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Stefanos Tyrovolas, Noe Garin Escriva, Jose Luis Ayuso-Mateos, Somnath Chatterji, Ai Koyanagi, Marta Miret, Maria Victoria Moneta, Beatriz Olaya, Beata Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Seppo Koskinen, Matilde Leonardi, Josep Maria Haro
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Frailty is characterized by several deficits in multiple health related domains. Although cognition is among the important components of frailty, there is lack of evidence on the role of specific neuro-cognitive dimensions. The primary aim of the present work was to evaluate the multidimensional definition of frailty, and to assess whether neuro-cognitive function is a constituent of the frailty syndrome among adults aged ≥50 years living in three European countries...
June 2018: Experimental Gerontology
Jaroslava Chupácová, Elisa Borghi, Giulia Morace, Agata Los, Helena Bujdáková
Candida albicans and C. dubliniensis are related yeasts that differ in the expression of virulence-associated proteins involved in adherence and biofilm development. CR3-RP (complement receptor 3-related protein) is one of the surface antigens expressed by Candida species. The main objective of this research was to elucidate the effect of the polyclonal anti-CR3-RP antibody (Ab) on adherence and the biofilm formed by C. albicans SC5314 and C. dubliniensis CBS 7987 and two clinical isolates in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo...
February 1, 2018: Pathogens and Disease
Geoffrey C Casazza, Christian A Bowers, Joel D MacDonald, William T Couldwell, Clough Shelton, Richard K Gurgel
OBJECTIVE: The benefit of routine chemical prophylaxis use for venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention in skull base surgery is controversial. Chemical prophylaxis can prevent undue morbidity and mortality, however there are risks for hemorrhagic complications. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case-control. METHODS: A retrospective chart review of patients who underwent surgery for vestibular schwannoma from 2011 to 2016 was performed. Patients were divided by receipt of chemical VTE prophylaxis...
February 2018: Otology & Neurotology
Paula Volpato Sanitá, Ana Cláudia Pavarina, Lívia Nordi Dovigo, Ana Paula Dias Ribeiro, Mariana Carvalho Andrade, Ewerton Garcia de Oliveira Mima
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-microbial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) mediated by curcumin (Cur) associated with LED light against biofilms of Candida dubliniensis, and further, investigate cellular uptake and drug penetration through the biofilms under confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). Four C. dubliniensis strains were tested: three clinical isolates from HIV-positive patients and one reference strain (CBS 7987). Biofilms were treated with three Cur concentrations (20...
May 2018: Lasers in Medical Science
A K Schuster, C Wolfram, B Bertram, N Pfeiffer
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of eye diseases increases in the second half of life, especially cataract, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. In this study we examined the influencing factors for visiting an ophthalmologist in the last 12 months. METHODS: Visits to an ophthalmologist's practice in the last 12 months and the frequency were surveyed in the German nationwide adult health survey wave 1 (DEGS1) study (baseline examination from 2008 to 2011, N = 7987, 52...
November 6, 2017: Der Ophthalmologe: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft
Yutaro Mukai, Kyoichi Wada, Koji Miyamoto, Kazuki Nakagita, Mai Fujimoto, Kouichi Hosomi, Takeshi Kuwahara, Mitsutaka Takada, Kengo Kusano, Akira Oita
BACKGROUND: The periprocedural protocol for atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation commonly includes anticoagulation therapy. Apixaban, a direct oral anticoagulant, is currently approved for clinical use; however, little is known about the effects of residual apixaban concentration on bleeding complications during/after AF ablation. Therefore, we measured residual apixaban concentration by using mass spectrometry and examined the anticoagulant's residual effects on bleeding complications. METHODS: Fifty-eight patients (Mean age of 64...
October 2017: Journal of Arrhythmia
Angela M Mills, Ivan K Ip, Curtis P Langlotz, Ali S Raja, Hanna M Zafar, Ramin Khorasani
OBJECTIVE: Determine effects of evidence-based clinical decision support (CDS) on the use and yield of computed tomographic pulmonary angiography for suspected pulmonary embolism (CTPE) in Emergency Department (ED) patients. METHODS: This multi-site prospective quality improvement intervention conducted in three urban EDs used a pre/post design. For ED patients aged 18+years with suspected PE, CTPE use and yield were compared 19months pre- and 32months post-implementation of CDS intervention based on the Wells criteria, provided at the time of CTPE order, deployed in April 2012...
