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postoperatory pain

Renato Yassutaka Faria Yaedú, Marina de Almeida Barbosa Mello, Rosana Adami Tucunduva, Juliana Specian Zabotini da Silveira, Marina Prado Monson Santana Takahashi, Ana Carolina Bonetti Valente
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) on facial edema and pain in patients who underwent orthognathic surgery from patient and professional perspectives and clinical measures. METHODS: It is a randomized double-blind clinical trial, where 30 patients who underwent bimaxillary orthognathic surgery were divided into 2 groups (treatment and placebo). One group (treatment) received MLD from 2nd postoperative day, besides cryotherapy and postoperative medications...
October 2017: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
R J García-Renedo, A Carranza-Bencano, R Leal-Gómez, F Cámara-Arrigunaga
OBJECTIVE: To value the complications and sequels for patients with Lisfrancs fracture-luxation (FLL). MATERIAL AND METHODS: A transverse ambispective study of cohorts was realized of 83 patients by diagnosis of Lisfrancs fracture-luxation. There was in use a protocol of withdrawal of information with variables related to the injury, clinical, therapeutic parameters, complications and scales of clinical valuation. RESULTS: 66 patients (79...
November 2016: Acta Ortopédica Mexicana
Dumitru Cristinel Badiu, Cristina Alexandra Manea, Vlad Porojan, Marius Paraschiv, Claudia Mehedintu, Ionut Simion Coman, Valentin Titus Grigorean
Osteosarcomas are the most frequent primary malignant bone tumors in children and adolescents. Like brain metastases in osteosarcomas, the bowel metastases are very rare. We present the case of a 23-year-old female patient, diagnosed and operated in 2008 of osteosarcoma at the tibia, for which she had sessions of neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy, but presented lungs metastases for which she underwent surgery in 2014. Then, in March 2015, she was diagnosed with an intracranial expansive process, an osteosarcoma metastasis, for which a total ablation of the tumor was performed during the early postoperatory period, being transferred to the General Surgery Clinic for abdominal pain, abdominal distention, vomiting, and lack of intestinal transit regarding faeces and intestinal gas...
May 2016: Chirurgia
C Diaconu, C Pantis, C Cirimbei, C Bordea, A Blidaru
Perioperatory pain in oncological patients represents a witness of anesthetic-surgical aggression, frequently exacerbated by the complementary radio-chemotherapy and also a predictive factor for postoperatory evolution. The objectivation of perioperative pain by scales of clinical evaluation does not offer a certain and objective quantification; so, the dosing of some hormonal and acute phase inflammation mediators could realize a more realistic projection. Clinical and biological correlation can offer a support for an adequate and well-balanced treatment...
2014: Journal of Medicine and Life
S Cervi, A Fioruzzi, L Bisogno, C Fioruzzi
AIM OF THE STUDY: The Reverdin-Isham percutaneous osteotomy is indicated in the treatment of mild to moderate hallux valgus. The aim of this study is to evaluate the technique itself after a relevant experience. METHODS: From January 2010 to January 2012 we have done 213 percutaneous osteotomy. The patients were evaluated clinically and with imaging after a minimum 5 months and a maximum 2 years follow up. For the clinical evaluation it was used the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society score...
September 24, 2014: Acta Bio-medica: Atenei Parmensis
Yolanda Moreira Amado
OBJECTIVE: TO asses the prevalence and intensity of acute postoperative pain (APP) in patients undergoing midline laparotomy in the first 24 hours after surgery. METHOD: Cross-sectional study of prevalence. By a daily visit to the unit of resuscitation we proceeded to the collection of data from patients who met the inclusion criteria, providing prior information to obtain the consent. Two valuations were realized by visual analog scale (VAS), the intensity of postoperative pain at the time of the survey, coinciding with 24 postoperatory hours, and the maximum of pain referred in the previous 24 hours...
October 2013: Revista de Enfermería
K Bourget, M Joubert, A S Delemazure, N Durand, F Espitalier, O Malard
OBJECTIVES: Parapharyngeal space tumours are rare and mostly benign, and their access is difficult. The aim of the study was to define the optimal treatment of these tumours. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Clinical retrospective study, with histological, treatment, prognosis analysis of the parapharyngeal space tumours occurred between 1994 and 2012 and the surgical approach considerations. RESULTS: 35 patients were included with a male sex ratio predominance (51...
