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M E Abd El-Aziz, S Morsi, Dina M Salama, M S Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed S Abd Elwahed, Essam A Shaaban, A M Youssef
Chitosan nanoparticles (CS-NPs) and chitosan/polyacrylic acid hydrogel nanoparticles (CS/PAA-HNPs) were obtained by ionic gelation with tripolyphosphate anions and copolymerization of CS with acrylic acid (AA), respectively. The prepared NPs were loaded by different concentrations of copper (1, 2 and 3% with respect to CS) to obtain chitosan/copper nanocomposites (CS/Cu-NCs) and chitosan/polyacrylic acid/copper hydrogel nanocomposites (CS/PAA/Cu-HNCs). The prepared NPs and their NCs were characterized by different techniques...
November 16, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Robert A Kingsley, Gemma Langridge, Sarah E Smith, Carine Makendi, Maria Fookes, Tom M Wileman, Moataz Abd El Ghany, A Keith Turner, Zoe A Dyson, Sushmita Sridhar, Derek Pickard, Sally Kay, Nicholas Feasey, Vanessa Wong, Lars Barquist, Gordon Dougan
Contaminated water is a major risk factor associated with the transmission of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (S. Typhi), the aetiological agent of human typhoid. However, little is known about how this pathogen adapts to living in the aqueous environment. We used transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq) and transposon mutagenesis (TraDIS) to characterize these adaptive changes and identify multiple genes that contribute to survival. Over half of the genes in the S. Typhi genome altered expression level within the first 24 h following transfer from broth culture to water, although relatively few did so in the first 30 min...
November 2018: Environmental Microbiology
Soad S Abd El-Hay, Fathalla F Belal
The present paper describes the development and validation of a simple and sensitive micelle-enhanced high-throughput fluorometric method for the determination of niclosamide (NIC) in 96-microwell plates. The proposed method is based on the reduction of the nitro group of niclosamide to an amino group using Zn/HCl to give a highly fluorescent derivative that was developed simultaneously and measured at λem 444 nm after excitation at λex 275 nm. Tween-80 and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) have been used as fluorescence enhancers and greatly enhanced the fluorescence by factors of 100-150%...
November 18, 2018: Luminescence: the Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence
Wenjuan Zhang, Ying Huai, Zhiping Miao, Chu Chen, Mohamed Shahen, Siddiq Ur Rahman, Mahmoud Alagawany, Mahmoud E Abd El-Hack, Heping Zhao, Airong Qian
Rhodiola rosea L. radix (RRL) is one of the most popular medical herb which has been widely used for the treatment of different diseases effectively including cardiovascular diseases and nerve system diseases. However, due to the multiple compounds in RRL, the underlying molecular mechanisms of RRL are remained unclear. To decipher the action mechanisms of RRL from a systematic perspective, a systems pharmacology approach integrated ADME system, drug targeting and network analysis was introduced. Firstly, by the ADME screening system and the target fishing process, 56 potential active compounds and 62 targets were obtained, respectively...
November 17, 2018: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
S Abdel Fattah, A A E-E Rizk, A G Motawie, T I Abd El-Galil, M El Sebaie
Although the risks of smoking are well known, the effects of exposure to nicotine on endocrine functions remain unclear. We investigated the deleterious effects of nicotine on the adrenal gland and the mechanisms of these changes in rats. The role of melatonin in ameliorating pathological changes also was investigated. We used 24 rats divided into four groups of six: group 1, control; group 2, nicotine treated; group 3, nicotine and melatonin treated; group 4, melatonin treated. We used histology; immunohistochemistry of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and tyrosine hydroxylase (TH); measured oxidative and antioxidative markers, malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH); and performed real-time PCR for NF-κB 65, IL1-B and IL6...
