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restorative and aesthetic dentistry

Sirikarn P Arunyanak, Adrien Pollini, Athanasios Ntounis, Dean Morton
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: Esthetic outcomes associated with implant dentistry are important to both clinicians and patients. However, esthetic satisfaction may vary between the 2 groups. In order to evaluate the current publications relating to this topic, the following focused question was developed, "what are the quantitative and qualitative differences between clinician evaluations and patient perspectives in the assessment of single-tooth implant outcomes in the esthetic zone?" PURPOSE: The purpose of this systematic review was to identify differences in esthetic satisfaction between clinicians and patients when evaluating single-tooth implant-supported restorations...
April 3, 2017: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Mainak Kanti Saha, Margie Khatri, Suparna Ganguly Saha, Sandeep Dubey, Divya Saxena, Neelam Vijaywargiya, Shubham Kala
INTRODUCTION: One of the most important goals of restorative dentistry is to restore the patient's aesthetic. Smile analysis is subjective and it differs from person to person. An aesthetic smile involves a harmonious relationship between various parameters including the hard and soft tissues. AIM: The aim of the study was to identify the acceptable range of several smiles (alone and in conjunction with the face) by specialists, general dentists as well as lay persons; and to identify the values of different criteria i...
February 2017: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Shauna Culshaw
A healthy periodontium provides stable gingival margins and stable tooth position prior to tooth preparations for indirect restorations. Good periodontal health allows easier tissue handling during tooth preparation, impression taking and restoration fitting. Periodontal health is integral to successful restorative care. This report documents common clinical scenarios in which periodontal problems cause aesthetic concern.
February 28, 2017: Primary Dental Journal
Bhenya Ottoni Tostes, Renato Bastos Guimarães, Jaime Dutra Noronha-Filho, Glauco Dos Santos Botelho, José Guilherme Antunes Guimarães, Eduardo Moreira da Silva
This study evaluated the effect of air-abrasion on t®m phase transformation, roughness, topography and the elemental composition of three Y-TZP (Yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal) dental ceramics: two conventional (Lava Frame and IPS ZirCad) and one with high-translucency (Lava Plus). Plates obtained from sintered blocks of each ceramic were divided into four groups: AS (as-sintered); 30 (air-abrasion with 30 mm Si-coated Al2O3 particles); 50 (air-abrasion with 50 mm Al2O3 particles) and 150 (air-abrasion with 150 mm Al2O3 particles)...
January 2017: Brazilian Dental Journal
Hassan Suliman Halawany, Abdullah Salman Binassfour, Waleed Khalid AlHassan, Rami Ayed Alhejaily, Nassr Al Maflehi, Vimal Jacob, Nimmi Biju Abraham
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate evolving trends in dental post graduate specialty preferences and career aspirations among final year dental students in Saudi Arabia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross sectional survey using a self-administered questionnaire was conducted among final year dental students from seventeen universities in Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire enquired about socio-demographic details and the ranking of three of their best preferences among the list of specialties/general dentistry and career options...
January 2017: Saudi Dental Journal
Reem Alkhudairy, Esam Tashkandi
AIM OF THE STUDY: To study the effectiveness of a structured shade-match training program on dentists' ability to match teeth colors. METHODS: Forty dentists were selected by convenient sampling with normal color vision. The training program is based on visual attention concept and was divided into two parts (educational and training module). Level of knowledge of color was assessed pre and post using a questionnaire. Shade-matching ability was assessed pre and post by using four tabs of the VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER shade guide (4R1...
April 2017: Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
Veerasamy Yengopal, Soraya Yasin Harnekar, Naren Patel, Nandi Siegfried
BACKGROUND: Childhood caries (tooth decay) consists of a form of tooth decay that affects the milk teeth (also known as baby or primary teeth) of children. This may range from tooth decay in a single tooth to rampant caries affecting all the teeth in the mouth. Primary teeth in young children are vital to their development and every effort should be made to retain these teeth for as long as is possible. Dental fillings or restorations have been used as an intervention to repair these damaged teeth...
October 17, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
A Baj, L Lo Muzio, D Lauritano, V Candotto, G E Mancini, A B Giannì
Oral rehabilitation with implant-supported restorations has become a successful therapy resulting in high survival rate (SR). Recently, some reports have stated that submerged implants have no differences in SR compared to transmucosal implants. It was also reported that a reduction in timing of implant loading (from 12-24 weeks to 6-8 weeks) does not affect the predictability and SR of the implants. In particular, the reduction of the loading period is well accepted by the full edentulous patient, due to the functional and aesthetic problems related to denture wearing...
April 2016: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
Yasser Alfawaz
Ceramics has become increasingly popular as a dental restorative material because of its superior esthetics, as well as its inertness and biocompatibility. Among dental ceramics, zirconia is used as a dental biomaterial and it is the material of choice in contemporary restorative dentistry. Zirconia ceramics has both clinical popularity and success due to its outstanding mechanical properties and ease of machining in the green stage via computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology. Zirconia is one of the most promising restorative biomaterial because it has favorable mechanical and chemical properties suitable for medical application...
May 1, 2016: Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
Fred S Margolis
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2016: Today's FDA: Official Monthly Journal of the Florida Dental Association
C Meena Kumari, K Manohar Bhat, Rahul Bansal
INTRODUCTION: Resin based composites are widely used aesthetic restorative materials in clinical restorative dentistry. The filler size and the percentage of fillers affects smooth surface, clinical durability, aesthetics, better optical properties, compatibility with natural enamel tissue, surface gloss, and preventing the discoloration of the restoration. The finishing and polishing of tooth-coloured restorations are necessary clinical steps for better aesthetics and longevity of restored teeth...