2012: Revue de Laryngologie—Otologie—Rhinologie
Virgínia H Pohl, Adriano B Carregaro, Carlize Lopes, Martielo I Gehrcke, Daniel C M Muller, Clarissa D Garlet
The aim of this study was to determine the viability and cardiorespiratory effects of the association of epidural alpha-2 adrenergic agonists and lidocaine for ovariohysterectomy (OH) in bitches. Forty-two bitches were spayed under epidural anesthesia with 2.5 mg/kg body weight (BW) of 1% lidocaine with adrenaline (CON) or in association with 0.25 mg/kg BW of xylazine (XYL), 10 μg/kg BW of romifidine (ROM), 30 μg/kg BW of detomidine (DET), 2 μg/kg BW of dexmedetomidine (DEX), or 5 μg/kg BW of clonidine (CLO)...
July 2012: Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, Revue Canadienne de Recherche Vétérinaire
M E Molina Vázquez, A Sánchez Abuín, R Aguilar Cuesta
INTRODUCTION: Minimally invasive surgery (CMI) for the treatment of malignant tumors in children begins to have a role for selected cases and reaches similar results than open surgery. We show our first two cases of Wilms tumor treated by laparoscopy describing patients and technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Three-year-old girl with macroscopic hematuria is diagnosed of 8 cm mass in the left kidney suggesting Wilms tumor. After 4 weeks of chemotherapy she went under laparoscopic nephroureterectomy...
October 2011: Cirugía Pediátrica: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Pediátrica
Livio Leo, Francesca Riboni, Carlo Gambaro, Daniela Surico, Nicola Surico
PURPOSE: The medical and economic benefits of the transvaginal approach over the abdominal and laparoscopic methods are demonstrated in many studies. Vaginal hysterectomy with bipolar vessel sailing (BiClamp(®)) represents an example of mininvasive surgery and could be a valid and cost-benefit alternative in the surgical treatment of benign gynaecologic disease. BiClamp(®) may be carried out according to Clavè's technique with a good result in postoperative pain. METHODS: Prospective randomized study (Canadian Task Force classification I)...
April 2012: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Ana Isabel Hernández Estrada, Xavier Aguirre Osete, Leonel Alfonso Pedraza González
BACKGROUND: Biliary pathology is the second cause of abdominal acute pain during pregnancy. The surgical approach most often used for the treatment of acute cholecystitis during pregnancy is laparoscopy. Some aspects have made this approach during pregnancy controversial. OBJECTIVES: To analyze the maternal-fetal benefits and complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy during pregnancy and compare these results with the medical literature. MATERIAL AND METHODS: It is a retrospective, transverse study...
April 2011: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
David Pérez, Jose Ramón Cano, Jonathan Caballero, Luis López
Osteochondroma of the scapula is a rare benign tumour that produces pain and mechanical dysfunction of the joint when settled on the ventral surface of the scapula. Surgical resection is the treatment of choice in symptomatic cases. Conventional open excision has been the traditional treatment of choice, while published cases involving a minimally-invasive approach are rare and restricted to descriptions of video-assisted procedures. We present a case of video-assisted surgical resection of a large osteochondroma from the ventral surface of the scapula in a young male patient with the snapping scapula syndrome...
November 2011: Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Andrea Piazzolla, G Solarino, S De Giorgi, C M Mori, L Moretti, G De Giorgi
The study design is retrospective. The aim is to describe our experience about the treatment of patients with neuromuscular scoliosis (NMS) using Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation. Neuromuscular scoliosis are difficult deformities to treat. A careful assessment and an understanding of the primary disease and its prognosis are essential for planning treatment which is aimed at maximizing function. These patients may have pelvic obliquity, dislocation of the hip, limited balance or ability to sit, back pain, and, in some cases, a serious decrease in pulmonary function...
