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Commercial Drivers License

Roland A Snijder, Johannes T A Knape, Toine C G Egberts, Annemoon M D E Timmerman
A 67-year critically ill patient suffered from a hypertensive crisis (200 mm Hg) because of a norepinephrine overdose. The overdose occurred when the clinician exchanged an almost-empty syringe and the syringe pump repeatedly reported an error. We hypothesized that an object between the plunger and the syringe driver may have caused the exertion of too much force on the syringe. Testing this hypothesis in vitro showed significant peak dosing errors (up to +572%) but moderate overdose (0.07 mL, +225%) if a clamp was used on the intravenous infusion line and a large overdose (0...
November 28, 2016: A & A Case Reports
Ganesh M Babulal, Aaron Addison, Nupur Ghoshal, Sarah H Stout, Elizabeth K Vernon, Mark Sellan, Catherine M Roe
Background: The number of older adults in the United States will double by 2056. Additionally, the number of licensed drivers will increase along with extended driving-life expectancy. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury and death in older adults. Alzheimer's disease (AD) also negatively impacts driving ability and increases crash risk. Conventional methods to evaluate driving ability are limited in predicting decline among older adults. Innovations in GPS hardware and software can monitor driving behavior in the actual environments people drive in...
2016: F1000Research
Franziska Degenhardt, Barbara Heinemann, Jana Strohmaier, Marvin A Pfohl, Ina Giegling, Andrea Hofmann, Kerstin U Ludwig, Stephanie H Witt, Michael Ludwig, Andreas J Forstner, Margot Albus, Sibylle G Schwab, Margitta Borrmann-Hassenbach, Leonard Lennertz, Michael Wagner, Per Hoffmann, Dan Rujescu, Wolfgang Maier, Sven Cichon, Marcella Rietschel, Markus M Nöthen
Duplications in 16p11.2 are a risk factor for schizophrenia (SCZ). Using genetically modified zebrafish, Golzio and colleagues identified KCTD13 within 16p11.2 as a major driver of the neuropsychiatric phenotype observed in humans. The aims of the present study were to explore the role of KCTD13 in the development of SCZ and to provide a more complete picture of the allelic architecture at this risk locus. The exons of KCTD13 were sequenced in 576 patients. The mutations c.6G>T and c.598G>A were identified in one patient each...
December 2016: Psychiatric Genetics
Jessica Reagh, Martyn Bullock, Juliana Andrici, John Turchini, Loretta Sioson, Adele Clarkson, Nicole Watson, Amy Sheen, Grace Lim, Leigh Delbridge, Stan Sidhu, Mark Sywak, Ahmad Aniss, Phillip Shepherd, Daniel Ng, Paul Oei, Michael Field, Diana Learoyd, Bruce G Robinson, Roderick J Clifton-Bligh, Anthony J Gill
A quarter of patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) have germline mutations in the RET proto-oncogene indicating MEN2. Therefore genetic testing is recommended for all patients presenting with MTC. Approximately 40% of MTCs have somatic RET mutations. Somatic mutations in the RAS genes are the next most common driver mutations and appear to be mutually exclusive with germline RET mutation. The single most common somatic RAS mutation is HRASQ61R (c.182A>G), reported in 4.6% to 11% of all MTCs. Mutation-specific immunohistochemistry (IHC) initially developed to identify the NRASQ61R mutation in melanoma (clone SP174) has proven highly sensitive and specific...
January 2017: American Journal of Surgical Pathology
Katrin Busch, Hans-Reimer Rodewald
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation has yielded tremendous information on experimental properties of HSCs. Yet, it remains unclear whether transplantation reflects the physiology of hematopoiesis. A limitation is the difficulty in accessing HSC functions without isolation, in-vitro manipulation and readout for potential. New genetic fate mapping and clonal marking techniques now shed light on hematopoiesis under physiological conditions. RECENT FINDINGS: Transposon-based genetic marks were introduced across the entire hematopoietic system to follow the clonal dynamics of these tags over time...
