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Primary eye care

Prem Kumar Sg, Shubhrakanti Bhattacharya, Pankaj Vishwakarma, Sabitra Kundu, Elizabeth Kurian
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2018: Community Eye Health
Thibaud Mathis, Nathalie Cassoux, Magali Tardy, Sophie Piperno, Lauris Gastaud, Rémi Dendale, Celia Maschi, Anh-Minh Nguyen, Laurent Meyer, Nicolas Bonnin, Stephanie Baillif, Sarah Tick, Fréderic Mouriaux, Franck Jaspart, Josette Dellis, Laurence Rosier, Laurence Desjardins, Joel Herault, Jean Pierre Caujolle, Juliette Thariat
Uveal melanomas are the most frequent primary malignant eye tumor. Enucleation was historically the gold standard. Since then, several studies showed that conservative treatments did not increase the risk of metastasis or survival. Choroidal melanomas are both radioresistant and located close to visual structures (the optic nerve and macula) of the eye, which may be preserved in some settings without compromising tumor control, as this is the first priority. Different types of radiation therapy may be used for such tumors: brachytherapy and charged particles, including proton beam therapy...
September 11, 2018: Bulletin du Cancer
Zeynep Ozkurt, Selahattin Balsak, Yusuf Yildirim, Harun Yuksel, Ihsan Caca
Background: Red reflex screening is the primary but unheeded test for the detection of vision- and life-threatening eye conditions. Aims: To evaluate the red reflex of newborns, percentage of ocular diseases resulting in red reflex abnormality, and their relation with consanguinity in Southeast Turkey. Methods: Newborns (n = 1358) were examined with pencil light and direct ophthalmoscopy. Results: Eight hundred of these newborns were hospitalized in a rooming-in unit...
September 6, 2018: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, la Revue de Santé de la Méditerranée Orientale
Fan Xia, Wenwu Ling, Jing Zhang, Yifan Zhang, Xuelei Ma
RATIONALE: Primary poorly differentiated lacrimal gland adenocarcinoma in the orbital region is an extremely rare type of neoplasm with only 1 related case in the literature. Its high grade of malignancy makes the timely data reported necessary. Hence, we present an extremely rare disease with biopsy results and recommendations on clinical treatment in an elderly male with Chinese descent. PATIENT CONCERNS: A 66-year-old Chinese man presented with swelling in the left ocular region and eyeball proptosis...
September 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Travis Peck, David Goldberg
PURPOSE: To determine the patient characteristics, patterns in presentation and incidences of the various etiologies in adult patients with the chief complaint of double vision. DESIGN: Retrospective review. SUBJECTS: All persons greater than 18 years of age who presented to a single provider (DG) in a nonacademic private practice over a 2-year period, from 2011 to 2013, with the chief complaint of double vision. The provider is part of a multispecialty eye care group practice with both ophthalmologists and optometrists...
July 2018: Journal of binocular vision and ocular motility
Abby Willcox, Lucy Culliford, Lucy Ellis, Chris A Rogers, Angela Cree, Usha Chakravarthy, Sarah Ennis, Francine Behar-Cohen, Barnaby C Reeves, Sobha Sivaprasad, Andrew Lotery
AIMS: Chronic central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) is poorly understood. Fluid accumulates in the subretinal space and retinal pigment epitheliopathy and neurosensory atrophy may develop. Permanent vision loss occurs in approximately one third of cases. There are no effective treatments for CSCR. Recent studies have shown the mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist, eplerenone, to be effective in resolving subretinal fluid and improving visual acuity. This trial aims to compare the safety and efficacy of eplerenone in patients with CSCR in a double-masked randomised placebo-controlled trial...
September 7, 2018: Eye
Sriram Yennurajalingam, Tonya Edwards, Joseph A Arthur, Zhanni Lu, John Najera, Kristy Nguyen, Joy Manju, Leela Kuriakose, Jimin Wu, Diane Liu, Janet L Williams, Suresh K Reddy, Eduardo Bruera
BACKGROUND: Opioid misuse is a growing crisis. Patients with cancer who are at risk of aberrant drug behaviors are frequently underdiagnosed. The primary objective of this study was to determine the frequency and factors predicting a risk for aberrant opioid and drug use behaviors (ADB) among patients who received an outpatient supportive care consultation at a comprehensive cancer center. In addition, the screening performance of the Cut Down-Annoyed-Guilty-Eye Opener (CAGE) questionnaire adapted to include drug use (CAGE-AID) was compared with that of the 14-item Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients With Pain (SOAPP-14) tool as instruments for identifying patients at risk for ADB...
