavior of HMs variation during the PMR pyrolysis process was analyzed and the potential HMs environmental risk of phytoremediation residue biochars (PMB) was assessed which was seldom investigated before. The results showed that the pyrolysis temperature increase decreased the soluble/exchangeable HMs fraction and alleviated the HMs bioavailability...
October 7, 2017: Bioresource Technology
Diab Ghanim, Erez Kachel, Jacob Lavie, Shemy Carasso, Amjad Shalabi, Fabio Kuzniec, Ehud Raanani, Nabih Salman, Offer Amir, Wadi Kinany
INTRODUCTION: We present a very unusual case in which a high-school student was admitted to our cardiac center unconscious and intubated after suffering from out of hospital SCD. There was no history of fever, substance abuse, family history of sudden cardiac death and/or coronary artery disease, arthralgia, hypercoagulable state or familial hyperlipidemia. An emergent coronary angiogram revealed diffuse obstructive coronary artery disease which was treated with several stents. The following days of his admission were characterized by hemodynamic instability, necessitating temporary support via extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), from which he was weaned off at a later stage...
October 2017: Harefuah
Syed Mobasher Ali Abid, Hafiza Amna Younus, Mariya Al-Rashida, Zunaira Arshad, Tooba Maryum, Mazhar Amjad Gilani, Abdulrahman I Alharthi, Jamshed Iqbal
A series of sulfonyl hydrazones derived from 3-formylchromone was synthesized and discovered to be effective, non-selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidases (MAO-A and MAO-B). The compounds are easily (synthetically) accessible in high yields, by simple condensation of 4-methylbenzenesulfonohydrazide with different (un)substituted 3-formylchromones. All compounds had IC50 values in lower micro-molar range (IC50 = 0.33-7.14 μM for MAO-A, and 1.12-3.56 μM for MAO-B). The most active MAO-B inhibitor was N'-[(E)-(6-fluoro-4-oxo-4H-chromen-3-yl)methylidene]-4-methylbenzenesulfonohydrazide (3e) with IC50 value of 1...
October 4, 2017: Bioorganic Chemistry
Ishfaq Ahmad Sheikh, Essam Hussain Jiffri, Mohammad Amjad Kamal, Ghulam Md Ashraf, Mohd Amin Beg
BACKGROUND: Lactoperoxidase (LPO) is an antimicrobial protein secreted from mammary, salivary and other mucosal glands. It is an important member of heme peroxidase enzymes and the primary peroxidase enzyme present in breast tissues. In addition to the antimicrobial properties, LPO has been shown to be associated with breast cancer etiology. Heterocyclic amines, an important class of environmental and dietary carcinogens, have been increasingly associated with breast cancer etiology. Heterocyclic amines undergo activation in breast tissue as a result of oxidation by LPO...
November 2017: Anticancer Research
Amjad H Wyne, Nouf S Al-Hammad, Christian H Splieth
OBJECTIVE: To determine caries experience and related risk factors in cerebral palsy (CP) children. METHODS: Random sample of CP children was examined for dental caries and oral hygiene. Questionnaire was utilized for information about caries risk factors. This cross-sectional study was conducted in Riyadh from December 2014 to May 2015. RESULTS: Fifty-two CP children were examined with mean age of 6.3+/-2.7 years. Only one (1.9%) child out of the 52 had no clinical caries...
October 2017: Neurosciences: the Official Journal of the Pan Arab Union of Neurological Sciences
Waseem M Hajjar, Amjad F AlShehri, Mohammed A Alessa, Sami A Al-Nassar
Fibromatosis is a rare, benign, slow-growing and locally infiltrative tumour, caused by uncontrolled proliferation of fibrous tissue arising from muscles, connective tissue, fasciae and aponeurosis. It is also called desmoid tumour, which is very rare pathology representing only 0.03% of all neoplasms in human and around 3% of all soft tissue tumours. It is locally aggressive and usually invades the surrounding structures and has a high recurrence rate, even after surgical complete resection, which should be the first line of treatment...
October 2017: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Danish Gul, Robert F Potter, Hurmat Riaz, Shifa Tariq Ashraf, Meghan A Wallace, Tehmina Munir, Amjad Ali, C A Burnham, Gautam Dantas, Saadia Andleeb
Typhoid is endemic in developing countries. We report here the first draft genome sequence of a Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi clinical isolate from Pakistan exhibiting resistance to cefepime (a fourth-generation cephalosporin) and fluoroquinolone antibiotics, two of the last-generation therapies against this pathogen. The genome is ~4.8 Mb, with two putative plasmids.
