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Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy

Abdurrahman M Fahmy, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Ahmed B Ibrahim, Basant A Habib, Saadia A Tayel, Noha A Bayoumi
Haloperidol (Hal) is one of the widely used antipsychotic drugs. When orally administered, it suffers from low bioavailability due to hepatic first pass metabolism. This study aimed at developing Hal-loaded penetration enhancer-containing spanlastics (PECSs) to increase transdermal permeation of Hal with sustained release. PECSs were successfully prepared using ethanol injection method showing reasonable values of percentage entrapment efficiency, particle size, polydispersity index and zeta potential. The statistical analysis of the ex vivo permeation parameters led to the choice of F1L - made of Span® 60 and Tween® 80 at the weight ratio of 4:1 along with 1% w/v Labrasol® - as the selected formula (SF)...
November 2018: Drug Delivery
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Alaa Abdel-Rahman Gamiel, Alia Abd El-Latif Badawi, Afaf Sayed Osman, Dina Ahmed Labib
CONTEXT: Lornoxicam is a potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It shows limited solubility in the gastric pH, delayed bioavailability and pharmacodynamic effects with aggravated gastric side effects (due to longer residence in the stomach wall). OBJECTIVE: To enhance dissolution of lornoxicam in the gastric fluid and expectedly absorption and pharmacological action, with less ulcerogenic effects. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Formulation of immediate release (IR) lornoxicam liquitablets containing both liquid and solid release modulators (wetting agent, solubilizers and microenvironmental pH modifiers)...
March 2017: Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, A B Ibrahim, Maha M Amin, Omneya M Khowessah, Eman S Elzanfaly
Haloperidol is a commonly prescribed antipsychotic drug currently administered as oral and injectable preparations. This study aimed to prepare haloperidol intranasal miniemulsion helpful for psychiatric emergencies and exhibiting lower systemic exposure and side effects associated with non-target site delivery. Haloperidol miniemulsions were successfully prepared by spontaneous emulsification adopting 2(3) factorial design. The effect of three independent variables at two levels each namely; oil type (Capmul®-Capryol™90), lipophilic emulsifier type (Span 20-Span 80) and HLB value (12-14) on globule size, PDI and percent locomotor activity inhibition in mice was evaluated...
September 20, 2016: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Nevine Shawky Abdelmalak, Shady E Anis, Dina Louis
Leflunomide, the disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug was formulated as microspheres for prolonged drug release in the form of intraarticular injection. Eight formulations were developed using three biodegradable PDLG polymers (lactide/glycolide copolymer) and polycaprolactone (PLC) at two drug:polymer ratios (1:2 and 1:4). Solvent evaporation method was employed using polyvinyl alcohol or hydropxypropyl methylcellulose as stabilizers. Formulations were assessed for encapsulation efficiency, yield, particle size, release pattern and SEM...
November 30, 2015: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Emad B Basalious, Nevine Shawky Abdelmalak
Formulation of sublingual tablets of drugs with limited permeability poses a great challenge due to their poor absorption. In this study, bioenhanced sublingual tablets (BESTs) of zolmitriptan were prepared using novel surfactant binder (Pluronic® p123/Syloid® mixture) to enhance tablet disintegration and dissolution. Microencapsulated polysorbate 80 (Sepitrap™ 80) were included in the composition of BESTs to enhance the drug transport through the sublingual mucosa. Tablets were evaluated for in vitro/in vivo disintegration, in vitro dissolution and ex vivo permeation...
August 2015: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Sami Ahmed, Alia Abd El-Latif Badawi, Mohamed Ahmed El-Nabarawi, Nada Sallam
Granisetron hydrochloride is a potent antiemetic yet experiencing first pass metabolism. Ketorolac tromethamine is a potent analgesic NSAID that is known to cause gastrointestinal complications. The purpose of this study is to prepare combined in situ nasal copolymer thermal gel combining both drugs for the management of postoperative and cancer associated nausea, vomiting and pain while avoiding the problems associated with their therapy. In situ gelling nasal formulations with/without different mucoadhesive polymers were prepared and evaluated...
