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Blue protocol

Ana Paula da Silva, Camila Lima Neves, Elizangela Dos Anjos Silva, Tania Cristina Lima Portela, Renata Stecca Iunes, Bruno Cogliati, Divinomar Severino, Maurício da Silva Baptista, Maria Lúcia Zaidan Dagli, Francisco Javier Hernandez Blazquez, José Roberto Machado Cunha da Silva
BACKGROUND: Photodynamic therapy is used to treat a variety of cancers and skin diseases by inducing apoptosis, necrosis, immune system activation, and/or vascular damage. Here, we describe the effects of a single photodynamic therapy session using methylene blue on a mouse model of squamous cell carcinoma and normal skin. METHODS: The photodynamic therapy protocol comprised application of a 1% methylene blue solution, followed by irradiation with a diode laser for 15 min at 74 mW/cm2 , for a total dose of 100 J/cm2 ...
June 14, 2018: Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy
Noremylia Mohd Bakhori, Nor Azah Yusof, Jaafar Abdullah, Helmi Wasoh, Siti Suraiya Md Noor, Nurul Hanun Ahmad Raston, Faruq Mohammad
In the present study, a beneficial approach for the ultrasensitive and affordable naked eye detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) by utilizing plasmonic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) via antibody-antigen interaction was studied. Here, the biocatalytic cycle of the intracellular enzymes links to the formation and successive growth of the gold nanoparticles (GNPs) for ultrasensitive detection. The formation of different colored solutions by the plasmonic nanoparticles in the presence of enzyme labels links directly to the existence or non-existence of the TB analytes in the sample solutions...
June 14, 2018: Sensors
L Pirtea, O Balint, C Secosan, D Grigoras, R Ilina
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To present a case of a cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy treated by laparoscopic resection followed by isthmocele repair. DESIGN: Case report SETTINGS: University Gynecology Clinic of the Emergency Clinical City Hospital Timișoara, România. BACKGROUND: Cesarean scar pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy. In the last years its prevalence has risen due to the increasing number of cesarean section. An early diagnosis can lead to an early management decreasing the risk of life-threatening complication such as uterine rupture and massive haemorrhage...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Remco J Molenaar, Mohammed Khurshed, Vashendriya V V Hira, Cornelis J F Van Noorden
Altered cellular metabolism is a hallmark of many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infection. The metabolic motor units of cells are enzymes and their activity is heavily regulated at many levels, including the transcriptional, mRNA stability, translational, post-translational and functional level. This complex regulation means that conventional quantitative or imaging assays, such as quantitative mRNA experiments, Western Blots and immunohistochemistry, yield incomplete information regarding the ultimate activity of enzymes, their function and/or their subcellular localization...
May 26, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Alejandra Kun, Fernando González-Camacho, Silvia Hernández, Alexandra Moreno-García, Olga Calero, Miguel Calero
The study of brain pathology by fluorescence microscopy finds in the autofluorescence of the tissue an additional difficulty for the recognition of markers of interest. In particular, in the immunofluorescence study of brains from Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, several approaches have been attempted to eliminate or mask the presence of autofluorescent aggregates. In the present work, we propose a method to characterize by fluorescent microscopy senile plaques discriminating them from autofluorescent aggregates, such as lipofuscin granules...
2018: Methods in Molecular Biology
Made Airanthi K Widjaja-Adhi, Srinivasagan Ramkumar, Johannes von Lintig
Exposure to light and accumulation of aberrant visual cycle by-products causes stress in the retina. The physical and chemical properties of carotenoids may provide protection against such scenario. These pigments exist in retinas of many vertebrates, including humans. However, the absence of carotenoids in mice, the preferred ophthalmologic animal model, hindered molecular and biochemical examination of the pigments' role in vision. We established a mouse model that accumulates significant amounts of carotenoids in the retina due to inactivating mutations in the Isx and Bco2 genes...
June 8, 2018: FASEB Journal: Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Edward L Melanson, Hannah K Ritchie, Tristan B Dear, Victoria Catenacci, Karen Shea, Elizabeth Connick, Thomas M Moehlman, Ellen R Stothard, Janine Higgins, Andrew W McHill, Kenneth P Wright
Daytime light exposure has been reported to impact or have no influence on energy metabolism in humans. Further, whether inter-individual differences in wake, sleep, 24 h energy expenditure, and RQ during circadian entrainment and circadian misalignment are stable across repeated 24 h assessments is largely unknown. We present data from two studies: Study 1 of 15 participants (7 females) exposed to three light exposure conditions: continuous typical room ~100 lx warm white light, continuous ~750 lx warm white light, and alternating hourly ~750 lx warm white and blue-enriched white light on three separate days in a randomized order; and Study 2 of 14 participants (8 females) during circadian misalignment induced by a simulated night shift protocol...