September 7, 2018: Cancer
Lisa A Hark, Jonathan S Myers, Kamran Rahmatnejad, Qianqian Wang, Tingting Zhan, Sarah E Hegarty, Benjamin E Leiby, Sanika Udyaver, Michael Waisbourd, Stela Leite, Jeffrey D Henderer, Louis R Pasquale, Paul P Lee, Julia A Haller, L Jay Katz
PURPOSE: To ascertain determinants of unreadable fundus images for participants enrolled in the Philadelphia Telemedicine Glaucoma Detection and Follow-Up Study. METHODS: Individuals were screened for glaucoma at 7 primary care practices and 4 Federally Qualified Health Centers using telemedicine. Screening (Visit 1) included fundus photography, assessing family history of glaucoma, and intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements. Participants with an unreadable image in at least one eye were deemed unreadable and invited to return for a confirmatory eye exam (Visit 2)...
August 31, 2018: Journal of Glaucoma
Tanyatuth Padungkiatsagul, Panitha Jindahra, Anuchit Poonyathalang, Narong Samipak, Kavin Vanikieti
BACKGROUND: Ocular neuromyotonia (ONM) is characterized by episodic diplopia, which is usually triggered by prolonged eccentric gaze of the affected extraocular muscles. The spell is characterized by involuntary, occasionally painful, sustained contraction of one or more extraocular muscles innervated by the oculomotor, trochlear, or abducens nerve. ONM usually occurs as a late consequence of radiotherapy around the parasellar area, although idiopathic cases have been reported. Most cases are unilateral; however, bilateral ONM has occasionally been described...
September 3, 2018: BMC Neurology
L J Sowerby, C Rajakumar, L Allen, B W Rotenberg
AIMS: To report visual acuity outcomes and potential complications in patients undergoing endoscopic transnasal orbital decompression in the setting of acutely deteriorating sight secondary to dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON) unresponsive to corticosteroid therapy. No previous reports describe vision outcomes in this specific patient population undergoing urgent endoscopic decompression. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Retrospective case review at a tertiary-care academic hospital...
August 28, 2018: European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases
Marilina Santero, Daniela Morelli, Analía Nejamis, Luz Gibbons, Vilma Irazola, Andrea Beratarrechea
AIM: To evaluate the one-year post effect of the implementation of a diabetes program that includes mHealth interventions on the quality of diabetic care in public primary care centers. METHOD: It is a quasi-experimental study with outcome measurements at baseline, 6 and 12months. The program includes primary care team training, a diabetes registry with a decision support tool in an app. and text messages for patients. RESULTS: At baseline, 947 patients were included in the registry, 62...
August 27, 2018: Primary Care Diabetes
Nadine Kuniss, Michael Freyer, Nicolle Müller, Volker Kielstein, Ulrich A Müller
AIMS: The quality report of patients enrolled in the disease management programmes of North Rhine Westphalia 2016 showed prevalence of long-term complications in diabetes type 2: neuropathy 24.2%, nephropathy 12.5%, retinopathy 8.2%. The aim of this study was to assess expectations and fear of diabetes-related long-term complications in people with diabetes type 2. METHODS: We assessed expectations and fear of diabetes-related complications in 104 people with diabetes type 2 (age 67...
August 29, 2018: Acta Diabetologica
Vijaya K Gothwal, Rachel Thomas, Michael Crossland, Seelam Bharani, Sujata Sharma, Hilary Unwin, Wen Xing, Komel Khabra, Annegret Dahlmann-Noor
SIGNIFICANCE: Mobile devices such as tablet computers have become widely available as mainstream devices and are also used in some schools, but there is an absence of robust information regarding the efficacy of any optical/electronic low vision device or tablet computer in supporting education of young people with low vision. PURPOSE: A randomized controlled trial (RCT) is needed to measure the impact of tablet computers on education, specifically on independent access to educational material, in children and young people with low vision...
