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Reem Rida, Sawsan Kreydiyyeh
AIMS: Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) has been implicated lately in inflammatory bowel disease which has diarrhea as one of its symptoms. Diarrhea is due to altered water movements as a result of altered electrolyte transport, and in particular sodium. Sodium movements are geared by the sodium gradient established by the Na+ /K+ ATPase. The aim of this work was to investigate if S1P can modulate the activity of the ATPase, using Caco-2 cells as a model and the S1P analogue, FTY720P. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The activity of the ATPase was assayed by measuring the amount of inorganic phosphate liberated in presence and absence of ouabain...
November 12, 2018: Life Sciences
Aiko Iida, Shohei Ouchi, Toshio Oda, Jun Aketagawa, Yasuhiko Ito, Yusuke Takizawa, Mikio Tomita, Masahiro Hayashi
The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article [1] based on an investigation by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, which found that the article contained overlap with a previously published article by Kalitsky-Szirtes J, et al. [2].
November 14, 2018: European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
Kubra Koc, Salim Cerig, Serap Ucar, Suat Colak, Murat Bakir, Huseyin Serkan Erol, Serkan Yildirim, Mirkhalil Hosseinigouzdagani, Nihal Simsek Ozek, Ferhunde Aysin, Enver Fehim Kocpinar, Harun Budak, Fatime Geyikoglu
Ethnopharmacological studies demonstrated that thymol (Thym) and oleuropein (Ole) have therapeutic potential for gastric ulcers. The molecular mechanism underlying the gastroprotective effects of these compounds have not been elucidated yet especially for their individual and combination use at high dose. Therefore, this study was conducted to explore their gastroprotective mechanisms on indomethacin (Indo)-induced gastric ulcer model. Ole (50,100, 250, and 500 mg/kg) and Thym (50,100, 200, and 500 mg/kg) were orally administered to the rats 10 min before the induction of ulcer with Indo...
November 14, 2018: Drug and Chemical Toxicology
Ștefania Marin, Mădălina Georgiana Albu Kaya, Mihaela Violeta Ghica, Cristina Dinu-Pîrvu, Lăcrămioara Popa, Denisa Ioana Udeanu, Geanina Mihai, Marius Enachescu
The aim of this study is to design, develop and evaluate new biohybrid sponges based on polymers (collagen and polyvinyl alcohol) with and without indomethacin as anti-inflammatory drug model to be used for tissue regeneration in wound healing. Type I fibrillar collagen in the form of a gel and different concentrations of polyvinyl alcohol were mixed together to prepare composite gels. Both control samples, without indomethacin and with indomethacin, were obtained. All samples were crosslinked with glutaraldehyde...
November 9, 2018: Pharmaceutics
Raymond L. Kao, Weixiong Huang, Claudio M. Martin, Tao Rui
Background: Acute lung contusion from blunt chest trauma (BCT) is characterized by an intense inflammatory response in the pulmonary parenchyma, which is associated with acute lung injury (ALI), acute respiratory distress syndrome and ventilator-associated pneumonia. We hypothesized that aerosolized indomethacin may reduce pulmonary inflammation and ALI in a rat model of BCT. Methods: Sprague-Dawley rats were anesthetized and received a tracheotomy for administration of aerosolized medication through a catheter...
December 1, 2018: Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie
Toshiki Sakuma, Toru Akaike, Susumu Minamisawa
BACKGROUND: Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is common in premature infants. Cyclooxygenase inhibitors such as indomethacin, which inhibit prostaglandin E2 (PGE2 ) synthesis, are currently the sole treatments for patients with PDA. Their efficacy are, however, frequently limited, and adverse effects are problematic. Because the PGE2 -specific receptor EP4 selectively expresses in rat ductus arteriosus (DA), it is hypothesized that EP4 inhibition would promote DA closure with fewer side-effects...
November 10, 2018: Circulation Journal: Official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
Michele L Shaffer, Olivier Baud, Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil, Outi M Peltoniemi, Francesco Bonsante, Kristi L Watterberg
OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of prophylaxis for early adrenal insufficiency using low-dose hydrocortisone on survival without bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) in very preterm infants using an individual patient data meta-analysis. STUDY DESIGN: All existing randomized controlled trials testing the efficacy of the prophylaxis of early adrenal insufficiency using low-dose hydrocortisone on survival without BPD were considered for inclusion when data were available...
