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Core strength unstable

Sarah Rennie, Maria Dalby, Marta Lloret-Llinares, Stylianos Bakoulis, Christian Dalager Vaagensø, Torben Heick Jensen, Robin Andersson
Mammalian gene promoters and enhancers share many properties. They are composed of a unified promoter architecture of divergent transcripton initiation and gene promoters may exhibit enhancer function. However, it is currently unclear how expression strength of a regulatory element relates to its enhancer strength and if the unifying architecture is conserved across Metazoa. Here we investigate the transcription initiation landscape and its associated RNA decay in Drosophila melanogaster. We find that the majority of active gene-distal enhancers and a considerable fraction of gene promoters are divergently transcribed...
April 6, 2018: Nucleic Acids Research
Ilya R Akberdin, Nadezda A Omelyanchuk, Stanislav I Fadeev, Natalya E Leskova, Evgeniya A Oschepkova, Fedor V Kazantsev, Yury G Matushkin, Dmitry A Afonnikov, Nikolay A Kolchanov
Multiple experimental data demonstrated that the core gene network orchestrating self-renewal and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells involves activity of Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog genes by means of a number of positive feedback loops among them. However, recent studies indicated that the architecture of the core gene network should also incorporate negative Nanog autoregulation and might not include positive feedbacks from Nanog to Oct4 and Sox2. Thorough parametric analysis of the mathematical model based on this revisited core regulatory circuit identified that there are substantial changes in model dynamics occurred depending on the strength of Oct4 and Sox2 activation and molecular complexity of Nanog autorepression...
2018: PloS One
Guillaume Lamour, Roy Nassar, Patrick H W Chan, Gunes Bozkurt, Jixi Li, Jennifer M Bui, Calvin K Yip, Thibault Mayor, Hongbin Li, Hao Wu, Jörg A Gsponer
Amyloids are fibrillar nanostructures of proteins that are assembled in several physiological processes in human cells (e.g., hormone storage) but also during the course of infectious (prion) and noninfectious (nonprion) diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Alzheimer's diseases, respectively. How the amyloid state, a state accessible to all proteins and peptides, can be exploited for functional purposes but also have detrimental effects remains to be determined. Here, we measure the nanomechanical properties of different amyloids and link them to features found in their structure models...
February 28, 2017: Biophysical Journal
Gennadiy Burlak, Salomon Garcia-Paredes, Boris A Malomed
We introduce a one-dimensional model of the parity-time ( PT)-symmetric coupler, with mutually balanced linear gain and loss acting in the two cores, and nonlinearity represented by the combination of self-focusing cubic and defocusing quintic terms in each core. The system may be realized in optical waveguides, in the spatial and temporal domains alike. Stationary solutions for PT-symmetric solitons in the systems are tantamount to their counterparts in the ordinary coupler with the cubic-quintic nonlinearity, where the spontaneous symmetry breaking of solitons is accounted for by bifurcation loops...
November 2016: Chaos
Klaus Wirth, Hagen Hartmann, Christoph Mickel, Elena Szilvas, Michael Keiner, Andre Sander
Over the last two decades, exercise of the core muscles has gained major interest in professional sports. Research has focused on injury prevention and increasing athletic performance. We analyzed the guidelines for so-called functional strength training for back pain prevention and found that programs were similar to those for back pain rehabilitation; even the arguments were identical. Surprisingly, most exercise specifications have neither been tested for their effectiveness nor compared with the load specifications normally used for strength training...
March 2017: Sports Medicine
David Barbado, Alejandro Lopez-Valenciano, Casto Juan-Recio, Carlos Montero-Carretero, Jaap H van Dieën, Francisco J Vera-Garcia
Although trunk muscle function has been suggested to be a determinant of judo performance, its contribution to high-level performance in this sport has been poorly studied. Therefore, several tests were used to assess the differences in trunk muscle function between 11 international and 14 national level judo practitioners (judokas). Trunk strength and endurance were assessed using isokinetic tests and core stability was assessed using two protocols: 1) sudden loading, to assess trunk responses to unexpected external perturbations; 2) stable and unstable sitting, to assess the participants' ability to control trunk balance...
2016: PloS One
Gianpietro Malescio, Santi Prestipino
The phase behavior of stabilized dispersions of macromolecules is most easily described in terms of the effective interaction between the centers of mass of solute particles. For molecules such as polymer chains, dendrimers, etc., the effective pair potential is finite at the origin, allowing "particles" to freely interpenetrate each other. Using a double-Gaussian model (DGM) for demonstration, we study the behavior of the system as a function of the attraction strength η. Above a critical strength η(c), the infinite-size system is Ruelle unstable, in that it collapses to a cluster of finite volume...
