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Beenish S Manzoor, Todd A Lee, Lisa K Sharp, Surrey M Walton, William L Galanter, Edith A Nutescu
BACKGROUND: Evidence of adherence and persistence patterns in anticoagulation (AC) therapy comparing treatment-naïve and non-naïve patients is lacking. The objective of this study was to evaluate patterns of medication adherence and persistence in a real-world setting among AC-naïve and AC-experienced atrial fibrillation (AF) patients treated with direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs). METHODS: AF patients newly initiating a DOAC with a minimum of 6 months of continuous health plan enrollment pre and post-index date (first DOAC prescription) were identified from the Truven Health MarketScan(®) Commercial and Medicare Supplemental databases (2009-2013)...
July 21, 2017: Pharmacotherapy
Yong-Taek Lee, Kwang-Soo Chun, Kyung Jae Yoon, Hee-Jin Park, So-Yeon Lee, Eugene Kim, Young Sook Park, Kyoung-Ho Seo
BACKGROUND: No study has investigated the relationship between the findings of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CE-MRI) and joint volume of shoulder, which has been considered the standard reference for diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis (AC). OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship among the capsule-synovial thickness measured by CE-MRI, joint volume and passive range of motion (ROM) in patient with AC. DESIGN: Retrospective study SETTING: Institutional practice PATIENTS: Medical record of one-hundred-three patients (46 male, 57 female), who were treated with sono-guided intraaticular injection with diagnosis of AC and underwent CE-MRI to rule out concomitant other shoulder disease, were retrospectively reviewed...
July 17, 2017: PM & R: the Journal of Injury, Function, and Rehabilitation
Yourack Lee, Min-Kyu Joo, Viet Thong Le, Raquel Ovalle-Robles, Xavier Lepró, Márcio D Lima, Daniel G Suh, Han Young Yu, Young Hee Lee, Dongseok Suh
Stretchable conductors can be used in various applications depending on their own characteristics. Here, we demonstrate simple and robust elastomeric conductors that are optimized for stretchable electrical signal transmission line. They can withstand strains up to 600% without any substantial change in their resistance (≤ 10% as is and ≤ 1% with passivation), and exhibit suppressed charge fluctuations in the medium. The inherent elasticity of a polymeric rubber and the high conductivity of flexible, highly oriented carbon nanotube sheets were combined synergistically, without losing both properties...
July 20, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Kelsey J Simpson, Meredith Pavicic, Gene T Lee
PURPOSE: The one-step approach for screening of GDM will increase the incidence 2- to 3-fold. These larger cohorts may need to target high-morbidity subsets to be cost-effective. We asked whether ultrasound could stratify the GDM patients with the highest risk for a large for gestational age (LGA) infant. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective analysis was performed on 413 GDM patients diagnosed using the one-step approach. Ultrasound data from 28 weeks 0 day to 34 weeks 6 days was studied...
July 11, 2017: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Hee-Jun Park, Si Hyun Han, Jun Yeob Lee
D-A-D type thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) emitters, 5,5'-bis(4-(9,9-dimethylacridin-10(9H)-yl)phenyl)-2,2'-bipyrimidine (Ac-bpm) and 5,5'-bis(4-(10H-phenoxazin-10-yl)phenyl)-2,2'-bipyrimidine (Px-bpm), based on 2,2'-bipyrimidine accepting unit were developed and their TADF devices were fabricated. The orthogonal geometry between the donor unit and the 2,2'-bipyrimidine accepting core facilitated a HOMO/LUMO spatial separation, thus realizing thermally activated delayed fluorescence. They exhibited electroluminescence ranging from green to yellow, depending on the donor unit, with a maximum external quantum efficiencies of up to 17...
July 11, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Lee A Lindquist, Vanessa Ramirez-Zohfeld, Priya D Sunkara, Chris Forcucci, Dianne S Campbell, Phyllis Mitzen, Jody D Ciolino, Dyanna Gregory, Gayle Kricke, Kenzie A Cameron
OBJECTIVE: Few older adults contemplate their home support and health needs that may be required for aging-in-place. We sought to assess the efficacy of (PYL), in influencing seniors' planning behaviors, perception of the importance of planning, and confidence accessing services. METHOD: Randomized controlled trial, of adults, age ≥65 years in urban, suburban, rural areas of Texas, Illinois, Indiana. RESULTS: Among 385 participants, mean age was 71...
June 27, 2017: Patient Education and Counseling
Sharanya Sivanand, Seth Rhoades, Qinqin Jiang, Joyce V Lee, Joseph Benci, Jingwen Zhang, Salina Yuan, Isabella Viney, Steven Zhao, Alessandro Carrer, Michael J Bennett, Andy J Minn, Aalim M Weljie, Roger A Greenberg, Kathryn E Wellen
While maintaining the integrity of the genome and sustaining bioenergetics are both fundamental functions of the cell, potential crosstalk between metabolic and DNA repair pathways is poorly understood. Since histone acetylation plays important roles in DNA repair and is sensitive to the availability of acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA), we investigated a role for metabolic regulation of histone acetylation during the DNA damage response. In this study, we report that nuclear ATP-citrate lyase (ACLY) is phosphorylated at S455 downstream of ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) and AKT following DNA damage...
