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Kidney ultrasonography

Shee-Yen Tay, Chui-Mei Tiu, Bing Hu, Hsin-Kai Wang, Hong-Jen Chiou, Yung-Hui Lin, Yi-Chen Lai, Wing P Chan, Yi-Hong Chou
Renal cysts are common incidental findings in clinical practice. Most renal cysts detected in medical imaging are benign simple cysts. However, some are complicated by hemorrhage or infection or are associated with calcification. In these instances, difficulties can be encountered distinguishing the complicated cysts from cystic renal tumors such as cystic renal cell carcinoma, multilocular cystic nephroma, and mixed epithelial and stromal tumors. The Bosniak classification is widely used to categorize cystic renal lesions but is used to classify those discovered via computed tomography...
July 12, 2018: Journal of the Chinese Medical Association: JCMA
Yi-Ting Wang, Rui-Kun Guo, Zhi-Cheng Li, Rui Zhang, Li Li, Han-Yu Li, Jun-Lin Zhang, Qian-Qian Han, Fang Liu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the levels of serum soluble CD36 (sCD36) in patients of diabetes mellitus (DM) with chronic kidney disease (CKD),and to analyze its correlation with clinical indicators. METHODS: A total of 161 patients with CKD were enrolled in this study. The patients were divided into two groups according to whether they had DM or not: DM+CKD group and non-DM CKD group. The levels of carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) and the combination of atherosclerotic plaques were measured by color Doppler ultrasonography...
May 2018: Sichuan da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban, Journal of Sichuan University. Medical Science Edition
Takahisa Kawaguchi, Tadashi Yoshida, Junichi Hirahashi, Tomoko Uehara, Toshiki Takenouchi, Kenjiro Kosaki, Hiroshi Itoh, Matsuhiko Hayashi
Nephronophthisis-related ciliopathies (NPHP-RC) are autosomal recessive disorders characterized by renal corticomedullary cysts with the extrarenal symptoms. Typically, patients with NPHP-RC reach end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) before the age of 30 years. We herein report a Japanese woman with NPHP-RC who had unusually delayed progression to ESKD after 6 decades. She exhibited liver dysfunction at the age of 23 years. She also showed mild renal dysfunction at the age of 43 years. Ultrasonography revealed bilateral multiple renal cysts with loss of corticomedullary differentiation...
July 10, 2018: Nephron
Marie Cassart, Nawel Majoub, Sabine Irtan, Jean-Marie Jouannic, Hubert Ducou le Pointe, Eléonore Blondiaux, Catherine Garel
OBJECTIVE: To emphasize the need for analyzing the pelvis when a unilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK) is observed at prenatal ultrasonography (US) because of possible associated ectopic ureteral insertion. METHODS: We performed a retrospective study including prenatal US diagnosis of unilateral MCDK and retrovesical cyst. The following data were recorded: pre- and postnatal US, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) findings...
July 10, 2018: Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy
Bulent Kaya, Saime Paydas, Khairgeldy Aikimbaev, Eda Altun, Mustafa Balal, Ali Deniz, Onur Kaypakli, Mustafa Demirtas
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients have a high risk for cardiac arrhythmia. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of cardiac arrhythmia in CKD patients and to evaluate the relationship between arrhythmia and biochemical and echocardiographic parameters. CKD patients between 18 and 80 years of age were enrolled from the nephrology outpatient clinic. Physical examination, complete blood count, urinalysis biochemical analysis, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and 24-h Holter electrocardiogram were performed...
May 2018: Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation
Nobuo Kajitani, Haruhito A Uchida, Isao Suminoe, Yuki Kakio, Masashi Kitagawa, Hajime Sato, Jun Wada
Objective We aimed to investigate the relationships among chronic kidney disease (CKD), symptomatic ischaemic stroke, and carotid atherosclerosis. Methods We enrolled 455 patients who underwent carotid ultrasonography in our hospital, including 311 patients with symptomatic ischaemic stroke and 144 patients without symptomatic ischaemic stroke. Carotid intima-media thickness (IMT), the rate of internal carotid artery stenosis, and maximal plaque size were evaluated. Results The mean age of the patients was 68...