April 2018: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Yasaman Rasouli, Asghar Davood
BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis is one of the main medical problems and some people are suffering still from this infectious disease. 1, 4-dihydropyridines are multi-target ligands that recently are recognized as anti-tubercular agents. METHODS: In the current research, computational studies were conducted of some synthesized 1, 4- dihydropyridine-3, 5-dicarboxamides in non-hydrolyzed and hydrolyzed forms to find the drugreceptor interactions profile. RESULTS: Among equations obtained for non-hydrolyzed compounds, the model with better statistical parameters such as R2= 0...
2018: Current Computer-aided Drug Design
SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Michael Heere, Magnus H Sørby, Morten B Ley, Dorthe B Ravnsbæk, Bjørn C Hauback, Radovan Černý, Torben R Jensen
Two new bimetallic sodium or potassium lanthanum borohydrides, NaLa(BH4 )4 and K3 La(BH4 )6 , are formed using La(BH4 )3 free of metal halide by-products. NaLa(BH4 )4 crystallizes in an orthorhombic crystal system with unit cell parameters, a = 6.7987(19), b = 17.311(5), c = 7.2653(19) Å and space group symmetry Pbcn. This compound has a new structure type built from brucite-like layers of octahedra (hcp packing of anions) with half of the octahedral sites empty leading to octahedral chains similar to rutile (straight chains) or α-PbO2 (zig-zag chains)...
December 21, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Mirjana Barjaktarovic, Tim I M Korevaar, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Yolanda B de Rijke, Theo J Visser, Robin P Peeters, Eric A P Steegers
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a pregnancy-specific hormone that regulates placental development. hCG concentrations vary widely throughout gestation and differ based on fetal sex. Abnormal hCG concentrations are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including fetal growth restriction. We studied the association of hCG concentrations with fetal growth and birth weight. In addition, we investigated effect modification by gestational age of hCG measurement and fetal sex. Total serum hCG (median 14...
February 2017: European Journal of Epidemiology
Yi-Ju Pan, Ling-Ling Yeh, Yu-Chun Chen, Kuei-Hong Kuo, Chin-Kuo Chang
BACKGROUND: Evidence regarding the relationships between the socioeconomic status and long-term outcomes of individuals with bipolar affective disorder (BPD) is lacking. AIMS: We aimed to estimate the effects of baseline socioeconomic status on longitudinal outcomes. METHOD: A national cohort of adult participants with newly diagnosed BPD was identified in 2008. The effects of personal and household socioeconomic status were explored on outcomes of hospital treatment, mortality and healthcare costs, over a 3-year follow-up period (2008-2011)...
January 2016: BJPsych Open
Nataša Zorić, Nevenka Kopjar, Klara Kraljić, Nada Oršolić, Siniša Tomić, Ivan Kosalec
Olive leaf extract is characterized by a high content of polyphenols (oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol and their derivatives), which is associated with its therapeutic properties. The objective of the present research was to evaluate the antifungal activity of olive leaf extract against Candida albicans ATCC 10231 and C. dubliniensis CBS 7987 strains. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of the extract were determined by several in vitro assays. The extract showed a concentration depended effect on the viability of C...
September 1, 2016: Acta Pharmaceutica
Masaharu Tsubokura, Shuhei Nomura, Kikugoro Sakaihara, Shigeaki Kato, Claire Leppold, Tomoyuki Furutani, Tomohiro Morita, Tomoyoshi Oikawa, Yukio Kanazawa
OBJECTIVES: Measurement of soil contamination levels has been considered a feasible method for dose estimation of internal radiation exposure following the Chernobyl disaster by means of aggregate transfer factors; however, it is still unclear whether the estimation of internal contamination based on soil contamination levels is universally valid or incident specific. METHODS: To address this issue, we evaluated relationships between in vivo and soil cesium-137 (Cs-137) contamination using data on internal contamination levels among Minamisoma (10-40 km north from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant), Fukushima residents 2-3 years following the disaster, and constructed three models for statistical analysis based on continuous and categorical (equal intervals and quantiles) soil contamination levels...
