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Che-Yi Lin, Cheng-Chen Huang, Wen-Der Wang, Chung-Der Hsiao, Ching-Feng Cheng, Yi-Ting Wu, Yu-Fen Lu, Sheng-Ping L Hwang
The coordinated migration of bilateral cardiomyocytes and the formation of the cardiac cone are essential for heart tube formation. We investigated gene regulatory mechanisms involved in myocardial migration, and regulation of the timing of cardiac cone formation in zebrafish embryos. Through screening of zebrafish treated with ethylnitrosourea, we isolated a mutant with a hypomorphic allele of mil (s1pr2)/edg5, called s1pr2(as10) (as10). Mutant embryos with this allele expressed less mil/edg5 mRNA and exhibited cardia bifida prior to 28 hours post-fertilization...
2013: PloS One
Takamasa Mizoguchi, Toshiaki Izawa, Atsushi Kuroiwa, Yutaka Kikuchi
In zebrafish development, Nodal signaling is critical for the induction of endoderm and mesoderm. Three transcription factors downstream of Nodal, Bonnie and Clyde (Bon), Faust (Fau)/Gata5 and Casanova (Cas), are required for endoderm induction. However, it is not yet fully understood how the Nodal signaling pathway regulates the decision process of endoderm and mesoderm induction. In this study, we focused on Fgf signaling, downstream of Nodal signaling, during endoderm induction. We found that activation of Fgf signaling decreases the number of cas-expressing endodermal cells...
December 15, 2006: Developmental Biology
Christopher R R Bjornson, Kevin J P Griffin, Gist H Farr, Akira Terashima, Charis Himeda, Yutaka Kikuchi, David Kimelman
In zebrafish, endoderm induction occurs in marginal blastomeres and requires Casanova (Cas), the first endoderm-specific factor expressed in the embryo. Whereas the transcription factors Gata5 and Bon are necessary and sufficient for cas expression in marginal blastomeres, Bon and Gata5 are unable to induce cas in animal pole cells, suggesting that cas expression requires an additional, unidentified factor(s). Here, we show that cas expression depends upon the T box transcription factor Eomesodermin (Eomes), a maternal determinant that is localized to marginal blastomeres...
October 2005: Developmental Cell
Yutaka Kikuchi, Heather Verkade, Jeremy F Reiter, Cheol-Hee Kim, Ajay B Chitnis, Atsushi Kuroiwa, Didier Y R Stainier
Early in vertebrate development, the processes of gastrulation lead to the formation of the three germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. The mechanisms leading to the segregation of the endoderm and mesoderm are not well understood. In mid-blastula stage zebrafish embryos, single marginal cells can give rise to both endoderm and mesoderm (reviewed by Warga and Stainier [2002] The guts of endoderm formation. In: Solnica-Krezel L, editor. Pattern formation in zebrafish. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. p 28-47)...
April 2004: Developmental Dynamics: An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists
Osama A Elsalini, Julia von Gartzen, Matthias Cramer, Klaus B Rohr
During zebrafish development, the thyroid primordium initiates expression of molecular markers such as hhex and nk2.1a in the endoderm prior to pharynx formation. As expected for an endodermally derived organ, initiation of thyroid development depends on Nodal signalling. We find that it also depends on three downstream effectors of Nodal activity, casanova (cas), bonnie and clyde (bon), and faust (fau)/gata5. Despite their early Nodal-dependent expression in the endoderm, both hhex and nk2.1a are only required relatively late during thyroid development...
November 1, 2003: Developmental Biology
Morgane Poulain, Thierry Lepage
Endoderm specification in zebrafish is mediated by the zygotic transcription factors Bon/Mixer, Faust/Gata5, Casanova and Sox17, whose expression is induced by Nodal signalling. Bon/Mixer and Gata5 require Casanova in order to promote endoderm formation and all three factors act upstream of sox17, but it is not clear whether Casanova acts downstream of or in parallel to Bon/Mixer and Gata5. An additional factor induced at the margin of the blastoderm by Nodal signalling is thought to be required to induce casanova expression...
November 2002: Development
Y Kikuchi, A Agathon, J Alexander, C Thisse, S Waldron, D Yelon, B Thisse, D Y Stainier
Early endoderm formation in zebrafish requires at least three loci that function downstream of Nodal signaling but upstream of the early endodermal marker sox17: bonnie and clyde (bon), faust (fau), and casanova (cas). cas mutants show the most severe phenotype as they do not form any gut tissue and lack all sox17 expression. Activation of the Nodal signaling pathway or overexpression of Bon or Fau/Gata5 fails to restore any sox17 expression in cas mutants, demonstrating that cas plays a central role in endoderm formation...
June 15, 2001: Genes & Development
J F Reiter, Y Kikuchi, D Y Stainier
Previous studies have indicated that gata5, a zinc-finger transcription factor gene, is required for the development of the zebrafish gut tube. Here, we show that gata5 mutants also display defects in the development of other endodermal organs such as the liver, pancreas, thyroid and thymus. gata5 is expressed in the endodermal progenitors from late blastula stages, suggesting that it functions early during endoderm development. We indeed find that during gastrulation stages, gata5 mutants form fewer endodermal cells than their wild-type siblings...
January 2001: Development
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