November 19, 2018: Biotechnic & Histochemistry: Official Publication of the Biological Stain Commission
Kanika Khanna, Vijay Lakshmi Jamwal, Sukhmeen Kaur Kohli, Sumit G Gandhi, Puja Ohri, Renu Bhardwaj, Elsayed Fathi Abd Allah, Abeer Hashem, Parvaiz Ahmad
The present study was designed to determine the role of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa &Burkholderia gladioli) in alleviating Cd stress in Lycopersicon esculentum. Cd concentration of 0.4 mM enhanced superoxide anions, MDA and H2 O2 by 136%, 378% and 137% that also caused nuclear and cell viability damage. Cd enhanced the activities of enzymatic antioxidants such as CAT, GST, GPOX, DHAR, and GR by 64%, 126%, 265%, 25% and 93% respectively. However, SOD, POD and PPO was decreased by Cd and enhanced by 119%, 198% and 42% by inoculation of P...
November 2, 2018: Chemosphere
Sherief Abd-Elsalam, Mona Arafa, Mahmoud Elkadeem, Asem Elfert, Shaimaa Soliman, Walaa Elkhalawany, Rehab Badawi
BACKGROUND: Muscle cramps occur in 29-88% of patients with liver cirrhosis. They adversely affect quality of life. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of methocarbamol as a novel therapy in controlling muscle cramps in cirrhotic patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This study was carried on 100 patients with liver cirrhosis in addition to chronic hepatitis C who presented with frequent muscle cramps (≥three cramps per week). Half of these patients received methocarbamol and the other half received placebo...
November 15, 2018: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Abd Elkhalek Hamed, Nadia Elwan, Mervat Naguib, Reda Elwakil, Gamal Esmat, Mohamed El Kassas, Sherief Abd-Elsalam, Shorouk Moussa
BACKGROUND: There is strong association between liver diseases and diabetes (DM) which is higher than expected by a correlation between two very common diseases. Liver diseases may occur as a result of diabetes, and the reverse is true as well. AIM: To review the etiology of this association between liver diseases and diabetes and how to diagnose it. METHODS: Studies that identified this association between liver diseases and diabetes and how to diagnose it were reviewed...
November 15, 2018: Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders Drug Targets
Rami Abu-Fanne, Victoria Stepanova, Rustem I Litvinov, Suhair Abdeen, Khalil Bdeir, Mohamed Higazi, Emad Maraga, Chandrasekaran Nagaswami, Alexander R Mukhitov, John W Weisel, Douglas B Cines, Abd Al-Roof Higazi
Inflammation and thrombosis are integrated, mutually reinforcing processes, but the inter-regulatory mechanisms are incompletely defined. Here, we examined the contribution of α-defensins (α-defs), antimicrobial proteins released from activated human neutrophils, on clot formation in vitro and in vivo. Activation of the intrinsic pathway of coagulation stimulates release of α-defs from neutrophils. α-defs accelerate fibrin polymerization, increase fiber density and branching, incorporate into nascent fibrin clots, and impede fibrinolysis in vitro...
November 15, 2018: Blood
Umi Zulaikha Mohd Azmi, Nor Azah Yusof, Norzila Kusnin, Jaafar Abdullah, Siti Suraiya, Poh Shing Ong, Nurul Hanun Ahmad Raston, Siti Fatimah Abd Rahman, Mohamad Faris Mohamad Fathil
A rapid and sensitive sandwich electrochemical immunosensor was developed based on the fabrication of the graphene/polyaniline (GP/PANI) nanocomposite onto screen-printed gold electrode (SPGE) for detection of tuberculosis biomarker 10-kDa culture filtrate protein (CFP10). The prepared GP/PANI nanocomposite was characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM). The chemical bonding and morphology of GP/PANI-modified SPGE were studied by Raman spectroscopy and FESEM coupled with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, respectively...