July 2016: Current Opinion in Hematology
Motao Zhu, Songzhu Zhao, D Leann Long
BACKGROUND: As a phased approach to initiating driving, graduated driver licensing restricts driving by young drivers with the aim of reducing crashes. It might increase riding with parents or on buses, which might be safer, or walking or biking, which might be more dangerous. We examined whether it increases nondriver injuries, and whether it reduces total injuries combining drivers and nondrivers. METHODS: We conducted longitudinal analyses of 1995-2012 traffic injuries from 43 states...
September 2016: Epidemiology
Jesper Jørgensen, Panos Kefalas
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this research is to identify the pricing, reimbursement, and market access (P&R&MA) considerations most relevant to advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) in the Big5EU, and to inform their manufacturers about the key drivers for securing adoption at a commercially viable reimbursed price. METHODOLOGY: The research was structured following three main steps: 1) Identifying the market access pathways relevant to ATMPs through secondary research; 2) Validating the secondary research findings and addressing any data gaps in primary research, by qualitative interviews with national, regional, and local-level payers and their clinical and economic advisors; 3) Collating of primary and secondary findings to compare results across countries...
2015: Journal of Market Access & Health Policy
Benjamin McManus, Karen Heaton, David E Vance, Despina Stavrinos
OBJECTIVE: The Useful Field of View (UFOV) assessment, a measure of visual speed of processing, has been shown to be a predictive measure of motor vehicle collision (MVC) involvement in an older adult population, but it remains unknown whether UFOV predicts commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driving safety during secondary task engagement. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the UFOV assessment predicts simulated MVCs in long-haul CMV drivers. METHOD: Fifty licensed CMV drivers (Mage = 39...
October 2, 2016: Traffic Injury Prevention
Christopher Izehinosen Okpataku
OBJECTIVE: To determine the pattern and reasons for psychoactive substance use by long-distance commercial vehicle drivers in a Nigerian city. MATERIALS AND METHODS: All licensed long-distance commercial vehicle drivers who travel a distance of at least 500 km from the city metropolis were recruited. Each fourth consecutive driver who was to load his vehicle for the day was interviewed at the 10 long-distance motor parks. They responded to a sociodemographic and semi-structured pro forma requesting the type of drug used and the reason and pattern of use...
October 2015: Indian Journal of Public Health
Huarong Wang, Xian Mo, Ying Wang, Ruixue Liu, Peiyu Qiu, Jiajun Dai
Road traffic accidents resulting in group deaths and injuries are often related to coach drivers' inappropriate operations and behaviors. Thus, the evaluation of coach drivers' fitness to drive is an important measure for improving the safety of public transportation. Previous related research focused on drivers' age and health condition. Comprehensive studies about commercial drivers' cognitive capacities are limited. This study developed a toolkit consisting of nine cognition measurements across driver perception/sensation, attention, and reaction...
October 2016: Accident; Analysis and Prevention
Jessica L Kerr, Kelsey D Frichtl, Erin M Behnen
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate diabetes management in Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders, how prescribing habits change when treating this patient population, and health care providers' knowledge of regulations concerning insulin use in CDL holders. METHODS: A survey was posted on the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Communities of Interest websites and was open for 2 weeks. The anonymous survey collected demographic data and evaluated the perspectives of health care providers on diabetes management in CDL holders...
April 2015: Diabetes Educator
A Ghomashchi, Z Zheng, N Majaj, M Trumpis, L Kiorpes, J Viventi
Many experiments in neuroscience require or would benefit tremendously from a wireless neural recording system. However, commercially available wireless systems are expensive, have moderate to high noise and are often not customizable. Academic wireless systems present impressive capabilities, but are not available for other labs to use. To overcome these limitations, we have developed an ultra-low noise 8 channel wireless electrophysiological data acquisition system using standard, commercially available components...
2014: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Rachel W Jones Ross, Sheila T D Cordazzo, Charles T Scialfa
INTRODUCTION: This study evaluated the ability to predict the on-road driving of older drivers using a battery of laboratory-based instruments. METHODS: The Roadwise Review, a brief Hazard Perception Test and several tests of vision were given to 65 cognitively healthy, licensed older drivers (M = 74 years, SD = 9 years). They also participated in a standardized driving assessment of approximately 18 km, along a mixed residential and commercial route. RESULTS: Raw scores on the Roadwise Review did not predict accumulated points, or automatic disqualifications, but could predict who would pass or fail the on-road evaluation...
