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Dogan Sinar, George K Knopf
The objective of this study is to inkjet print resistor-capacitor ( RC ) low pass electrical filters, using a novel water-based cellulose graphene ink, and compare the voltage-frequency and transient behavior to equivalent circuits constructed from discrete passive components. The synthesized non-toxic graphene-carboxymethyl cellulose (G-CMC) ink is deposited on mechanically flexible polyimide substrates using a customized printer that dispenses functionalized aqueous solutions. The design of the printed first-order and second-order low-pass RC filters incorporate resistive traces and interdigitated capacitors...
February 23, 2018: Nanomaterials
Basant A Habib, Sinar Sayed, Ghada M Elsayed
This study aimed to formulate suitable nanovesicles (NVs) for transdermal delivery of Ondansetron. It also illustrated a practical example for the importance of Box-Cox transformation. A 23 full factorial design was used to enable testing transfersomes, ethosomes, and transethosomes of Ondansetron simultaneously. The independent variables (IVs) studied were sodium taurocholate amount, ethanol volume in hydration medium and sonication time. The studied dependent variables (DVs) were: particle size (PS), zeta potential (ZP) and entrapment efficiency (EE)...
March 30, 2018: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Katja Malmborg, Hanna Sinare, Elin Enfors Kautsky, Issa Ouedraogo, Line J Gordon
Most current approaches to landscape scale ecosystem service assessments rely on detailed secondary data. This type of data is seldom available in regions with high levels of poverty and strong local dependence on provisioning ecosystem services for livelihoods. We develop a method to extrapolate results from a previously published village scale ecosystem services assessment to a higher administrative level, relevant for land use decision making. The method combines remote sensing (using a hybrid classification method) and interviews with community members...
2018: PloS One
Ibrahim Elsayed, Sinar Sayed
Ocular drug delivery systems suffer from rapid drainage, intractable corneal permeation and short dosing intervals. Transcorneal drug permeation could increase the drug availability and efficiency in the aqueous humor. The aim of this study was to develop and optimize nanostructured formulations to provide accurate doses, long contact time and enhanced drug permeation. Nanovesicles were designed based on Box-Behnken model and prepared using the thin film hydration technique. The formed nanodispersions were evaluated by measuring the particle size, polydispersity index, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency and gelation temperature...
2017: International Journal of Nanomedicine
Sinar Sayed, Basant A Habib, Ghada M Elsayed
This study aimed to prepare, optimize and characterize novel felodipine-loaded polymeric nanomicelles, using a pluronic mixture of F127 and P123. Thin-film hydration method was adopted for the preparation of different polymeric nanomicelles (T1-T12) according to a 4(1).3(1) full factorial design. Factors studied were: Pluronic®:drug ratio (P:D ratio) (10, 20, 30 and 40 w/w) and percent of hydrophilic polymer (F127%) (33.33%, 50% and 66.67% w/w). Optimization criteria were to maximize transmittance percent (T%) and entrapment efficiency percent (EE%) and to minimize particle size (PS) and polydispersity index (PDI)...
May 25, 2017: Journal of Liposome Research
P F Knapp, C Ball, K Austin, S B Hansen, M D Kernaghan, P W Lake, D J Ampleford, L A McPherson, D Sandoval, P Gard, M Wu, C Bourdon, G A Rochau, R D McBride, D B Sinars
We describe the design and function of a new time and space resolved x-ray spectrometer for use in Z-pinch inertial confinement fusion and radiation source development experiments. The spectrometer is designed to measure x-rays in the range of 0.5-1.5 Å (8-25 keV) with a spectral resolution λ/Δλ ∼ 400. The purpose of this spectrometer is to measure the time- and one-dimensional space-dependent electron temperature and density during stagnation. These relatively high photon energies are required to escape the dense plasma created at stagnation and to obtain sensitivity to electron temperatures ≳3 keV...
January 2017: Review of Scientific Instruments
Yu-Liang Shan, Bi-Xiang Leong, Yongxin Li, Rakesh Ganguly, Cheuk-Wai So
The synthesis of an oligo(silanimine) is described. The reaction of the amidinato silylene [LSiN(SiMe3 )2 ] (1, L = PhC(NtBu)2 ) with SiI4 in toluene afforded a mixture of the silanimine [LSi(I)NSiI3 ] (2), SiMe3 I, and Si2 I6 . The mechanistic studies showed that 1 reacts with SiI4 to form the silyl ionic intermediate "{LSi(I)N(SiMe3 )2 }+ {SiI3 }- ", which then eliminates SiMe3 I and "SiI2 " to form the silanimine intermediate "LSi(I)NSiMe3 ". It further undergoes a substitution with another molecule of SiI4 to form a mixture of 2 and SiMe3 I...
February 6, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Diego H Cáceres, Juan David Zapata, Sinar D Granada, Luz E Cano, Tonny W Naranjo
BACKGROUND: Colombia currently does not have a specialised service for measuring antifungal levels in serum, which is of prime importance for the proper treatment and correct management of invasive fungal infections. AIMS: To standardise and validate a simple, sensitive, and specific protocol, based on high performance liquid chromatography, complying with the parameters recommended by the Food and Drug Administration, to detect, identify, and quantify serum concentrations of posaconazole...