November 14, 2018: Sensors
Ruhaifi Abdullah Zawawi, Jae-Kun Kim, Jong-Bum Park, Seong-Woo Kim, Asrulnizam Abd Manaf, Jungsuk Kim
A 3.3 V CMOS bandgap reference (BGR) was presented in this study that utilizes MOS transistors operating in the sub-threshold region. The complexity of the circuit and the dependency of the voltage reference on power supply variations are simultaneously decreased through the use of a new compensation circuit technique. The proposed BGR is simulated using a 0.35 $\mu \mathrm{m}$ CMOS standard process. Consequently, a 5.53 ppm/°C temperature coefficient is obtained in the -40~+125 °C temperature range, the maximum power supply rejection ratio is - 62 dB, and a 2...
July 2018: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Fatma Ibrahim Sonbol, Tarek El-Said El-Banna, Ahmed Ahmed Abd El-Aziz, Engy El-Ekhnawy
AIM: Analysing the effect of step-wise exposure of Escherichia coli isolates to sub lethal concentrations of triclosan (TCS) that is widely used as antiseptic, preservative and disinfectant. METHODS AND RESULTS: The analysis included the changes in the tolerance to the biocide itself and the cross-resistance to clinically important antibiotics. The involvement of efflux mechanism was studied as well as the possible implication of modifications in cytoplasmic membrane properties including integrity, permeability, potential and depolarization in the resistance mechanisms...
November 15, 2018: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Abd Al-Hadi Hasan, Amal Abulattifah
PURPOSE: This study examines the knowledge, attitudes, and practice of psychiatric nurses towards the use of physical restraint in Saudi Arabia. DESIGN AND METHODS: Descriptive explanatory cross-sectional design, 101 participants were invited to complete a set of questionnaires to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice towards the use of physical restraint. FINDINGS: Participants had a moderate knowledge and attitude as well as practice in using physical restraint...
November 14, 2018: Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
Mehdi Benna, Maher Slimane, W Smaoui, K Syrjanen, Asma Belaid, Hanen Bouaziz, Monia Hechiche, Farouk Benna, Khaled Rahal, M Benhami, Haoula El Kinany, H Ouahbi, L Amadour, I Ahllali, Z Ben Brahim, F Z Elmrabet, S Arifi, N Mellas, Wedad Hashem, Yasser Abd-Elkader, A Mokrani, Mohamed A Shehata, Enas A Baker El Khouly, Noha M Elkady, Y Yahyaoui, K Meddeb, F Letaif, N Chraiet, M Ayadi, A Melzi, N Kessi Nora, Feras Abdelmalik, Mohamed Ahmed Elfageih, Syrine Abdeljaoued, Aida Goucha, Haythem El Mokh, Jamel Ben Hassouna, Amor Gamoudi, Mariem Ben Rekaya, Yosr Hamdi, Soumaya Laabidi, Olfa Jaidane, Sonia Ben Nasr, Houda Elbenna, Nesrine Mejri, Nouha Daoud, Jihene Ayari, Mehdi Balti, Najeh Mighri, Maroua Boujemaa, Abderazek Haddaoui, Hamouda Boussen, Sonia Abdelhak, Karim Mashhour, Ezzat Safwat, N Kouadri, T Filali, Eman A Tawfik, Hagar A Elagizy, Y Berrazaga, A Mokrani, A Gabsi, H Raies, A Melzi, Z Derbouz, S Henni Manseur, A Bounedjar, Mosa Elrgig, Andfathi B Abdalla, Ilhem Bettaieb, Olfa Adouni, Hatem Bouzaiene, Khaled Rahal
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: La Tunisie Médicale
Loai Mansour, Ferial El-Kalla, Abdelrahman Kobtan, Sherief Abd-Elsalam, Mohamed Yousef, Samah Soliman, Lobna Abo Ali, Walaa Elkhalawany, Ibrahim Amer, Heba Harras, Maha M Hagras, Mohamed Elhendawy
AIM: To directly visualize Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori ) by the highly sensitive and specific technique of immunohistochemical staining in colonic tissue from patients newly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC). METHODS: Colonoscopic biopsies from thirty patients with newly diagnosed UC and thirty controls were stained with Giemsa stain and immunohistochemical stain for detection of H. pylori in the colonic tissue. Results were confirmed by testing H. pylori Ag in the stool then infected patients were randomized to receive either anti H...