June 29, 2016: BMJ Open
F A Eggink, C H Mom, R F Kruitwagen, A K Reyners, W J Van Driel, L F Massuger, G C Niemeijer, A G Van der Zee, M A Van der Aa, H W Nijman
OBJECTIVES: Objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of changes in patterns of care, for example centralization and treatment sequence, on surgical outcome and survival in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). METHODS: Patients diagnosed with FIGO stage IIB-IV EOC (2004-2013) were selected from the Netherlands Cancer Registry. Primary outcomes were surgical outcome (extent of macroscopic residual tumor after surgery) and overall survival. Changes in treatment sequence (primary debulking surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy (PDS+ACT) or neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and interval debulking surgery (NACT+IDS)), hospital type and annual hospital volume were also evaluated...
June 2016: Gynecologic Oncology
Sarah-Jane Lang, Gary A Abel, Jonathan Mant, Ricky Mullis
OBJECTIVES: Investigate the association between socioeconomic deprivation and completeness of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor recording in primary care, uptake of screening in people with incomplete risk factor recording and with actual CVD risk within the screened subgroup. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SETTING: Nine UK general practices. PARTICIPANTS: 7987 people aged 50-74 years with no CVD diagnosis. METHODS: CVD risk was estimated using the Framingham equation from data extracted from primary care electronic health records...
March 21, 2016: BMJ Open
Xinyao DeGrauw, Joseph L Annest, Judy A Stevens, Likang Xu, Victor Coronado
INTRODUCTION: With the aging of the United States population, unintentional injuries among older adults, and especially falls-related injuries, are an increasing public health concern. METHODS: We analyzed emergency department (ED) data from the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample, 2006-2011. We examined unintentional injury trends by 5-year age groups, sex, mechanism, body region, discharge disposition, and primary payer. For 2011, we estimated the medical costs of unintentional injury and the distribution of primary payers, plus rates by injury mechanisms and body regions injured by 5-year age groups...
February 2016: Journal of Safety Research
Ulrike E Maske, Amanda K Buttery, Katja Beesdo-Baum, Steffi Riedel-Heller, Ulfert Hapke, Markus A Busch
BACKGROUND: While standardized diagnostic interviews using established criteria are the gold standard for assessing depression, less time consuming measures of depression and depressive symptoms are commonly used in large population health surveys. We examine the prevalence and health-related correlates of three depression measures among adults aged 18-79 years in Germany. METHODS: Using cross-sectional data from the national German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1) (n=7987) and its mental health module (DEGS1-MH) (n=4483), we analysed prevalence and socio-demographic and health-related correlates of (a) major depressive disorder (MDD) established by Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) using DSM-IV-TR criteria (CIDI-MDD) in the last 12 months, (b) self-reported physician or psychotherapist diagnosed depression in the last 12 months, and (c) current depressive symptoms in the last two weeks (PHQ-9, score ≥10)...
January 15, 2016: Journal of Affective Disorders
Yiliyaer Nuerrula, Mulati Rexiati, Qiang Liu, Yu-Jie Wang
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Looking for tumor markers by using protein chip technology is one of the hot topics, but many studies are still limited on short term detection of differential expressed proteins before and after surgery among patients with RCC. This study analyzed differential expressed serum protein and its clinical significance with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma to further measurement of the rule of variable expressing. METHODS: Eighty-nine patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma who underwent surgery from November 2013 to 2014 and postoperatively confirmed by pathology were entered in RCC group, 100 healthy volunteers and patients without RCC who underwent medical examination in the same period were entered in control group...
2015: Cancer Biomarkers: Section A of Disease Markers
Ulrike E Maske, Steffi G Riedel-Heller, Ingeburg Seiffert, Frank Jacobi, Ulfert Hapke
Objective: To determine the prevalence and comorbid mental disorders of self-reported diagnosis of burnout syndrome in the general population of Germany. Methods: In the German Health Interview and Examination Survey (DEGS1) self-reported diagnosis of a burnout syndrome made by a physician or psychotherapist was assessed in a standardized interview (N = 7987). For N = 4483 mental disorders were determined with the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI). Weighted lifetime and 12-month prevalences were calculated...
January 2016: Psychiatrische Praxis
Ulrike E Maske, Steffi G Riedel-Heller, Ingeburg Seiffert, Frank Jacobi, Ulfert Hapke
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and comorbid mental disorders of self-reported diagnosis of burnout syndrome in the general population of Germany. METHODS: In the German Health Interview and Examination Survey (DEGS1) self-reported diagnosis of a burnout syndrome made by a physician or psychotherapist was assessed in a standardized interview (N = 7987). For N = 4483 mental disorders were determined with the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI)...
January 2016: Psychiatrische Praxis
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