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Tian Li, Huangan Wu, Franscisca Soto-Aguliar, Li Huang, Wentao Li, Lixing Lao, Shifen Xu
BACKGROUND: Vascular cognitive impairment with no dementia (VCIND), manifested mainly as mild impairment of concentration and executive function, is the early phase of vascular dementia (VD). Currently, there is no specific treatment for VCIND. We hypothesize that electrical acupuncture can improve the mental and motor functions of patients with VCIND. Thus, we designed this randomized controlled trial to test this hypothesis by comparing the therapeutic effect of electrical acupuncture versus sham acupuncture in patients with VCIND...
January 19, 2018: Trials
Hassan M M Abo Almaali, Ameer Gelewkhan, Zena A A Mahdi
Autism is considered as a complex developmental disability that appears during the first two years of life. It is considered as a neurological disorder that affects brain function leading to impaired development in social interaction and communication skills. Some clinical trials demonstrated that certain acupuncture points play relatively significant role in improving both signs and symptoms of this disease. Owing to limited information available about acupuncture point's combination and protocols, the present study aimed to explore the most frequently used acupuncture points and their channels for children with autism...
December 2017: Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies
Jing Sun, Yi Liang, Chao Wang, Xiaomei Shao, Jianqiao Fang
The clinical manifestation and clinical diagnosis and treatment of acupuncture for persistent somatoform pain disorder (PSPD) were observed to explore its etiology. It is found that the causative factor of PSPD is probably relevant with pain memory induced by the negative emotions during the first attack of pain, which is in the category of "depression" in TCM. In clinical diagnosis, the medical history should be explored to discover the potential etiology and determine the diagnosis. In treatment, the root cause should be considered, focusing on mind and qi regulation and associating with analgesia...
April 12, 2017: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Jennie Ong, Wim Timens, Vijay Rajendran, Arjan Algra, Avrum Spira, Marc E Lenburg, Joshua D Campbell, Maarten van den Berge, Dirkje S Postma, Anke van den Berg, Joost Kluiver, Corry-Anke Brandsma
BACKGROUND: Lung fibroblasts are involved in extracellular matrix homeostasis, which is mainly regulated by transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β), and are therefore crucial in lung tissue repair and remodeling. Abnormal repair and remodeling has been observed in lung diseases like COPD. As miRNA levels can be influenced by TGF-β, we hypothesized that TGF-β influences miRNA expression in lung fibroblasts, thereby affecting their function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We investigated TGF-β1-induced miRNA expression changes in 9 control primary parenchymal lung fibroblasts using miRNA arrays...
2017: PloS One
Chaofeng Tu, Zhaoyang Zeng, Peng Qi, Xiayu Li, Zhengyuan Yu, Can Guo, Fang Xiong, Bo Xiang, Ming Zhou, Zhaojian Gong, Qianjin Liao, Jianjun Yu, Yi He, Wenling Zhang, Xiaoling Li, Yong Li, Guiyuan Li, Wei Xiong
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a ubiquitous gammaherpesvirus that is highly prevalent in almost all human populations and is associated with many human cancers, such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), Hodgkin's disease, and gastric carcinoma. However, in these EBV-associated cancers, only NPC exhibits remarkable ethnic and geographic distribution. We hypothesized that EBV genomic variations might contribute to the pathogenesis of different human cancers in different geographic areas. In this study, we collected 18 NPC biopsy specimens from the Hunan Province in southern China and de novo assembled 18 NPC biopsy specimen-derived EBV (NPC-EBV) genomes, designated HN1 to HN18...
September 1, 2017: Journal of Virology
Chen Zhang, Bingfei Xu, Shi Lu, Ying Zhao, Pian Liu
BACKGROUND: Hematological and neurological expressed 1 (HN1) is upregulated in many tumors, but the role of HN1 in breast cancer progression and its regulatory mechanism have not been well understood. METHODS: To study the role of HN1 in the initiation and progression of breast cancer, we examined HN1 levels in breast cancer cells and tissues and analyzed the relationship between HN1 levels and patient survival. We used mammosphere formation assay, side population analysis, wound healing assay, transwell assay, soft agar formation assay, and xenografted tumor model to determine the effect of HN1 on the expansion of breast cancer stem cells, and the migration, invasion and tumorigenesis of breast cancer...
May 11, 2017: Molecular Cancer
Ting-Ting Tan, Dan Wang, Ju-Ke Huang, Xiao-Mei Zhou, Xu Yuan, Jiu-Ping Liang, Liang Yin, Hong-Liang Xie, Xin-Yan Jia, Jiao Shi, Fang Wang, Hao-Bo Yang, Shang-Jie Chen
Functional magnetic resonance imaging has been widely used to investigate the effects of acupuncture on neural activity. However, most functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have focused on acute changes in brain activation induced by acupuncture. Thus, the time course of the therapeutic effects of acupuncture remains unclear. In this study, 32 patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment were randomly divided into two groups, where they received either Tiaoshen Yizhi acupuncture or sham acupoint acupuncture...