May 2011: European Spine Journal
Rodica Fanea, Maria Voroneanu
Numerous studies have addressed the issue of postoperative development, and nonetheless remains an question still open: "Why only certain patients install "postoperatory disease". Another question that must take into consideration concerns the following issue: "Is the post-operative disease a natural predictable, evolution, an iatrogenia or a case of malpraxis?" To establish the boundary between these definitions is essential to identify the factors that compete in emerging postsurgery disease: Evolution natural, predictable, up to a threshold, dependent or not the presence of risk factors? Iatrogenia caused by ignorance of the risk factors? Malpraxis produced by ignoring risk factors? We thought as logical and essential step identifying specific percentages of factors determining the involvement of patient in installation of specific postsurgery manifestations...
October 2008: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
Luis Miguel Izquierdo Lamoca, Montserrat Blanch Alerany, Luis Leiva Hernando
INTRODUCTION: We here present a case of a ruptured giant popliteal artery aneurysm (PAA) successfully treated with endovascular surgery. CASE REPORT: A 88-year-old male presented with left limb massive swelling and pain. His general status was critical with acute respiratory insufficiency. CT scan showed massive haematoma in the thigh and a PAA of 9.1 cm in diameter. Urgent endovascular repair was successfully performed under local anaesthesia. Nevertheless, patient died, on second postoperatory day, because of respiratory failure...
February 15, 2010: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
D Manfredini, L Guarda-Nardini, G Ferronato
AIM: The classical technique for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) arthrocentesis provides a double access to the joint space, which may lead to patient's postoperatory discomfort. For this reason, a less invasive, single-needle approach has been recently described, and the present investigation reports findings on a case series of patients with TMJ osteoarthritis treated with hyaluronic acid injections following a single needle arthrocentesis. METHODS. Fourteen consecutive patients with a diagnosis of TMJ osteoarthritis according to the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporo-mandibular Disorders were treated with a cycle of five weekly injections of hyaluronic acid after arthrocentesis...
October 2009: Minerva Stomatologica
José Carreño Rodríguez, Janet Martínez Abreu, Alberto Toledo Viera
OBJECTIVES: 1). To evaluate the satisfaction and clinical outcome in patients with penile prosthesis implant as a treatment to Severe Biogenic Erectile Dysfunction. 2). To identify the most frequent complications associated with the surgical intervention. 3). To compare the behaviour of sexual satisfaction in partners and patients with penile prosthesis implant before and after the application of the treatment. METHODS: A descriptive, (longitudinal) study with quantitative and qualitative methodology was done, where 25 men with penile prosthesis implants, performed at Faustino Perez Hospital, were evaluated...
July 2009: Archivos Españoles de Urología
Ignacio Juaneda, Federico Moser, Héctor Eynard, Ana Diller, Enrique Caeiro
Granulomatous peritonitis due to surgical glove starch is an entity of difficult diagnosis and low incidence. Patients present with abdominal pain, fever and prolonged functional ileus three to four weeks postoperatory of a laparotomy where corn starch as glove's lubricant had been used. In surgical re-exploration both the peritoneum and omentum are widely affected with multiple small white nodules together with peritoneal fluid. Histopathology shows inflammatory tissue with giant multinucleated cells containing bi-refringent cornstarch particles inside...
2008: Medicina
M Torre, L Mameli, G Montobbio, C Asquasciati, V Campanella, C Ferrari, V Jasonni
AIM: Pectus excavatum is the commonest thoracic congenital malformation, but its treatment remains not well known. The authors present the results of the mini-invasive repair at G. Gaslini Institute of Genoa, Italy. METHODS: Nuss mini-invasive repair avoids anterior scars. The correction is achieved by the introduction under thoracoscopy of a retrosternal curve bar that is rotated by 180 degrees . Postoperatory pain is managed by an epidural catheter. In all the operated patients we evaluated the clinical pre-operatory parameters (spirometric, radiological and cardiological data), the surgical details and the results...
August 2008: Minerva Pediatrica
Eduardo A Karol, Martin N Karol
BACKGROUND: We describe our method and mapping technique of the trigeminal nerve using a quadripolar electrode to minimize morbidity of percutaneous thermocoagulation as treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. METHOD: Of 381 patients selected for postgasserian thermocoagulation, 178 consecutive procedures were carried out using, in most cases, our painless and ambulatory method and technique. All patients were preoperatively subjected to 3-dimensional constructive interference in steady-state magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance angiography...
January 2009: Surgical Neurology
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