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Vibration & PNF

W Steven Tucker, Stephen W Slone
CONTEXT: Clinicians use various stretching techniques to prevent the onset of and treat glenohumeral internal-rotation deficit (GIRD). It is unknown which stretching technique is the most effective. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the acute effects of hold-relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) with and without vibration therapy on internal rotation in individuals with GIRD. DESIGN: 2-within (stretch × time) comparison with repeated measures...
August 2016: Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
G Dallas, A Smirniotou, G Tsiganos, D Tsopani, A Di Cagno, Ch Tsolakis
AIM: The purpose of this study was to investigate the acute effects of 3 different warm up methods of stretching (static, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and stretching exercises on a Vibration platform) on flexibility and legs power-jumping performance in competitive artistic gymnasts. METHODS: Eighteen competitive artistic gymnasts were recruited to participate in this study. Subjects were exposed to each of 3 experimental stretching conditions: static stretching (SS), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching (PNF), and stretching exercises on a Vibration platform (S+V)...
December 2014: Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
Nancy S Chiles, Caroline L Phillips, Stefano Volpato, Stefania Bandinelli, Luigi Ferrucci, Jack M Guralnik, Kushang V Patel
OBJECTIVE: Diabetes among older adults causes many complications, including decreased lower-extremity function and physical disability. Diabetes can cause peripheral nerve dysfunction, which might be one pathway through which diabetes leads to decreased physical function. The study aims were to determine the following: (1) whether diabetes and impaired fasting glucose are associated with objective measures of physical function in older adults, (2) which peripheral nerve function (PNF) tests are associated with diabetes, and (3) whether PNF mediates the diabetes-physical function relationship...
January 2014: Journal of Diabetes and its Complications
Michael Gerken, Matthew D Moran, Hélène P A Mercier, Bernard E Pointner, Gary J Schrobilgen, Berthold Hoge, Karl O Christe, Jerry A Boatz
The reported synthesis of the H(2)OF(+) cation as a product of the oxidative fluorination of H(2)O by [XeF][PnF(6)] (Pn = As, Sb) in HF solution has been reinvestigated. The system exhibits complex equilibria, producing two new Xe(II) compounds, [Xe(3)OF(3)][PnF(6)] and [H(3)O][PnF(6)] x 2 XeF(2), refuting the original claim for the synthesis of the H(2)OF(+) cation. Both compounds have been isolated and characterized by vibrational spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The X-ray crystal structures of the [Xe(3)OF(3)][PnF(6)] salts contain the Z-shaped FXeOXeFXeF(+) cation, which represents the first example of an isolated Xe(II) oxide fluoride...
September 23, 2009: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Michael Gerken, David A Dixon, Gary J Schrobilgen
The fluoride ion donor properties of OsO(3)F(2) have been investigated. The salts [OsO(3)F][AsF(6)], [OsO(3)F][HF](2)[AsF(6)], mu-F(OsO(3)F)(2)[AsF(6)], [OsO(3)F][HF](2)[SbF(6)], and [OsO(3)F][HF][SbF(6)] have been prepared by reaction of OsO(3)F(2) with AsF(5) and SbF(5) in HF solvent and have been characterized in the solid state by Raman spectroscopy. The single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies of [OsO(3)F][AsF(6)] (P2(1)/n, a = 7.0001(11) A, c = 8.8629(13) A, beta = 92.270(7) degrees, Z = 4, and R(1) = 0...
January 28, 2002: Inorganic Chemistry
A Bhattacharya, C F Knapp, E P McCutcheon, R G Edwards
The vibration parameters for assessing the response of the cardiovascular system to whole-body vibration were studied. Six awake, chronically instrumented canines were restrained with their spines vertical, and exposed to GZ sinusoidal vibration of 2-12 HZ for a constant peak acceleration amplitude of +-1.0 G. Vibration exposures of 30 s with intervening recovery periods of 2 min were employed. The following variables were measured: mean heart rate (MHR), stroke volume (SV), mean aortic flow (MAF), mean aortic pressure (MAP), the peak net force transmitted to the canine/body weight (PNF/BW), and the vibration platform frequency (ft), displacement, and acceleration...
May 1977: Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental and Exercise Physiology
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