February 2017: Neural Regeneration Research
Luan Wang, Shuangchao Wang, Xiufen Yang, Hongmei Zeng, Dewen Qiu, Lihua Guo
The complete nucleotide sequence of a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) mycovirus, Fusarium graminearum dsRNA virus 5 (FgV5), was identified and characterized. The FgV5 genome comprises two dsRNA genome segments of 2030 bp and 1740 bp. FgV5 dsRNA1 contains a single open reading frame (ORF1), which is predicted to encode a protein of 613 amino acids (aa) with a molecular mass of 70.4 kDa and has a conserved RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) motif. FgV5 dsRNA2 is predicted to contain two discontinuous ORFs (ORF2 and ORF3) that code for products of unknown function...
July 2017: Archives of Virology
Hun Kim, Eun Ju Jo, Yong Ho Choi, Kyoung Soo Jang, Gyung Ja Choi
Clubroot disease caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae is one of the most serious diseases in Brassica crops worldwide. In this study, the pathotypes of 12 Korean P. brassicae field isolates were determined using various Chinese cabbage including 22 commercial cultivars from Korea, China, and Japan, and 15 inbred lines. All P. brassicae isolates exhibited the typical clubroot disease on non-clubroot resistant cultivar, indicating that the isolates were highly pathogenic. According to the reactions on the Williams' hosts, the 12 field isolates were initially classified into five races...
October 2016: Plant Pathology Journal
Liqin Ye, Chunxiang Yang, Weidong Li, Jiangbo Hao, Meng Sun, Jingru Zhang, Zhongshuang Zhang
The types and amounts of volatiles in denucleated fruit of 30 Chinese dwarf cherry germplasms were determined by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to assess the genotypic variation. Eighty-five volatiles were identified; hexyl acetate, 4-penten-1-yl acetate, prenyl acetate, (Z)-pent-2-enyl hexanoate, geranyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, (3Z)-3,7-dimethylocta-1,3,6-triene, geraniol, pent-2-enyl butanoate, ethyl caprylate, butyl hexanoate, and linalool were the main volatiles...
February 15, 2017: Food Chemistry
Jiande Gu, Jing Wang, Jerzy Leszczynski
Electron attachment to double-stranded cytosine-rich DNA, dCpdC:dGpdG, has been studied by density functional theory. This system represents a minimal descriptive unit of a cytosine-rich double-stranded DNA helix. A significant electron affinity for the formation of a cytosine-centered radical anion is revealed to be about 2.2 eV. The excess electron may reside on the nucleobase at the 5' position (dC˙(-)pdC:dGpdG) or at the 3' position (dCpdC˙(-):dGpdG). The inter-strand proton transfer between the radical anion centered cytosine (N3) and the paired guanine (HN1) results in the formation of radical anion center separated complexes dC1H˙pdC:dG2-H(-)pdG and dCpdC2H˙:dGpdG1-H(-)...
May 21, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Philip C Weisshuhn, Devon Sheppard, Paul Taylor, Pat Whiteman, Susan M Lea, Penny A Handford, Christina Redfield
The Notch receptor is a key component of a core metazoan signaling pathway activated by Delta/Serrate/Lag-2 ligands expressed on an adjacent cell. This results in a short-range signal with profound effects on cell-fate determination, cell proliferation, and cell death. Key to understanding receptor function is structural knowledge of the large extracellular portion of Notch which contains multiple repeats of epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like domains. Here we investigate the EGF4-13 region of human Notch1 (hN1) using a multidisciplinary approach...
April 5, 2016: Structure
Jun-hua Mei, Jun-il Wang, Li-jun Luo, Guo-hua Chen, Zhong-wen Zhang, Xiao-feng Pan, Dan Wei, Wei Shao
OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of acupuncture on neurofunction and neuropsychological factors of chronic alcoholic peripheral neuropathy (CAPN) patients. METHODS: Totally 120 CAPN patients were assigned to the common treatment group, acupuncture group A, and acupuncture group B according to random digit table, 40 in each group. All patients recieved conventional drug therapy. Besides, patients in the acupuncture group A were additionally needled at Pishu (BL20), Weishu (BL21), Xuehai (SP10), Yinlingquan (SP9), Zusanli (ST36), Yanglingquan (GB34), Jiexi (ST41), Xuanzhong (GB39), Xiangu (ST43),Taixi (KI3), Quchi (LI11), Waiguan (SJ5), Hegu (LI4), and so on...
