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Claudia Späni, Tobias Suter, Rebecca Derungs, Maria Teresa Ferretti, Tobias Welt, Fabian Wirth, Christoph Gericke, Roger M Nitsch, Luka Kulic
INTRODUCTION: In Alzheimer's disease, accumulation and pathological aggregation of amyloid β-peptide is accompanied by the induction of complex immune responses, which have been attributed both beneficial and detrimental properties. Such responses implicate various cell types of the innate and adaptive arm of the immunesystem, both inside the central nervous system, and in the periphery. To investigate the role of the adaptive immune system in brain β-amyloidosis, PSAPP transgenic mice, an established mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, were crossbred with the recombination activating gene-2 knockout (Rag2 ko) mice lacking functional B and T cells...
2015: Acta Neuropathologica Communications
Yu Zhang, Guangkuan Wei, Zhiyong Di, Qingjie Zhao
Alcohol-induced neuroinflammation is mediated by the innate immunesystem. Pro-inflammatory responses to alcohol are modulated by miRNAs. The miRNA miR-339-5p has previously been found to be upregulated in alcohol-induced neuroinflammation. However, little has been elucidated on the regulatory functions of this miRNA in alcohol-induced neuroinflammation. We investigated the function of miR-339-5p in alcohol exposed brain tissue and isolated microglial cells using ex vivo and in vitro techniques. Our results show that alcohol induces transcription of miR 339-5p, IL-6, IL-1β and TNF-α in mouse brain tissue and isolated microglial cells by activating NF-κB...
September 26, 2014: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Marcel Dudda, Peter Godau, Sammy Al-Benna, Thomas A Schildhauer, Martin Gothner
Orthopaedic joint implants and osteosynthetic materials are progressively being employed more often. Complications mainly include physical-mechanical problems and infections. Uncommonly, allergic reactions to an alloy metal or a bone cement component have been implicated. Less attention has been paid to the components of bone cement, such as acrylate, catalysers (e.g. peroxide), additive polymers or stabilisers. An important bone cement component is benzoylperoxide (BPO), an initiator of the process enhancement of the bone cement...
May 2013: Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery
Debra M Langlois, Margie Andreae
• GAS is a common cause of upper respiratory tract and skin infections.• Based on strong research evidence, (1) throat culture is the gold standard for diagnosing GAS pharyngitis.• Based on strong research evidence, (1) oral penicillin V K is the antibiotic treatment of choice for GAS pharyngitis because of its efficacy, safety, and narrow spectrum.• Based on strong research evidence, (2) primary prevention of complications of GAS such as ARF involves prompt diagnosis and antibiotic treatment of GAS pharyngitis...
October 2011: Pediatrics in Review
Lloyd S Miller, Robert L Modlin
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are important pattern-recognition receptors involved in host defense against a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Activation of TLRs leads to the production of cytokines, chemokines, antimicrobial peptides, and upregulation costimulatory and adhesion molecules involved in innate and adaptive immune responses. TLRs are expressed on a variety of cell types found in the skin, including keratinocytes and Langerhans cells in the epidermis, resident and trafficking immunesystem cells such as macrophages, dendritic cells, T and B cells, and mast cells in the dermis, endothelial cells of the skin microvasculature, and skin stromal cells such as fibroblasts and adipocytes...
April 2007: Seminars in Immunopathology
Paolo De Coppi, Michela Pozzobon, Martina Piccoli, Maria Vittoria Gazzola, Luisa Boldrin, Elisa Slanzi, Roberta Destro, Luigi Zanesco, Giovanni Franco Zanon, Piergiorgio Gamba
BACKGROUND: Recent findings have shown that pluripotent stem cells exist in areas outside the bone marrow (BM). Moreover, it has been demonstrated that the appendix is important for the development of mucosal gut immunity, and hematopoietic progenitors have been isolated from animal and human appendices. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Non-inflamed appendices removed during laparotomy were processed and cultured until the appearance of adherent cells. Differentiations (performed under osteogenic, adipogenic, and myogenic conditions) were confirmed by immunohistochemistry and cytochemistry...
September 2006: Journal of Surgical Research
Mette M Rosenkilde, Thomas N Kledal
Viral infections depend on an intimate relationship between the infectious agent and the host cells. Viruses need the host cells for replication, while the innate- and adaptive- immunesystem of the host is fighting to kill the infected cell in order to clear out the pathogen and survive the infection. However, since both virus and host exist, the organisms struggle must reach an ecological equilibrium. Among the best-studied interactions between viruses and the host immune system are those between herpesviruses and their hosts...
January 2006: Current Drug Targets
Estelle Merck, Blandine de Saint-Vis, Mathieu Scuiller, Claude Gaillard, Christophe Caux, Giorgio Trinchieri, Elizabeth E M Bates
We previously reported the characterization of human osteoclast-associated receptor (hOSCAR), a novel Fc receptor gamma-chain (FcRgamma)-associated receptor expressed by myeloid cells. Here we show that ligation of hOSCAR by specific antibodies promotes dendritic cell (DC) survival by an extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)- and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-dependent pathway, linked to expression of the Bcl-2 and Bcl-x(L) antiapoptotic molecules. Crosslinking of hOSCAR leads to maturation of DCs, as demonstrated by up-regulation of maturation markers, decrease in dextran uptake capacity, and secretion of immunesystem effectors such as interleukin-8 (IL-8)/CXC chemokine ligand 8 (CXCL8), IL-12 p40, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1)/chemokine receptor ligand 2 (CCL2) and macrophage-derived chemokine (MDC)/CCL22...
