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Fernando Bastos Presa, Maxsuell Lucas Mendes Marques, Rony Lucas Silva Viana, Leonardo Thiago Duarte Barreto Nobre, Leandro Silva Costa, Hugo Alexandre Oliveira Rocha
Seaweed is a rich source of bioactive sulfated polysaccharides. We obtained six sulfated polysaccharide-rich fractions (UF-0.3, UF-0.5, UF-0.6, UF-0.7, UF-1.0, and UF-2.0) from the green seaweed Udotea flabellum (UF) by proteolytic digestion followed by sequential acetone precipitation. Biochemical analysis of these fractions showed that they were enriched with sulfated galactans. The viability and proliferative capacity of 3T3 fibroblasts exposed to FeSO₄ (2 µM), CuSO₄ (1 µM) or ascorbate (2 mM) was not affected...
April 20, 2018: Marine Drugs
David F Keane, Paul Baxter, Elizabeth Lindley, Laura Rhodes, Sue Pavitt
Relative blood volume (RBV) monitoring during hemodialysis has been used to help guide fluid management for decades, although with little supporting evidence. The technique relies on the assumption that variation in RBV during fluid removal reflects the capacity for vascular refilling and that efficient refilling is related to fluid overload. This study investigated the relationship between RBV variation and bioimpedance-based fluid overload in 47 patients on stable hemodialysis. Mean treatment ultrafiltration volume (UFV) was 1...
April 18, 2018: ASAIO Journal: a Peer-reviewed Journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
Jeroen P Kooman, Krassimir Katzarski, Frank M van der Sande, Karel M Leunissen, Peter Kotanko
Hemodialysis (HD) is a lifesaving treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease, which is very efficient in the correction of abnormalities of the internal environment. However, this efficiency also induces significant hemodynamic, thermal, and respiratory stressors. These have parallels with the extreme physiologic demands which are normally mainly experienced by healthy subjects under adverse environmental conditions, with the difference that they must be endured by a vulnerable patient population. Hemodynamic stress induced by ultrafiltration leads to a decline in circulating blood volume, which may result in intradialytic hypotension (IDH) and changes in tissue perfusion, which may have long-term consequences for the function of vital organs such as the brain and the heart...
April 19, 2018: Seminars in Dialysis
Anne-Lorraine Clause, Mehdi Keddar, Ralph Crott, Tom Darius, Catherine Fillée, Eric Goffin, Johann Morelle
BACKGROUND: In end-stage renal disease patients treated with peritoneal dialysis (PD), the osmotic conductance to glucose (OCG) represents the intrinsic ability of the membrane to transport water in response to a crystalloid osmotic gradient. A progressive loss of OCG in long-term PD patients indicates the development of fibrosis in the peritoneal interstitium, and helps identify patients at risk for encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. The double mini-peritoneal equilibration test (PET) has been proposed as a simple method to assess OCG using the difference in initial ultrafiltration rates generated by 2 successive dwells using 1...
April 19, 2018: Peritoneal Dialysis International: Journal of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis
Nathan W Levin, Marcia H F G de Abreu, Lucas E Borges, Helcio A Tavares Filho, Rabia Sarwar, Surendra Gupta, Tahir Hafeez, Shaul Lev, Caroline Williams
Background: Intradialytic hypotension is a clinically significant problem, however, the hemodynamics that underlie ultrafiltration and consequent hypotensive episodes has not been studied comprehensively. Methods: Intradialytic cardiac output, cardiac power and peripheral resistance changes from pretreatment measurements were evaluated using a novel regional impedance cardiographic device (NICaS, NI Medical, Peta Tikva, Israel) in 263 hemodialysis sessions in 54 patients in dialysis units in the USA and Brazil with the goal of determining the various hemodynamic trends as blood pressure decreases...
April 14, 2018: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Ana B Marín-Arroyo, Joseba Rios-Garaizar, Lawrence G Straus, Jennifer R Jones, Marco de la Rasilla, Manuel R González Morales, Michael Richards, Jesús Altuna, Koro Mariezkurrena, David Ocio
Methodological advances in dating the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition provide a better understanding of the replacement of local Neanderthal populations by Anatomically Modern Humans. Today we know that this replacement was not a single, pan-European event, but rather it took place at different times in different regions. Thus, local conditions could have played a role. Iberia represents a significant macro-region to study this process. Northern Atlantic Spain contains evidence of both Mousterian and Early Upper Paleolithic occupations, although most of them are not properly dated, thus hindering the chances of an adequate interpretation...