November 8, 2018: Journal of Pediatrics
Mauricio Bermúdez Salazar, Christian Andrés Rojas Cerón, Ronald Santiago Arana Muñoz
Introduction: Primary stabbing headache (or "ice pick headache") is an alteration characterized by brief jabs (short stabs of pain, lasting ~3 seconds), which appear spontaneously, irregularly, and affecting unilaterally or bilaterally. Indomethacin has traditionally been used as the main therapeutic option. However, this drug is ineffective in a considerable percentage of patients and can generate multiple adverse effects that occur at therapeutic doses. Clinical case: A 7-year-old male patient with primary stabbing headache of mild to moderate intensity, lasting 3 to 4 seconds, without relevant history, with normal neurodevelopment, neurological examination and neuroimaging; no triggers were identified...
September 30, 2018: Colombia Médica: CM
Tehreem Afzal, Sana Fatima, Iqtada Haider Shirazi, Alia Halim
Bartter syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by gene mutations that involve hypokalaemia, hypochloraemia and metabolic alkalosis along with raised serum renin, hyperaldosteronism and normal blood pressure. We report two cases of neonatal Bartter syndrome. Case 1 was a product of non-consanguineous marriage and mother had unexplained polyhydramnios in pregnancy while case 2 was a product of consanguineous marriage. Both cases were diagnosed based on hypokalaemia, hypochloraemia and metabolic alkalosis along with elevated serum renin and aldosterone levels...
November 2018: JPMA. the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
Rocío Saravia, Marc Ten-Blanco, María T Grande, Rafael Maldonado, Fernando Berrendero
Nicotine withdrawal is associated with cognitive deficits including attention, working memory, and episodic memory impairments. These cognitive deficits are a hallmark of nicotine abstinence which could be targeted in order to prevent smoking relapse. The underlying mechanisms, however, are poorly understood. In this study, memory impairment was observed in mice 4 days after the precipitation of nicotine withdrawal by the nicotinic antagonist mecamylamine. The presence of cognitive deficits correlated with microglial activation in the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex...
November 1, 2018: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
Hui Luo, Xiangping Wang, Rongchun Zhang, Shuhui Liang, Xiaoyu Kang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Qifeng Lou, Kangwei Xiong, Jing Yang, Lijuan Si, Wenming Liu, Yunpeng Liu, Yi Zhou, Suli Wang, Mei Yang, Wei Chen, Yanzhi Han, Guochen Shang, Xiaocui Yang, Yongfeng He, Qiang Zou, Wenwei Guo, Yichen Dai, Wei Zeng, Xiaosan Zhu, Rongqing Gong, Xun Li, Zhanguo Nie, Qi Wang, Ling Wang, Yanglin Pan, Xuegang Guo, Daiming Fan
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Rectal indomethacin and spraying of duodenal papilla with epinephrine might reduce the incidence of pancreatitis following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). We performed a randomized trial to compare the effects of the combination of indomethacin and epinephrine (IE) vs indomethacin plus saline (IS) in prophylaxis of post-ERCP pancreatitis (PEP). METHODS: We performed a double-blind trial at 10 centers in China, from Feb 2017 and ended in Oct 2017, of 1158 patients with native papilla undergoing ERCP...
October 31, 2018: Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Suzana Ljubojević Hadžavdić, Lucija Bartolić, Mirna Bradamante
Dear Editor,Eosinophilic annular erythema (EAE) is a rare figurate dermatitis of unknown etiology with prominent tissue eosinophilia. A 59-year-old male patient presented with a one-month history of itchy, polycyclic, annular, and partially serpiginous lesions involving the back, the gluteal region, and the extremities (Figure 1, a, b). There was no medical history of drug intake. High potency local steroids and antihistamines were prescribed, but without adequate therapeutic results. Extensive laboratory work-up including serological infectious disease testing was performed and was within normal ranges...
October 2018: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Caiyan Yang, Yang Yu, Fan Wu, Yuhua Wu, Jun Feng, Lin Yan, Liangjuan Han, Jun Ren, Lihong Nie, Ru Zhou
The aim of this study was to investigate the vasodilatory effects of aloperine, one of main alkaloid was extracted from Sophora alopecuroides, on rat isolated thoracic aortic rings and its possible mechanisms. The isolated aortic arteries from normotensive Sprague Dawley rats were precontracted with phenylephrine (1 × 10⁻⁶ M) or KCl (60 mM). Then, aloperine (3.44 × 10⁻³ – 17.21 × 10⁻³ M) was added cumulatively and the tension curves was observed and recorded. The changes in tension in both endothelium-intact and endothelium-denuded aortic rings were also recorded...