December 2014: Journal of Safety Research
I P Okafor, K A Odeyemi, D C Dolapo, A A Adegbola
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To determine the level of compliance with driver's license laws among commercial bus drivers in Lagos, Nigeria. SUBJECTS, MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two intercity motor parks were selected by simple random sampling and all consenting minibus drivers participated in the study. Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) were also conducted with selected officials in the driver training and licensing authorities. RESULTS: Compliance with the minimum age for driving was high (93...
September 2014: Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Jessica H Mirman, Allison E Curry, Flaura K Winston, Wenli Wang, Michael R Elliott, Maria T Schultheis, Megan C Fisher Thiel, Dennis R Durbin
IMPORTANCE: Many studies have failed to show an effect of parent-supervised practice driving on the driving performance of teenagers; nevertheless, most Graduated Driver Licensing programs have provisions that require supervised practice. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether a web-based intervention, the Teen Driving Plan (TDP), can improve the driving performance of teenagers before licensure as measured by the Teen On-road Driving Assessment (tODA). DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Randomized, single-blind, clinical trial among 217 dyads (1 parent: 1 teenaged learner's-permit holder) to test TDP effectiveness on increasing the quantity and diversity of supervised practice and improving the teenagers' prelicensed driving performance...
August 2014: JAMA Pediatrics
Adebayo Adesola Sanusi, Maria Emmelin
Road traffic injury is a great public health challenge with an emerging trend of increasing rates and high mortality involving commercial motorcycles in Nigeria. A qualitative approach was used with 10 in-depth interviews conducted to explore the risk perceptions of commercial motorcyclists in Ibadan, Nigeria. The data analysis using manifest and latent content analysis resulted in an overarching theme: inadequate structures and internalised norms prevent change. The three themes leading to the overarching theme are: risk-taking as generally acceptable; risk-taking as an intrinsic part of occupation; and risk-taking as a way to make ends meet...
2015: International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion
Najib Ayas, Robert Skomro, Adam Blackman, Kristen Curren, Michael Fitzpatrick, John Fleetham, Charles George, Tom Hakemi, Patrick Hanly, Christopher Li, Debra Morrison, Frédéric Series
Untreated patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are at increased risk for motor vehicle collisions; however, it is unclear how this should be translated into fitness-to-drive recommendations. Accordingly, the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) Sleep Disordered Breathing Clinical Assembly and the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) assembled a CTS-CSS working group to propose recommendations with regard to driving in patients with OSA. Recommendations for assessing fitness to drive in noncommercial drivers: 1. Severity of OSA alone is not a reliable predictor of collision risk and, therefore, should not be used in isolation to assess fitness to drive; 2...
March 2014: Canadian Respiratory Journal: Journal of the Canadian Thoracic Society
Sang-Ahm Lee
Korea lacks practical guideline regarding driver's licensing for persons with epilepsy. Therefore, these consensus guidelines would be useful for assessing the fitness of persons with epilepsy for as drivers of personal vehicles in Korea. In the guidelines, a person with chronic epilepsy may receive a driver's license after a seizure-free period of two years. A person with seizures occurring only during sleep or with simple partial seizures (that would not impair driving safety) may receive a driver's license, if no other seizures that might impair their safe driving have occurred for at least two years...
March 2011: Journal of Epilepsy Research
Godswill Pepple, Adedayo Adio
AIM/BACKGROUND: Nigeria has one of the highest mortality rates from Road traffic accidents (RTAs). Prevention is a global priority. This study is aimed at acquiring information for effective policy formulation to improve safety on Nigerian roads. This is a cross sectional descriptive study in which consenting commercial drivers in a Nigerian motor parks were ophthalmically examined after an interview. Data analyzed with EPI-INFO version 6.0 statistical software using Chi square. P value < 0...
2014: SpringerPlus
Awopeju K Abidemi
Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa highly affected by automotive crashes which led to establishment of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). The organization fought and is fighting against reckless driving in the country to prevent loss of life through automotive crashes. The record of the organization and the Statistical investigation of the researcher reveal that most of the crashes were due to human error such as alcoholism, inexperience and peer influence on the high-way. The data for the research was collected from published report of FRSC 2012 and analyzed using chi-square dependency test and charts due to the nature of the presentation...
2013: Annals of Advances in Automotive Medicine
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