September 2018: Optometry and Vision Science: Official Publication of the American Academy of Optometry
Jens Walldorf, Maria Twarz, Celestina Schober, Patrick Michl, Thomas Hammer
OBJECTIVE: Ocular manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are relevant complications of IBD. Only a few prospective studies are available on the characteristics of these manifestations. The aim of this study was to characterize the frequency of eye disease in patients with IBD, including primary and secondary ocular manifestations of IBD, and to identify patients who may need specialized ophthalmologic care. PATIENTS AND METHODS: In a prospective observational study, patients with IBD were examined for ocular symptoms in comparison with control participants without IBD...
August 24, 2018: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Yih-Chung Tham, Sing-Hui Lim, Yuan Shi, Miao-Li Chee, Ying Feng Zheng, Jacqueline Chua, Seang-Mei Saw, Paul Foster, Tin Aung, Tien Yin Wong, Ching-Yu Cheng
We evaluated the prevalence of visual impairment (VI) and blindness among Chinese adults in the Singapore Chinese Eye Study (SCES, 2009-2011), and compared the trends with the Tanjong Pagar Survey, Singapore (TPS), conducted a decade earlier. The SCES comprised of 3,353 Chinese adults aged ≥40 years (response rate, 72.8%). Participants underwent standardized examinations, including measurements of presenting, and best-corrected visual acuity (VA). Bilateral VI (VA < 20/40 to ≥20/200) and blindness (VA < 20/200) were defined based on the United States definition (better-seeing eye)...
August 15, 2018: Scientific Reports
Gábor Holló, Doreen Schmidl, Anton Hommer
PURPOSE: To analyze the appropriateness of referrals for incisional glaucoma-surgery in Europe. METHODS: Referrals for the first open-angle glaucoma surgery between January and October 2017 were analyzed in 18 countries: 8 "old" European Union, 7 "new" European Union and 3 non-European Union European countries. RESULTS: Most eyes had primary open-angle or exfoliative glaucoma. The average mean deviation was -13.8 dB with split fixation in 44...
August 13, 2018: European Journal of Ophthalmology
Abdullah Bin Zahid, Molly E Hubbard, Julia Lockyer, Olivia Podolak, Vikalpa M Dammavalam, Matthew Grady, Michael Nance, Mitchell Scheiman, Uzma Samadani, Christina L Master
OBJECTIVE: Concussion is the most common type of brain injury in both pediatric and adult populations and can potentially result in persistent postconcussion symptoms. Objective assessment of physiologic "mild" traumatic brain injury in concussion patients remains challenging. This study evaluates an automated eye-tracking algorithm as a biomarker for concussion as defined by its symptoms and the clinical signs of convergence insufficiency and accommodation dysfunction in a pediatric population...
August 8, 2018: Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine: Official Journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
K Slater, P S Hoo, A M Buckley, J M Piulats, A Villanueva, A Portela, B N Kennedy
Uveal melanoma is a rare, but deadly, form of eye cancer that arises from melanocytes within the uveal tract. Although advances have emerged in treatment of the primary tumour, patients are still faced with vision loss, eye enucleation and lethal metastatic spread of the disease. Approximately 50% of uveal melanoma patients develop metastases, which occur most frequently in the liver. Metastatic patients encounter an extremely poor prognosis; as few as 8% survive beyond 2 years. Understanding of the genetic underpinnings of this fatal disease evolved in recent years with the identification of new oncogenic mutations that drive uveal melanoma pathogenesis...
September 2018: Cancer Metastasis Reviews
Ling-Ju Chuang, Shih-Hao Wang, Mi-Chia Ma, Chia-Ni Lin, Chih-Ling Chen, Mei-Chih Huang
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To determine the comparative efficacy of developmental care versus standard care for reducing pain and stress in preterm infants during examinations for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). BACKGROUND: ROP examinations are routinely performed in neonatal intensive care units to detect these lesions. Pain scores recorded during and after eye examinations have revealed physiological and behavioural manifestations of pain and stress. DESIGN: A randomised crossover trial was conducted...
August 9, 2018: Journal of Clinical Nursing
R P J C Ramanayake, B M T K Basnayake
Primary care physicians encounter a broad range of problems and therefore require a broad knowledge to manage patients. They encounter patients at early undifferentiated stage of a disease and most of the presentations are due to non sinister problems but in minority of patients same presentations could be due to serious conditions. One of the main tasks of a primary care doctor is to marginalize the risk of missing these serious illnesses. To achieve this they can look for red flags which are clinical indicators of possible serious underlying condition...
March 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
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