July 20, 2017: Molecular Cell
In-Yu Lin, Min-Hsiung Pan, Ching-Shu Lai, Ting-Ting Lin, Chiung-Tong Chen, Tao-Sheng Chung, Chien-Lung Chen, Chen-Huan Lin, Wu-Chang Chuang, Ming-Chung Lee, Ching-Che Lin, Nianhan Ma
Antrodia cinnamomea (AC) exhibits many bioactivities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and hepatoprotection activities. Many researchers have studied the functions of the components or fractions of AC, but the functions of the original extractions of AC have not been studied. In addition, the detailed relationship between AC and immune-related signaling pathways is unclear. In this study, we screened the effects of CCM111, which is the extract of AC, on seven immune-related signaling pathways and further investigated whether CCM111 can influence inflammation...
July 7, 2017: Scientific Reports
Irene Epelboym, Mazen S Zenati, Ahmad Hamad, Jennifer Steve, Kenneth K Lee, Nathan Bahary, Melissa E Hogg, Herbert J Zeh, Amer H Zureikat
PURPOSE: Receipt of 6 cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy (AC) is standard of care in pancreatic cancer (PC). Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) is increasingly utilized; however, optimal number of cycles needed alone or in combination with AC remains unknown. We sought to determine the optimal number and sequence of perioperative chemotherapy cycles in PC. METHODS: Single institutional review of all resected PCs from 2008 to 2015. The impact of cumulative number of chemotherapy cycles received (0, 1-5, and ≥6 cycles) and their sequence (NAC, AC, or NAC + AC) on overall survival was evaluated Cox-proportional hazard modeling, using 6 cycles of AC as reference...
July 5, 2017: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Jiye Kim, Kyong Mi Jun, Joung Sug Kim, Songhwa Chae, Yoon-Mok Pahk, Tae-Ho Lee, Soo-In Sohn, Soo In Lee, Myung-Ho Lim, Chang-Kug Kim, Yoonkang Hur, Baek Hie Nahm, Yeon-Ki Kim
Accumulated microarray data are used for assessing gene function by providing statistical values for co-expressed genes; however, only a limited number of Web tools are available for analyzing the co-expression of genes of Brassica rapa. We have developed a Web tool called RapaNet (, which is based on a data set of 143 B rapa microarrays compiled from various organs and at different developmental stages during exposure to biotic or abiotic stress. RapaNet visualizes correlated gene expression information via correlational networks and phylogenetic trees using Pearson correlation coefficient (r)...
2017: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online
So Young Park, Che Yoon Lee, Ha-Rim An, Hyeran Kim, Young-Chul Lee, Edmond Changkyun Park, Hang-Suk Chun, Hee Young Yang, Sae-Hae Choi, Hee Sik Kim, Kyoung Suk Kang, Hyun Gyu Park, Jong-Pil Kim, Yunju Choi, Jouhahn Lee, Hyun Uk Lee
Multifunctional carbon-based nanodots (C-dots) are synthesized using atmospheric plasma treatments involving reactive gases (oxygen and nitrogen). Surface design was achieved through one-step plasma treatment of C-dots (AC-paints) from polyethylene glycol used as a precursor. These AC-paints show high fluorescence, low cytotoxicity and excellent cellular imaging capability. They exhibit bright fluorescence with a quantum yield twice of traditional C-dots. The cytotoxicity of AC-paints was tested on BEAS2B, THLE2, A549 and hep3B cell lines...
July 6, 2017: Nanoscale
Hyewon Park, Nuri Lee, Ji Won In, Eun Youn Roh, Kyoung Un Park, Sue Shin, Jaeseok Yang, Eun Young Song
BACKGROUND: Forkhead box P3 (Foxp3) is the most reliable marker for regulatory T cells, which play an important role in maintaining renal allograft tolerance. Recently, Foxp3 polymorphisms have been reported to be associated with graft outcome in kidney transplantation. We analyzed the association of Foxp3 polymorphisms with renal allograft outcome. METHODS: Foxp3 polymorphisms (rs3761548 A/C, rs2280883 C/T, rs5902434 del/ATT, and rs2232365 A/G) were tested by PCR with sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP) in 231 adult kidney transplantation recipients from 1996-2004 at Seoul National University Hospital...
September 2017: Annals of Laboratory Medicine
Yuefen Li, Yi Liu, Paul Harris, Hadewij Sint, Phil J Murray, Michael R F Lee, Lianhai Wu
The North Wyke Farm Platform (NWFP) generates large volumes of temporally-indexed data that provides a valuable test-bed for agricultural mathematical models in temperate grasslands. In our study, we used the primary datasets generated from the NWFP ( to validate the SPACSYS model in terms of the dynamics of water loss and forage dry matter yield estimated through cutting. The SPACSYS model is capable of simulating soil water, carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) balance in the soil-plant-atmosphere system...
