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Thyroid cancer

Qin He, Wenping Liu, Sha Sha, Shanshan Fan, Yajing Yu, Li Chen, Ming Dong
Flavokawain B (FKB), a naturalkava chalcone, displays potent anti-tumor activity in various types of cancer, though the mechanism of action remains unclear. In this study, we report that FKB has profound effects on the metabolic state of human thyroid cancer (TCa) cells, leading to high autophagy flux via upregulation of AMPK, which in turn inhibits mTOR and activates Beclin-1 in TCa cells. We further demonstrate that the autophagy induced by FKB plays a pro-survival role in TCa cells both in vitro and in vivo...
June 16, 2018: Cancer Science
Xuan Liu, Tao Shen, Blaine H M Mooers, Frank Hilberg, Jie Wu
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: RET alterations are found in thyroid and lung cancer. While RET tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are used to treat thyroid cancer and are in clinical trials for RET fusion-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the impact of mutations in the RET kinase domain on drug sensitivity was largely uncharacterized. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH: We identified and analyzed mutations in the RET kinase domain that conferred resistance to the TKIs cabozantinib, lenvatinib, vandetanib, and nintedanib using RET kinase-dependent BaF3/KIF5B-RET (BaF3/KR) cells...
June 16, 2018: British Journal of Pharmacology
Meghan Garstka, Khuzema Mohsin, Daniah Bu Ali, Hosam Shalaby, Kareem Ibraheem, Mahmoud Farag, Sang-Wook Kang, Emad Kandil
BACKGROUND: Recent studies from Asia have reported the safety and feasibility of robotic-assisted thyroid surgery. In the United States, several small series and case reports have been published, mostly regarding treatment of benign disease. The aim of our study is to report the safety and feasibility of robotic surgery for well-differentiated thyroid cancer patients at a North American institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective cohort study using a prospectively collected single-center clinical database at Tulane University Medical Center...
August 2018: Journal of Surgical Research
Michael J Davis, Reason Wilken, Maxwell A Fung, Danielle M Tartar
As the list of anti-tumor immunotherapy agents and the list of cancers treated by these novel agents grow, a subset of patients are experiencing immune-related adverse events as a result of prolonged stimulation of the immune system. Many different immune related adverse events including colitis, hepatitis, pneumonitis, thyroiditis, hypophysitis, and cutaneous reactions can result from blocking these inhibitory pathways. The full spectrum of cutaneous immune related adverse events secondary to checkpoint inhibitor therapy is still being defined...
April 15, 2018: Dermatology Online Journal
Mariana M Cajaiba, Lisa M Dyer, James I Geller, Lawrence J Jennings, David George, Dawn Kirschmann, Stephen M Rohan, Nicholas G Cost, Geetika Khanna, Elizabeth A Mullen, Jeffrey S Dome, Conrad V Fernandez, Elizabeth J Perlman
BACKGROUND: Renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) are rare in young patients. Knowledge of their pathologic and molecular spectrum remains limited, and no prospective studies have been performed to date in this population. This study analyzes patients diagnosed with RCC who were prospectively enrolled in the AREN03B2 Children's Oncology Group (COG). The objective was to classify these tumors with the aid of focused genetic testing and to characterize their features. METHODS: All tumors registered as RCC by central review were retrospectively re-reviewed and underwent additional ancillary studies...
June 15, 2018: Cancer
Kei Ito, Keiji Nihei, Takuya Shimizuguchi, Hiroaki Ogawa, Tomohisa Furuya, Shurei Sugita, Takahiro Hozumi, Keisuke Sasai, Katsuyuki Karasawa
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to clarify the outcomes of postoperative re-irradiation using stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for metastatic epidural spinal cord compression (MESCC) in the authors' institution and to identify factors correlated with local control. METHODS Cases in which patients with previously irradiated MESCC underwent decompression surgery followed by spine SBRT as re-irradiation between April 2013 and May 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. The surgical procedures were mainly performed by the posterior approach and included decompression and fixation...
June 15, 2018: Journal of Neurosurgery. Spine
Juan P Brito, Jae Hoon Moon, Rebecca Zeuren, Sung Hye Kong, Yeo Koon Kim, Nicole M Iñiguez-Ariza, June Young Choi, Kyu Eun Lee, Ji-Hoon Kim, Ian Hargraves, Victor Bernet, Victor Montori, Young Joo Park, R Michael Tuttle
BACKGROUND: The 2015 American Thyroid Association guidelines recognize active surveillance as an alternative to immediate surgery in patients with papillary microcarcinomas (PMCs). As a way to incorporate active surveillance as one of the management options for patients with PMCs, we describe the development and initial testing of a tool to support conversations between clinicians and patients with PMCs considering treatment options. METHODS: Thyroid Cancer Treatment Choice was developed using an iterative process based on the principles of interaction, design and participatory action research...