November 2015: Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Chul-Ho Shin, Minjeong Kim, Gi Duck Park
[Purpose] This study examined spinal shape in professional golfers with chronic back pain, and analyzed the effects of a 4-week regimen of semi-weekly manipulation and corrective core exercises on spinal shape. [Subjects] Two golfers with chronic back pain. [Methods] The pelvis and spinal vertebrae were corrected using the Thompson "drop" technique. Angle and force were adjusted to place the pelvis, lumbar spine, and thoracic vertebrae in neutral position. The technique was applied twice weekly after muscle massage in the back and pelvic areas...
September 2015: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Shauna R Roberts, Jane Crigler, Cristina Ramirez, Deborah Sisco, Gerald L Early
The care coordination program described here evolved from 5 years of trial and learning related to how to best serve our high-cost, high-utilizing, chronically ill, urban core patient population. In addition to medical complexity, they have daily challenges characteristic of persons served by Safety-Net health systems. Many have unstable health insurance status. Others have insecure housing. A number of patients have a history of substance use and mental illness. Many have fractured social supports. Although some of the best-known care transition models have been successful in reducing rehospitalizations and cost among patients studied, these models were developed for a relatively high functioning patient population with social support...
July 2015: Journal for Healthcare Quality: Official Publication of the National Association for Healthcare Quality
Liang-Liang Niu, Ying Zhang, Xiaolin Shu, Shuo Jin, Hong-Bo Zhou, Fei Gao, Guang-Hong Lu
We have used molecular statics in conjunction with an embedded atom method to explore the interplay between native point defects (vacancies and self-interstitials (SIAs)) and a low-angle grain boundary (GB) in bcc tungsten. The low-angle GB has biased absorption of SIAs over vacancies. We emphasize the significance of phenomena such as vacancy delocalization and SIA instant absorption around the GB dislocation cores in stabilizing the defect structures. Interstitial loading into the GB can dramatically enhance the interaction strength between the point defects and the GB due to SIA clustering (SIA cloud formation) or SIA vacancy recombination...
July 1, 2015: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Mojtaba Tousheh, Fatemeh Zahra Darvishi, Mehran Miroliaei
Development of a protein-based drug delivery system has major impact on the efficacy and bioavailability of unstable and water insoluble drugs. In the present study, the binding modes of a nonspecific lipid transfer protein (nsLTP2) from Oryza sativa with various nucleosides and analogous molecules were identified. The 3-D structure of the protein was designed and validated using modeler 9.13, Molegro virtual docker and procheck tool, respectively. The binding affinity and strength of interactions, key contributing residues and specificity toward the substrates were accomplished by computational docking and model prediction...
October 2015: Computational Biology and Chemistry
Dong-Hun Sung, Seong-Deok Yoon, Gi Duck Park
[Purpose] It is important for patients with incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) to strengthen their muscle strength and return to the work force one of the ultimate objectives of rehabilitation. This study reports how a single patient with SCI became stabilized in terms of abdominal muscles and back extension muscles, as well as returning the back to the neutral position from spinal deformation, as result of complex exercises performed for 12 weeks. [Subjects] The degree of damage of the subject was rated as C grade...
March 2015: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Urs Granacher, Jörg Schellbach, Katja Klein, Olaf Prieske, Jean-Pierre Baeyens, Thomas Muehlbauer
BACKGROUND: It has been demonstrated that core strength training is an effective means to enhance trunk muscle strength (TMS) and proxies of physical fitness in youth. Of note, cross-sectional studies revealed that the inclusion of unstable elements in core strengthening exercises produced increases in trunk muscle activity and thus provide potential extra training stimuli for performance enhancement. Thus, utilizing unstable surfaces during core strength training may even produce larger performance gains...
2014: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
O Prieske, T Muehlbauer, R Borde, M Gube, S Bruhn, D G Behm, U Granacher
Cross-sectional studies revealed that inclusion of unstable elements in core-strengthening exercises produced increases in trunk muscle activity and thus potential extra stimuli to induce more pronounced performance enhancements in youth athletes. Thus, the purpose of the study was to investigate changes in neuromuscular and athletic performance following core strength training performed on unstable (CSTU) compared with stable surfaces (CSTS) in youth soccer players. Thirty-nine male elite soccer players (age: 17 ± 1 years) were assigned to two groups performing a progressive core strength-training program for 9 weeks (2-3 times/week) in addition to regular in-season soccer training...