January 2018: Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
Henry Agbe, Nadeem Raza, David Dodoo-Arhin, Aditya Chauhan, Ramachandran Vasant Kumar
Ag3 PO4 photocatalyst has attracted interest of the scientific community in recent times due to its reported high efficiency for water oxidation and dye degradation. However, Ag3 PO4 photo-corrodes if electron accepter such as AgNO3 is not used as scavenger. Synthesis of efficient Ag3 PO4 followed by a simple protocol for regeneration of the photocatalyst is therefore a prerequisite for practical application. Herein, we present a facile method for the synthesis of a highly efficient Ag3 PO4 , whose photocatalytic efficiency was demonstrated using 3 different organic dyes: Methylene Blue (MB), Methyl orange (MO) and Rhodamine B (RhB) organic dyes for degradation tests...
April 2018: Heliyon
Thaleia-Rengina Stathopoulou, Rui Pinelas, Gert Ter Haar, Ine Cornelis, Jaime Viscasillas
Otitis externa is a painful condition that may require surgical intervention in dogs. A balanced analgesia protocol should combine systemic analgesic agents and local anaesthesia techniques. The aim of the study was to find anatomical landmarks for the great auricular and the auriculotemporal nerves that transmit nociceptive information from the ear pinna and to develop the optimal technique for a nerve block. The study consisted of two phases. In phase I, one fox cadaver was used for dissection and anatomical localization of the auricular nerves to derive landmarks for needle insertion...
May 2018: Veterinary Medicine and Science
Kátia Regina F Lopes, Erica Camila G Praxedes, Livia B Campos, Marcelo B Bezerra, Gabriela L Lima, Márcia Viviane A Saraiva, Alexandre R Silva
The aim of this study was to assess a vitrification protocol for asinine ovarian tissue, to preserve preantral follicles using different cryoprotectant solutions, composed of various concentrations (EG 3 M or 6 M) of dimethyl sulfoxide or ethylene glycol isolate, or as a combination (DMSO 3 M + EG 3 M). Ten pairs of ovaries from Brazilian north-eastern breed jennies were obtained through videolaparoscopy, and cortical fragments were submitted to a solid-surface vitrification (SSV) using each cryoprotectant solution...
May 29, 2018: Reproduction in Domestic Animals, Zuchthygiene
Muath Bishawi, Jun-Neng Roan, Jordan Richards, Zachary Brown, Laura Blue, Mani A Daneshmand, Jacob N Schroder, Dawn E Bowles, Carmelo A Milano
Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) has been introduced as a viable alternative to heart transplantation primarily through the use of intracorporeal ventricular assist devices (VADs) for support of the left ventricle. However, certain clinical scenarios warrant biventricular mechanical support. One strategy for some patients is the excision of both ventricles and the implantation of two VAD pumps as a total artificial heart (TAH). This has recently been made possible by the improvements in device design and the small profile of centrifugal devices...
May 11, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Mariana Sánchez-Ramos, Silvia Marquina Bahena, Antonio Romero-Estrada, Antonio Bernabé-Antonio, Francisco Cruz-Sosa, Judith Gonzálesssz-Christen, Juan José Acevedo-Fernández, Irene Perea-Arango, Laura Alvarez
A protocol was established to produce bioactive compounds in a callus culture of Ageratina pichinchensis by using 1 mg L-1 NAA with 0.1 mg L-1 KIN. The phytochemical study of the EtOAc extract obtained from the callus biomass, allowed the isolation and characterization of eleven secondary metabolites, of which dihydrobenzofuran ( 5 ) and 3-epilupeol ( 7 ), showed important anti-inflammatory activity. Compound 5 inhibits in vitro the secretion of NO (IC50 = 36.96 ± 1.06 μM), IL-6 (IC50 = 73.71 ± 3.21 μM), and TNF-α (IC50 = 73...
May 25, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Laura E Downie, Ljoudmila Busija, Peter R Keller
BACKGROUND: An intraocular lens (IOL) is a synthetic lens that is surgically implanted within the eye following removal of the crystalline lens, during cataract surgery. While all modern IOLs attenuate the transmission of ultra-violet (UV) light, some IOLs, called blue-blocking or blue-light filtering IOLs, also reduce short-wavelength visible light transmission. The rationale for blue-light filtering IOLs derives primarily from cell culture and animal studies, which suggest that short-wavelength visible light can induce retinal photoxicity...