May 1, 2005: Blood
Marcel F Meek, Koen Jansen, Rob Steendam, Wim van Oeveren, Pauline B van Wachem, Marja J A van Luyn
Bridging nerve gaps by means of autologous nerve grafts involves donor nerve graft harvesting. Recent studies have focused on the use of alternative methods, and one of these is the use of biodegradable nerve guides. After serving their function, nerve guides should degrade to avoid a chronic foreign body reaction. The in vitro degradation, in vitro cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility, and short-term in vivo foreign body reaction of poly((65)/(35) ((85)/(15) (L)/(D)) lactide-epsilon-caprolactone) nerve guides was studied...
January 1, 2004: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part A
J Isenberg, H Ko, G Pulverer, R Grundmann, H Stützer, H Pichlmaier
In order to improve the perioperative resistance to the spread of cancer during operation the effect of preoperative stimulation of the immunesystem by Propionibacterium granulosum KP-45 was investigated in patients with colorectal carcinoma. In a prospective randomized trial 101 patients were allocated to either treatment (n = 51) or control (n = 50). In the treatment 10 mg of Propioni bacteria were administered intravenously between the seventh and third day prior to surgical treatment. At the time of operation 21 tumours were classified as stage I (treatment n = 12, control n = 9), 22 as stage II (treatment n = 10, control n = 2)...
May 1994: Anticancer Research
P Mallmann, J Nadstawek, P M Lauven, A Koenig
We investigated in vitro the influence of midazolam concentrations ranged between 0.2 and 1.6 microgram/ml on immunological parameters by using the rosette-inhibition-test and the lymphocyte-transformation-test. Additionally, in vivo studies using the lymphocyte-transformation-test and the immunomodulatory activity of serum were performed in young volunteers during experimental determination of hypnotic threshold concentration of midazolam. In vitro, no significant evidence of immunodepression could be demonstrated in a concentration range usually achieved during anaesthesia...
June 1988: Anästhesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin
C Verhagen, L J Stalpers, B E de Pauw, C Haanen
The incidence of drug-induced skin rashes and related factors were analysed in a retrospective study of 151 patients with acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia (ANLL). 91 (60%) developed a drug-related toxicodermia to one or more drugs during remission, induction and maintenance therapy. The incidence of rashes was mainly confined to the blastic stage of leukaemia and occurred significantly less often during remission. Patients with acute myeloid leukaemia, FAB classification M1, M2 and M3 (M1-3) developed skin reactions more often than those of types M4 and M5 (M4-5)...
March 1987: European Journal of Haematology
J Nadstawek, P Mallmann, P M Lauven, A Koenig
We investigated in vitro the influence of flunitrazepam concentrations ranged between 10 and 140 ng/ml on immunological parameters by using the rosette-inhibition-test and the lymphocyte-transformation-test. After addition of 30 ng/ml flunitrazepam, which is in accordance with a threshold concentration of 1 mg flunitrazepam after intravenous injection, we saw a significant decrease of the positive cells in the rosette-inhibition-test. In higher concentrations no significant changes could be observed. By the lymphocyte-transformation-test no significant evidence of immunodepression could be demonstrated in concentration usually achieved during anaesthesia or possibly after long term application in intensive care unit, independent of the used mitogenes...
October 1989: Anästhesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin
M Entrup, B Brinkmann
The lymphatic tissues (lymph nodes, spleen, thymus) were examined in 79 children who had died between the ages of one week and two years old. 59 of these children could be categorized as Sudden Infant Death because of their history and postmortem findings. In the remaining 20 cases a definite cause of death could be established. The demonstrated morphological reaction patterns which have different functional significances were differentiated and examined in detail. These revealed a substantial increase in indications of the occurrence of an acute infection in the infant organism in cases of Sudden Infant Death when compared to the control cases...
1990: Zeitschrift Für Rechtsmedizin. Journal of Legal Medicine
K Kristensson
Recent research on prions and trypanosomes is reviewed as they constitute examples of how infectious agents can cause degenerative diseases or functional disturbances in the nervous system. Prions are novel, transmissible pathogens causing degenerative diseases of the central nervous system both in humans and in animals. Kuru, Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease and Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker's (GSS) syndrome illustrate the acquired, sporadic and genetic manifestations of the human prion diseases, respectively...
October 9, 1991: Läkartidningen
N K Jerne
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 27, 1975: Ugeskrift for Laeger
P Coursaget, P Maupas, R Vargues
A kinetic study of the fixation of complement by the influenza immune complex was performed, using an automatic method originally described by Vargues for use in immunobacteriology. The autoanalyser provided curves which could be transformed into a simple equation. The experimental graph of the complement fixation reaction is superposable on a model curve obtained by exponential dilurion of complement. The methematical formula of this exponential complement dilution fits results of complement fixation by the immunecomplex...
August 1976: Annales de Microbiologie
H Dobbelstein, R Baumgärtner, G Schubert, G Thoenes
The influence of a Vitamin B6 free diet and the effect of Desoxipyridoxin (a potent Vitamin B6 Antagonist) on the immunesystem of mice was investigated in several experimental setups. Rejection times of skintransplants from inbred strains (129 J) on C57bl/6J mice served as a model for immunosuppression. Rejection times under alimentary Vitamin B6 deficiency did not exceed those under hypocaloric nutrition associated with comparable weight loss. Immunosuppression with the Vitamin B6 antagonist Desoxipyridoxin was much more pronounced...
January 28, 1977: Research in Experimental Medicine
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