October 31, 2018: Chinese Journal of Physiology
Mohammad Alturki, Ingo Beyer, Tony Mets, Ivan Bautmans
BACKGROUND: Ageing-related low-grade inflammation is suggested to aggravate sarcopenia and frailty. This systematic review investigates the influence that drugs with anti-inflammatory effects (AIDs) have on inflammation and skeletal muscle. METHODS: PubMed and Web of Science were systematically screened for articles reporting the effects of AIDs on inflammation on one hand and on muscle mass and/or performance on the other. RESULTS: Twenty-eight articles were included...
October 25, 2018: Experimental Gerontology
Sangwoo Ryu, Jonathan Novak, Roshan Patel, Phillip Yates, Li Di
The effect of low temperature (4°C) on plasma protein binding and tissue binding was evaluated for the first time using a large set of structurally diverse compounds covering a wide range of physiochemical properties and fraction unbound values. These results show that temperature has little effect on plasma protein binding and tissue binding and that the measured binding values at 4°C are equivalent, on average, to those at physiological temperature (37°C). The exception is indomethacin, where binding component(s) changed during long incubation at 37°C...
October 25, 2018: Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition
Péter Szerémy, Katalin Tauberné Jakab, Sándor Baráth, András Apjok, Kata Filkor, Zsolt Holló, János Márki-Zay, János Kappelmayer, Sándor Sipka, Péter Krajcsi, Gergely Toldi
BACKGROUND: MDR transporters are important biomarkers of drug resistance in cancer and in autoimmune conditions. We determined the MDR1, MRP1 and BCRP activity in CD3+ lymphocytes using a flow cytometry based method from 120 healthy volunteers in order to describe normal reference values of the activity of these transporters. The effects of gender and age were also determined. METHODS: The Solvo MDQ Kit™ was used for measurements. In this assay, fluorescent reporter substrates (Calcein-AM for MDR1 and MRP1 and mitoxantrone for BCRP, respectively) are trapped in the cytoplasm and pumped out by MDR proteins depending on the presence or absence of specific inhibitors (verapamil for MDR1 and MRP1, indomethacin for MRP1 and KO134 for BCRP, respectively), allowing for quantitative, standardized assessment...
October 23, 2018: Cytometry. Part B, Clinical Cytometry
P S Dubey, V K Sharma, H Srinivasan, S Mitra, V García Sakai, R Mukhopadhyay
Despite well-known side effects, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are one of the most prescribed drugs worldwide for their anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. Here, we report the effects of two NSAIDs, aspirin and indomethacin, on the thermotropic phase behavior and the dynamics of a dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide (DODAB) lipid bilayer as studied using neutron scattering techniques. Elastic fixed window scans showed that the addition of aspirin and indomethacin affects the phase behavior of a DODAB bilayer in both heating and cooling cycles...
November 1, 2018: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
Fengshou Wu, Mengqian Yang, Juan Zhang, Sizhe Zhu, Mengge Shi, Kai Wang
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a promising cancer treatment approach with the advantages of low toxicity and noninvasive characteristics. In this study, a series of metalloporphyrin-indomethacin conjugates tethered with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) chains were prepared and characterized. The singlet oxygen production of the conjugates was evaluated through 2', 7'-dichlorofluorescin (DCFH) method. Because of the heavy atom effect, the metal porphyrin complexes exhibited the higher singlet oxygen (1 O2 ) quantum yield than that of free base porphyrin...
October 22, 2018: Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry: JBIC
Bhushan R Dravyakar, Pramod B Khedekar, Tabassum Khan, Atul P Sherje, Kavit N Patel, Vasanti Suvarna
A novel series of 2-(Morpholin-4-yl)-N-phenylquinazolin-4-amine derivatives were synthesized and confirmed with spectral and elemental techniques. The compounds were tested for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity by various pain models in rodents whereas the selectivity towards COX-2 receptor is determined by in vitro assay. Screening results of compounds exhibited comparable biological activity with that of standard compound Indomethacin used for study. Compound 5d was found to be significantly potent with respect to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity with substantial COX-II selectivity...
October 22, 2018: Anti-inflammatory & Anti-allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Mohsen Minaiyan, Sayed-Ebrahim Sajjadi, Kamran Amini
Objective: Zataria multiflora has been reported to have several medicinal properties including antioxidant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and expectorant activities. This study aimed to investigate the effect of Z. multiflora hydro-alcoholic extract (ZMHE) on peptic ulcer caused by indomethacin in rats. Materials and Methods: ZMHE was prepared by maceration, condensed by rotary evaporator and dried by a freeze-drier. In this study, 72 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 12 groups, six in each including: normal rats, control rats, ranitidine-treated, and animals that were treated with ZMHE (100, 200, 400 mg/kg)...
September 2018: Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine
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