May 22, 2018: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Elena-Daniela Serban, Francesca Farnetani, Giovanni Pellacani, Maria Magdalena Constantin
Worldwide melanoma incidence and mortality are increasing (1). Despite the ongoing research, advanced melanoma is still incurable; therefore, the most appropriate solution seems to be early detection combined with complete surgical excision (2). Since the diagnostic protocol of suspicious lesions includes a complete excision with safety margins (2), the problem of unnecessary scarring is significant. The real challenge in this case is to have a properly formulated diagnosis before acquiring a biopsy. Currently available non-invasive techniques are coherence tomography, digital dermoscopy, and reflectance confocal microscopy...
April 2018: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Mitchell B Robinson, Anna M Wisniowiecki, Ryan J Butcher, Mark A Wilson, M Nance Ericson, Gerard L Cote
Traumatic injury resulting in hemorrhage is a prevalent cause of death worldwide. The current standard of care for trauma patients is to restore hemostasis by controlling bleeding and administering intravenous volume resuscitation. Adequate resuscitation to restore tissue blood flow and oxygenation is critical within the first hours following admission to assess severity and avoid complications. However, current clinical methods for guiding resuscitation are not sensitive or specific enough to adequately understand the patient condition...
May 2018: Journal of Biomedical Optics
Francesco Agostini, Francesca Maria Rossi, Donatella Aldinucci, Monica Battiston, Elisabetta Lombardi, Stefania Zanolin, Samuele Massarut, Pier Camillo Parodi, Alessandro Da Ponte, Giovanni Tessitori, Barbara Pivetta, Cristina Durante, Mario Mazzucato
BACKGROUND: The stromal vascular fraction (SVF) derived from adipose tissue contains adipose-derived stromal/stem cells (ASC) and can be used for regenerative applications. Thus, a validated protocol for SVF isolation, freezing, and thawing is required to manage product administration. To comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), fetal bovine serum (FBS), used to expand ASC in vitro, could be replaced by growth factors from platelet concentrates. METHODS: Throughout each protocol, GMP-compliant reagents and devices were used...
May 11, 2018: Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Mariana Morozesk, Lidiane S Franqui, Adrislaine S Mansano, Diego Stéfani T Martinez, Marisa N Fernandes
The widespread production and application of carbon nanotubes (CNT) have raising concerns about their release into the environment and, the joint toxicity of CNT with pre-existing contaminants needs to be assessed. This is the first study that investigated the co-exposure of oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (ox-MWCNT) and cadmium (Cd) using a zebrafish liver cell line (ZFL). Two in vitro co-exposure protocols differing by the order of ox-MWCNT interaction with Cd and fetal bovine serum (FBS) proteins were evaluated...
May 5, 2018: Aquatic Toxicology
Débora P Aureliano, José Angelo Lauletta Lindoso, Sandra Regina de Castro Soares, Cleusa Fumika Hirata Takakura, Thiago Martini Pereira, Martha Simões Ribeiro
Antiparasitic photodynamic therapy (ApPDT) is an emerging approach to manage cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) since no side effects, contraindications and parasite resistance have been reported. In addition, methylene blue (MB) is a suitable photosensitizer to mediate ApPDT on CL. In this study we aimed to look for the best parameters to eradicate Leishmania amazonensis and investigated the cell death pathways involved in MB-mediated ApPDT. MB uptake by parasites was determined using different MB concentrations (50, 100, 250 and 500 μM) and incubation times (10, 30 and 60 min)...
May 8, 2018: Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy
Nathan K Evanson, Fernanda Guilhaume-Correa, James P Herman, Michael D Goodman
Adult male C57BL/6J mice have previously been reported to have motor and memory deficits after experimental closed head traumatic brain injury (TBI), without associated gross pathologic damage or neuroimaging changes detectable by magnetic resonance imaging or diffusion tensor imaging protocols. The presence of neurologic deficits, however, suggests neural damage or dysfunction in these animals. Accordingly, we undertook a histologic analysis of mice after TBI. Gross pathology and histologic analysis using Nissl stain and NeuN immunohistochemistry demonstrated no obvious tissue damage or neuron loss...
2018: PloS One
Thais Ferreira Gomes, Matheus Masalskiene Pedrosa, Ana Claudia Laforga de Toledo, Veridiana Wanshi Arnoni, Mirian Dos Santos Monteiro, Davi Cury Piai, Silvia Helena Zacarias Sylvestre, Bruno Ferreira
The present study analyzed the bactericidal effect of methylene blue associated with low-level lasers on Escherichia coli isolated from a pressure ulcer. Microbiological material from a pressure ulcer was isolated using an aseptic swab, and antimicrobial activity was verified using the diffusion disc method. Methylene blue was used at concentrations of 0.001 and 0.005%, and low-level lasers of 670, 830, and 904 nm, with the energy densities of 4, 8, 10, and 14 J/cm2 , were tested on three plates each and combined with methylene blue of each concentration...
May 9, 2018: Lasers in Medical Science
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