2018: PloS One
Wenzheng Yu, Teng Liu, John Crawshaw, Ting Liu, Nigel Graham
The fouling of ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes during the treatment of surface waters continues to be of concern and the particular role of natural organic matter (NOM) requires further investigation. In this study the effect of pH and surface charge on membrane fouling during the treatment of samples of a representative surface water (Hyde Park recreational lake) were evaluated, together with the impact of pre-ozonation. While biopolymers in the surface water could be removed by the UF membrane, smaller molecular weight (MW) fractions of NOM were poorly removed, confirming the importance of membrane pore size...
April 11, 2018: Water Research
Liming Xu, Ru Bai, Xiang Cheng, Anliang Shao, Liang Chen, Shuxin Qu, Chunying Chen
Silver-containing dressings are widely used for wound care owing to their broad-spectrum microbicidal activity. However, the potential adverse effects on human health emerging from exposure to their active ingredients (silver ions or nanoparticles) have resulted in widespread concerns about their use. The release profiles of various chemical forms of silver (Ag) from silver-containing dressing are closely related to their bioavailability and potential adverse effects on the body. In this research, we demonstrated a tiered experimental approach for systematic characterization and assessment of silver-containing wound dressing, which provides information for risk assessments...
March 1, 2018: Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
Joanna Rucker-Pezzini, Lindsay Arnold, Kevin Hill-Byrne, Tom Sharp, Maksim Avazhanskiy, Chris Forespring
The concept of continuous manufacturing has gained significant interest from the biopharmaceutical industry over the past several years. Benefits include increased manufacturing productivity, improved quality control, reduction in plant footprint, and more flexible management of facility capacity. There are several technologies currently available that enable continuous processing for chromatography and ultrafiltration. However, a single pass diafiltration design that meets the required small molecule clearance and has been integrated into a fully continuous monoclonal antibody purification process has not been previously published...
April 16, 2018: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Hugang Li, Meng Wang, Xinfeng Wang, Yuanhui Zhang, Haifeng Lu, Na Duan, Baoming Li, Dongming Zhang, Taili Dong, Zhidan Liu
Microalgae can not only purify and recover the nutrients from wastewater, but also be harvested as wet biomass for the production of biocrude oil via hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL). Chlorella sp. cultivated in the ultrafiltration (UF) membrane treated anaerobic digestion (AD) liquid digestate of chicken manure was used as the feedstock in this study. The present study characterized the products and investigated the elemental migration during HTL of Chlorella sp. fed with AD effluent wastewater (WW) and BG11 standard medium (ST) in 100mL and 500mL reactors under different operational conditions...
April 13, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Baiwen Ma, Wenjiang Li, Ruiping Liu, Gang Liu, Jingqiu Sun, Huijuan Liu, Jiuhui Qu, Walter van der Meer
The integration of adsorbents with ultrafiltration (UF) membranes is a promising method for alleviating membrane fouling and reducing land use. However, adsorbents typically are only injected into the membrane tank once, resulting in a single dynamic protection layer and low removal efficiency over long-term operation. In addition, the granular adsorbents used can cause membrane surface damage. To overcome these disadvantages, we injected inexpensive and loose aluminum (Al)-based flocs directly into a membrane tank with bottom aeration in the presence of humic acid (HA) or raw water taken from the Miyun Reservoir (Beijing, China)...
April 5, 2018: Water Research
Joanna Rucker-Pezzini, Lindsay Arnold, Kevin Hill-Byrne, Tom Sharp, Maksim Avazhanskiy, Chris Forespring
The concept of continuous manufacturing has gained significant interest from the biopharmaceutical industry over the past several years. Benefits include increased manufacturing productivity, improved quality control, reduction in plant footprint, and more flexible management of facility capacity. There are several technologies currently available that enable continuous processing for chromatography and ultrafiltration. However, a single pass diafiltration design that meets the required small molecule clearance and has been integrated into a fully continuous monoclonal antibody purification process has not been previously published...
April 12, 2018: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Urma Mahrosh, Bjørn Olav Rosseland, Brit Salbu, Hans-Christian Teien
Road salts are frequently used for deicing of roads in the Nordic countries. During snow-melt, the road run-off containing high concentrations of road salt and various metals such as Cu remobilized from sand, silt and dust may negatively influence organisms in downstream receiving water bodies. The present work focuses on the impact of road salt (NaCl) and Cu, separately and in mixtures on Atlantic salmon alevins from hatching till swim-up. The results showed that high road salt concentrations could induce a series of negative effects in alevins such as reduced growth, deformities, delayed swim-up and mortality...