June 15, 2018: Thyroid: Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association
Yusuke Kimura, Takafumi Machimoto, Daiki Yasukawa, Yuki Aisu, Tomohide Hori
BACKGROUND: Appendiceal metastasis from lung cancer is rare. However, it often causes acute appendicitis that requires emergency surgery. We herein report a thought-provoking case of appendiceal metastasis from lung cancer. CASE PRESENTATION: A 71-year-old man was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer with multiple metastases and underwent chemotherapy. One month later, he developed acute appendicitis, and laparoscopic appendectomy was promptly performed. A swollen appendix and pus collection were observed during surgery...
June 15, 2018: Surgical Case Reports
Eliza Sharma, Suyash Dahal, Pratibha Sharma, Abani Bhandari, Vishal Gupta, Sumit Dahal
Background: There is an increased risk of second primary malignancies with thyroid cancer. However, the risk and characters of secondary salivary gland malignancy (sSGM) in patients with thyroid cancer have not been evaluated before. Methods: We used the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) 18 registry to identify thyroid cancer patients from 1973 to 2014. We then calculated the risk of sSGM using standardized incidence ratio and excess risk. Separately, all cases of primary salivary gland malignancy (pSGM) diagnosed between 1973 - 2014 were extracted from the SEER 18 registry, and their characteristics compared with sSGM using independent samples t -test for continuous variables and Chi-square tests for categorical variables...
July 2018: Journal of Clinical Medicine Research
C Y Yao, Y H Liu, C B Gao
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 7, 2018: Zhonghua Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Joanna Depciuch, Agata Stanek-Widera, Dariusz Lange, Magdalena Biskup-Frużyńska, Jadwiga Stanek-Tarkowska, Wojciech Czarny, Jozef Cebulski
Thyroid cancer holds the first place of the malignant tumors of the endocrine system. One of the less common thyroid cancers is follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC), which is very difficult to diagnose because it gives the same image as adenoma, which is benign. Certainty of the diagnosis is gained only when FTC gives metastases. Therefore, it was decided to compare normal and neoplastic (FTC) thyroid tissues with Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The obtained FTIR spectra and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) allowed us to conclude that there are differences in the FTIR spectrum between normal tissues and those affected by cancer...
June 7, 2018: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Li Zhang, Xian Cheng, Shichen Xu, Jiandong Bao, Huixin Yu
BACKGROUND: Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine tumor. Our previous studies have demonstrated that curcumin can induce apoptosis in human papillary thyroid carcinoma BCPAP cells. However, the underlined mechanism has not been clearly elucidated. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a major organelle for synthesis, maturation, and folding proteins as well as a large store for Ca. Overcoming chronically activated ER stress by triggering pro-apoptotic pathways of the unfolded protein response (UPR) is a novel strategy for cancer therapeutics...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Soon Sun Kim, Eun Kyoung Ahn, Soo Yeon Cho, Rae Woong Park, Hyo Jung Cho, Ji-Hyun Kim, Han Gyeol Kim, Ga Ram Lee, Sun Hyuk Hwang, Min Jae Yang, Jae Youn Cheong, Sung Won Cho
We evaluated whether nucleos(t)ide analog (NA) influences the risk of non-hepatocellular carcinoma (non-HCC) malignancies in patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB). A total of 9867 patients with CHB were followed up for ≥12 months for the occurrence of any type of malignancy between 1998 and 2013. Patients who received NA for ≥180 days were defined as the NA group. Propensity score matching produced the control (n = 2220) and NA groups (n = 2220) after adjustment for age, sex, and the presence of diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Hao Zhang, Ning Hu
Thyroid carcinoma is the most common endocrine malignant tumor in the world, and so, there is a requirement to develop novel molecular targets for thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment. Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) was revealed to promote cell proliferation in a number of types of cell. To evaluate whether and how TERT functioned on papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) cell proliferation, the present study constructed TERT over‑expression [recombined (r)TERT plasmid group] and interference [small interfering RNA (si)‑TERT group] models by liposome transfection respectively to study the molecular mechanisms...