January 1, 2018: Journal of International Medical Research
Duilio Pagano, Fabrizio di Francesco, Liotta Rosa, Chibueze A Nwaiwu, Sergio Li Petri, Salvatore Gruttadauria
BACKGROUND: The ethical implications of the utilization of kidneys with solid renal masses (SRMs) in transplantation are the subject of lively debate in the transplantation community and beyond. One of such implications is that as the life expectancy of renal transplant patients improve, the prevalence of SRMs in donors is likely to increase. We report a case of an oncocytoma in a renal allograft complicating a deceased-donor kidney transplant. CASE PRESENTATION: A 60-year-old woman received and underwent deceased-donor renal transplantation for end-stage renal disease after a waiting-list period of 11 years...
July 2, 2018: World Journal of Surgical Oncology
P J Koshy, R Parthsarathy, M Mathew, R Prabakaran, S Kuruvilla, G Abraham
The adult population above the age of 60 years has significantly increased in India, with a life expectancy of 68.4 years in 2016. Data regarding the renal histopathology in these patients are scarce though the number of native kidney biopsies done in this subset of population is increasing. The present study is a retrospective analysis of 231 biopsies from a total of 700 biopsies, from patients above 60 years of age (M = 65.8%; F = 34.2%) with a mean age of 64 ± 6.03 years. The indications for kidney biopsy included nephrotic syndrome (NS) (30...
May 2018: Indian Journal of Nephrology
Sakir Ongun, Abdurrazak Teken, Orkun Yılmaz, Sakir Süleyman
OBJECTIVES: The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the spontaneous passage of distal ureteral stones and ureteral jet flow measurement. METHODS: The study included 74 patients with acute renal colic between June 2015 and June 2016, and distal ureteral stones of 10 mm or less in a non-contrast CT were comprised in a prospective study. The ureteral jet was measured by Doppler ultrasonography. At the fourth week follow-up, kidney-ureter-bladder radiography was taken and the patients who no longer had a stone were considered to have spontaneously passed it...
June 27, 2018: Urologia Internationalis
Neeraj Ganju, Sachin Sondhi, Arvind Kandoria
A 45-year-old man without previous comorbidity presented to us with acute onset right-sided flank pain for last 14 hours. His general physical and systemic examination was unremarkable, and there were no clinical signs of peritonitis. The ultrasonography did not reveal any evidence of nephrolithiasis or hydronephrosis. His contrast-enhanced CT scan revealed hypoattenuated areas of right kidney and evidence of right renal artery thrombosis. He was immediately shifted to cardiac catheterisation lab, and his renal angiography showed thrombotic occlusion of right renal artery...
June 21, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Hussam K Hamadah, Omar Hijazi, Mohammad A Faraji, Mohamed S Kabbani
Introduction: Ultrasound (US) assessment of renal anomalies in children requiring pediatric cardiac surgery is not a standard practice. This study is highlighting the role of bedside US performed by intensivist to detect occult renal anomalies associated with congenital heart disease (CHD). Methods: A cross sectional study for 100 consecutive children with CHD admitted to Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU) in 2015. US of kidneys screening was performed by trained pediatric cardiac intensivists to ascertain the presence of both kidneys in renal fossae without gross anomalies and to investigate if early detection of occult kidney anomaly would have any impact on outcome...
April 2018: Journal of the Saudi Heart Association
Pengfeng Gong, Qianfeng Zhuang, Kun Wang, Renfang Xu, Yiming Chen, Xiaogang Wang, Shuai Yin
RATIONALE: Renal cell carcinoma associated with Xp11.2 translocations/TFE3 gene fusions is a rare subtype of renal cell carcinoma. This predominantly occurs in juveniles, but rarely seen in adults with lymph node or organic metastasis and a worsened prognosis. PATIENTS CONCERNS: Herein, we presented 3 adult cases of Xp11-RCC. Two patients were in early stage and good condition, and the third patient had lymph node metastasis but showed no recurrence after a 3-month follow-up...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Theresa Conze, Axel Wehrend
Ultrasonography of the canine ovary is a non-invasive examination procedure, which is an important part of the gynaecological examination. For the correct visualisation of the canine ovary, practical experience as well as the correct equipment are important. This article describes the technical requirements, the examination procedure and the appearance of the physiological ovary. The examination can be performed on both a recumbent and standing dog. To find the ovaries, the kidneys can be used as a reference point...
June 2018: Tierärztliche Praxis. Ausgabe K, Kleintiere/Heimtiere
Amr Hodhod, John-Paul Capolicchio, Roman Jednak, Eid El-Sherif, Abd El-Alim El-Doray, Mohamed El-Sherbiny
Objective: To evaluate the utility of hydroureter (HU) to identify high-grade vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) in patients with high-grade postnatal hydronephrosis (PH). Patients and methods: We retrospectively reviewed patients' charts that had antenatal hydronephrosis from 2008 to 2014. Patients were excluded if they presented with febrile urinary tract infection (fUTI), neurogenic bladder, posterior urethral valve, multi-cystic dysplastic kidney, and multiple congenital malformations...