April 2018: Journal of Environmental Sciences (China)
Wen Ma, Magdalena Panecka, Nathalie Tufenkji, Md Saifur Rahaman
The ability of bacteriophages to infect and destroy specific bacteria makes them promising antimicrobial agents in industrial processes. In this study, potential strategies of bacteriophage-facilitated biofouling control during membrane ultrafiltration (UF) were investigated through use of the model T4 bacteriophage and the model host bacterium, Escherichia coli. In the dead-end filtration mode, phages were immobilized on the membrane surface to serve as biocidal agents and inhibit the propagation of bacteria in situ...
March 30, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Mark D Kleven, Michelle M Gomes, Aaron M Wortham, Caroline A Enns, Christoph A Kahl
Viral vectors are extensively purified for use in biomedical research, in order to separate biologically active virus particles and to eliminate production related impurities that are assumed to be detrimental to the host. For recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors this is typically accomplished using density gradient-based methods, which are tedious and require specialized ultracentrifugation equipment. In order to streamline the preparation of rAAV vectors for pilot and small animal studies, we recently devised a simple ultrafiltration approach that permits rapid virus concentration and partial removal of production-related impurities...
2018: PloS One
Silverio Rotondi, Lida Tartaglione, Maria Luisa Muci, Alessio Farcomeni, Marzia Pasquali, Sandro Mazzaferro
HD tissue hypoxia associates with organ dysfunctions. OER, the ratio between SaO2 and central-venous-oxygen-saturation, could estimate oxygen requirements during sessions, but no data are available. We evaluated OER behavior in 20 HD patients with permanent central venous catheter (CVC) as vascular access. Pre-HD OER (33.6 ± 1.4%; M ± SE) was higher than normal (range 20-30%). HD sessions increased OER to 39.2 ± 1.5% (M ± SE; p < 0.05) by 30' and to 47.4 ± 1.5% (M ± SE; p < 0...
April 4, 2018: Scientific Reports
Tom Fiers, Frederick Wu, Paolo Moghetti, Dirk Vanderschueren, Bruno Lapauw, Jean Marc Kaufman
BACKGROUND: Assessment of free testosterone (FT) might help evaluate androgen status in subjects with borderline total testosterone (T) and/or altered SHBG levels. However, validity of different methods to measure or calculate FT is matter for debate. METHODS: Serum from 183 women and 146 men was analysed using equilibrium dialysis (ED) with FT directly measured by LC/MS-MS. FT calculation was re-evaluated for the mass action law-based equation according to Vermeulen (cFT-V) , empirical equations according to Ly (cFT-L) and a recently proposed calculation based on a multi-step, dynamic, allosteric model according to Zakharov (cFT-Z)...
March 29, 2018: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Guoping Ren, Yanhong Wang, Shexia Yuan, Baolian Wang
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of loading dendritic cells (DCs) with HeLa-derived exosomes on cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) responses, and the cytotoxic effects of CTL responses on the HeLa cell line. Ultrafiltration centrifugation combined with sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation was applied to isolate exosomes (HeLa-exo) from the supernatant of HeLa cells. Morphological features of HeLa-exo were identified by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and the expression of cluster of differentiation (CD)63 was detected by western blotting...
May 2018: Oncology Letters
Nichole E Brinkman, Eric N Villegas, Jay L Garland, Scott P Keely
Metagenomics is a powerful tool for characterizing viral composition within environmental samples, but sample and molecular processing steps can bias the estimation of viral community structure. The objective of this study is to understand the inherent variability introduced when conducting viral metagenomic analyses of wastewater and provide a bioinformatic strategy to accurately analyze sequences for viral community analyses. A standard approach using a combination of ultrafiltration, membrane filtration, and DNase treatment, and multiple displacement amplification (MDA) produced DNA preparations without any bacterial derived genes...
2018: PloS One
Ines Makhlouf-Gafsi, Fatma Krichen, Riadh Ben Mansour, Abir Mokni, Assad Sila, Ali Bougatef, Christophe Blecker, Hamadi Attia, Souhail Besbes
The effect of ultrafiltration process and temperature concentration on MRPs content and antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties of date palm sap syrups were investigated. MRPs were analyzed by HPLC. Antioxidant activity was evaluated by reducing power and DPPH free radical and H2 O2 scavenging activities. Antimicrobial activity was evaluated by the agar disk diffusion method. In vitro cytotoxic activity was examined by cell proliferation assay. Date sap syrups displayed strong antioxidant activities which are correlated 5HMF and 2F contents...
August 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
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