October 19, 2017: Genome Announcements
Waseem Amjad, Geevarghese John, Sharifova Gulru
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 16, 2017: American Journal of Therapeutics
Nsoki Phambu, Bashiyar Almarwani, Amjad Alwadai, Esther N Phambu, Natalie Faciane, Carmel Marion, Anderson Sunda-Meya
The objective of this study is to measure and compare the effects of the cell penetrating peptide (CPP) Pep-1 and the antimicrobial peptide (AMP) combi-2 on vesicles of membranes mimicking Escherichia coli (E. coli). To characterize the effects of Pep-1 and combi-2 on E. coli membrane vesicles, a combination of five biophysical techniques was employed: fluorescence, infrared, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) techniques. Upon addition of E...
November 2, 2017: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Amir Rasool, Muti-Ur-Rehman Khan, Muhammad Asad Ali, Aftab Ahmad Anjum, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Asim Aslam, Ghulam Mustafa, Saima Masood, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Muhammad Nawaz
In the present study, anti-Avian influenza virus H9N2 activity of aqueous extracts (5, 10, 15, 20, 25%) of Zingiber officinalis and Allium sativum was evaluated. Embryo-toxicity was evaluated by histopathological scoring of Chorio-allantoic membrane of chick embryos. Cytotoxicity of extracts was determined by MTT assay on Vero cells. Aqueous extract of ginger had antiviral activity at 10, 15, 20 and 25% while garlic had activity at 15, 20 and 25%. Histopathological scoring of chorio-allantoic membrane for aqueous extracts (5, 10, 15, 20, 25%) of ginger (0...
July 2017: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amjad H Wyne, Nouf S Al-Hammad, Christian H Splieth
OBJECTIVE: To determine oral health comprehension among parents of cerebral palsy (CP) children. METHODS: A self-administered questionnaire was utilized to obtain the required information. The study was conducted in two main centers for disabled children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. RESULTS: Parents of all 157 CP children registered in the two centers completed the questionnaire. Mothers mostly (86.6%) completed the questionnaire. Majority (98...
October 2017: Saudi Dental Journal
Mouaz H Al-Mallah, Fatimah Almasoudi, Mohamed Ebid, Amjad M Ahmed, Abdelrahman Jamiel
Pericardial diseases have changed their epidemiology in the past few years. With the aging population and decreasing incidence of communicable diseases, the causes of pericardial diseases have significantly changed from infectious and malignant to postradiation and cardiac surgery causes. Despite that, pericardial diseases remain difficult to diagnose. The accurate and timely diagnosis of these diseases is essential to avoid the late sequela of pericardial constriction and pericardial cirrhosis. Echocardiography remains the first test of choice for the assessment of patients with suspected pericardial diseases...
October 12, 2017: Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine
Peivand Bastani, Ali Amjad Nia, Mohammadreza Shabanpoor, Safoora Mehravar, Sara Kashefian
OBJECTIVE: This study is conducted on Iranian pharmacists, coaches, and athletes regarding sports supplements to assess their knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) regarding sports supplements. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study conducted in 2015. The study population consisted of all community pharmacists, bodybuilders, and bodybuilding coaches. The questionnaire was applied consisting some demographic questions and 25 questions for assessing KAP (6, 9, and 10, respectively)...
July 2017: Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice
Raushan Kumar, K A Martin Xavier, Manjusha Lekshmi, Vignaesh Dhanabalan, Madonna T Thachil, Amjad K Balange, Venkateshwarlu Gudipati
BACKGROUND: Functional extruded snacks were prepared using paste shrimp powder (Acetes spp.) which is rich in protein content. The process variables required for the preparation of extruded snacks was optimized using response surface methodology. Extrusion temperature (130 - 144 °C), level of Acetes powder (100 - 200 g kg(-1) ) and feed moisture (140 - 200 g kg(-1) ) were selected as design variables, and expansion ratio, porosity, hardness, crispness and thiobarbituric acid reactive substance value were taken as the response variables...
October 10, 2017: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
R Moscetti, B Sturm, S O J Crichton, W Amjad, R Massantini
BACKGROUND: The potential of hyperspectral imaging (500÷1010 nm) was evaluated for monitoring of the quality of potato slices (var. Anuschka) of 5-, 7- and 9-mm thicknesses subjected to air drying at 50 °C. The study investigated 3 different features selection methods for the prediction of dry basis moisture content and colour of potato slices using the partial least squares regression (PLS). RESULTS: The feature selection strategies tested include interval PLS regression (iPLS), and differences and ratios between raw reflectance values for each possible pair of wavelengths (R[λ1 ]-R[λ2 ] and R[λ1 ]:R[λ2 ], respectively)...
October 11, 2017: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
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