June 2018: Arab Journal of Urology
Sarra Ben Rejeb, Dorra Ben Ghachem, Amen Dhaoui, Rami Boulma, Khadija Bellil
Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour (MEST) of the kidney, is a recently recognized and rare entity .We herein reported the case of a 56 years old post-menopausal woman who presented with right abdominal pain. Her physical examination was unremarkable. Ultrasonography revealed the presence of a right cystic renal mass in the interpolar region extending into the pelvis. The tumor was considered Bosniak 4 category and a right nephro-ureterectomy was performed. The histological examination of the tumor revealed a mixed tumor with both epithelial and stromal pattern...
December 2017: La Tunisie Médicale
Çağla Serpil Doğan, Nevin Semerci Koyun, Gülşah Kaya Aksoy, Bülent Çekiç, Murat Savaş, Elif Çomak
OBJECTIVE: In this study, we aimed to assess renal outcomes of delayed diagnosis of dilating primary vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) following recurrent febrile urinary tract infections (fUTIs) and its diagnostic imaging procedures. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The medical records of patients who underwent ultrasonography (US), non- acute dimercaptosuccinic acid (Tc-99mDMSA) scintigraphy and voiding cystourethrography (VCUG), and who were older than 2 years at the time of VUR diagnosis were retrospectively reviewed...
May 31, 2018: Turkish Journal of Urology
Adina Mihaela Epure, Magali Leyvraz, Yvan Mivelaz, Stefano Di Bernardo, Bruno R da Costa, Arnaud Chiolero, Nicole Sekarski
INTRODUCTION: Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) is a surrogate marker of atherosclerosis that is measured in adults and children to better understand the natural history of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In adults, CIMT is predictive of myocardial infarction and stroke. In children and adolescents, CIMT is used to assess vascular changes in the presence of CVD risk factors (obesity, hypertension, smoking, etc) or clinical conditions associated with a high risk for premature CVD. However, there is no comprehensive overview, in a life-course epidemiology perspective, of the risk factors and determinants of CIMT in children...
June 4, 2018: BMJ Open
Alice Sabatino, Giuseppe Regolisti, Marco Delsante, Tommaso Di Motta, Chiara Cantarelli, Sarah Pioli, Giulia Grassi, Valentina Batini, Mariacristina Gregorini, Enrico Fiaccadori
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Protein-Energy Wasting (PEW) is a pathological condition of renal patients with advanced Chronic Kidney Disease characterized by a progressive reduction of energy and protein assets. Nutritional status assessment, especially for what concerns muscle mass, is essential for both the identification of patients at risk for the development of PEW, as well as monitoring the effects of nutritional interventions. Ultrasound methods are easily applicable at the bedside for quantitative assessment of skeletal muscle...
May 19, 2018: Clinical Nutrition: Official Journal of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Mayssa Abdelwahed, Pascale Hilbert, Asma Ahmed, Hichem Mahfoudh, Salem Bouomrani, Mouna Dey, Jamil Hachicha, Hassen Kamoun, Leila Keskes-Ammar, Neïla Belguith
Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD), the most frequent genetic disorder of the kidneys, is characterized by a typical presenting symptoms include cysts development in different organs and a non-cysts manifestations. ADPKD is caused by mutations in PKD1 or PKD2 genes. In this study, we aimed to search for molecular causative defects among PKD1 and PKD2 genes. Eighteen patients were diagnosed based on renal ultrasonography and renal/extra-renal manifestations. Then, Sanger sequencing was performed for PKD1 and PKD2 genes...
May 31, 2018: Gene
Viswas Chhapola, Soumya Tiwari, Bobbity Deepthi, Brandon Michael Henry, Rekha Brar, Sandeep Kumar Kanwal
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: A plethora of research is available on ultrasonographic kidney size standards. We performed a systematic review of methodological quality of ultrasound studies aimed at developing normative renal parameters in healthy children, by evaluating the risk of bias (ROB) using the 'Anatomical Quality Assessment (AQUA)' tool. METHODS: We searched Medline, Scopus, CINAHL, and Google Scholar on June 04 2018, and observational studies measuring kidney size by ultrasonography in healthy children (0-18 years) were included...
June 1, 2018: Journal of Nephrology
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