June 11, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Roli Kargupta, Sachidevi Puttaswamy, Aiden J Lee, Timothy E Butler, Zhongyu Li, Sounak Chakraborty, Shramik Sengupta
BACKGROUND: Multiple techniques exist for detecting Mycobacteria, each having its own advantages and drawbacks. Among them, automated culture-based systems like the BACTEC-MGIT™ are popular because they are inexpensive, reliable and highly accurate. However, they have a relatively long "time-to-detection" (TTD). Hence, a method that retains the reliability and low-cost of the MGIT system, while reducing TTD would be highly desirable. METHODS: Living bacterial cells possess a membrane potential, on account of which they store charge when subjected to an AC-field...
June 10, 2017: Biological Research
June Yeong Lim, Atiye Pezeshki, Sehoon Oh, Jin Sung Kim, Young Tack Lee, Sanghyuck Yu, Do Kyung Hwang, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Hyoung Joon Choi, Seongil Im
Recently, α-MoTe2 , a 2D transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD), has shown outstanding properties, aiming at future electronic devices. Such TMD structures without surface dangling bonds make the 2D α-MoTe2 a more favorable candidate than conventional 3D Si on the scale of a few nanometers. The bandgap of thin α-MoTe2 appears close to that of Si and is quite smaller than those of other typical TMD semiconductors. Even though there have been a few attempts to control the charge-carrier polarity of MoTe2 , functional devices such as p-n junction or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) inverters have not been reported...
June 6, 2017: Advanced Materials
Ian D Schnadig, Richy Agajanian, Christopher Dakhil, Nashat Gabrail, Jeffrey Vacirca, Charles Taylor, Sharon Wilks, Eduardo Braun, Michael C Mosier, Robert B Geller, Lee Schwartzberg, Nicholas Vogelzang
BACKGROUND: APF530, a novel extended-release granisetron injection, was superior to ondansetron in a guideline-recommended three-drug regimen in preventing delayed-phase chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) among patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy (HEC) in the double-blind Phase III Modified Absorption of Granisetron In the prevention of CINV (MAGIC) trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This MAGIC post hoc analysis evaluated CINV prevention efficacy and safety of APF530 versus ondansetron, each with fosaprepitant and dexamethasone, in patient subgroup receiving an anthracycline plus cyclophosphamide (AC) regimen...
2017: Cancer Management and Research
Sangseon Lee, Youngjune Park, Sun Kim
Pathway based analysis of high throughput transcriptome data is a widely used approach to investigate biological mechanisms. Since a pathway consists of multiple functions, the recent approach is to determine condition specific sub-pathways or subpaths. However, there are several challenges. First, few existing methods utilize explicit gene expression information from RNA-seq. More importantly, subpath activity is usually an average of statistical scores, e.g., correlations, of edges in a candidate subpath, which fails to reflect gene expression quantity information...
June 1, 2017: Methods: a Companion to Methods in Enzymology
Russell L Deter, Wesley Lee, Haleh Sangi-Haghpeykar, John Kingdom, Roberto Romero
OBJECTIVE: To qualitatively and quantitatively characterize third trimester growth patterns in fetuses/neonates with growth restriction using Individualized Growth Assessment. METHODS: Serial fetal size measurements from 73 fetuses with proven growth restriction were evaluated using a novel composite parameter, the Fetal Growth Pathology Score [FGPS1]. Third trimester FGPS1 measurements plotted against fetal age were examined for patterns. Identified patterns were characterized using the four components of the FGP1 [head circumference {HC}, abdominal circumference {AC}, femur diaphysis length {FDL}, estimated weight {EWT}...
June 2, 2017: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
David P Taggart, Douglas G Altman, Marcus D Flather, Stephen Gerry, Alastair M Gray, Belinda Lees, Umberto Benedetto
Background -Whether the use of the radial artery (RA) can improve clinical outcomes in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery remains unclear. The Arterial Revascularization Trial (ART) was designed to compare survival after bilateral internal thoracic artery (BITA) over single left internal thoracic artery (SITA). In the ART, a large proportion of patients (~20%) also received a RA graft instead of a saphenous vein graft (SVG). We aimed to investigate the associations between using the RA instead of SVG to supplement SITA or BITA grafts and outcomes by performing a post-hoc analysis of the ART...
May 31, 2017: Circulation
Sungmin Park, Se Kyung Lee, Hyun-June Paik, Jai Min Ryu, Isaac Kim, Soo Youn Bae, Jonghan Yu, Seok Won Kim, Jeong Eon Lee, Seok Jin Nam
Luminal A breast cancer has a much better prognosis than other subtypes, with a low risk of local or regional recurrence. However, there is controversy around under- versus overtreatment with regard to adjuvant treatment of node-positive, luminal A breast cancer. The purpose of this study was to identify whether adjuvant systemic chemotherapy has any benefit in node-positive, luminal A breast cancer and to evaluate feasibility of endocrine therapy without chemotherapy in this group.This was a retrospective study of 11,025 patients who were surgically treated for invasive breast cancer at Samsung Medical Center between January 2004 and December 2013...
June 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
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