June 1, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Zunfu Ke, Yihao Liu, Yunjian Zhang, Jie Li, Ming Kuang, Sui Peng, Jinyu Liang, Shuang Yu, Lei Su, Lili Chen, Cong Sun, Bin Li, Jessica Cao, Weiming Lv, Haipeng Xiao
Differentiation of benign and malignant thyroid nodules is crucial for clinical management. Here, we explored the efficacy of next‑generation sequencing (NGS) in predicting the classification of benign and malignant thyroid nodules and lymph node metastasis status, and simultaneously compared the results with ultrasound (US). Thyroline was designed to detect 15 target gene mutations and 2 fusions in 98 formalin‑fixed, paraffin‑embedded (FFPE) tissues, including those from 82 thyroid cancer (TC) patients and 16 patients with benign nodules...
June 14, 2018: Oncology Reports
Rongrui Li, Shichen Liu, Yao Li, Qingxi Tang, Yunchuan Xie, Raosheng Zhai
Long noncoding RNA AFAP1‑AS1 has been shown to promote tumor progression in several human cancer types, such as thyroid cancer, tongue squamous cell carcinoma and lung cancer. However, the role of AFAP1‑AS1 in osteosarcoma (OS) has not been investigated. In the present study, the expression of AFAP1‑AS1 was significantly upregulated in OS tissues and cell lines. Moreover, AFAP1‑AS1 expression was negatively correlated with OS patient prognosis. Besides, AFAP1‑AS1 knockdown significantly inhibited the proliferation and invasion of OS cells in vitro...
June 5, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Ting-Ting Zhang, Ning Qu, Guo-Hua Sun, Long Zhang, Yuan-Jin Wang, Xiang-Ming Mu, Wen-Jun Wei, Yu-Long Wang, Yu Wang, Qing-Hai Ji, Yong-Xue Zhu, Rong-Liang Shi
Thyroid cancer is a common endocrine cancer, of which papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is the most common type. Neuregulin 1 (NRG1), a glycoprotein mediating cell‑cell signaling, plays vital roles in cellular activities; however, its role in PTC progression remains poorly understood. In this study, we performed immunohistochemistry in 196 samples from patients and found that NRG1, a potential prognostic marker is highly expressed in PTC compared with adjacent normal tissues. Cell Counting kit‑8 (CCK‑8) and clone formation assays indicated that NRG1 is essential for PTC cell viability and proliferation, probably by regulating redox homeostasis, which was implied by ROS generation analysis and intracellular GSH activity assay...
May 31, 2018: International Journal of Oncology
Khalaf Kridin, Mogher Khamaisi, Doron Comaneshter, Erez Batat, Arnon D Cohen
There is a little consensus regarding the association of pemphigus with autoimmune thyroid diseases. While this association had been confirmed by some observational studies, others had refuted it. We aimed to study the association between pemphigus and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Grave's disease, and thyroid cancer using a large-scale real-life computerized database. A cross-sectional study was performed to compare pemphigus patients with age-, sex-, and ethnicity-matched control subjects regarding the prevalence of overt thyroid diseases...
2018: Frontiers in Medicine
Domenico Albano, Francesco Bertagna, Mattia Bonacina, Rexhep Durmo, Elisabetta Cerudelli, Maria Gazzilli, Maria Beatrice Panarotto, Anna Maria Formenti, Gherando Mazziotti, Andrea Giustina, Raffaele Giubbini
OBJECTIVE: According to the 2015 ATA guidelines, thyroid ablation by iodine-131 (I-131) therapy is absolutely recommended only in patients with high-risk differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). Often distant metastases are not recognized early and they can stay silent for long time. The aim of our study was to retrospectively analyze the prevalence of metastatic disease before and after I-131 and to evaluate the influence of the new ATA guidelines in the management of DTC. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed 140 patients showing distant metastases...
June 13, 2018: European Journal of Endocrinology
Michael A Nauck, Thomas Jon Jensen, Carina Rosenkilde, Salvatore Calanna, John B Buse
OBJECTIVE: This study explored neoplasm risk with liraglutide versus placebo in the LEADER (Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes: Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcome Results) cohort. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: LEADER (NCT01179048) was an international, phase 3b, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. Participants aged ≥50 years with type 2 diabetes and high cardiovascular risk were assigned 1:1 to receive liraglutide (≤1.8 mg daily; n = 4,668) or placebo ( n = 4,672) in addition to standard care and monitored for 3...
June 13, 2018: Diabetes Care
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