January 2016: Journal of Conservative Dentistry: JCD
Guido Migliau, Laith Konstantinos Besharat, Afrah Ali Abdullah Sofan, Eshrak Ali Abdullah Sofan, Umberto Romeo
AIM: Re-establishing a patient's lost dental aesthetic appearance is one of the most important topics for contemporary dentistry. New treatment materials and methods have been coming on the scene, day by day, in order to achieve such an aim. Most dentists prefer more conservative and aesthetic approaches, such as direct or indirect veneer restorations, instead of full-ceramic crowns for anteriors where aesthetics is really important. The aim of the study is to evaluate clinically the effectiveness of a direct composite veneering system in resolving aesthetic problem of an upper incisor with a multidisciplinary treatment approach...
July 2015: Annali di Stomatologia
Joanna Monika Kobierska-Brzoza, Maciej Dobrzyński, Katarzyna Agnieszka Fita, Dorota Bader-Orłowska, Maria Szymonowicz
Conservative treatment which restores the function, aesthetics and protects remaining tooth structure, and what is the most important, the viability of the tooth pulp, is still needed. Dental fillings replace specialized tissues of the tooth that have been lost due to caries or injury. Any decision concerning the use of a particular restorative material should be individualized and based on the competence regarding the composition, properties and characteristics of the specific restorative material. This requires continuous updating of knowledge about available dental materials as well as education of patients who, according to actual models of dental care, should be active partners in the therapeutic process...
January 2015: Polimery W Medycynie
Ajit Suryakant Jankar, Yogesh Kale, Swati Pustake, Shobha Bijjaragi, Bhushan Pustake
INTRODUCTION: Dentistry has found practically the best available aesthetic answer, is ceramic restoration. There are various factors that contribute to the success of ceramic veneers, like colour of underlying tooth, thickness if ceramics and the type of underlying luting cement. Shade selection and matching remains still challenge, however the shade of luting agent used for cementation of veneers produces a change in resultant shade of veneers. AIM: To compare and analyze the spectrophotometric effect of opaque and transparent luting agent on resultant shade of ceramic veneers made of 2L1...
September 2015: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Ara Nazarian
The goal of dental implant rehabilitation is to bring the patient's dentition to proper aesthetics, form, and function. Of course, this is best achieved when the dental provider has a clear picture of the end result. With the recent introduction of new 3-D diagnostic and treatment planning modalities in implant dentistry, accurate planning as well as precise placement of implants that are restoratively driven can be achieved. With a variety of different software and associated surgical instrumentation available, dental implant diagnosis and treatment has become more simplified...
April 2015: Dentistry Today
Wisam Kamil, Lina Al Bayati, Akbar S Hussin, Haszelini Hassan
INTRODUCTION: Aggressive periodontitis is characterized by a rapid rate of attachment loss and bone resorption. Regenerative therapy offers reconstruction of the periodontium; however, certain advanced cases with a questionable prognosis might remain a challenge. We report a successful intervention outcome of a challenging case in the aesthetic zone of a patient with aggressive periodontitis. CASE PRESENTATION: A 34-year-old systemically healthy Malay woman was referred to the Periodontics Specialist Clinic of the Kulliyyah of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia, with a chief complaint of bleeding gums and mobility of the upper anterior teeth...
September 25, 2015: Journal of Medical Case Reports
Mayank U Patel, Sandhya Kapoor Punia, Surekha Bhat, Gautam Singh, Rahul Bhargava, Pravesh Goyal, Swapnil Oza, Chirag M Raiyani
BACKGROUND: Numerous restorative materials are being used in dentistry to achieve adequate strength and restore aesthetics. However, a perfect ideal restorative material has still eluded dentist. Dental amalgam is versatile material with self-sealing property, but is unaesthetic. Other restorative materials like, composites require conservative preparation, but exhibits polymerisation shrinkage resulting in microleakage. To overcome these drawbacks a high strength restorative material reinforced with ceramic and zirconia fillers known as zirconomer has been introduced...
July 2015: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
M Manju, Srinivas L Shanthraj, K C Savitha, Ntasha Sethi
Trauma to the anterior teeth affects the esthetic and psychological well-being of the patient. Advancement in the adhesive dentistry has facilitated the restoration of the coronal tooth fractures by minimally invasive procedures when the original tooth fragment is available. Reattachment of fractured fragment offers immediate treatment with improved preponderant aesthetics and restoration of function. Here, we describe a case of complicated fracture of the maxillary left immature permanent central incisor, which was treated endodontically followed by esthetic reattachment of the fractured fragment using the glass fiber post...
July 2015: Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine
Mihaela Monica Scutariu, Amelia Surdu, Georgiana Macovei
UNLABELLED: Dental aesthetics represents a synonym for modern, cutting edge dentistry as it is a simultaneous mixture of art and science. The materials and the technology nowadays provide the resources for achieving extremely accurate and physiognomic restorations regardless of the amplitude of the intervention needed; consequently the treatment must respect the oral health and the optimal functioning of the dental-maxillary apparatus. One of the treatment phases that precede the final result, one step ahead in the treatment, is represented by the temporary restoration...
April 2015: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
Sanjukta Deb, Simran Chana
Dental caries remains a challenge in the improvement of oral health. It is the most common and widespread biofilm-dependent oral disease, resulting in the destruction of tooth structure by the acidic attack from cariogenic bacteria. The tooth is a heavily mineralised tissue, and both enamel and dentine can undergo demineralisation due to trauma or dietary conditions. The adult population worldwide affected by dental caries is enormous and despite significant advances in caries prevention and tooth restoration, treatments continue to pose a substantial burden to healthcare...
2015: Frontiers of Oral Biology
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