August 30, 2015: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Motaz Farid, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Mohamed Ahmed El-Nabarawi, Tahany El-Bayomi
Meloxicam (Mel) is a non-steroidal potent anti-inflammatory drug with effective analgesic effect for various situations; e.g. postoperative pain. The early systemic exposure to Mel and hence the rapid onset of pharmacological action is limited by its poor water solubility; a situation which may be more pronounced during acute pain episode because of reduced gastric motility that affects disintegration and dissolution of solid dosage forms. To overcome delayed absorption of Mel, improvement in the dissolution behavior of Mel is essential...
September 2016: Drug Delivery
Sami Ahmed, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Alia Abd El-Latif Badawi, Mohamed Ahmed El-Nabarawi
Granisetron hydrochloride (granisetron) is a potent antiemetic that has been proven to be effective in acute and delayed emesis in cancer chemotherapy. Granisetron suffers from reduced oral bioavailability (≈60%) due to hepatic metabolism. In this study the combined advantage of provesicular carriers and buccal drug delivery has been explored aiming to sustain effect and improve bioavailability of granisetron via development of granisetron provesicular buccoadhesive tablets with suitable quality characteristics (hardness, drug content, in vitro release pattern, exvivo bioadhesion and in vivo bioadhesion behavior)...
August 18, 2014: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alia A Badawi, Mohamed Ahmed El-Nabarawi, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Sami Ahmed Alsammit
Itraconazole (ITZ) crystalline nanoparticles were prepared using relatively simple, low-cost sonoprecipitation technique, in which both the solvent and antisolvent were organic in nature. The effect of stabilizer type (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Inutec SP1®, and pluronic F127), drying method (oven and freeze drying) and matrix former used (Avicel PH101, and Aerosil®200) on the dissolution performance as a key characteristic of nanocrystals was evaluated. In 10 min, all of the prepared nanocrystals showed 3...
September 2011: AAPS PharmSciTech
Magdy M Ibrahim, Mohamed El-Nabarawi, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Montasir A Fadlalla
Etodolac (ET) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug with proved potential antitumor and uric acid lowering effects. It shows dissolution rate-dependent bioavailability. This work was carried out to improve the dissolution rate of etodolac using three carriers of known potential to improve solubility and hence dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs through coevaporation technique. The polymeric surfactant inutec, 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, and tromethamine were used at three different drug/carrier ratios...
December 2010: AAPS PharmSciTech
Ahmed A Aboelwafa, Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Aliaa Nabil Elmeshad
The aim of this work was to investigate the effects of formulation variables on development of carvedilol (CAR) proniosomal gel formulations as potential transdermal delivery systems. Different non-ionic surfactants; polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers, namely Brij 78, Brij 92, and Brij 72; and sorbitan fatty acid esters (Span 60) were evaluated for their applicability in preparation of CAR proniosomal gels. A 2(3) full factorial design was employed to evaluate individual and combined effects of formulation variables, namely cholesterol content, weight of proniosomes, and amount of CAR added on performance of proniosomes...
December 2010: AAPS PharmSciTech
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Sahar Mohy Ahmed El-Ashmony
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to improve systemic delivery of the highly analgesic ketorolac trometamol (ketorolac tromethamine) via the transdermal route, through cost-effective topical formulations, to avoid most of the problems associated with ketorolac trometamol therapy. METHODS: In-vitro release behaviour of the drug from different microemulsion and emulgel formulations was evaluated. E2 emulgel (based on isopropyl myristate as penetration enhancer) and E7 emulgel (based on Brij 92 as penetration enhancer) were evaluated for their physical properties, rat skin permeation, in-vivo analgesic effect (hot-plate test and the paw pressure test), acute and chronic anti-inflammatory activity and gastric safety...
January 2010: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Doaa Ahmed El-Setouhy, Nevine Shawky Abd El-Malak, Nevine Shawky Abd El-Malak
The present investigation was undertaken with the objective of formulating orodispersible film(s) of the antidepressant drug tianeptine sodium to enhance the convenience and compliance by the elderly and pediatric patients. The novel film former, lycoat NG73 (granular hydroxypropyl starch), along with different film-forming agents (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, and polyvinyl alcohol), in addition to three film modifiers; namely, maltodextrin, polyvinyl pyrrolidone K90 and lycoat RS780 (pregelatinized hydroxypropyl starch) were evaluated...
September 2010: AAPS PharmSciTech
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