December 2015: Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
Chintan Parmar, Patrick Grossmann, Derek Rietveld, Michelle M Rietbergen, Philippe Lambin, Hugo J W L Aerts
INTRODUCTION: "Radiomics" extracts and mines a large number of medical imaging features in a non-invasive and cost-effective way. The underlying assumption of radiomics is that these imaging features quantify phenotypic characteristics of an entire tumor. In order to enhance applicability of radiomics in clinical oncology, highly accurate and reliable machine-learning approaches are required. In this radiomic study, 13 feature selection methods and 11 machine-learning classification methods were evaluated in terms of their performance and stability for predicting overall survival in head and neck cancer patients...
2015: Frontiers in Oncology
Zhongwei Wu, Mingxia Zhang, Minhao Xie, Zhuqing Dai, Xiaoqing Wang, Bing Hu, Hong Ye, Xiaoxiong Zeng
Optimization of extraction, characterization and antioxidant activity of mycelial polysaccharides from Paecilomyces hepiali HN1 (PHMPs) were investigated. As results, the optimal parameters for extraction of PHMPs were obtained by a Box-Behnken design as follows: extraction temperature 92 °C, extracting time 190 min and ratio of water to material 43 mL/g. The analysis of monosaccharide composition by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) revealed that PHMPs was composed of mannose, ribose, rhamnose, glucuronic acid, galacturonic acid, glucose, galactose, xylose and arabinose in molar ratio of 46...
February 10, 2016: Carbohydrate Polymers
Xiao-ming Wan, Ying-ru Liu, Mei Lei, Ze-chun Huang, Tong-bin Chen
Synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption near edge structure was employed to study the arsenic (As) speciation in 13 Pteris vittata L. populations collected from 7 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China. As in roots of P. vittata was mainly combined with oxygen (O), with a small amount of As combined with glutathione (GSH). Populations from Hunan and Guangxi provinces showed higher percentages of As-GSH in soots. As in roots of P. vittata was predominated with As(V), with the percentage of As(V) to the total As being 59...
August 2015: Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi, Guang Pu
Yanan Liu, Chengyin Lin, Huangan Wu, Xiaomei Wang, Yi Zhu
OBJECTIVE: To observe the impact of acupuncture on the subjective symptom, sleep quality and sleep efficiency in the patients of insomnia differentiated as spleen deficiency or non-spleen deficiency in terms of the spleen and stomach theory. METHODS: Sixty patients with insomnia were divided into a spleen deficiency group and a non-spleen deficiency group, 30 cases in each one. In the two groups, acupuncture was applied at Sishencong (EX-HN1), Shenmen (HT 7), Sanyinjiao (SP 6), Zusanli (ST 36) and Tianshu (ST 25)...
August 2015: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Su-fang Cao, Qing-yong Guo, Yan Wang
Highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (HP-PRRSV) is a variant of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) which, in recent years, has caused heavy economic losses to swine-producing areas. Although current vaccines are somewhat prophylactic, they provide only limited protection. Furthermore, there are currently no effective anti-HP-PRRSV drugs. Consequently, it is necessary to develop novel antiviral strategies. In the present study, three recombinant pseudorabies viruses (PRV) expressing siRNAs against the ORF7 of HP-PRRSV strain HN1 (PRV gG-/siRNAN1, PRV gG-/siRNAN2, and PRV gG-/siRNAN3) were evaluated for the inhibition of HP-PRRSV replication...
December 31, 2015: Veterinary Microbiology
L N Kamino, D Singh, M A Pallotta, N C Collins, R F Park
The barley grass stripe rust (BGYR) pathogen Puccinia striiformis f. sp. pseudohordei was first detected in Australia in 1997. While studies have established that it is virulent on wild barley grass, and can infect several barley cultivars, the basis of genetic resistance to this pathogen in barley is largely unknown. Understanding the genetic basis of host resistance and ensuring the selection of germplasm with multiple resistance genes are important to mitigate the potential impact of BGYR in barley production...
February 2016: Journal of Applied Genetics
Greig Joilin, Diane Guévremont, Brigid Ryan, Charles Claudianos, Alexandre S Cristino, Wickliffe C Abraham, Joanna M Williams
Coordinated regulation of gene expression is essential for consolidation of the memory mechanism, long-term potentiation (LTP). Triggering of LTP by N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) activation rapidly activates constitutive and inducible transcription factors, which promote expression of genes responsible for LTP maintenance. As microRNA (miRNA) coordinate expression of genes related through seed sites, we hypothesize that miRNA contribute to the regulation of the LTP-induced gene response. MiRNA function primarily as negative regulators of gene expression...
2014: Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience
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