October 2016: Revista Iberoamericana de Micología
Nitin Mukerji, Kuskoor Seetharam Manjunath Prasad, Simon Tizzard, Farooq Aziz, Anil Varma, Ernest Sinar, Fred Nath, Roger Strachan, Philip Kane, Sean Williamson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: British Journal of Neurosurgery
T J Awe, K J Peterson, E P Yu, R D McBride, D B Sinars, M R Gomez, C A Jennings, M R Martin, S E Rosenthal, D G Schroen, A B Sefkow, S A Slutz, K Tomlinson, R A Vesey
Enhanced implosion stability has been experimentally demonstrated for magnetically accelerated liners that are coated with 70  μm of dielectric. The dielectric tamps liner-mass redistribution from electrothermal instabilities and also buffers coupling of the drive magnetic field to the magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability. A dielectric-coated and axially premagnetized beryllium liner was radiographed at a convergence ratio [CR=Rin,0/Rin(z,t)] of 20, which is the highest CR ever directly observed for a strengthless magnetically driven liner...
February 12, 2016: Physical Review Letters
E C Harding, T Ao, J E Bailey, G Loisel, D B Sinars, M Geissel, G A Rochau, I C Smith
The application of a space-resolving spectrometer to X-ray Thomson Scattering (XRTS) experiments has the potential to advance the study of warm dense matter. This has motivated the design of a spherical crystal spectrometer, which is a doubly focusing geometry with an overall high sensitivity and the capability of providing high-resolution, space-resolved spectra. A detailed analysis of the image fluence and crystal throughput in this geometry is carried out and analytical estimates of these quantities are presented...
April 2015: Review of Scientific Instruments
D C Rovang, D C Lamppa, M E Cuneo, A C Owen, J McKenney, D W Johnson, S Radovich, R J Kaye, R D McBride, C S Alexander, T J Awe, S A Slutz, A B Sefkow, T A Haill, P A Jones, J W Argo, D G Dalton, G K Robertson, E M Waisman, D B Sinars, J Meissner, M Milhous, D N Nguyen, C H Mielke
Sandia has successfully integrated the capability to apply uniform, high magnetic fields (10-30 T) to high energy density experiments on the Z facility. This system uses an 8-mF, 15-kV capacitor bank to drive large-bore (5 cm diameter), high-inductance (1-3 mH) multi-turn, multi-layer electromagnets that slowly magnetize the conductive targets used on Z over several milliseconds (time to peak field of 2-7 ms). This system was commissioned in February 2013 and has been used successfully to magnetize more than 30 experiments up to 10 T that have produced exciting and surprising physics results...
December 2014: Review of Scientific Instruments
P F Schmit, P F Knapp, S B Hansen, M R Gomez, K D Hahn, D B Sinars, K J Peterson, S A Slutz, A B Sefkow, T J Awe, E Harding, C A Jennings, G A Chandler, G W Cooper, M E Cuneo, M Geissel, A J Harvey-Thompson, M C Herrmann, M H Hess, O Johns, D C Lamppa, M R Martin, R D McBride, J L Porter, G K Robertson, G A Rochau, D C Rovang, C L Ruiz, M E Savage, I C Smith, W A Stygar, R A Vesey
Magnetizing the fuel in inertial confinement fusion relaxes ignition requirements by reducing thermal conductivity and changing the physics of burn product confinement. Diagnosing the level of fuel magnetization during burn is critical to understanding target performance in magneto-inertial fusion (MIF) implosions. In pure deuterium fusion plasma, 1.01 MeV tritons are emitted during deuterium-deuterium fusion and can undergo secondary deuterium-tritium reactions before exiting the fuel. Increasing the fuel magnetization elongates the path lengths through the fuel of some of the tritons, enhancing their probability of reaction...
October 10, 2014: Physical Review Letters
M R Gomez, S A Slutz, A B Sefkow, D B Sinars, K D Hahn, S B Hansen, E C Harding, P F Knapp, P F Schmit, C A Jennings, T J Awe, M Geissel, D C Rovang, G A Chandler, G W Cooper, M E Cuneo, A J Harvey-Thompson, M C Herrmann, M H Hess, O Johns, D C Lamppa, M R Martin, R D McBride, K J Peterson, J L Porter, G K Robertson, G A Rochau, C L Ruiz, M E Savage, I C Smith, W A Stygar, R A Vesey
This Letter presents results from the first fully integrated experiments testing the magnetized liner inertial fusion concept [S. A. Slutz et al., Phys. Plasmas 17, 056303 (2010)], in which a cylinder of deuterium gas with a preimposed 10 Taxial magnetic field is heated by Z beamlet, a 2.5 kJ, 1 TW laser, and magnetically imploded by a 19 MA, 100 ns rise time current on the Z facility. Despite a predicted peak implosion velocity of only 70 km = s, the fuel reaches a stagnation temperature of approximately 3 keV, with T(e) ≈ T(i), and produces up to 2 x 10(12) thermonuclear deuterium-deuterium neutrons...