November 6, 2018: World Journal of Clinical Cases
Alaa-Eldin Adel El Maadawy, Alaa Mazy, Mohamed El Mitwalli Mansour El Adrosy, Ashraf Abdel-Moneim El-Mitwalli, Ayman Mohamed Abd El Naby, Mohammad Gomma
Background: Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common musculoskeletal abnormalities. Epidural corticosteroid injections (ESIs) have been used long time ago for treatment of lumbar radiculopathy or discogenic back pain in case of failed medical and conservative management. Different techniques for ESIs include the interlaminar, the caudal, and the transforaminal approaches. Purpose: The aim of our study is to compare between the efficacy of infraneural transforaminal ESI and lumbar paramedian nerve root targeted interlaminar steroid injection in reduction of unilateral radicular pain secondary to disc prolapse...
October 2018: Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia
Ali Anwar Ahmad, Norsham Abd Wahab, Clara Wenjing Yeo, Serena Jocelyn Wai Yin Oh, Hui Cheng Chen
Forty rescued common palm civets were anesthetized. Twenty animals received intramuscular injections of alfaxalone 5 mg/kg and medetomidine 0.05 mg/kg (A-M group), whereas twenty animals received 5 mg/kg of tiletamine and zolazepam (T-Z group). The A-M group was reversed with atipamazole 0.25 mg/kg. There were no significant differences in the time from anesthetic injection to induction and intubation between the A-M and T-Z groups. The time from the injection of reversal in the A-M group and the time from cessation of isoflurane in the T-Z group to extubation, first response to recovery and ambulation were longer (P<0...
November 15, 2018: Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Samar H Abbas, Amer Ali Abd El-Hafeez, Mai E Shoman, Monica M Montano, Heba A Hassan
A series of quinoline-chalcone hybrids was designed as potential anti-cancer agents, synthesized and evaluated. Different cytotoxic assays revealed that compounds experienced promising activity. Compounds 9i and 9j were the most potent against all the cell lines tested with IC50  = 1.91-5.29 µM against A549 and K-562 cells. Mechanistically, 9i and 9j induced G2 /M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in both A549 and K562 cells. Moreover, all PI3K isoforms were inhibited non selectively with IC50 s of 52-473 nM when tested against the two mentioned compounds with 9i being most potent against PI3K-γ (IC50  = 52 nM)...
November 2, 2018: Bioorganic Chemistry
Mohamed Maher Ata, Amira S Ashour, Yanhui Guo, Mustafa M Abd Elnaby
Automated blood cells tracking system has a vital role as the tracking process reflects the blood cell characteristics and indicates several diseases. Blood cells tracking is challenging due to the non-rigid shapes of the blood cells, and the variability in their videos along with the existence of different moving objects in the blood. To tackle such challenges, we proposed a green star based centroid (GSBC) moving white blood cell (WBC) tracking algorithm to measure its velocity and draw its trajectory. The proposed cell tracking system consists of two stages, namely WBC detection and blob analysis, and fine tuning the tracking process by determine the centroid of the WBC, and mark the centroid for further fine tracking and to exclude the bacteria from the bounding box...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Ghada M El Sagheer, Asmaa K Ahmad, Aliaa S Abd-ElFattah, Zienab M Saad, Lamia Hamdi
Background: Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 21 was reported to be induced by different injurious agents, including chronic hepatitis C (CHC) virus, affecting the liver. The aims of this study were to evaluate the FGF21 levels in CHC patients before and after the treatment with direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) in comparison to that in control subjects and to correlate these levels with insulin resistance (IR), lipid profile, and fibrosis stages. Patients and methods: We studied 75 naive CHC patients and 40 age- and gender-matched healthy control subjects...
2018: Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology
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