January 2016: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports
V Andersen, M S Fimland, O Brennset, L R Haslestad, M S Lundteigen, K Skalleberg, A H Saeterbakken
The aim of the study was to compare muscle activity using the same relative resistance in squats and Bulgarian squats on stable and unstable surface. Muscle strength and activity were assessed by 6-repetition maximum and concomitant surface electromyography. A cohort of 15 resistance-trained males performed the exercises on the floor or a foam cushion in randomized order. The muscle activity was greater in biceps femoris (63-77%, p<0.01) and core muscle external obliques (58-62%, p<0.05) for the Bulgarian squat compared to regular squats, but lower for rectus femoris (16-21%, p<0...
December 2014: International Journal of Sports Medicine
Nadia Bourouina, Martien A Cohen Stuart, J Mieke Kleijn
Because of their ease of preparation and versatile modification opportunities, complex coacervate core micelles (C3Ms) may be a good alternative for expensive diffusional probes, such as dendrimers. However, C3Ms are unstable at high salt concentrations and may fall apart in contact with other polymers or (solid) materials. Therefore, we designed and characterized small (15 nm radius), stable fluorescent C3Ms. These were formed by electrostatic interactions between poly(ethylene oxide-methacrylic acid) (PEO-PMAA) and fluorescently labelled poly(allylamine hydrochloride) (PAH) and irreversible cross-linking of the core through amide bonds...
January 14, 2014: Soft Matter
H Pera, J M Kleijn, F A M Leermakers
To understand how lipid architecture determines the lipid bilayer structure and its mechanics, we implement a molecularly detailed model that uses the self-consistent field theory. This numerical model accurately predicts parameters such as Helfrichs mean and Gaussian bending modulus kc and k̄ and the preferred monolayer curvature J(0)(m), and also delivers structural membrane properties like the core thickness, and head group position and orientation. We studied how these mechanical parameters vary with system variations, such as lipid tail length, membrane composition, and those parameters that control the lipid tail and head group solvent quality...
February 14, 2014: Journal of Chemical Physics
Mutlu Cuğ, Emre Ak, Recep Ali Ozdemir, Feza Korkusuz, David G Behm
Although there are many studies demonstrating increased trunk activation under unstable conditions, it is not known whether this increased activation would translate into meaningful trunk strength with a prolonged training program. Additionally, while balance-training programs have been shown to improve stability, their effect on specific joint proprioception is not clear. Thus the objective of this study was to examine training adaptations associated with a 10-week instability-training program. Participants were tested pre- and post-training for trunk extension and flexion strength and knee proprioception...
2012: Journal of Sports Science & Medicine
Ying-Ming Zheng, Li Li, Li-Ming Zhou, Fang Le, Li-Yi Cai, Ping Yu, Yu-Rong Zhu, Xiao-Zhen Liu, Li-Ya Wang, Le-Jun Li, Yi-Yun Lou, Xiang-Rong Xu, Hang-Ying Lou, Xiao-Ming Zhu, Jian-Zhong Sheng, He-Feng Huang, Fan Jin
STUDY QUESTION: How does the frequency of trinucleotide repeat dynamic mutations in offspring conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART) compare with the frequency of these mutations in control offspring conceived from spontaneous pregnancies? SUMMARY ANSWER: There is a slight increase in dynamic mutation instability in offspring conceived through ART compared with the naturally conceived offspring. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: There is evidence to suggest that ART can increase the risk of birth defects and karyotypic abnormalities...
September 2013: Human Reproduction
Chandra Lingesh Sukalinggam, Gabriel Lingesh Sukalinggam, Fajar Kasim, Ashril Yusof
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of short-term stability ball (SB) training on males and females by comparing the strength changes produced in the core muscles. Forty-two previously untrained subjects, mean age = 23.62 ± 2.89 years were matched by their maximum strength (back strength: male = 190-200 kg, female = 45-50 kg and abdominal strength: male = 110-120 kg, female = 35-40 kg 1RM) and randomly placed in either one of these 3 groups; unstable SB group (n = 14), stable floor group (n = 14) and control group (n = 14) who did no exercise...
June 2012: Journal of Human Kinetics
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