October 10, 2014: Physical Review Letters
Guo-Bin Zhang, Hong-Ying Yi, Ji-Ming Gong
Stresses decouple nitrate assimilation and photosynthesis through stress-initiated nitrate allocation to roots (SINAR), which is mediated by the nitrate transporters NRT1.8 and NRT1.5 and functions to promote stress tolerance. However, how SINAR communicates with the environment remains unknown. Here, we present biochemical and genetic evidence demonstrating that in Arabidopsis thaliana, ethylene (ET) and jasmonic acid (JA) affect the crosstalk between SINAR and the environment. Electrophoretic mobility shift assays and chromatin immunoprecipitation assays showed that ethylene response factors (ERFs), including OCTADECANOID-RESPONSIVE ARABIDOPSIS AP2/ERF59, bind to the GCC boxes in the NRT1...
October 2014: Plant Cell
M C Jones, D J Ampleford, M E Cuneo, R Hohlfelder, C A Jennings, D W Johnson, B Jones, M R Lopez, J MacArthur, J A Mills, T Preston, G A Rochau, M Savage, D Spencer, D B Sinars, J L Porter
Advancements have been made in the diagnostic techniques to measure accurately the total radiated x-ray yield and power from z-pinch implosion experiments at the Z machine with high accuracy. The Z machine is capable of outputting 2 MJ and 330 TW of x-ray yield and power, and accurately measuring these quantities is imperative. We will describe work over the past several years which include the development of new diagnostics, improvements to existing diagnostics, and implementation of automated data analysis routines...
August 2014: Review of Scientific Instruments
Kyle J Peterson, Thomas J Awe, Edmund P Yu, Daniel B Sinars, Ella S Field, Michael E Cuneo, Mark C Herrmann, Mark Savage, Diana Schroen, Kurt Tomlinson, Charles Nakhleh
Recent experiments on Sandia's Z facility have confirmed simulation predictions of dramatically reduced instability growth in solid metallic rods when thick dielectric coatings are used to mitigate density perturbations arising from an electrothermal instability. These results provide further evidence that the inherent surface roughness as a result of target fabrication is not the dominant seed for the growth of magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in liners with carefully machined smooth surfaces, but rather electrothermal instabilities that form early in the electrical current pulse as Joule heating melts and vaporizes the liner surface...
April 4, 2014: Physical Review Letters
T J Awe, R D McBride, C A Jennings, D C Lamppa, M R Martin, D C Rovang, S A Slutz, M E Cuneo, A C Owen, D B Sinars, K Tomlinson, M R Gomez, S B Hansen, M C Herrmann, J L McKenney, C Nakhleh, G K Robertson, G A Rochau, M E Savage, D G Schroen, W A Stygar
Novel experimental data are reported that reveal helical instability formation on imploding z-pinch liners that are premagnetized with an axial field. Such instabilities differ dramatically from the mostly azimuthally symmetric instabilities that form on unmagnetized liners. The helical structure persists at nearly constant pitch as the liner implodes. This is surprising since, at the liner surface, the azimuthal drive field presumably dwarfs the axial field for all but the earliest stages of the experiment...
December 6, 2013: Physical Review Letters
K Michele Kacmar, Wayne S Crawford, Dawn S Carlson, Merideth Ferguson, Dwayne Whitten
The stream of research concerning work-family enrichment has generated a significant body of research because it plays an important role in occupational health (Masuda, McNall, Allen, & Nicklin, 2012). work-family enrichment has been defined as "the extent to which experiences in one role improve the quality of life in the other role" (Greenhaus & Powell, 2006, p. 73). Within work-family enrichment, there are two directions: work to family and family to work. Carlson, Kacmar, Wayne, and Grzywacz (2006) developed an 18-item scale to measure this construct...
January 2014: Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
Julie M McCarthy, Chad H Van Iddekinge, Filip Lievens, Mei-Chuan Kung, Evan F Sinar, Michael A Campion
Considerable evidence suggests that how candidates react to selection procedures can affect their test performance and their attitudes toward the hiring organization (e.g., recommending the firm to others). However, very few studies of candidate reactions have examined one of the outcomes organizations care most about: job performance. We attempt to address this gap by developing and testing a conceptual framework that delineates whether and how candidate reactions might influence job performance. We accomplish this objective using data from 4 studies (total N = 6,480), 6 selection procedures (personality tests, job knowledge tests, cognitive ability tests, work samples, situational judgment tests, and a selection inventory), 5 key candidate reactions (anxiety, motivation, belief in tests, self-efficacy, and procedural justice), 2 contexts (industry and education), 3 continents (North America, South America, and Europe), 2 study designs (predictive and concurrent), and 4 occupational areas (medical, sales, customer service, and technological)...
September 2013: Journal of Applied Psychology
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